Harvard says Asians have bad personalities; judge agrees

Glenn K. Beaton

Some 52 years after Martin Luther King Jr’s death and one week after the three-day weekend for which he is now remembered, Harvard says it discriminates against people with bad personalities. After all, what good is knowledge, morality and dreams if you’re no fun?

To the fun-loving bureaucrats running Harvard, personality is measurable by your skin color and your sex life. They believe that good personalities are found in blacks, Hispanics, gays, transgenders, whites and just about everyone else, in roughly that order.

Except Asians. Harvard says Asians have bad personalities. And so to be admitted, Asians need an SAT score about 140 points higher than whites and about 450 points higher than blacks.

You might reasonably ask: How did Harvard decide that Asians have bad personalities?

Plenty of objective personality tests are out there, but Harvard doesn’t use them. It instead uses a subjective evaluation of the applicant by one of those fun-loving bureaucrats. At an in-person interview, the bureaucrat takes note of whether the applicant is Asian has a bad personality.

I suppose it’s a lucky thing for Harvard that Asians have bad personalities. Because otherwise their high merit would get more of them admitted at the expense of lower-merit whites, blacks, Hispanics, gays and transgenders.

The result would be too many Asians at Harvard, according to social engineers with low SAT scores who are constructing our campus racial utopias because they couldn’t get through college calculus in order to be real engineers.

Too many Asians at Harvard would be bad not just for Harvard but also for the Asians. Think about it. When society believes that a racial or ethnic group has become over-abundant, history tells us that society’s remedy is typically not pleasant for that group.

So, you see, Harvard has to discriminate against Asians for two reasons: (1) To stop racial discrimination, and (2) To protect Asians. If you can’t understand that, then you’re just plain bad at the social kind of mathematics.

By the way, it stands to reason that the few Asians who do get into Harvard – with SAT scores way higher than the non-Asians – get better grades than the non-Asians.  How long before the social engineers outlaw that inconvenient outcome?

And Asians later tend to earn more money in their careers. How long before the social engineers impose special taxes on them? Because fairness.

I’ll now disclose that I’m biased about this issue in two ways. First, I dated an Asian woman in college a zillion years ago. At least compared to me, she was not only personable but smart and HAWT. Even though she was an engineering major.
My second bias is that I think judging people by the color of their skin rather than the content of their character is morally wrong, despite what the wokesters say on MLK Day. For that, call me un-woke.

Ah geez, just call me racist. If you don’t like what I’m saying, you will anyway.

Back to Harvard, which is definitely not un-woke. Consistent with their bad personalities, some Asians rudely sued them for racial discrimination.

That didn’t exactly improve Harvard’s perception of their personalities. Maybe Harvard wanted them instead to bring hot tea or offer rickshaw rides.

The case went to trial recently in Harvard’s home court of Boston, where an Obama-appointed judge presided. In an opinion last October, she sided with Harvard.

The judge explained that it’s no surprise Asians with great SAT scores have bad personalities. Apparently unaware of my college friend, she said a person can’t possibly excel in everything.

In short, she held as a matter of law that there’s an inverse correlation between smarts and personality, though I doubt she knows what “inverse correlation” means.

Of course, sometimes a black or white person will score as well as an Asian in the SAT. In that event, Harvard admits the white or black person while rejecting the Asian. The judge offered no reason why those Asian kids’ achievements come at the expense of their personality, but those black or white kids’ achievements don’t.

Enough silliness. Some of our federal judges think these games are not the way to overcome racial discrimination and are probably unconstitutional to boot. Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts wrote in an opinion some years ago a maxim that must make Harvard cringe. He said:

“The way to stop discrimination on the basis of race is to stop discriminating on the basis of race.”

When this case reaches the Supreme Court a year or two from now, we’ll see whether Roberts still has the wisdom and stones that penned that line or he too has succumbed to politically correct stupidity.

Two interesting footnotes:

(1)  Five of the ten judges in the Boston court that will hear this appeal are Harvard grads. Because the case will be heard by a panel of three of them, it’s entirely possible that all three will be Harvard grads and likely that at least one or two will be. Will they also be Harvard donors?

