Dems will infiltrate Trump street protests to turn them violent

Donald Trump has characterized his impending arrest this week as a political vendetta, and has urged his supporters to take to the streets in protest.

I agree with him that it’s a political vendetta, but disagree about taking to the streets.

It is indeed a nakedly political act by the Manhattan District Attorney. Numerous other prosecutors including sophisticated federal prosecutors have reviewed this same evidence, and have declined to pursue this case.

Rightly so. It’s a lousy case. The legal theory is a stretch. Moreover, the prosecution’s fact witnesses are not credible. One is a former porn star who has been caught numerous times lying and the other is Trump’s former lawyer who is willing to say anything he’s told to say in order to save his own hide.

Layer on top of that a prosecutor who is not exactly a top-notch trial lawyer and is known to get money from George Soros, and you have, as I said, a lousy case, even in New York where Trump has gone from loved to reviled. The prosecution will lose.

The result of that loss will be to boost Trump’s election chances because it will cast him as a wrongly persecuted martyr. Elon Musk – no dummy – declared that the case would guarantee Trump’s election. I wouldn’t go that far, but I do think it will help Trump.


Unless there are violent protests. If that happens, the Dems will portray it as a Jan. 6 redo. It’s certainly true that the Dems overplayed the mostly peaceful (as they would describe it if they were the instigators) Jan. 6 incident, but the point is that they overplayed it with some success. The midterms, for example, went surprisingly well for them.

The Dems and their media allies will do the same with another protest, and they will do it even better this time because it will start to look like a pattern with Trump and his supporters.

You think the protests won’t turn violent? Consider this. The Dems want that violence in order to paint Trump and his supporters as violent people. They are sure to infiltrate the protests in the guise of being on Trump’s side, just as the FBI apparently did on Jan. 6, for the express purpose of inciting violence in otherwise peaceful crowds of Trump supporters. Trump, his supporters, and Republicans in general will get the blame.

It will be a case of Antifa thugs costumed in MAGA hats.

My advice to Trump supporters is don’t take the bait. If you stay home, Trump can and will win his case and very possibly his campaign. On the other hand, if you take to the streets, it might feel good, but the price you pay for that evening of feel-goodery will be another four years of a presidency led by the stupid, corrupt Biden crime family that is destroying America.

Watch for my book on April 18, titled “High Attitude — How Woke Liberals Ruined Aspen.”

21 thoughts on “Dems will infiltrate Trump street protests to turn them violent

  1. I totally agree. I cannot fathom after the whole Jan 6 kerfluffle that Trump would even think of suggesting protests of ANY kind. Ben Shapiro said Trump won by standing between us and the Lefitist mobs running our country now he wants US to take a bullet for him. No no a thousand times no. Stay home. Let him fight his own battle

    • I agree too – tread carefully as the weaponized DOJ & beltway bandits will leverage any angle they can to discredit the American conservative movement. While some may say we are playing into their scheme by not protesting, there are other better ways to bring visability and momentum to flush out corrupt government hacks that are leveraging their postion to further the leftest goals, hurt regular Americans and further their talking points.

  2. Yes MAGA folks … if those fellow MAGA rally attendees whom you have never seen before, wearing LEO BDUs, and they seem just too enthusiastic, remember to just remain calm and peaceably carry on.

    You’d think they’d at least change uniform

    • In 2023, I see Fed People. Modern day uncircumcised Philistines – piles of Fed People

    • Yes, and someone recently pointed out something rather interesting from the J6 released video – they all look like wardrobe wannabeez from 5.11. I found that interesting and had not noticed that until it was pointed out.

  3. Be sure: I am not a Democrat, nor a Republican. Neither a “Conservative” nor “Liberal”. If I must be labeled? I’m a Christian and an American – only in that precise order.
    Still, in all truthfulness, I was among the first to call Jan. 6th exactly what it was, a riot. To quote the often-witty NY Post the day after the riot: “Rebels without a clue”.
    Yet, without question, Trumpty-Dumpty incited the riot and must be held accountable.
    Not unlike the exceedingly more violent, destructive and costly mayhem of 2020,
    Jan. 6th was nonetheless plainly a polar-opposite case of domestic terrorism. A largely angry -and again violent- Caucasian version of BLM Light.
    Unbelievably, in an act of sheer desperation -and intimidation- Trump essentially implied Jan. 6 Part Deux, if he was arrested. Thus, aonce again a de facto incitement of a riot. While I don’t have enough details of the charges to establish a proper perspective, one thing is clear, Trumpty-Dumpty is unfit to be anywhere near
    a position of leadership in “America”. Yeah, just like the inept, DNC puppet career politician and his Affirmative Action VP in office today.
    “America” doesn’t have a prayer.

