Six possible reasons the Dems want lockdowns forever

A recent Gallup poll showed that most Americans think it’s time to move on from the pandemic. But not the Democrats.

Democrats say by a 71-29% margin that we still should not “live normal lives”, but instead should “try to stay at home.” That’s despite the fact that the COVID death rate in America is down nearly 90%, the new cases are down about 65%, over half of Americans have been vaccinated (and over 80% of the vulnerable ones) by vaccines shown to be 95% effective, and even the redoubtable (or perhaps doubtable) Dr. Fauci says we can go out now.

So what gives? I can suggest at least six answers to that question.

First, maybe it’s just because the Dems are chickenshit. We do know that they’re chickenshit, after all. Honestly, if you were a soldier in a battle with the odds against you, would you want to share a foxhole with a Democrat?

Two: Maybe it’s actually shrewd politics. The Dems didn’t let the COVID crisis go to waste. They used it to give free stuff to the people who vote for them. Those grabby people and the Dems for whom they vote liked that outcome, even as they name-called the rest of us “greedy.”

So why stop now?  If a few trillion in free stuff was good, then a few trillion more will be better. Politically anyway, and that’s the only thing that matters.

Third: Maybe it’s all tribal. If conservatives think it’s time to move on past COVID, then the Dems are obligated to think it’s not. I’m reminded of a Dem/kid who tweeted that he will continue to wear his mask even though Dr. Fauci thinks it’s unnecessary, because otherwise people might think he’s a conservative.

Think about that for a moment. Here’s a person who preaches “follow the science” but refuses to do so if it puts him in the company of conservatives who do so.

I sincerely hope Charles Darwin was right.

Four: Maybe they’re just lazy. They’ve been taught over the last 14 months that they can get paid not to work. In fact, many people get more in COVID money than they ever earned by working. These people may be lazy – in fact, there’s no “may” about it – but they’re not stupid.

Five: But maybe they are in fact stupid. Maybe they’re not aware that the new case and death rates in America are small and getting smaller, and the vaccination rate is near or above herd immunity rates. If all you see are the New York Times and CNN (well, no, I can’t blame CNN, since nobody sees CNN anymore) then you might not be aware of those facts.

Six: Maybe it’s one of those weird virtue-signaling things. Kind of like the weird yard signs that say, oblivious to the irony, that the inhabitants thereof have a vague “belief” in “science.”

OK, that’s six possibilities. I’m sure the real reason is some combination of these. But if I had to choose one, I’d go with Occam’s Razor. It’s mostly number one. It’s a fact that conservatives are optimistic, courageous and generous. Democrats are pessimistic, scared and greedy. Today, those traits loom large.

I’m not a conservative because I like the company it puts me in; I’m a conservative because I’m conservative. But I have to say, I like the company too.

45 thoughts on “Six possible reasons the Dems want lockdowns forever

  1. If by “Dems” you mean our neighbors and all too many of our relatives, then I’ll buy this analysis.

    But if you’re talking about the ones who are pulling Biden’s puppet-strings, after contriving to get him the nomination and then brazenly stealing the election to put him in office, I’ll have to play Devil’s advocate, with emphasis on The Devil. These people aren’t at all chickenshit, stupid or lazy.
    Americans who possess those particular traits are the Republicans who let all this happen, and who are still playing footsy with the monstrous fiction of an “insurrection” on January 6.

    No, those who are running the show — the Marxist, globalist Deep State; the octopus whose tentacles run through the media, big tech, the academy, and even the Vatican — these people are far more demonic than anything else.

    These soul-suckers pulled off The Great Covid Election — the Great Steal — and if they’re bent on maintaining the illusion of an ever-coiled pandemic, it’s because they fear that if we wake up and realize that it’s been just that — the Grand Illusion, the Fauci Flu — then we may also realize how greatly we’re being had on tales of climate change, systemic racism, gender oppression — the whole panoply of illusory Ills emerging from Woke Pandora’s box.

    What is happening at the southern border is emblematic of the whole business. Things fall apart — the center cannot hold.

  2. Some of my best friends are chickenshits, Glenn, so you’ll forgive me for being offended on their behalf. And if I can add, chickenshit is at least useful when used to compost a garden. Democrats may be full of shit, but I wouldn’t accuse them of being useful.

