Am I happy because I’m conservative, or conservative because I’m happy?

I’ve observed, and many studies have shown, that conservatives are happier than the leftists that we used to call “liberals.” Conservatives are more generous, more married, more religious, more fit, more humorous and more optimistic.

Unsurprisingly for a group with such traits, they have more and closer friends. They clearly love their country more. They work harder, they play harder, and they’re more likely to see meaning in life.   

I don’t think conservatives are that way because they’re conservative. That’s a big load to put on a political outlook. No, I think they’re conservative because conservativism attracts people who possess those qualities.

And so conservativism shouldn’t be sold like Scientology. Conservativism won’t make you happy if you’re not already. But if you are happy, you’ll find a comfortable and natural home in conservativism.

Despite the problems of the world and the unending need for improving it, conservatives see a magical and spiritual place full of opportunity, adventure, joy and love. Conservatives see the world not as a glass-half-empty, but as a glass-half-full that gets fuller even as they drink from it.

Conservatives would be conservative wherever they reside. But I’m glad that so many are here in America, and I’m proud to be in their company. God bless the USA.