What if Obama were president now?

It’s a fair question, given the criticism directed at Trump in this viral election year. The short answer is, we’d have more American coronavirus deaths.

Here’s why.

The infection rate in America is much lower than in most developed countries. In America, it’s currently about 400 cases per million population. In Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Germany and France, it’s 1,500, 1,600, 1600, 700 and 600, respectively.

(Yes, I’m aware that, to Hillary Clinton’s apparent delight, the total number of cases is now highest in America. But that’s because even though the infection rate in America is low, the total population of America is much higher than most other countries. Sorry, Hillary, but America is still doing relatively well.)

It’s not just the infection rate that’s much lower in America. In addition, the death rate is way lower. In America, it’s currently seven per million. In Italy, Spain, Switzerland and France, it’s 166, 128, 31 and 35, respectively. (Germany compares well with America on the death rate, at five per million.)

Experts agree that one reason America has been hit relatively lightly is that America banned flights from China early and then also banned foreign visitors from Europe early.

Those early bans didn’t just delay the arrival of the virus to American shores, but could be decisive in beating it. They bought us time to develop treatments, formulate plans and manufacture equipment like respirators and face masks that the Obama administration had depleted and never restocked. And perhaps critically, the travel bans bought us time for warm weather to arrive.

Meanwhile, Europe refused to ban flights from China. In hard-hit Italy, they even made a show of “hug a Chinese” day, as if a display of racial tolerance for Chinese visitors would persuade the virus infecting them not to transmit to Italians.

Even after the virus ran amuck in Italy, the French refused to cancel soccer matches with Italian teams visiting France along with thousands of their Italian fans.  The open borders of the EU were left wide open – to the virus.

At one point, the French scoffed at the idea of cancelling the Paris Fashion Show.  That was thousands of deaths ago, and they ultimately did cancel the show.

Simply put, the Europeans didn’t take the virus seriously early on, and then they let their fashion consciousness, sports obsessions and moral vanity dictate their medical response.

Which is exactly what Obama would have done.

It’s inconceivable that Obama would have banned foreign flights into the U.S.  He delighted in pandering to foreigners, to the point that he frequently apologized overseas for what he perceived as American arrogance and racism.

The fact that the virus originated in China would have sealed our fate. Like the Europeans, Obama would have bent over backwards and forwards to make a show of racial tolerance.

If you have any doubt, look at the rambling ruminations of Obama’s Vice President, current presidential candidate Joe Biden. In response to Trump’s ban of foreigners flying from Europe, Biden called Trump “xenophobic.”

In response to Trump’s earlier ban on flights from China, Biden said: “We need to lead the way with science — not Donald Trump’s record of hysteria, xenophobia, and fear-mongering.”

Biden likes that word “xenophobia.” This from a guy who can’t put together a pre-recorded speech even with the aid of a teleprompter.

It turned out that Trump’s travel bans were exactly the right move from a science perspective. Science doesn’t yield to political correctness, nor does it yield to election year demagoguing, nor does it yield to Joe Biden’s xenophobia-philia.

Speaking of vice presidents, Trump named his, Mike Pence, to be the Chair of the White House Task Force on Coronavirus. Pence has converted skeptics and now even the Democrats praise his engaged and level-headed performance.

If Obama were still president, would he have named his own Vice President, Joe Biden, to that position? If so, does anyone seriously think Biden would have been up to the task?

But here’s one thing that would be better if Obama were president now. We would have much less hysteria and panic. The media would be downplaying the seriousness of the epidemic while fawning over Obama’s cool handling of it, right down to getting thrills up their legs while admiring the perfect crease in his suit pants.

Granted, I have some gripes about Trump’s handling of the crisis. For example, it’s not productive or presidential to be baited into twitter-wars with state governors or cafeteria food fights with rodeo clowns masquerading as news reporters.

But people are package deals. In times of crisis, we can hardly complain that a bold leader lacks genteel refinement. Over the past month, the inimitable package that we call Donald Trump has outperformed his predecessor and clearly saved lives.

