Biden must release his secret cognitive tests

Joe Biden told a half-empty town hall meeting sponsored by CNN this week that if you get the vaccine then you won’t get COVID, that he plans to ban both handguns and rifles, and that a small restaurant owner struggling to hire workers who would rather be paid COVID dollars not to work should simply increase the wages he pays.

These lies and absurdities are of course not the first, and are only one facet of a man who is weirdly and wildly declining – from an already low base. He’s been a serial plagiarist since college days. Back in 2006 he said, “You cannot go to a 7-Eleven or Dunkin’ Donuts unless you have a slight Indian accent.” In 2007 he congratulated Barak Obama for being “articulate and bright and clean.”

In his most recent presidential campaign, a young woman asked him about his weak showing in the Iowa caucus. His answer was to ask her if she’d ever been to a caucus. She said she had. He then called her “a lying dog-faced pony soldier.”

Biden called a man at a campaign stop last year “full of shit” for contending that he wanted to take away guns – which is exactly what he promised to do in this week’s CNN townhall meeting.

He scolded a black radio interviewer that “you ain’t black” for being undecided whether to vote for him or Donald Trump. He warned blacks that Mitt Romney planned to “put y’all back in chains.”

Mitt Romney!

He called a questioner at another town meeting “fat” and a “damned liar” and then challenged the man to a pushup contest or an IQ test.

Which brings us to Biden’s recent physical and mental stumbles. He has repeatedly referred to his vice president as “President.” He referred to his Secretary of Defense as “senator” and later that same week forgot his name entirely. He hemmed and hawed and finally was reduced to calling him, “the guy who runs the outfit over there.” He gestured as if in the direction of the Pentagon while actually gesturing in a different direction.

He said 120 million Americans have died of COVID. The actual number at that time was 120 thousand. He told the story of President Franklin Roosevelt going on TV to talk about the stock market crash. Except Roosevelt wasn’t president when the market crashed and TV hadn’t been invented.

Biden’s speech is slurred, rambling, omni-directional and often nonsensical. His handlers shield him from even the fawning and protective press. For his rare press conferences, they supply him cheat sheets and a list of friendly reporters to call on. Biden himself admits that he gets in unspecified “trouble” with unnamed persons if he answers impromptu questions.

For Biden’s struggles, he deserves our sympathy.

But not our presidency. The president is the most powerful person in the world, and the presidency is the most important job in the world. It’s not a gift for demented and senile elderly people because we feel sorry for them.

Is Biden indeed demented or senile? That’s a medical question. Any physician examining a person of Biden’s age and symptoms would seek the answer to that question in order to provide medical care and treatment. Specifically, the physicians would administer cognitive tests to their patient, just as they did with Trump when his mental fitness was questioned. (Recall that Trump aced those tests.)

It’s inconceivable that Biden’s physicians have not administered cognitive tests to Biden. It is inconceivable that in treating the president of the United States they would commit obvious medical malpractice.

Why won’t whomever or whatever is running the Biden administration release those tests? And why won’t the media — whose job is to uncover and report newsworthy facts — insist on it? Is dementia or senility OK in a president if he’s a Democrat? Are the Democrats and their media allies that scared of the person Biden calls “President Kamala Harris”?

Of masks and men; the weird religion of COVID masks

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Daily COVID deaths and new cases are down to pre-pandemic levels in America. Even the CDC says masks are no longer required for vaccinated people. Heck, even school teachers are returning to the classrooms – sans masks – now that their demands for more money and less work have been met.

Weirdly, however, many people are still wearing masks. In fact, I often see mask wearers driving around alone in their cars. What’s up with that?

A little historical context is necessary. Dr. Fauci originally told us that masks were not effective. It turned out that he never really believed that. He was lying in order to conserve the masks for people he thought deserved them.

Then when masks became plentiful, the good doctor said they are effective after all and so we should wear them. He himself took to wearing two at a time, both over his mouth. I rather wish he’d worn half a dozen.

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Am I happy because I’m conservative, or conservative because I’m happy?

I’ve observed, and many studies have shown, that conservatives are happier than the leftists that we used to call “liberals.” Conservatives are more generous, more married, more religious, more fit, more humorous and more optimistic.

Unsurprisingly for a group with such traits, they have more and closer friends. They clearly love their country more. They work harder, they play harder, and they’re more likely to see meaning in life.   

I don’t think conservatives are that way because they’re conservative. That’s a big load to put on a political outlook. No, I think they’re conservative because conservativism attracts people who possess those qualities.

And so conservativism shouldn’t be sold like Scientology. Conservativism won’t make you happy if you’re not already. But if you are happy, you’ll find a comfortable and natural home in conservativism.

Despite the problems of the world and the unending need for improving it, conservatives see a magical and spiritual place full of opportunity, adventure, joy and love. Conservatives see the world not as a glass-half-empty, but as a glass-half-full that gets fuller even as they drink from it.

Conservatives would be conservative wherever they reside. But I’m glad that so many are here in America, and I’m proud to be in their company. God bless the USA.

“Trigger” is being canceled because it triggers

In the theater of the absurd that passes for wokery, they ban words and phrases that purportedly trigger unpleasant emotions in the audience. These include:

“Mumbo jumbo” because it’s a corruption of the name of the African god Maamajomboo. Who knew?

“The most qualified person should get the job” because it triggers feelings of inferiority in persons who are inferior to the most qualified.

“Peanut gallery” because it triggers memories of the old days when black people sat there and ate peanuts. Don’t use that phrase, especially around a black person because the painful memories may reduce him (er, I mean them – see below) to tears.

“Cannibal” because it triggers the Carib tribe (oops, “tribe” is triggering, I meant the Carib cannibal community – see below) of the West Indies who ate people. But only as many as they needed to feed themselves.

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