    • If you think J6 was a ‘riot’ or ‘insurrection’ you need a new dictionary. The whole thing was a plot by Pelosi et al, a conspiracy to create a disturbance that would ‘halt the proceedings’ and allow her to enact ’emergency orders’ that kept a least a dozen senators from requesting a 10-day audit before ratification. For more details, check this out:

      • A good piece, well worth reading. Mike Pence ducked his moment in history; is this banal, craven, sanctimonious man really going to show his face in Republican primaries?

      • No, I don’t need a new dictionary. Nancy Lugosi did not make thousands of wannabe “Patriots” act like BLM’s redneck cousins (See: Rebels without a clue).
        We can agree to disagree, and your can take your tired party-line politics down the road.

      • Could not agree more with Bitter Klinger – rather ironic that this former VP now aligns himself as a right wing conservative. It would appear that Pence is just another beltway actor.

      • Tired politics? Really? Tell that to the instigators with the hammers all of which were not prosecuted except 1. And reviewing the video can you really say “thousands”? That makes no sense. While I agree that protesters who damaged federal property need to be prosecuted there are hundreds more who did nothing other than excercise their right to protest. If you are so centerered why label rednecks and Trumpy-Dumpty?

  4. I truly hope that Trump supporters will see your point and stay off of the streets.There are many ways one can be a protesting pain in the ass without playing in to Dem hands

  5. As to why the midterms went surprisingly well for the Dems, the Dobbs Decision and widespread election rigging are the only two causal factors that I’d put any money on.

    I don’t for a moment think that a significant number of people voted for Democrats because of Adam Kinzinger’s histrionics over the threat to democracy posed by Trump-inspired “domestic terrorists” on January 6, 2021. Polls showed in fact that the public paid little attention to the doings of the Jacobins on the J6 Committee, which almost everyone understood to be staging a Reichstag Fire show trial. It is inconceivable that more people were swayed by this than by two years of rioting and general lawlessness in almost all of our major urban centers, which resulted, for example, in Lori Lightfoot garnering barely 17% of the vote in her recent re-election bid.

    That said, Trump wasn’t smart to allow himself to be perceived as calling for a repeat of that event. Conversely, most of us ARE smart enough not to go anywhere near it. We’ve seen how many ordinary schlubs have been incarcerated by the J6ers, with the blessings of the Justice Department. We’re not crazy.

  6. You forgot to mention the name of the deranged DA, Alvin Bragg, and his $1M campaign contribution from George Soros because his campaign promise was to ‘put Trump behind bars.’ Where is the true journalism, who, where, what, when, etc.? Opinions are nice, but facts are better.

  7. They surely will, Glenn. They are paid to ‘resist’. I have always waited for Mitch Rapp to show up and interrogate their ‘leaders’.

  8. Their plan worked, people on the right can no longer protest. We’re no different than China or Russia. They’re allowing a few Republican reps to mess around to keep people calm but nothing will come of it.

  9. just as we should be smart enough to not get sucked in by pelosi/plans to create a made for tv insurrection, we should not get so cynical as to think Mc Carthyite republicans are hopeless hapless Swamp creatures, and like mr smart up there, who says he’s a christian first, we should definitely never say- America is doomed– thats pelosi’s line. btw, i saw Jan6 in person and the so called violence definitely came from a tiny minority of those present- some of whom were certainly professional instigators, antifa in red hats etc. 98% of the crowd never went to the capitol or did anything other that wave a flag and chant USA, USA.

    • Agree with this – and now the visability of the released videos show this clearly. The sham j6 committee, who would not agree to let Jim Jordan sit on it have not produced anything of truth and value. Instead they used their politcal positions to further the left narrative and talking points and leverage the left media to sham the American public. The J6 committee report is worthless in my view and will always be that.

      • agree to that also– including your reply above to guy who calls himself Mr Christian centrist, not part of any “bad” group– so why does he feel the need to say trumpty dumpty- just another trump hater who continues with the same old same old- well I don’t hate trump . . . sorry there is no other name for anger that drives negativity, than hate. At least its, as far as we know, limited to written vindictive. Not like the Jan 6 commission haters.

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