Religion in 2023: God is neutered into a harem of eunuchs, and the FBI has infiltrated Latin Mass to find white supremacists

Bishops in the Church of England are agitating to make “God” a genderless word. No longer would God be a “he” or even a “she.” God is slated for genderless affirming surgery. God will be the Church of England’s eunuch.

This presumably means that God will be referenced as “they.” But “they” is a plural pronoun. Ergo, the Church of England now apparently considers God to be plural – there is more than one.

The choice of pronouns farce has thus gone to heaven. Not to die, as it should have the good grace to do, but to take over the place.

This undoubtedly makes some Bishops feel good about themselves – inclusion and diversity and all that – but it does violence to scripture where God is referenced with the pronouns “he” and “him.” Nowhere in scripture is God referenced as a “they” and nowhere in scripture is it suggested that God is plural. In point of fact, scripture repeatedly emphasizes that there is only one God.

I can remember when this monotheism was considered an advance over preceding pagan polytheistic religions where they had cartoonish gods for music, wine, war, and whatever.

The Church of England wishes to take us back to that, except now each god will be a eunuch. The Church of England has made the creator of Heaven and earth into its personal harem of eunuchs.

Neutering God would also apparently ban the Lord’s Prayer, since “lord” is a masculine title. The corresponding feminine title is “lady.” But we couldn’t call it the “Lady’s Prayer” because that’s not genderless either.

We’ll be stuck with “The They Prayer.” And forget about the first line beginning with “Our Father….” That’s hate speech.

What about the sacred Trinity – the “Father, Son and Holy Spirit”? Will that reference be “corrected” into something like “They, Them and It”? Do They, Them and It have any say on their impending castration?

And they wonder why church attendance has gone to hell.

I’m reminded of the Left’s boondoggle with “Latinx.” The Left decided that referring to people who are Latin American by birth or ancestry as “Latino” and “Latina” for men and women, respectively, was non-inclusive.  

“Non-inclusive” is sinful in the new order. It’s something like discriminating against people on the basis of their merit, and thereby being non-inclusive of the meritless ones. It’s at least half way to bigoted.

We’re being taught by the party that “follows the science” that the phrase “male or female” is a cramped view of sex that unduly relies upon old and discredited notions of genetics and biology. Now, a few million years into our existence as a species, we’ve discovered that there are as many sexes as there are people.  About eight billion.

The invented word “Latinx” accommodates every single one. It’s infinitely inclusive – because it excludes no one. By excluding no one, it of course has no meaning. But to the Left, that’s not a flaw; it’s a feature. If I choose, I’m Latinx. Never mind that my Spanish is muy malo.

And never mind that Latinos and Latinas have completely rejected this assault on their language and culture by ignorant, arrogant, virtue-signaling, white liberal authoritarians.

Meanwhile, a whistle-blowing former FBI agent reports that the FBI circulated an internal memo a few years ago, stating that Catholics who prefer that their Mass be presented in Latin, as it universally was for centuries prior to the Second Vatican Council in the ‘60s, are “radical traditionalists.” As such, the FBI concluded, they’re likely white supremacists. What better way to conceal their insurrection than to hold their traitorous meetings in Latin?

This coincides with a move by Commie Pope Francis to ban Latin Mass altogether. Everybody knows that Latin Mass is where the neo-Nazis do their thing.

(Query: What about the black supremacists that openly advocate not just exerting supremacy over whites, but exterminating them, and do so not in secret but in the public forums offered them at leading universities?)

The FBI memo concluded that these white supremacist insurrections planned at Latin Mass around the country present an excellent opportunity. They could infiltrate the churches with undercover agents, much like they used to infiltrate drug cartels in the old days, root out the white supremacists hiding there, and arrest them.

Being a white supremacist is no longer merely terrible, as it should be, but also apparently makes a person a criminal terrorist, at least according to the unelected Constitution-amending quasi-judicial pseudo-legislators at the FBI who’ve judged and legislated that the First Amendment is overruled by their personal views of what’s right and wrong.

After the white supremacists are found guilty in a show trial, maybe they get burned alive in the public square. Because diversity.

Hasta la vista, fellow Latinx. Spes mea in Deo est.

My book “High Attitude – How woke liberals ruined Aspen” is in the final proofreading stage and should be in print this month. Buy a few hundred.

