Dems will infiltrate Trump street protests to turn them violent

Donald Trump has characterized his impending arrest this week as a political vendetta, and has urged his supporters to take to the streets in protest.

I agree with him that it’s a political vendetta, but disagree about taking to the streets.

It is indeed a nakedly political act by the Manhattan District Attorney. Numerous other prosecutors including sophisticated federal prosecutors have reviewed this same evidence, and have declined to pursue this case.

Rightly so. It’s a lousy case. The legal theory is a stretch. Moreover, the prosecution’s fact witnesses are not credible. One is a former porn star who has been caught numerous times lying and the other is Trump’s former lawyer who is willing to say anything he’s told to say in order to save his own hide.

Layer on top of that a prosecutor who is not exactly a top-notch trial lawyer and is known to get money from George Soros, and you have, as I said, a lousy case, even in New York where Trump has gone from loved to reviled. The prosecution will lose.

The result of that loss will be to boost Trump’s election chances because it will cast him as a wrongly persecuted martyr. Elon Musk – no dummy – declared that the case would guarantee Trump’s election. I wouldn’t go that far, but I do think it will help Trump.


Unless there are violent protests. If that happens, the Dems will portray it as a Jan. 6 redo. It’s certainly true that the Dems overplayed the mostly peaceful (as they would describe it if they were the instigators) Jan. 6 incident, but the point is that they overplayed it with some success. The midterms, for example, went surprisingly well for them.

The Dems and their media allies will do the same with another protest, and they will do it even better this time because it will start to look like a pattern with Trump and his supporters.

You think the protests won’t turn violent? Consider this. The Dems want that violence in order to paint Trump and his supporters as violent people. They are sure to infiltrate the protests in the guise of being on Trump’s side, just as the FBI apparently did on Jan. 6, for the express purpose of inciting violence in otherwise peaceful crowds of Trump supporters. Trump, his supporters, and Republicans in general will get the blame.

It will be a case of Antifa thugs costumed in MAGA hats.

My advice to Trump supporters is don’t take the bait. If you stay home, Trump can and will win his case and very possibly his campaign. On the other hand, if you take to the streets, it might feel good, but the price you pay for that evening of feel-goodery will be another four years of a presidency led by the stupid, corrupt Biden crime family that is destroying America.

Watch for my book on April 18, titled “High Attitude — How Woke Liberals Ruined Aspen.”

It looks like Joe Biden committed tax fraud

It’s undisputed that the Biden family was taking money from foreign governments. The clearest example is Hunter, who received about $11 million from entities associated with the Chinese and Ukrainian governments, according to NBC News. He failed to pay income tax on at least some of this money.

It’s also undisputed that the emails in Hunter’s notorious laptop referenced “the big guy” at least 41 times in connection with foreign money, and that “the big guy” is his father Joe. It’s undisputed that at least one such email refers to “10% for the big guy.”

Contrary to Joe’s claim that he “never” discussed Hunter’s foreign business dealings with him, it’s undisputed that there are actual photographs that pose Joe (while Vice President), Hunter, and Hunter’s foreign business “associates” together at least 14 different times. It’s difficult to imagine that Joe didn’t say, “Sooo, son, who the f*** are these foreigners and what’s in it for us?”

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Are you missing the Hare Krishna yet?

As a 17-year-old college freshman at the University of Colorado in Boulder back in the ‘70s, my buddies and I used to sneak liquor into the student section of CU football games. Everyone did.

One time, I partied and drank right through the fourth quarter with a friend named Steve, together with our mutual friend named Jack Daniels. After the game, Steve and I stumbled up to the Hill, a retail/residential area adjacent to campus that was a gathering spot. Leaning on one another on the sidewalk with no particular destination in mind, we saw a VW Beetle pull over. A woman cranked down the window and shouted out “Hey, you wanna party?”

We did. We loaded into the backseat of the Bug, and off she drove.

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Should Trump’s lawyers be punished for advocating their client’s position?

Here’s another lawyer joke:

A mathematician, an engineer, and a lawyer were each asked the question, “What is two plus two?”

The mathematician answered, “It’s four. It’s exactly four.”

The engineer answered, “It’s four, give or take a little. It depends on the precision of the numbers.”

The lawyer answered, “What do you want it to be?”

Lawyers are supposed to be zealous advocates for their clients. That’s not just customary; it’s a formal provision in the American Bar Association Rules of Professional Conduct – the ABA ethics rules.

This practical custom and ethical duty result in lawyers having a certain dexterity with facts. Lawyers spin the truth.  

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We need a state constitutional amendment limiting the power of teachers’ unions

Imagine a scenario where you and your fellow cube dwellers could band together, go to your boss, and tell him “If you give us a big fat raise at the expense of the shareholders, we’ll give you a personal kickback.”

That’s what teachers’ unions do. The union members band together, package some payola in the form of union dues, launder it into “campaign contributions,” and give it to politicians who control the union members’ pay. In return, the politicians vote to increase the pay of the union members.

This is all at the expense of the taxpayers who have little say in the matter and are barely even aware of it. Unlike shareholders in a company, taxpayers don’t receive profit and loss statements. They just receive tax bills.

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