    • hey, maryftf, be all of the “offended on their behalf” as you want, the pathetics who want lockdowns forever and are your “best friends,” get rid of them, they are losers who have produced immense losses to the greatness of the United States of America, and who only hope to come true Barack Hussein Obama’s efforts to drag the United States of America down to the level of the degenerate European countries to produce results where the United States of America is just one more piddling, groveling country, as are doing these sick, begging countries saying “how do we feed our down-trodden from whom we, the pols, have stolen United States of America gazillions in support,” but which the Biden and Herass (ask Willy Brown about “Herass”) administration have promised more $$$$$ of.

  3. #4 … They’re just lazy.

    This is where I put my money on.

    Democrats are indeed lazy … they’re history and contemporary behavior proves it over and over again.

    Throughout much of the 19th century the Democrats institutionalized their laziness by kidnapping, enslaving and breeding Africans to pick their cotton, and harvest their tobacco and sugar cane. By the time the 1860s rolled around the Democrats we’re so lazy and averse to plantation work that they preferred to start a Civil War just so they could continue to sit on their lazy asses drinking mint juleps while watching their slaves toil in their masters’ fields.

    Before becoming US President, Abraham Lincoln recognized early on that slavery was first and foremost theft … the theft of a man’s labor. Lincoln once proclaimed that “the man who grows the corn should eat the corn.” Democrats’ modus operandi is to steal the corn of the man who planted and grew the corn, thus depriving the man of the fruits of his very own labor,

    After losing the Civil War big time … the Democrats continued their temper tantrum against manual labor and maintained their lazy lifestyles by instituting racial segregation and Jim Crow laws and creating a sharecropping scam system that ensured that their former slaves were free in name only. These Jim Crow era Democrats continued drinking mint juleps while their former slaves continued sweating and toiling in the fields not as slaves, but as sharecroppers. This was the advent of modern day crony capitalism.

    And if any of those former slaves and now sharecroppers complained or got out of line, the Democrats created a domestic terrorist group, the Ku Klux Klan, to burn an occasional black church or lynch an ungrateful black American who might have complained about the local Democrats’ lifestyles of leisure, garden parties and debutante balls.

    Civil rights laws and political change put an end to Jim Crow laws and segregation, not without fights by filibustering Biden friends like KKK Robert Byrd, but the Democrats continued their fetish with laziness. They began selling it in the 1960s like snake oil to the very same people they once abused with whips and lynchings under the guise of government welfare and food stamps.

    That brings us to today in which Democrats continue their quest for laziness by advocating for open borders and cheap labor in order to landscape their yards, wash their dirty laundry and raise their kids. Yeah … many of these Democrats are so lazy that they will hire illegal immigrant nannies to raise their own kids. They’re too lazy to even be parents and proper roles models to their children. Just look at how the Kennedy Family and the Biden Family brats turned out.

    Their laziness continues to manifest through Democrat policies of high taxes and high confiscatory rates. Money is after all the fruits of a man’s labor and the Democrats demand more and more while they continue to drink their juleps, or lattes, and plot and plan to micromanage everyone’s lives as if we are all on some giant federal government plantation.

    The more things change … the more they stay the same.

    So … I like #4.

    • History repeats itself if we don’t learn from it. The centuries long history of “lazy” Democrat’s subversion of human freedom for their benefit, that was so aptly spelled out above, needs to be broadcast far and wide; in movies, in a TV summer series, songs, or any media that will reach the “naive” Democrat. Movies were used to inspire people to join the military during WWII. Why not use entertainment to reach the unreachable? Conservatives in Hollywood hiding under the blanket of wokeness need to grow a pair and consider the Donald Trump fearless method of blanketing the public with a message. It’s time to clear up the real purpose behind the Democrats and expose them for what they are, and how to defeat them, through a message that people will be eager to watch, listen and learn. Democrats have already employed these methods ad nauseam. It’s time for a Blue Bloods type series that deals solely with the theft of democracy. Considering the hundreds of thousands of people willing to stand in the freezing rain just to hear a speech about saving America, this idea seems like a no brainer. It could turn into a big money maker as an added benefit.

    • Before becoming US President, Abraham Lincoln recognized early on that slavery was first and foremost theft … the theft of a man’s labor. Lincoln once proclaimed that “the man who grows the corn should eat the corn.” Democrats’ modus operandi is to steal the corn of the man who planted and grew the corn, thus depriving the man of the fruits of his very own labor,
      Lincoln was a minor figure in the Blackhawk War, a brazen theft of native American property as defined in treaties the natives couldn’t read. The “corn” you mention was a product of native American agronomists, not European invaders.