22 thoughts on “Religion in 2023: God is neutered into a harem of eunuchs, and the FBI has infiltrated Latin Mass to find white supremacists

  1. The FBI headquarters has disavowed the investigation into Radical Traditionalist Catholics — or so it says. But the insanity in the Church of England is unfortunately true.

  2. I knew it was coming, along the same lines as the push to do away with Gas Stoves… My gas stove has informed that it is no longer a gas stove, it is now a TransElectric stove and its preferred pronoun is now Xir. Thus, we can now refer to who was formerly God as, “Xod.” and the trinity as the, Xather, Xon and Xoly Xost.” Be Brave, Comrades.

  3. Nostra castrati, quae sunt in caelis. . . . Gad.

    Great commentary, Glenn. And here I thought Latin was the most universal, “inclusive” ecclesiastical language there is. As an English speaker I could walk into a church in Poland ante 1965 and appreciate the Mass with equal facility as my Polish brothers and sisters. Of all the mad things this globalist Pope has done, his crusade against the Latin Mass is the most doctrinally incongruous and destructive yet. He’s enough to make Putin look like a stronger Defender of the Faith.

  4. Glenn,
    God has not been neutered. All of creation declares His Glory. Man has become wise in his own eyes and he is the one that is neutered. “The wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who suppress the truth in unrighteousness, because that which is known about God is evident within them.” Romans 1:18 “Where is the wise man? Where is the scribe? Where is the debater of this age? Has not God made foolish the wisdom of the world?” 1 Corinthians 1:20 Paul’s writings add to Solomon who wrote: “For the fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge; Fools despise wisdom and instruction.” Proverbs 1:7 God help us!

  5. Thinking about your conclusion, perhaps the person most memorably “burned alive in the public square” having been “found guilty in a show trial” was Joan of Arc.

    A racist Franco-supremacist dedicated to exterminating the English? Check.

    A gender-unconscious warrior who was condemned as much for wearing pants as for any other alleged demonic art and heresy? Check.

    A “Make My Country Great Again” nativist, nationalist, and “insurrectionist” comparable to Donald Trump? Check.

    A completely homeschooled country girl who received her education at the base of a faerie tree in the woods where she was “commissioned” by none other than St. Michael, the Archangelic Proud Boy? Check.

    A thoroughly Modern Millie, if you ask me. (Not to be confused with the current Chief of the Armed Forces.) No wonder it took The Church 500 years to figure out that she was (is) a Saint. Pope Francis still hasn’t figured it out.

    • Great comment, Chad. I wonder whether the gruesomeness of an execution is inversely proportional to the strength of the prosecution’s case. It’s like they’re saying, “Maybe you don’t think guilt was proven in the courtroom, but this execution certainly proves it. And you could be next.” See, e.g. Wallace, William

  6. Some ancient Greeks worshiped a goddess by the name of Abate.
    I used to think this cult was completely unbelievable.
    The adherents wanted to be lied to. After Tuesday’s SOU, I believe that the Greeks really had some people who worship deception.
    Abate is back–she means business.

  7. A syllogism to consider: All human beings are born corrupted by original sin and thus utterly depraved (in Calvin’s description); all human organizations are composed of human beings. Thus, all human organizations are (subject to) corruption. Or if you prefer, we can borrow from the laws of physics, namely the Second Law of Thermodynamics, which tells us that, in a closed system, everything tends toward disorder, i.e., entropy. Thus it should come as no surprise that eventually, unless acted upon by an outside force (God, for example) every human being and every institution will eventually fall into corruption, dissolution and decay. When Franklin allegedly told that anonymous lady who inquired what the Continental Congress had produced, “A republic, if you can keep it,” he was explicitly recognizing these principles and also somewhat obliquely stating the preserving action necessary to retain the new country’s republican structure: continual vigilance and renewal, continual rebirth as it were, or injection of energy from outside, without which the experiment in self-government was doomed, as are all human endeavors. When Nicodemus inquired what he must do to be saved, Jesus told him, “You must be born again.” That is, a spiritual rebirth, an injection of new life deriving from a Divine Source, a principle equally applicable to the church as a whole. The question for our time is whether we have enough energy to keep these entities going as they were intended to function, whether speaking of our individual selves, our American republic or the church. Given the state of decay into which all have fallen, I am not optimistic. However, as an evangelical Christian as well as a student of history, I understand that this is the way of the world but that we each, as individuals, have an opportunity to be renewed by The Spirit. Perhaps that is now our sole viable option. Nonetheless, I will hold out hope for a renewal in church and state until either all hope is gone or I am. At my age, it’s a toss-up which comes first.

