To Whom be the Thanks?

The Grim Reaper once chased me across Arkansas in a dark rainstorm into the arms of an angel.

I was driving alone to Atlanta to deliver my old car to a daughter in college. (Why does she always go to schools so far away?) I felt a familiar pain between my ribs.

I have a hypercoagulability condition, meaning my blood tends to clot when it’s still in my veins. Then the clots travel to my lungs, my heart or my eyes (so far). I report this condition by way of background and not for sympathy, of which I need, want and deserve none. (After all, the clots have not yet landed in any truly important organs.)

The sharp pain between my ribs told me I had another set of blood clots in my lungs. So in the middle of the night in a horrific lightning storm, I set out for a reputable hospital in Little Rock about 110 miles away.

Dawn broke as I pulled into the hospital. The low-fuel light had been on for 62 miles. Each breath felt like Continue reading

“Shut Up.” They Explained

Comedian and commentator Bill Maher donated $1 million to the Obama campaign in 2012. He made that kind of money in the art of mockery.

He’s good at his job. The more sacred the subject, the more biting is his mockery. He reserves some of his best for religion. In that, his liberal fans delight (as do I, occasionally).

So you might think he’d be welcomed by the liberals at Berkeley, where he has been invited to give the commencement address next spring. You’d think wrong.

Berkeley liberals are demanding that he be uninvited because, you see, the target of Maher’s most recent religion-mocking routine was Islam.

The judgment of the Berkeley liberals (who are not Muslims but claim to speak for them) is that Muslims are offended. And so Maher’s commencement invitation must be revoked. He must be silenced. He must be “shut up.”

In the old days Continue reading