      • ‘‘Twas ever thus, unless you believe in the mythical Noble Savage, living in perfect harmony and justice with the world around him. But life is for the living, which is why the only “brazen theft” that concerns me is the contemporary one. So let me ask you what you think of “Farmer” Bill Gates, now the largest owner of American farmland. What’s he up to, and is it for good or for ill? Globalists love the guy, which is why I instinctively recoil from him.

  4. I’m going with door number Chad, Monty. Circumstantial evidence being admissible in any court of law. I gotta say it sure looks like the Puppet President is having his strings manipulated by mysterious others who, shall we say do not have America’s best interests at heart. I know how very easily elderly people can be manipulated. Loss of higher cortical function will do that. Biden is clearly under the physical control of his wife; she frequently guides his steps. He suffers from ambulatory deficits, as evidenced by his rather stiff-legged gait as well as the famous trip-up-the-stairway to Air Force One. His aimless, disorganized, dissembling speech patterns and loss of train of thought even while reading prepared remarks, coupled with the occasional bizarre behavior (biting his wife’s outstretched hand, challenging audience member to a fight or a push-up contest) all establish his cognitive impairment. As such, he is vulnerable and as a result, so are we. God help us.

    • Actually his cognitive impairment started quite a while ago, as he has been well known for this kind of stuff for years now. Challenging someone to a fight or a push up contest sounds about normal for him. No doubt he is deep in the throws of dementia, but he has always been a smart azz. Evidently he thought he was being cute, while the rest of us sit there thinking “This is the guy who represents us around the world? Oh my God!

    • How did he get nominated? I still don’t understand why we all allowed the puppet masters to pass him off as a legitimate candidate. Surely there must be some legal steps that could have been taken to stop the insanity! That one thing is going down in history as the biggest American embarrassment.

      • Alas, the Supreme Court’s refusal to consider Paxton’s Texas suit, and Pence’s prematurely throwing in the towel on states’ electoral challenges on January 6 both helped “normalize” the corrupted election. We gave away the farm without a fuss. State election audits remain our last hope.

  5. Seven: The purpose of the bioweapon was to create a justification for totalitarian control of society, like Mao’s China or Stalin’s Russia. Now that the Democrats have absolute dictatorial control over every aspect of our lives, thiey will institutionalize that control.

    • As so notably intoned by the Commander-in-Thief, “you know the thing!” And this is the point that is largely missing in Glenn’s essay, IMO. Whether by design from the outset, or by shrewd opportunism, Covid has been weaponized and institutionalized, and this is why — figuratively even more than literally — the Dems won’t take their masks off.

  6. There are 2 types of people in the world and its been so since the dawn of man … there are those who want to control others (liberals) and those who want to be left alone (conservatives). Pretty simple, really. Covid is the latest fad used by liberals to control others. The environment is high up there. Race relations can be included as well (keep picking past scabs to be sure they leave a scar). Heck, smoking and seat belts, lightbulbs, how much water is in your toilet, teaching the wonders of the gay lifestyle to kindergartners? It’s all about control by dogooders who think they know what’s best for you and me.

  7. I think there’s a lack of understanding about how politics works. There isn’t some cabal of Marxists who have weekly strategy meetings about how to cook up a pandemic in order to seize control by rigging an election so they can repeal the Hyde Amendment and impose Critical Race Theory on our kids.

    It’s all much more informal and organic than that. It happens a little at a time, mostly because people aren’t paying attention. Politics bores them, except when something sensational happens. Trump was sensational, in good ways and bad, and so people paid a smidgen more attention for a nanosecond or two.

    Here’s a theory I’ve been playing with for a while. Maybe popular democracy isn’t such a hot idea. We put too much power in the hands of stupid ignorant people, and then we beg them to go vote. Gee, what could go wrong?

    As for the stealing of the election, I personally think there was plenty of fraud, and people should be investigated and, if the facts uncovered support it, then prosecuted. I’m talking jail time. But it’s almost certain there wasn’t enough fraud to affect the ultimate outcome.

    If you want to focus on a very bad cause that produced a very bad effect, then focus on how Trump foolishly and selfishly cost us the senate with his post election hijinks while the Georgia runoffs were being waged. A tiny bit less histrionics by Trump, to enable the GOP to retain one of those two Georgia senate seats, and everything would be much different now. Instead, a good part of Trump’s legacy winds up being his forfeiture of the GOP senate.

