Why is today’s Left so anti-science?

Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin and Mao Zedong hated people and killed tens of millions of them, but they didn’t hate science. So why have things deteriorated so badly, science-wise, with today’s left?

Consider some examples. Democrats believe in astrology by a two-to-one margin over Republicans.  Same with fortune telling.

Other examples are more complicated but equally striking.

Like almost all other animals, humans exist in two distinct sexes: male and female. At the genetic level, the distinction is crystal clear. Males have an X and a Y chromosome, while females have two X’s. (There are instances of an extra X or Y but they are exceedingly rare.)

Generally speaking, these different genotypes express in different phenotypes, such as different morphology, microbiology, procreation, hormones and temperament. Nearly all real scientists agree with this.

But the left now tells us that  there are 64 “genders.” They define “gender” as something different from “sex” in order to get around that inconvenient chromosome obstacle, while deceitfully using the two terms interchangeably when helpful to advance their agenda. Such as enabling men with trendy sexual proclivities to destroy legitimate women’s sport competition.

The left’s position here is not a scientific one, though they couch it as that. It’s a political one. They don’t argue with scientists who disagree with their political position on this issue, because they have no real science argument. Instead they cancel those scientists.

Then there’s abortion. I believe that we lack the moral authority to take a human life, and so abortion is wrong. (Contrary to most of my tribe, I believe the same about capital punishment.)

But I would not outlaw abortion. It’s a vexing, complicated issue. Although I think it’s morally wrong, I’m not prepared to make everything I think is morally wrong into a crime.

The left disagrees with my moral position, but goes further than mere disagreement. They deny the complexity of the issue. They say there’s not a moral issue at all, because the fetus is not alive.

That’s unscientific. Any biologist would say the fetus is palpably alive. It’s a collection of structured cells that multiplies and metabolizes. Unliving things don’t do that.

OK, says the left, but it’s just a “blob of cells.”

That, too, is unscientific. We know from ultrasounds and from miscarriages and the remains of aborted fetuses that a fetus resembles a baby a few months after conception, and is nearly fully formed by month seven or eight at which time they frequently survive premature birth – and occasionally survive an abortion and are killed on the operating table.

Let’s debate abortion as the complicated moral issue it is, where we weight interests of the fetus, the mother, the father, society and morality.

Don’t insult the conversation with mind-numbing sloganeering like “My body, my choice.” Will we next justify infanticide with “My family, my choice”? Or mass murder with “My neighborhood, my choice”?

Then there’s the purported epidemic (or is it a “pandemic” now?) of white-on-black police violence.

Except, scientifically speaking, there’s not. An Obama Department of Justice study showed that a black unarmed suspect is more likely to be shot by a black or Hispanic cop than by a white one. The likelihood of a black man being killed by a white cop is about 1/18th the likelihood of the cop being killed by that black man.

While blacks account for over half of homicides and robberies, they are only about a quarter of police killings. Some 94% of black murder victims were killed by other blacks – even though blacks comprise only 13% of the population.

Don’t get me wrong. Although it’s rare in comparison to other violence, it sometimes happens. The George Floyd video was sickening.

But one instance does not prove a general problem. The data show that this “problem” is a myth. Science says this “problem” is fake.

When I repeat that fact, people on the left don’t rebut me, engage in an analytical debate or offer facts. They just call me names.

Then there’s nuclear power. In France, 75% of the country’s electricity is nuclear generated. Scientists agree that nuclear power is safer than coal, natural gas, wind or solar. And it generates zero greenhouse gas.

But the left hates it. Because hating it apparently makes them feel good.

Which brings me back to the question posed at the outset. I think the reason so many on the left are anti-science is because they don’t look for solutions that work. They look for solutions that feel good to them.

They even argue that way. They argue not so much that their proposals will solve the problems — because they  won’t — but that they are more virtuous than the right’s proposals that will. That’s why Barrack Obama would often dodge analytical debate with the sacharine and sanctimoneous saying, “That’s not who we are.”

He was right. Problem solvers are not who they are. Feel-gooders are who they are. Obama knew that and exploited it.

But feel-goodery is the antithesis of science. It’s unintellectual, childish and self-indulgent. The world would become a better place and the debate between left and right would be more constructive and civil if the left could get over it.

In other words, just grow up.

Let Portland and Seattle burn

Lawyers tell the joke about a person on trial for mariticide – killing one’s spouse. The defendant testified, “I didn’t do it and, if I did, it was in self-defense.”

The point for lawyers is that you can plead inconsistent legal theories, but not inconsistent facts.

Which brings me to Portland, Seattle and the Democrats. On the one hand, while their cities are looted and burned the Dems maintain that in fact the looters and burners are “perfectly peaceful.”

The Dems’ lackeys in the media spin the same tale. While buildings burn in the background, television so-called news reporters contend with a straight face that the riots are “mostly peaceful.” Continue reading

A brief history of merit and its abolition

In an environment of limited resources – which is to say an environment in the real world – those resources get allocated. Not everyone can start and build Microsoft and not everyone can conceive of the General Theory of Relativity.

So how does society decide which people do?

The answer is that society doesn’t decide. Instead it happens as a result of merit. The most meritorious aren’t allocated those titles, wealth, inventiveness, prestige and accolades. They earn them.

The founder and builder of Microsoft is an extraordinarily talented, hard-working and risk-taking individual named Bill Gates. The guy who thought up the General Theory of Relativity is an obscure and un-trumpeted (at the time) but brilliantly creative man who is now synonymous with “genius” named Albert Einstein.

Others could have done what they did. But others didn’t. They lacked sufficient merit.

