Will the Dem left dox the pilot of that Reaper drone?

Glenn K. Beaton

We now witness the spectacle of the Democratic left siding with Iran and its vanquished, mass-murdering general cum terrorist. Because Trump.

It’s a case of simple-minded “My enemy’s enemy is my friend.” The left views Trump as their enemy. So does Iran. Therefore, goes the reasoning of the Dem left, Iran is their friend.

Consider for a moment the character of the Dems’ new-found “friend.” Iran is a corrupt, centrally planned and crony capitalism economy wrapped in a theocracy right out of the Dark Ages. They stone women for adultery, chop off the hands of shoplifters and execute children.

This friendship between Iran and the Dems is part of that epidemic called Trump Derangement Syndrome, or TDS. The agitated sufferers of this derangement, like hysterical leftist Congresswoman AOC, let fly nonsense such as accusations that Trump is a “war criminal” and a “monster.”

Gee, what’s that leave for, say, Adolf Eichmann?

Such an accusation is impossible to make unless AOC believes that America and its commander in chief are worse than Iran and its terrorists. She does.

Never mind that, before Trump, Obama conducted over 500 drone attacks which killed between 400 and 800 civilians. Not terrorist generals, mind you, but civilians.

Consider the implications of AOC’s accusation. If Trump is a “war criminal” for ordering the U.S. military to take out an Iranian terrorist, then aren’t also the military personnel who followed that order?

Specifically, what about the particular serviceman or woman in the western U.S. who remotely piloted the Reaper drone that fired the Hellfire missiles to kill the Iranian terrorist?

Is that drone pilot a “war criminal”? If you accept AOC’s premises and reasoning, the answer has to be yes. The fact that the pilot was merely following orders is not a defense, as Eichmann learned.

So here’s the next logical step in the Dem left’s TDS. They will illegally, treasonously and murderously dox military drone pilots. On the bogus grounds that the pilots are war criminals, they will publicly reveal the pilots’ identities for the purpose of ruining and perhaps ending their lives.

They’ll do that because the order followed by a drone pilot to kill that terrorist was given by someone whom they hate more than they hate the terrorist (and probably more than the terrorist hates), namely the president.

The “Resistance” will tell themselves that the pilots deserve it anyway because, like most military personnel, they were probably “deplorables.”

There’s precedent. Liberals have doxed Trump donors. They’ve falsely doxed conservatives by sending their employers doctored photos making them look like Nazi’s. On college campuses, they’ve threatened to dox conservative students. They dox political opponents for having said politically incorrect things decades ago. They identified a high school student as a racist, falsely, for the purpose of ruining his young life because he was wearing a MAGA hat.

A MSNBC anchor threatened that not only will Trump and his supporters but “their families, their children, their grandchildren, everyone who has their last name” will be disgraced forever through “history,” which will be “bleak for them.”

They doxed the names of American corporations that assist the Defense Department in drone operations.

Most direct and chilling is that another organization, besides Iran, with which the Dem left shares a common enemy in Trump, is ISIS.  ISIS has already published the classified names of some drone pilots together with invitations for their proxies to exact revenge. (Query: How did ISIS get those names?)

But hold on. It’s possible that the Dem left is not actually deranged by TDS. It’s possible that the derangement of the left ascribed to TDS is actually just deranged socialism, anti-westernism and – as typically happens when those merge – deranged totalitarianism.

Yes, they hate Trump. But they also hated both Bushes, Ronald Reagan and even John McCain when he ran against a Democrat and not just against fellow Republicans.

Heck, they hated John Wayne.

What’s different now is indeed Trump, but not because he personally deranges the Dems. It’s because his flamboyant personality gives them cover to express their deranged hate for the West, free markets, meritocracy and religions other than Global Warming.

And yes, America. TDS is not the reason for the Dem left’s hatred of Trump, but an excuse for their hatred of America. It’s not personal, it’s ideological.

That it’s ideological and not personal is little comfort to the servicemen and women doing their sworn duty to protect America while hateful and violent Dem lefties with access to their classified military responsibilities target them for revenge.

Either the violent, hateful, radical left will destroy America or, more likely, they will be destroyed – by good Americans in the privacy of the voting booth.

But how long before the voting booth gets doxed too? Because Trump.

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