  8. Sorry I don’t know anything other than English, but the King James Version reads in the very first chapter:

    26 And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth.

    27 So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.

    I believe God to be a single, male being. But the ‘us’ and ‘our’ brings in some interesting things to consider. No, God is not plural, but there is more than just one single being there is Moses wrote correctly and it has been handed down from then correctly, no?

  9. Does anybody get tired of these cultural hermit crabs moving into the shells of the institution they have gutted? Have they ever started their own institutions or tried to build up the ones they have started? I’ve rarely or never seen it.

    One of the complaints I regularly heard in the past was that the lodges and fraternal organizations with all-male membership needed to admit women. In my travels, I have frequently seen empty lodge halls. In our time, the major veteran’s organizations are dying out.

    My question is, why don’t these people ever start up their own churches, lodges and other organizations? I think the answer is very simple. They couldn’t get anybody join.

  10. If the FBI is so hot and bothered to infiltrate and investigate the Catholic Church, then why don’t they just focus on the pedophile priests?!? I think that this could be the crime angle that they need.

    But then again, the FBI turned in their stumbling/bumbling Inspector Clouseau performance and decided to take a pass when that now convicted pervert doctor was sexually abusing those US gymnast female athletes … and yeah, they were actually real XX genetic females otherwise the creepy doctor would not have gotten so exploratory in his examinations.

    I remember when I was a kid there were these joke t-shirts for sale at the mall that read … F.B.I. – Female Body Inspectors or, maybe it was Female Bikini Inspectors.

    I guess America’s “premier law enforcement agency” has taken this 1970s meme to heart, as they seem to be more interested in rifling through a former First Lady’s underwear drawer while ignoring RICO levels of sexual abuse in leftwing industries like Hollywood, and in the Catholic Church.

    Hmmm … do you suppose the feebs were rifling through “Doctor” Jill’s underwear drawer when looking for Sticky-Finger Joe’s classified documents at his homes?!? Most likely not … or at least if they did they donned full bio-protection suits, which might be wise considering the way “Doctor” Jill was getting sloppy and kissy with that, what’s he called … 2nd gentleman? … because you never know what kind of contamination Jill might have after kissing the man who has kissed Kamala Harris.

    Where Kamala Harris’ mouth has been opens up a whole other can of worms out here on the Left Coast. Let’s just leave sleeping dogs to lay for the time being.

    F.B.I. … Famous But Ignorant and/or Famous But Incompetent were new nicknames I had frequently heard during my 25-year law enforcement career. A lot of this came about after a FBI sniper shot and killed a mother holding her child in an Idaho cabin and the mismanaged standoff that resulted in lots of women and children getting burned to death in a Waco disaster. Look up the satirical Lon Horiuchi Federal Marksmanship Award. I think the US Capitol officer who shot and killed Ashli Babbit might just be a recipient of this award.

    Now we have our “premiere law enforcement agency” putting its thumb on the political scale over the past several election cycles.

    It looks like the FBI’s unbalancing of Lady Liberty’s scales is working to their benefit … they’ve been rewarded with a big budget increase and a new HQ in Demented Joe Biden’s Inflation Recovery Act, which is only a bad act as it does nothing to reduce monetary inflation and has everything to do with inflating the leviathan federal government.

    So … here we are … with hot and bothered feds rifling through a former First Lady’s boudoir while also looking for those unicorn white supremacists in every nook and cranny, and a hot and bothered Uncle Creepy Joe, sniffing the hair and pawing at little girls (also a mention to his daughter Ashley detailing in her diary the showers she took with Dad when she was a girl.)

    Maybe the FBI has become too much like the Caesars’ Praetorian Guard or the last of the Knights Templar, who became corrupted by their insular power and in many instances became kingmakers, much like what America’s “premiere law enforcement agency” seems to be doing in right now.

    In the meantime … have a great Super Bowl weekend to all!

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