If this sounds like social Darwinism, that’s because it is. Continue reading

In my Constitutional Law class, we didn’t read the Constitution

Law school is a notorious scam.

In the course of three years, young victims pay for courses in property law but don’t learn how to buy a house. They take courses in contract law but are never taught how to write one. They take courses in litigation procedures but in a courtroom they literally don’t know when to stand up and when to sit down. In fact, it’s common for students to graduate without having seen the inside of a courtroom.

Never entrust a recent law school graduate with any legal matters.

If we trained doctors the way we train lawyers, surgeons would graduate medical school without knowing how to wash their hands or which end of a scalpel is for holding and which end is for cutting. Continue reading

Expect the media to sensationalize minor adverse reactions to the vaccine.

American science is making terrific progress on a COVID vaccine. This is great news for America, which of course makes it bad news for Democrats.

First, the great news. A company named Moderna has released data on further clinical trials of its promising vaccine. The results were published after peer review in the most prestigious medical journal in the history of the world, the New England Journal of Medicine.

There were 45 test volunteers. Every single one of the 45 developed a “robust” antibody response. There were “no serious adverse events” in any of the 45 patients.

That’s not to say there were no adverse effects at all. A significant number of patients developed side effects. But “side effects” were defined broadly to include such things as “pain at the site of the injection.”

The vaccine is entering Phase 3 clinical trials this month where it will be tested on up to 30,000 volunteers. If everything stays on track, it will be approved for widespread use this fall. Meanwhile, over 200 other vaccines are under consideration and at least 19 are in clinical testing.

Big Pharma is awful, isn’t it, except when you need a medicine to save the world.

Which brings us to the media and other Democrats. They have bigger fish to fry than saving the world, namely regaining the presidency. Continue reading

I don’t miss professional sports, do you?

As for baseball, let’s be honest. It’s boring to watch and it’s even boring to play. Ordinary people who aren’t being paid to play baseball cannot endure it except by playing it co-ed with beer, which makes practically anything endurable including watching paint dry.

About 90% of baseball consists of the players standing around while touching their privates whenever the TV camera is pointed at them or sitting around the dugout pretending to watch the other team while touching their privates. They often spit.

Why do people pay to see millionaires lolling about in a park and hiding in a little concrete bomb shelter while spitting and touching their privates? I can get that from the vagrants who live in the park and under the viaduct. For free.

If you’re a baseball fan, your life is very small. There’s a reason this game hasn’t caught on in the rest of the world (except in Japan, a country that practically defines boredom).

By the way, this has nothing to do with the fact that I was cut from the 9th Grade baseball team in an unfair, cruel and incompetent decision from which I’ve fully recovered and about which I have no hard feelings. Continue reading

Black wives matter

My father flunked the 6th grade twice. He was probably dyslexic, among other things, back in the days when dyslexia was called “stupidity.”

He wasn’t a high school dropout, because he never made it to high school. He dropped out of the 8th grade to support his widowed mother in the Great Depression. He ultimately died early of liver cirrhosis.

He sometimes predicted that I would wind up in prison if I didn’t first get sent to the state mental hospital.

But he was always around and had a good job. He helped raise four children who earned a total of nine college degrees including a Ph.D. in Physics and a J.D. in Law. His presence was the main reason that I defied his prediction, despite my worst efforts.

The illegitimacy rate among blacks in America is 77%. Continue reading

The troll in the moat that guarded the castle

Once upon a time, there was a shining castle on a hill. It was conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that under the law all men are created equal.

Texts from the founders of the castle promised the people they could speak their mind, practice their religion and defend themselves and their belongings. The founders were revered for their wisdom, and in the castle were many monuments and statues to honor them.

The good people thrived, and more good people came. Like all people, they were flawed. But they were always striving for a more perfect union for themselves and their castle.

To fulfill their promise of equality under the law, over half a million castle dwellers died in a great civil war among themselves. Twice they sailed across the seas to save the world – once from fascists and once from socialists. They put men on the moon.

This castle was revered everywhere.

But the world descended into darkness, lies, confusion and evil. Fascists calling themselves anti-fascists looted and burned. Continue reading

The left is always destroyed by its lies

Karl Marx was a shallow-thinking loser who understood economics poorly and human nature worse.

But give the left credit. Some of Marx’s pragmatic successors such as Lenin, Stalin and Mao were amazingly successful for a while. They and their henchmen succeeded in killing 100 million people and fought a Cold War for the future of humanity that they almost won. Almost.

By the way, imagine the conundrum at the New York Times and such places. They’re tempted to blame Ronald Reagan for defeating communism, but they’re afraid that their few un-woke readers (they probably still have a few that are un-woke) would construe that as a compliment to Reagan.

In point of fact, Reagan deserves lots of credit but the person deserving nearly as much is Pope John Paul II. The former cardinal in Soviet-occupied Poland stood for the Judeo-Christian proposition that truth exists. That truth, he preached, would set you free. Continue reading

The Kountry is Korona Krazy

The virus apparently produces insanity, even in people who don’t catch it.

Here in Aspen, iron-fisted totalitarians that we used to call “petty government bureaucrats” sometimes but not always post signs commanding us to keep six feet apart when hiking through the forest.

On the other hand, patrons in Aspen restaurants are now permitted to eat without masks, even when seated together, which is good because it’s been hard to squeeze food through those little pores in the mask. On the other, other hand, a restaurant was cited for permitting patrons to walk to their table without a mask.

There are other arbitrary exceptions to the mask rules. Consider a trustafarian Aspen city council boy named Skippy (yes, that’s his real name). For a guy who’s never had a real job, Skippy is very busy. He’s organizing the protest thing in Aspen. Continue reading