Shame on Faux Everest Climbers

It’s been only a year since fake “climbers” sent 16 Sherpas to their deaths on Mount Everest. Now it has happened again.

An expedition in the primitive Himalayan range to climb the highest mountain in the world was once an amazing feat of climbing skill, physical endurance and mental toughness.

Great climbers such as George (“because it’s there”) Mallory and others famously perished in their attempts in the early 20th century. Finally, a New Zealander, Edmund Hillary, reached the top in 1953, and was promptly knighted by the queen of England.

Hillary summited with one of the indigenous people of the local Sherpa tribe, Tenzing Norgay. Hillary spent the rest of his life raising millions to build “Hillary schools” in the remote Sherpa villages. Norgay, too, was a terrific, if untrained, climber, a great man and an advocate for his people.

The respect between these two friends of dramatically different backgrounds was evident when Continue reading