Please don’t destroy the country for me

I’m 64 and have a congenital blood disorder. It causes pulmonary emboli – blood clots, especially in my lungs. Twice, it almost killed me. I have what the docs call “an underlying respiratory condition.”

Since I was diagnosed and began treatment with daily blood thinners years ago, this condition is manageable (so long as I avoid skiing into a tree which would likely cause me to bleed to death). In fact, I’ll probably live another 20 years. I’m not asking for sympathy, and I don’t need it.

Save your sympathy for our country and our world, especially for younger people like my daughters.

You know the story. Continue reading

Can we rope-a-dope the virus?

The “Rumble in the Jungle” was the 1974 boxing match in Zaire between two of the greats: An aging, slowing Muhammed Ali and the younger, stronger, harder-punching George Foreman.

Ali repeatedly let Foreman back him into the ropes. There, most of Foreman’s blows were deflected or absorbed by Ali’s arms which were bruised black and blue the next day. Ali allowed his body to recoil against the ropes like shock absorbers to absorb much of the rest.

That continued into the seventh round when Foreman landed a knockout punch to Ali. Except it failed knock him out. Ali leaned into Foreman and whispered, “That all you got, George?”

Foreman later said he thought to himself, “Yeah, that’s all I got.” He was exhausted. Continue reading

Aspen Skiing Company is infected and the Aspen Times assists in the coverup

Aspen Skiing Company, a certifiable progressive and green company affectionately called “SkiCo” by the local progs of Aspen, boasts of their concern for people over profits, even as they uncannily make lots of the later at the expense of the former.

SkiCo operates the four ski mountains on National Forests around Aspen, where they charge people $175 a day for transporting them up the mountainsides on lifts powered by electricity generated by burning fossil fuels (elsewhere, of course) so that the people can slide back down. They do so while simultaneously decrying the use of fossil fuels by others, in order to buy indulgences from the global warming priests.

SkiCo’s sliding-down-the-mountainsides gig is a feeder for an adjunct hospitality gig. They operate a hodgepodge of restaurants on the mountains where you can get a half-decent hamburger for, well, if you have to ask then you can’t afford it, and also get a bottle of wine to bolster your confidence if not sharpen your skill for the descent on crowded snowy slopes.

The hospitality gig also includes running a Five Star hotel called The Little Nell, conveniently located at the base of a gondola that takes skiers up the mountainside. At the Nell, you can enjoy New Years Eve but it’ll cost you an arm and a leg. Turns out, you can also enjoy a night in early March but it might cost you your life. Continue reading

What if they had a pandemic and nobody came?

The Coronavirus has infected over 100,000 people worldwide, and a few thousand have died from it. Cruise ships have been quarantined, some nursing homes have become death zones, and people have put down their pets for fear that the pets are infected and might infect their owners.

The stock market is down over 10%, producing a paper loss on the order of the U.S. budget for a year – a loss in the trillions.

That’s bad, especially for the cruise ship passengers, the dead nursing home residents, the pets who’ve been put down, and the shareholders who need to sell before the market recovers.

We’ve been warned of an impending “pandemic” which is something like an epidemic, but worse.

But let’s put it all in context. Continue reading

Are the Dems rooting for the virus?

The Democrat leaders and candidates blasted President Trump’s response to the Coronavirus outbreak, just as they blast everything else that he does.

Note that the Dems’ criticism of Trump’s response to the virus is unaccompanied by any specific suggestions. They do suggest spending more money on the problem, though they don’t say how. Maybe they think they can curry favor with the virus by buying it free stuff.

More likely, they’re just politically posturing. If Trump requests $2 billion to fight the virus, they say it should be $8 billion. If Trump had suggested $8 billion, I’m sure they would have said it should be $20 billion.

Their demand for more money is not because they’ve talked to medical and other experts and done the math. They don’t even bother to say that they have. Continue reading