    • Dunno, Glenn . . .

      It seems to me that there are plenty of cabals plotting lots of things that often have an anti-Western common denominator. It was the “St. Gallen Mafia,” for example, that engineered the heretical papacy of Bergoglio/Francis. It’s the Great Reset oligarchs who meet in Davos that seem to have the G-7 political leaders all singing the same tune about building back better, greener, and woker. As for the virus, each day there’s more evidence of nefarious “gain of function” collaboration, and of cover-up.

      Yes, a lot of it happens a little at a time. If popular democracy (which isn’t what The Founders gave us) sucks, it’s because the left has been making it steadily more popular for over a century now. And the populus appears to be getting “stupider” in proportion as they’re getting woker, as you have noted many times.

      As for who lost Georgia’s senate seats, I’d start by blaming popular democracy, abetted by Republicans in high places who, among other things, awarded Dominion Voting Systems a contract. (Talk about international cabals!) And I’m not understanding how Trump’s “hijinks,” which isn’t how I’d characterize his post-election efforts (at least he put up a fight!), cost Republican senate candidates even more votes.

      Regarding election fraud, there was certainly enough of it in six close states to have made a difference, as Democrats well understand, given their efforts to shut down state audits.

      In conclusion, I think we’re rolling over in proportion to our getting rolled over.

      • “Regarding election fraud, there was certainly enough of it in six close states to have made a difference….”

        There’s not evidence to back that statement up, despite a lot of hard looking. Yes, there was some fraud. But, I repeat, there’s not evidence that it was enough to change the results. If I’m wrong, please supply a cite to a credible source. (No, it’s not persuasive to reply that the absence of evidence shows the completeness of the conspiracy.)

        As for Georgia, the polls on election day showed the GOP would win both seats in the runoff. Those polls went steadily south as election day approached and Trump continued Trumping. I firmly believe Trump cost us the Senate.

        In my mind, that’s Trump’s main legacy. He directly produced the current Dem mayhem by single-handedly removing the only obstacle to it. I voted for Trump twice and predicted he would win twice. I’m no never-Trumper. But he really messed up on Georgia, and badly hurt the cause.

      • Am I wrong in my understanding that just because most courts would not consider cited evidence because of “lack of standing” or “laches,” that such evidence still theoretically exists until explicitly found erroneous or insufficient by a court’s findings? Absent the legal process, is a plaintiff always wrong?

      • The cases you’re referring to that were dismissed for lack of standing never got to the issue of evidence.

        So apart from defects in legal standing, where’s the plaintiffs’ evidence? The burden of proof is always on the plaintiff to prove the truth of his case, not on the defendant to prove the falseness of the plaintiff’s case

        Why don’t the plaintiff’s present their supposed evidence to the court of public opinion? I submit that there’s a good answer to that question.

        If they have indeed presented such evidence in the court of public opinion showing that there was sufficient fraud to affect the election outcome, and I missed it, then let’s see a cite. A link.

      • “The cases . . . never got to the issue of evidence.” Exactly. So if a plaintiff is denied the opportunity to make a case, how can he meet the burden of proof regarding the truth of his case? Seems like a Catch-22 to me.

        As for the court of public opinion, where’s that exactly? — Twitter? CNN? The New York Times? Seems like a kangaroo court to me. Even FOX slanted left.

        Oh, well — I’m wrong, and I’m sticking to it!😉

      • Chad, I agree with you. They worked hard for a year at getting election laws changed in those states. That one polling place in PA, where they pulled out boxes of ballots to count after everyone left was evidence to me. And it was a bit concerning to see the ballot counters wearing Biden/Harris face masks! Then there was not allowing the watchers in the building.

        How many times have we seen that some super liberal DA, or mayor (the kind that support criminals over victims), was put in place by Soros and his millions? They’re all over the country now. So, I don’t put anything past them.
        If I’m wrong, I’m sticking to it.

      • Thanks, Kathy. Two “Wrongs” may not make a Right, but I appreciate the company.

