Are the Dems rooting for the virus?

The Democrat leaders and candidates blasted President Trump’s response to the Coronavirus outbreak, just as they blast everything else that he does.

Note that the Dems’ criticism of Trump’s response to the virus is unaccompanied by any specific suggestions. They do suggest spending more money on the problem, though they don’t say how. Maybe they think they can curry favor with the virus by buying it free stuff.

More likely, they’re just politically posturing. If Trump requests $2 billion to fight the virus, they say it should be $8 billion. If Trump had suggested $8 billion, I’m sure they would have said it should be $20 billion.

Their demand for more money is not because they’ve talked to medical and other experts and done the math. They don’t even bother to say that they have. Continue reading

America has criminalized speech and thought with Flynn, Stone, Avenatti and…


Prosecutors these days don’t need to prove that the defendant committed an illegal act. Unencumbered by any judge or jury, prosecutors have the power to ruin people’s lives for the “crime” of what they say or think.

That’s what’s happening in the high-profile, politically-tinged cases of Michael Flynn, Roger Stone, Michael Avenatti and others.

In the case of Flynn, the former National Security Advisor, the FBI decided beforehand to downplay their interview of him by presenting it almost as a social call.

Then they asked him questions to which they already knew the answers, for the sole purpose of tricking him into a lie or a fudging of the truth. Continue reading

Lefty feel-gooders conjure up homelessness in Aspen

Glenn K. Beaton 

If we didn’t have a “homelessness problem,” the left would have to invent one. Which is what they’re now doing here in my town of Aspen.

The local lefties, which is to say nearly the whole town, have decided to throw more taxpayer money at ending the homelessness epidemic here.

“Epidemic” is of course a relative term. Anecdotal and observational evidence suggests that this very, very rich town of 6,500 people holds exactly one homeless person. Everyone calls him “The Homeless Guy.”

The Homeless Guy doesn’t sleep outside. It gets a tad chilly here in the winter for that. He instead has a home away from homelessness. The Catholic church downtown apparently puts him up.

The church says he’s not alone. Continue reading

I’m Neandertal, I’m proud, I’m a victim and I want reparations

Glenn K. Beaton

 I always loved Neandertals, and now I know why. I’m one of them.

Neandertals were of course the people who evolved in Eurasia from several groups of hominids that migrated out of Africa beginning around two million years ago. They’re named after the place their bones were first found, the Neander Valley in present Germany.

Compared to modern humans, Neandertals were stockier with heavier facial features. Primitive anthropologists early in the last century stereotyped them as primitive cavemen.

But later research revealed that they used fire, made tools, navigated boats, created art, practiced religion and ceremonially buried their dead. They could speak as well as we can. They were typically fair-skinned with reddish hair.

Dressed appropriately, a Neandertal could pass for a modern person, albeit one with coarse features.

Most intriguing, their brains on average were a little bigger than modern brains.

That should be no surprise. Continue reading