Aspen newspapers are finally covering blackmail story — with a pillow

As reported in numerous outlets including this site, a man came forward last week alleging that he blackmailed the Democrat candidate challenging conservative firebrand Lauren Boebert for Colorado’s Third Congressional District, while the candidate was a city councilman in Aspen. The two daily newspapers – both overtly liberal – refused to run the story even while numerous citizens brought it to their attention.

The Dem candidate is Adam Frisch, and the Congresswoman he is campaigning to unseat is Lauren Boebert. Frisch presents himself as a high-minded moderate intellectual, but his initial broadcast email drumming up support name-called Boebert, in junior high fashion, “Boebert the Betrayer.” His campaign has gone downhill from there.

Boebert’s district went for Trump by over 9 points in the 2020 election, so Frisch has an uphill battle, which just got steeper.

The substance of the blackmail allegation is that the blackmailer successfully coerced Frisch to flip his position on a proposal to allow the ride sharing service Lyft into Aspen to compete with the blackmailer’s local taxi company a few years ago.

Frisch initially supported the Lyft proposal, but flipped to opposing it. The blackmailer said the reason for Frisch’s flip is that his assistant caught Frisch having sex in a woman’s storage unit that the blackmailer had rented out to the woman. This was after a surveillance camera shows Frisch appearing on a bicycle at the facility, apparently waiting for the woman to appear in her car, and then going with the woman to the storage unit. There, according to the blackmailer, his assistant who went to investigate discovered them doing things that would be considered fun though immoral (both were married to others) if not for the setting.

The blackmailer says he later emailed the video to Frisch with a request that he reconsider his position on Lyft, and he did.

The newspapers finally reported on the story today, but the reports leave out all the details. They’re instead couched in Frisch’s meme that this just goes to show the desperation of Boebert.

In fact, the reports are headlined under the “story” that Frisch won some endorsements (which happened before the blackmail story broke). The first paragraphs focus on that (while containing numerous typos and mistakes including getting names wrong) and also on Frisch’s allegation that Boebert is a bad Congresswoman. Buried well into the stories are the allegations of blackmail, and even there the allegations are presented in a vague manner framed in Frisch’s attacks on Boebert.

The newspapers parrot Frisch’s defense to the blackmail: “It’s a lie.”

OK, but what about the particulars? Frisch fails to address many details because the newspapers fail to ask him, such as:  

*Is he saying that the man on the bicycle is not him? If that’s his position, then why hasn’t he said “That’s not even me!” Significantly, the bicycle in the video is somewhat distinctive in that it has an old-style rack over the rear wheel. Did Frisch have such a bike at the time? If not, then why hasn’t he said, “I didn’t even own such a bike!”

*Is he admitting that the man on the bicycle was indeed him, but he knows nothing about the woman whom he appeared to wait for, and so it was just a coincidence that they went into the storage facility together?

*Is he saying that he does know the woman, and they went into the storage facility together and went to a particular unit, but the storage facility assistant who reported that she saw them having sex in that unit is lying?

*Is he saying they did indeed have sex in the unit, but he changed his position on the Lyft proposal for reasons unrelated to the whole affair after the blackmailer sent him the videoclip?

Here’s another interesting angle. Will the Pitkin County District Attorney open a blackmail investigation? We have here an allegation by the blackmailer himself that he successfully blackmailed an elected official into changing his position on a matter of city politics. If true, this would constitute a crime by both the blackmailer and his victim.
Or will the DA similarly whitewash the matter?

One more question. Remember how suppressing the Hunter Biden story blew up in the face of the media? Well, here we go again.  Journo majors are as stupid as they are biased.

Journalism is about covering important stories. With a pillow, until they stop moving.” 

— David Burge (@IowaHawk) on Twitter, 2013

20 thoughts on “Aspen newspapers are finally covering blackmail story — with a pillow

  1. Gotta agree completely at this point. I don’t care whether Frisch met some woman in a storage unit any more than I cared that Bill Clinton got a blow job. But I did care that he lied about it under oath. He should have been prosecuted for that. In this event, the issue is whether Mr. Gardner is defaming Mr. Frisch or whether Gardner and Frisch are both guilty of blackmail involving a public official. THAT’S the story and local papers are not covering it. I don’t mind that they waited a few days so that their coverage could be complete and objective. But they in fact waited a few days to provide meaningless coverage. Shameful!

    • Completely agree. At the time, Mayor Skadron & Aspen Adam were bragging about flying business class to the Far East so that they could recreate Aspen as a world class transportation center using 21st century solutions. Mayor Steve’s elitist plan (think anti-automobile and very urbane) had input from the Aspen Institute to recenter the town around a huge pedestrian zone that of course ended right around their beloved Aspen Art Museum. They were best buddies (think Jewish mafiosa) until they weren’t. And their spat was semi-public on council. Now we know partly why.

  2. So what are the statute of limitations on infidelity (none, according to most women I know), blackmailing an elected official, or succumbing to blackmail/lying under oath?

  3. I wait with bated breath for the comment of Maury L. Brochstein. He already tried “Whattaboutism,” which was deftly parried by Our Gracious Host, so get ready for him to accuse Boebert of racism! (He could have used “sexim” and “misogyny,” if Boebert was a man, but her sex limits the categories of vitriol available to him out of the left wing lexicon of hackneyed insults.)

  4. If journalistic and juridical ethics decline to pursue the truth of this matter, then it seems to me that the best junior high school wit will win the day. “Boebert the Betrayer” should be poised to proclaim that “Frisch the Philanderer” is not merely “Frisch the Fish” (ie., an extortionist’s easy mark) but is a “Flippity Frisch” and “Frisch Flopper.”

    As for Mr. Frisch’s Tweet, “Trying to do it all in Aspen . . . ,” Ms. Boebert might have to concede her relative inexperience in this regard.

  5. Meanwhile … in other news, anticipating a huge loss in an upcoming congressional campaign, Democrat candidate Adam Frisch is now in talks to be in a new cable TV reality show.

    The name of the reality show … Pimp My Storage Unit.



    • Bada-Boom! What is it that Scripture says? — “Lay not up for yourselves booty in storage units, where snoops and cameras break through and reveal, lest your conduct make you vulnerable to drive-by hit jobs by taxi drivers”? OK, that’s not how it goes, but it has to do with character and consequences. In a moral universe, reality bites.

  6. Meanwhile … in other news, anticipating a huge loss in an upcoming congressional campaign, Democrat candidate Adam Frisch is now in talks to be in a new cable TV reality show.

    The name of the reality show … Pimp My Storage Unit.



  7. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the video camera footage gets released, somehow. Both men were involved, ultimately. with felonious activity. Don’t think he’ll be a-going to the House. Wonder what he told his wife?

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  9. If you wonder why more and more people do NOT take the “news media” seriously consider the following:

    Michael Anthony Romero, Senior, publisher of record for the self-declared “newspaper of record”, The Estes Park Trail-Gazette:

    He did not write the following but his byline is on it:

    He did not write the following but his byline is on it:

    Once upon a time plagiarism resulted in a pink slip and a place on the unemployment line. Nowadays, nothing. And people are expected to pay for the theft on the part of Romero.

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