Bruce Jenner is a Stud

7f6a855baa4e84531fbf8571bd4b715eBruce Jenner was a great male athlete.  He won the gold medal in the decathlon in the 1976 Olympics.  He was not only on the Wheaties box, but became a spokesman for the brand.

Now 65 years old and still pretty buff, Jenner recently announced that he thinks of himself as a woman and intends to become one.  (For now, he still refers to himself as a man.)

The swarming media sought something salacious from Jenner’s former wife, but she disappointed them by issuing a touching statement:  “Not only was I able to call him my husband for 25 years and father of my children, I am now able to call him my hero.”

I think this cool woman not only understands and admires Jenner, but loves him.

You might think that liberals would love him too, or at least embrace him, since libs pride themselves on tolerance and diversity.  But you’d be wrong, for reasons that are rather interesting.

First, let’s let the libs speak for themselves.  In their own Tweets, they said:

  • “Bruce Jenner is so confused, mixed up, messed up, completely out of her ever loving mind . . . sickening.”
  • Jenner is “a stupid f*ck.”
  • “Bruce Jenner, I can’t believe you’d admit to that way of life. That’s disgusting.”
  • “Personally, I am disgusted.”
  • Jenner is “a media whore.”

But it’s not Jenner’s unconventional sexual identity that repulsed the libs.  No, it’s something else.  It’s something horrifying.  It’s something that accepting and tolerant libs cannot accept and will not tolerate.  It’s that Jenner is a conservative Christian.


That’s right.  In the television interview announcing his gender-bender intentions, Jenner also admitted that he “leans conservative” in politics, that he’s a Republican, that he’s no fan of President Obama, and that he’s a Christian.

You might have thought someone just peed in Obama’s arugula.  Faster than you can say “Ferguson,” liberals nearly rioted in the street.  The “diversity” crowd loaded into their hybrid cars with “C-O-E-X-I-S-T” bumper stickers and tried to run Jenner into the ditch and out of existence.

Indeed, each of the odiferous attacks on Jenner that are partially quoted above were not for his sexual identity, but for his political affiliation and religion.  For example, the full text of the first Tweet quoted above goes:

“Bruce Jenner is so confused, mixed up, messed up, completely out of her ever loving mind . . . being a conservative republican . . . sickening.”

The other assailants similarly identified Jenner’s politics and religion as the reason for their attacks.

Jenner hasn’t counterattacked; he hasn’t challenged those who disagree with his politics or religion.  He’s too busy challenging himself to find and live the life that God wants for him.

He’s thought a lot about that challenge.  His reference to Christianity was not just casual or vague.  He laid bare the soul of an anguished woman trapped in the body of an aging man.  The woman’s eternal soul proclaimed through the man’s ephemeral body, “Maybe this is my cause in life. This is why God put me on this earth . . . to deal with this issue.”

That’s a tough enough issue to deal with.  And now Jenner and his soul have this other issue to deal with – liberal hatred.

But the gold medalist doesn’t care how little liberals see him.  His sights are higher.  He mused, “I would sit in church, I would always wonder, in God’s eyes, how does he see me?”

He’s not the only one to ask that question.  People of faith everywhere sit in churches, synagogues and mosques and wonder, “In God’s eyes, how does he see me?”

I don’t know how God sees Jenner.  That’s between him and God.

But I do know how I see him.  I don’t see a “sickening” or “disgusting” person, or the “stupid f*ck” that liberals see.

I see a father who helped conceive and raise children.  I see an athlete who won an Olympic gold medal.  I see a husband who is still admired and loved by his former wife.  I see a man who told the world about the unusual personal life he lives so that others might live theirs.  I see an immortal soul finding and walking the earthly path that God laid out — without regard for what people think.

I see a total stud.

(Published May 10, 2015 in the Aspen Times )

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