I’m a conservative Christian from Colorado Springs and I didn’t kill anyone

A gunman entered a gay nightclub – or I guess they call them LGBTQ nightclubs now – in Colorado Springs last weekend and opened fire. Five people were killed and 18 were injured. He was finally stopped when a former army soldier pounced on him, kicked his gun away, and pinned him to the floor.

Then Democrats pounced. Not on the gunman, but on Colorado Springs. The New York Times declared that Colorado Springs:

“was known for years as the Vatican of Evangelicals — a home base for a well-funded, well-organized conservative Christian political movement that broadcast dire warnings about the dangers of homosexuality to the nation.”

Other liberal media outlets and prominent Dems piled on, including NBC, Daily Kos and, naturally, Nancy Pelosi.

A small point before moving on: If Colorado Springs is such a homophobic place, how do you explain the existence of a successful gay, er, LGBTQ, nightclub? And if Colorado Springs is such a homophobic place how do you explain the fact (unnoticed or at least unreported by the NYT) that they elected a lesbian mayor to two terms about 20 years ago?

Now to the bigger point. There’s a problem with the Dems’ little hate fest against religious people and conservative people and Colorado Springs, the place they deem the Vatican of such people (and they mean “Vatican” as in “hell”).

The problem is that the killer was indeed from that purported hotbed of hatred for which the Dems are consumed by hate, namely Colorado Springs, but he’s neither conservative nor religious. It turns out he was a non-binary lunatic who’d threatened to blow up his mother’s house last year until a SWAT team arrived to stop him. 

He/him goes by “they/them” and so the masculine pronouns referencing them herein are hereby changed to “they” even if I don’t go to the trouble of doing so on my keyboard. About one thing, I will agree with them: they are right that they aren’t really a man.

A person stooping to the level of the Dems might suggest that the correlation between violent messed-up people and non-binary people is much greater than the correlation between violent messed-up people and conservative religious ones, but the point is not worth researching and so I won’t go there.

I like the Springs. It was a good place to grow up. The mountains rising to majestic 14,115-foot Pikes Peak gave me a love for hiking and climbing that I still enjoy. I’m not homosexual, homophobic, murderous, or any of the alphabet demography. I am indeed conservative and Christian, though I don’t attend church. 

Many of the people in the Springs were and are politically conservative, religious, and welcoming.

Note that the last conjunctive in the preceding sentence is “and” not “but.” To substitute “but” for “and” would be, in my mind, nearly as bigoted as saying “He’s black, but smart.”

That seems obvious, but the media can’t or won’t get it straight. Maybe that’s because so many of them are not conservative and not religious. Even the Wall Street Journal falls into the trap. They recently published a positive piece on Colorado Springs as a place to live, but even they found it necessary to warn the reader of the alleged homophobia. (I’ve noticed that the young reporters at the Journal’s news pages are much more woke than the grownups on the editorial pages.)

Let’s conduct a little thought experiment. Assume for a moment that the killer was indeed a religious conservative, as many (not all) Dems had ardently prayed he would be and therefore believed he was. Is that grounds for condemning half a million other people merely because they happen to live in the same city?

For many Dems, the answer is yes. For many Dems, a shooting tragedy is not an occasion for mourning, but for celebration. Because it’s additional ammo for their cause.

13 thoughts on “I’m a conservative Christian from Colorado Springs and I didn’t kill anyone

  1. The media and Democrats…but I repeat myself…are obsessed with pinning every wild eyed lunatic as a Conservative, a Right Wing activist, or even worse…an Evangelical Christian despite zero evidence to support this categorization. Recently the underwear clad, mentally disturbed Hammer Man that attacked Paul Pelosi was also called Right Wing conservative despite his completely opposite lifestyle. Rather like the supposed Maga hangmen after Jussie Smolett the idea that San Francisco is a hotbed of Right Wing activism borders on ridiculous.

    Basically these individual are pathetic losers who think shooting up a gay nightclub or hitting an old man with a hammer or shooting up a school is a way of getting back people who didn’t give them homage. When will Democrats acknowledge there are a lot of mentally disturbed, sociopathic, savage young males who can get lethal weapons and use them to make their pathetic lives more significant?

  2. Yet another nutso lefty. I’ve learned that when the Lamestream so-called “media” tells any story just to wait until their propaganda is revealed before they MIGHT correct or mea culpa.

  3. The homosexual club shooter Identifies as ‘Non-Binary’. and uses they/ them pronouns, his lawyer says

    Well, this is awkward.

  4. I’ve read some online headlines that proclaimed that the shooter, “Has ties to the Mormon church”!!!! After reading the article, it turns out that that little nugget came to light because someone looked at his mother’s facebook page. A little further on and we find that the shooter does not attend church and hasn’t been active for years.


  5. Inasmuch as roughly 90% of the general population (our host being a laudable exception) uses “they/them” as singular pronouns, which is indeed grammatically and arithmetically “messed up,” I’m not sure what this fact contributes to our understanding of this particular individual. It makes him “ordinary.”

  6. Call me old fashioned, but doesn’t they/them refer to a group of people who are men and women? So how can you use they/them and be non-binary? Wouldn’t it/its be better?

  7. Wow Glen, homerun! I doubt/hope that few outside of the “pros” are searching to blame everything on their “enemies” but do know the media certainly lives on that vile weapon of hate and division. I assume you’re not expecting a call from the “professionals” at the Aspen paper soon. GOOD! Keep up the fight, the great journalism. Happy Thanksgiving!

  8. Happy Thanksgiving to All!
    I am aware that most of you operate in this “echo chamber” where it is warm and comfy but here is something to consider…
    1. The father of the killer said the following – The father of mass-shooting suspect Anderson Lee Aldrich says he was “scared” his son might be gay after learning that the deadly attack took place at an LGBTQ club. Aaron Brink, a 48-year-old mixed martial artist and porn actor also known as “Dick Delaware,” told CBS affiliate KFMB that one of his first reactions to the deadly shooting was concern that his son’s sexual orientation might clash with his values as a Mormon and “conservative Republican.”
    “They started telling me about the incident, a shooting… Then I go on to find out it’s a gay bar,” said Brink. “I was like, ‘Oh my God, is he gay?’ I got scared, ‘S***, is he gay?’ And he’s not gay, so I was like, ‘phew!'”
    2. His defense attorney is the one who said he identifies as non-binary in hopes of not being charged as a hate crime.
    My guess is Glenn’s news source is a right-wing publication, probably Breitbart or some other that spews hate. As I read Glenn’s post, I thought of all the “chum” being thrown in the water to get everyone riled up.
    Honestly, it is hard to keep up with the 600+ mass shootings so far this year!
    We all have so much to be grateful for. Once again – Happy Thanksgiving!

    • Bravo Zulu Glenn …

      Mory and his turkey-talk rantings can go get stuffed!

      Mory is apparently pre-judging you and making lots of assumptions about your background research and supported ascertainments. Hmmm … sounds kinda like prejudice to me.

      Anyways … a Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving to you and to all … even Mory too I suppose.

  9. The facts are irrelevant and never dissuade the Communist pocket puppets from twisting the story to fit the prescribed narrative.

    The sad part is that it seems to be working for them.

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