Dilbert is dead – killed by his creator

Here’s the scene of the crime. Rasmussen is a political polling company. In the lull after the 2022 midterms and before the 2024 general election, they had some time to kill. And could use a few clicks.

They found some. Last week they released the results of a poll posing the question:

Do you agree or disagree with this statement: “It’s OK to be white.”

Rasmussen reported that 72% of those polled – of all skin colors – agreed with that statement.

Among Blacks, too, most agreed that it’s OK to be white but the percentage was lower. Some 42% strongly agreed and another 11% somewhat agreed. About 18% said they strongly disagreed and 8% said they somewhat disagreed. About 21% said they were not sure.

If you take out the “not sure” category, 53% of Blacks agreed strongly or somewhat that “it’s OK to be white” while 26% disagreed strongly or somewhat. More than twice as many agreed as disagreed.

Enter the murderer. The creator of the Dilbert comic strip, Scott Adams, picked up on the poll, as Rasmussen undoubtedly intended people to, ran off a cliff with it, and splattered spectacularly. In a Twitter storm, he lumped the 21% of not sure Blacks with the 18% of Blacks who disagreed strongly and the 8% who disagreed somewhat. Then in a bit of sophistry, he concluded that “add them together, that’s 47% of Black respondents [who] were not willing to say it’s OK to be white.”

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What do you call 93% layoffs in the Twitter DEI department?

I’m reminded of an old lawyer joke along the same lines:

Question: What do you call a thousand lawyers at the bottom of the ocean?

Answer: A good start.

Twitter has a diversity, equity and inclusion department. Like many companies, Twitter calls it something other than that because that phrase is now a joke. Recall how proud the Left was of “woke” until “woke” became a joke.

Under various names, this DEI crap is everywhere. Any organization of any size – say bigger than about 50 people – now has a DEI person or even a whole DEI department. At Twitter, the department comprised 30 men and women and etc.

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Aspen, our evil twin Skippy, and Torre! Torre! Torre!

Up in Aspen where the town, the slopes and the people range from high to highly high, they’re having an election for mayor and city council.

The election is hotly contested, there’s a lot of hot air being blown about and, as always in Aspen, the sex is steamy, if unconventional. All this makes the Global Warmers howl, but their howls are dampened by air temperatures in the single digits and a Colorado snowpack that is about 130% of normal.   

All 7,000 residents of Aspen want to be mayor or on city council. That’s always been the case, and so a few years ago the mayor and city council voted to start paying themselves a salary in order to recruit for this little part-time hobby job the residents not included in the word “all.” Because inclusiveness.

One resident who wants to be on city council already is. He’s named Skippy. He has a last name too, which everyone has forgotten. He just goes by Skippy.

Not Skip. Skip-py.

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Homeschooling will revolutionize education and society

Imagine a kid with a smart, dedicated, private, full-time tutor who dearly loves him, never goes on strike, and conducts classes within walking distance at a place that is physically and emotionally safe.

It’s called “homeschooling.”

Homeschooling used to be illegal. Children were required to attend organized schools even if they were physically assaulted, as I was, or were shaken down for their lunch money daily, as I was.

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Religion in 2023: God is neutered into a harem of eunuchs, and the FBI has infiltrated Latin Mass to find white supremacists

Bishops in the Church of England are agitating to make “God” a genderless word. No longer would God be a “he” or even a “she.” God is slated for genderless affirming surgery. God will be the Church of England’s eunuch.

This presumably means that God will be referenced as “they.” But “they” is a plural pronoun. Ergo, the Church of England now apparently considers God to be plural – there is more than one.

The choice of pronouns farce has thus gone to heaven. Not to die, as it should have the good grace to do, but to take over the place.

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