Like Herpes, Hillary won’t go away

Certain dread diseases are not curable.  They might go away for a while but eventually they come back with ugly pus-filled sores that itch, fester and ooze.  They’re painful and embarrassing.

Hillary Clinton is like that.

Just when we thought she’d gone away, she’s flaring up worse than ever.  She has a new book out, for which she’s started tours.  You have to pay money to come to the book tour to hear her pitch this book that she wants you to pay money to buy to read about what a generous person she is.

We shouldn’t be surprised.  This is the woman who was charging public universities and charities a quarter million for one-hour speeches.

This book – her latest vehicle for monetizing the American political system – is about how she was humiliated by an amateur in the last election. It’s called “What Happened.”

No, it’s not called “What the f— Happened.”  And it’s not called “S— Happens.”  It’s called “What Happened.”

Everyone else already knows what happened.  Continue reading

The Pirates of Antifa are headed to Davey Jones’ locker

“Argh, I’m a pirate!” So says every boy after watching the animated movie Peter Pan.

Then he slips into his daddy’s boots, makes a cardboard sword and puts on a funny hat. He prances around in his getup imitating Captain Hook.

His mom is delighted. “Oh, indeed you are. You’re quite a daring and darling pirate.” She videotapes him and posts it on Facebook for everyone to adore. “Now go to bed, you cutie-pie pirate.” So the boy goes to bed.

Most boys outgrow this, but not the left. They imagine themselves as outlaw swashbucklers even as they slavishly conform to establishment politics. Think of bands of pirates marching in formation and saluting. Dressed identically, each compliments the other on his creative and non-conformist attire.

“Argh, we’re a motley crew of pirates,” they chant in unison.

Now the left has a new prancing pirate department. They call it “Antifa.” It’s supposed to be a contraction of “antifascism.”

Uh huh.  OK, cutie pie.

These pirates of Antifa are men and women (and others, I suppose) of ages 20 to 60, going on 7, prancing around cities looking for sea monsters to slay. They pose as daring and darling individualists while chanting tired leftist slogans in unison.

Sea monsters being mostly fished out from our cities, Continue reading