      • Since no new Beaton is up for inspection, I returned to this thread, and I gotta say, “Chad, you are the man!” I think Glenn’s “problem,” if you will, is his reliance on corporate media as a source of information. That and his trust in them as “the court of public opinion.” It has become clear (at least to me) that corporate media is purely propaganda, as witness its uniform support for 1) natural sources of Covid19 as opposed to laboratory-developed in gain of function experiments carried on in Wuhan and funded by our own government; 2) “non-violent protests” carried on by ANTIFA and BLM; 3) “insurrection” on January 6, 2021; 4) complete and utter lapdog support for Biden in the face of self-evident intellectual and physical deterioration; 5) support for CRT and the LGBT agenda, both of which have, at their heart a desire to destroy traditional American values and virtues. I could go on, but Glenn would, no doubt find reason to come to a different conclusion. I suspect it’s due in part to his old-fashioned ideas about the inherent goodness of mankind and a certain desire to believe the best about his fellow human beings, all of which is commendable. As an aside, I would also dearly love to hold the same beliefs, and up until a few years ago I did, I actually believed that we could apply MLK’s dictum and judge people by the content of their character, rather than skin tone. I believe that was also the consensus here in the good old USA. However, I am now more inclined to accept that men are totally depraved and, if left to their own devices and not properly instructed will choose evil over good every time. Glenn’s own experience with corporate media (i.e., The Aspen Times) would, I should think be illustrative of the truth of my position. The Times canned Glenn because he did not toe their political line. The corporate media has been (albeit with a few notable exceptions), like the rest of the corporate and academic world co-opted and taken over by a cabal of globalist, communist and degenerate forces that are inimical to the continuation of traditional America as envisioned by the Founders and built upon the virtues espoused in the Declaration and Constitution. Only time will tell if their efforts will prevail.

      • It’s interesting that these days a discussion about an issue — here the issue of lockdowns — devolves into personal attacks on the advocates of one position or the other, as Steve is now doing. And the devolution takes place as if the attackers see nothing logically wrong about that approach.

        For the record, contrary to Steve’s speculation, I am not optimistic about the goodness of mankind, nor do I have much regard for corporate media. But to contend that ALL men are bad and ALL corporate media are corrupt, and so that’s how the purported evidence of the election went missing, is not persuasive.

        If there were indeed such evidence, it would have surfaced in the NY Post, FoxNews ,Powerline, Inatapundit, Redstate, Townhall and dozens of other outlets with the aid of intrepid reporters like Veritas and their many imitators. Indeed, while Steve contends as an example that the corporate media uniformly dismissed the notion of a lab leak as the source of COVID, the fact is that many of the outlets I just named did NOT dismiss that idea at all. They continued reporting on the idea even as social media like Facebook banned it.

        In short, name-calling people who are skeptical of unevidenced conspiracies “naive” for failing to recognize the perfection of a conspiratorial coverup of evidence, is no substitute for the missing evidence. I like my theories to be supported by real facts, the veracity of which is proven by their logic, consistency and source. Not “facts” the veracity of which is proven by their absence.

      • Steve, your view of our species as “totally depraved,” etc., aligns not only with Thomas Hobbes but with a bedrock doctrine of Christianity, and even the Founders viewed their efforts as a last-ditch barricade thrown up against the “worser” angels of our nature, claiming that our form of government can only work if our citizens are essentially moral and religious.

        But I don’t regard Glenn as “a cockeyed optimist” believing uncritically in the inherent goodness of man, etc. He does appear to place a premium on reason and evidence, which perhaps as “a recovering lawyer” you have a little less faith in. Like you, I assume, I see an awful lot of what passes for reason as sophistry, and am skeptical of much of what is offered as evidence. Conversely, in this case, regarding the 2020 election, I don’t require hard evidence when I smell the stench of sulphur.

      • It wasn’t an accusation, Glenn — more like a confession. For better or worse, I sometimes allow intuition, or instinct, or spirit, to supercede the rational mind as more trustworthy. Yes, this is what the modern world regards as primitive, unscientific, etc., but then the modern world isn’t doing so well, is it?

      • Chad, the condition of the world is better than it’s been since the Fall. There’s more prosperity, more freedom and more food. There’s less disease, less starvation, less violence and less tyranny than ever before.

        Are there still problems? Of course. It’s earth, not heaven. And some of those problems are First World kinds of problems — the kind that we’re privileged to consider because we’ve solved most of the others.

        I think the path to an even better future is not through less logic and less rational thought. The path to a better future is not through more weighing of arguments on the basis of their smell and your instinct. Down that path lies ruin. Down that path lie the Dark Ages. You talked about the smell of sulfur. What about the smell of burning witches?

