Why Do Taxpayers Buy Aspen Houses for the Upper Middle Class?

“If taxpayers didn’t pay for my housing, I couldn’t afford to live in Aspen.  I’d have to live 20 minutes away and commute to my Aspen office.”

The person who spoke those words gets a two million dollar house here in Aspen.  Under the city’s “affordable housing” lottery, taxpayers pay 80-90% of the cost for people making up to $186,000 a year.  Some of that subsidy is paid for by people making, oh, about $34,000 a year.

The words quoted above were her defense of that scheme.  In short, she says the scheme is good because it’s good for her.

It is one of the great ironies of our time that socialists no longer promote socialism as beneficial to society.  Instead, they promote it as beneficial to themselves personally.

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Politics, Porn and Gun Nuts

Katie Couric was the anchor for a while on “CBS Evening News” and was a correspondent on the investigation program “60 Minutes.” She was a star.

She’s fallen far. But she fell gradually, and there were signs along the way. Her $15 million-per-year gig at CBS was a box office bust but she was a hit in guest-hosting “The Tonight Show,” where she replaced Jay Leno’s solid-front desk with an open-fronted one that showed her legs.

Now she’s fallen all the way down to “global anchor,” whatever that is, at Yahoo, whose name is comically appropriate for the kind of “news” she’s doing there.

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