(2) The plaintiffs in this case filed their notice of appeal just a few days after the district court’s decision almost four months ago. For no apparent reason, the appeals court has not set up a briefing schedule yet – something that usually happens within a few weeks – and so the plaintiffs took the extraordinary step of expressly requesting them to do so. As of this writing, the appeals court still has not.

Will the Dem left dox the pilot of that Reaper drone?

Glenn K. Beaton

We now witness the spectacle of the Democratic left siding with Iran and its vanquished, mass-murdering general cum terrorist. Because Trump.

It’s a case of simple-minded “My enemy’s enemy is my friend.” The left views Trump as their enemy. So does Iran. Therefore, goes the reasoning of the Dem left, Iran is their friend.

Consider for a moment the character of the Dems’ new-found “friend.” Iran is a corrupt, centrally planned and crony capitalism economy wrapped in a theocracy right out of the Dark Ages. They stone women for adultery, chop off the hands of shoplifters and execute children.

This friendship between Iran and the Dems is part of that epidemic called Trump Derangement Syndrome, or TDS. The agitated sufferers of this derangement, like hysterical leftist Congresswoman AOC, let fly nonsense such as accusations that Trump is a “war criminal” and a “monster.”

Gee, what’s that leave for, say, Adolf Eichmann? Continue reading

Banned in Aspen and 25 other towns; newspaper chain fires its only conservative

Orchestrated media bias extends all the way down to small town newspapers owned by big-time media companies. Consider the Aspen Times and its parent, Swift Communications.

That lefty little newspaper in this lefty little resort town started publishing my conservative columns seven years ago, back when Donald Trump was known as a blustery reality TV host.

My columns sometimes went to the top of the newspaper’s trending list, generating more clicks than frontpage news. They invariably produced more comments and letters to the editor than all the other columns combined. Most were positive.

I usually dealt with national political issues where I often but not always criticized the clown car of Democratic presidential candidates while siding with Trump’s policies if not his personality. My stuff contrasted with the mindless and unread Trump-bashing of the other half dozen columnists.

My columns also covered touchy local issues such as Continue reading

Like the Iranians, the left now chants “death to” its opponents

The “death to” slogan began in Iran in the days of the Shah. It wasn’t enough to depose the Shah. They wanted “death to” him.

After the Shah died, gleeful Iranians evidently concluded that it was their sloganeering that killed him. They weaponized this discovery with other slogans similar in hateful meaning but not in lethal effect. Think “death to America” and then “death to Israel.”

Other countries such as Yemen joined in the chorus and expanded it. Soon it was “death to America, death to Israel and damnation to the Jews.” That was off-putting to Israelis, and also to Americans who were little comforted by the slogan’s absence of damnation to them specifically.

Israel and America weren’t the only nations targeted by these voodoo death wishes. “Death to the Soviet Union” was popular until Continue reading

Here’s my 2020 vision

Yogi Berra observed that predictions are tough, especially about the future. But tough as they are, readers inform me that predictions about the future would be more useful to them than my usual predictions about the past. So here goes.

President Trump will win reelection easily on the strength of the best economy in the lifetime of most voters despite the dreams of compassionate Democrats for a bone-crushing, job-losing, starvation-inducing depression.

Also helping Trump will be the weakness of a slew and stew of old, uninspiring, grouchy,  white male Dem and dim candidates (plus one womyn who used to be Native American).

Donations to the charitable (cough … cough) Clinton Foundation will, um, continue to decline. Frustrated by such little bribe for their buck, past donors may ask for their money back.

Instead of Hillary, the Dems will nominate Biden. Continue reading

Here’s what I know, Jesus is not our mom

Two thousand years ago, a Jewish carpenter lived a conventional life for 30 years in a tiny village in the Middle East. Then he became as they might say today, “radicalized.”

Historians agree that Jesus did exist – there are reliable ancient records of him. But most of what we know about him is limited to opaque and contradictory accounts written decades after his death in what we now call the Gospel of the New Testament.

In one sense, those Gospel accounts are profoundly simple. They say Jesus was the Messiah prophesized in the Hebrew Bible. As such, he performed miracles to save those needing saving. He came back from the dead. That’s the word.

But in a personal sense, the Gospels present a more complicated and contradictory man than the one presented in Sunday School or even adult church services. Continue reading