        I think I’ll stick with science, logic and the weighing of evidence — the kind of evidence the veracity of which is proven by its presence and provenance, not by its absence.

      • “Supersede” was the wrong verb; I should have said “temper” or “inform.” Instinct and reason do not have an “either/or” relationship.

        I have no further disagreement with you, Glenn, except to point out that at the present time American society is experiencing MORE violence, MORE tyranny, LESS freedom, and, if not more disease, more fear of disease — to return finally to your original subject of lockdown mentality — then at any time in my life and experience. As for “starvation,” the coming inflation is a kissing cousin.

      • Chad, you state, “at the present time American society is experiencing MORE violence, MORE tyranny, LESS freedom, and, if not more disease, more fear of disease — to return finally to your original subject of lockdown mentality — then at any time in my life and experience.”

        But that’s not so. I won’t comment further on tyranny or freedom, since those are subjective and not capable of accurate measurement. But let’s look at violence and disease.

        Violent crime was certainly up in 2020, but is still far below the 1970-1990 period. And the long-term trend in America is still down, not up.


        As for disease, deaths by both infectious and non-infectious disease have fallen dramatically since year 1900.
        Even if you factor in COVID deaths (a figure that is somewhat misleading because it includes many elderly and ill patients who wouldn’t died of other causes) there’s barely a blip.

        And as for your mention of “fear of disease” well, you can’t really blame an irrational fear on excessive rationality. Rather, irrational fear of disease is caused by precisely the decision-making process that you seem to be advocating: smell and instinct.

  8. Well, out here in the L.A. area there is a radio talk show hosted by a John Phillips, a young man a bit on the Libertarian side, who has been having a Woman Doctor on for about an hour every day on the Pandemic, She recently made such a profound statement. “I could not believe that the entire United States went in for the Year Long Lock down. I was astounded how many went quietly, without complaint.” I tend to agree with her, where is anyone’s love of Liberty? The First Amendment has been shattered horridly by Easter/Christmas and Easter again got canceled, Government PROHIBITED the Free Exercise thereof; The Left loves and admires the Constitution as they shred it for their quest for power.

  9. Here are other data showing that in many broad and important ways — in almost ALL ways — things are getting much better.

    The notion that we’re going to hell in a handbasket feels good, and is melodramatically satisfying when one’s favored politician loses. But it’s a feeling, not a fact.

    Keep up the good fight. Stay involved. But, no, Satan is not under your bed.

    • Here’s what’s wrong with the Vox article:

      (1) It was written in 2014, updated in 2018 — light-years away from the period of 2020-21, pre-dating Covid and the Cult of Covid; predating the death of George Floyd and the ensuing tidal wave of iconoclastic violence; pre-dating a massively fraudulent election and the loss of national will to safeguard and ensure open and honest elections, as well as the will to maintain control over our borders and the principle of equality before the law; and pre-dating the full flowering of woke ideology.

      (2) So out-of-date is this piece that its author cites as evidence of our feelings that these are “bleak times,” (a) the fact that we had (in 2018) “a scandal-plagued president” and (b) we are experiencing a return of “overt, old-fashioned racism.” Wrong, and wrong. We know that Trump’s alleged “scandals” were almost entirely manufactured (if not irrelevant) and have been discredited, and that today’s racism is anything but the old-fashioned, garden-variety kind — it is anti-white racism, anti-straight white racism, anti-Christian white racism, anti-nuclear family white racism, and so on.

      I was an adult during the 1960s and ‘70s, and what we are experiencing now is not simply more of the same old clash between liberalism and conservatism. Back then I never felt that America itself, as a whole, was threatened with extinction. I lived in a society secure enough in the knowledge of its goodness that it could afford to throw Joseph McCarthy under the bus, even while he was identifying and exposing the cause of its potential demise, and that it could afford to embrace the critique of Martin Luther King Jr., whom it has now also thrown under the bus.

      As for the body of the Vox article, sure, I live better than my parents, I no longer fear getting polio, etc., etc., etc., but there are more things in Heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of by its author. And some of them are a lot scarier.

  10. What Democrats want in some poll has no effect on me. They are scared and jealous of those who are living normally again. We are west of Aspen. Everything is open, went to a big party yesterday, been going out to eat, the bars are open, shopping, no masks needed for some time now, things are good. Ignore the Democrats, I saw a few of them wearing their face diapers at the bountiful Framer’s Market this morning. They can do what they want too.

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