Shame on Faux Everest Climbers

It’s been only a year since fake “climbers” sent 16 Sherpas to their deaths on Mount Everest. Now it has happened again.

An expedition in the primitive Himalayan range to climb the highest mountain in the world was once an amazing feat of climbing skill, physical endurance and mental toughness.

Great climbers such as George (“because it’s there”) Mallory and others famously perished in their attempts in the early 20th century. Finally, a New Zealander, Edmund Hillary, reached the top in 1953, and was promptly knighted by the queen of England.

Hillary summited with one of the indigenous people of the local Sherpa tribe, Tenzing Norgay. Hillary spent the rest of his life raising millions to build “Hillary schools” in the remote Sherpa villages. Norgay, too, was a terrific, if untrained, climber, a great man and an advocate for his people.

The respect between these two friends of dramatically different backgrounds was evident when Continue reading

Vail Gives me Hives

The editor of your fine newspaper, Randy Essex, kindly offered to publish my column once a month. He suggested that in my first column I should introduce myself. So here goes.

Residents of Glenwood Springs will be pleased to know that I have a longtime connection to towns with a spring. I was born near Springfield, Massachusetts, and grew up in Colorado Springs.

Residents of the latter often shorten their town name to “The Springs” as if the Glenwood one and the ‘field one don’t even exist. I never found a spring in The Springs, at least not one of the water kind. But I can understand the residents’ reluctance to use a more descriptive name for their town like “The Potholes.”

I went to college in Continue reading

Bruce Jenner is a Stud

7f6a855baa4e84531fbf8571bd4b715eBruce Jenner was a great male athlete.  He won the gold medal in the decathlon in the 1976 Olympics.  He was not only on the Wheaties box, but became a spokesman for the brand.

Now 65 years old and still pretty buff, Jenner recently announced that he thinks of himself as a woman and intends to become one.  (For now, he still refers to himself as a man.)

The swarming media sought something salacious from Jenner’s former wife, but she disappointed them by issuing a touching statement:  “Not only was I able to call him my husband for 25 years and father of my children, I am now able to call him my hero.”

I think this cool woman not only understands and admires Jenner, but loves him.

You might think that liberals would love him too, or at least embrace him, since libs pride themselves on tolerance and diversity.  But you’d be wrong, for reasons that are rather interesting. Continue reading