Democrats weren’t always the party of stupid

No, that mostly happened with the election of somnolent, senile, drowsy, sleepy, lazy, sluggish, lethargic SlowJoe Biden (in Joe’s case, one such adjective is just not enough) and an ex-bartender called “AOC” which may stand for Auditory Out of Control.

In the old days, by contrast, the Democrats used to say some wise things. For example:

“I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.” Martin Luther King Jr.

Today’s Democrats say that statement is racist. They say it’s not only permissible to judge people by the color of their skin, but mandated.

Those having white skin must be judged evil-doers, and those having black skin must be judged their victims. Skin color is real, while “character” is a white construct. That’s the thrust of the Critical Race Theory that is indoctrinating our children.

The Dems promote this divisive victimology because they think it keeps blacks on the Dem plantation. It works only so long as blacks stay there.

“The buck stops here.” Harry Truman

Bucks don’t stop at Joe Biden’s office. They don’t even come for a visit. They don’t call, they don’t write. Heck, he doesn’t even Zoom with them in a COVID mask.

Bucks are something for Joe to pass on to his military advisers or to his predecessor. Over ten thousand Americans are still trapped in Afghanistan while this somnolent, senile etc. president-ish cardboard cutout reads teleprompter lies where he robotically says at the end something like, “…end of speech, DON’T take questions…”

The only bucks that stop at Joe’s office are in envelopes from Hunter marked “Big Guy.”

“Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country.” John F. Kennedy

Democrats used to make an art of trading free stuff for votes. Now all the art is out of it. It’s explicit horse-trading. Want to renege on your student loans or mortgage payments? Vote Dem. Want free shoot-up parks for your heroin addiction? Vote Dem. Want free babysitting? Vote Dem. Want lower rent? Vote Dem. Want to smash a window and grab a Prada bag? Vote Dem.

JFK almost died for his country in WWII and then did die for his country in office. Todays Democrats not only won’t die for their country, they want their country to die for them. If their country won’t voluntarily die for them, then by gosh they’ll kill it.

“The best way to enhance freedom in other lands is to demonstrate here that our democratic system is worthy of emulation.” Jimmy Carter

Democrats don’t want to demonstrate that our system should be emulated. They believe it should be exterminated. The countries that should be emulated are countries with all the traits of Cuba and Venezuela.

Except the name. Branding is everything.

“Not only our future economic soundness but the very soundness of our democratic institutions depends on the determination of our government to give employment to idle men.” Franklin D. Roosevelt

Today’s Democrats don’t like work. They don’t like doing it, and they don’t like other people doing it. That’s because, like religion, work is a threat to Democrat authority. They want to keep the citizenry forever dependent on government – run by Democrats.

You might ask, where will the handouts come from if nobody works? The Dem answer is to tax the rich. Then kill ‘em and eat ‘em. FDR wanted a chicken in every pot. Today’s Dems want a rich person in every pot. Rich people are like cotton candy – they taste terrible, but are fun to eat.

“The hardest test I ever faced in my life was praying.” Malcolm X

Democrats don’t pray anymore. They’re fine with other people praying so long as it’s done in private, sort of like masturbation used to be before Jeffrey Toobin came along.

“Do not pray for easy lives, pray to be stronger men.” JFK

This one contains at least three bad concepts. “Men” is now a bad word. “Pray” is a bad activity. “Strength” is a bad thing.

Today’s Dems don’t pray for manly strength. Rather they beg for the unearned status of a weak and genderless victim – without, of course, any actual transgression against them. See, Smollett, Jussie.

“It’s overwhelmingly in the self-interest of the United States of America to have a secure, democratic friend, a strategic partner like Israel.” Joe Biden, 2014

Fast forward seven years. Today’s Joe Biden and the rest of the Democrats have thrown Israel under the hurtling Iranian nuke bus. In view of the catastrophic geopolitical ramifications of a nuclear Iran, one can only conclude this is because the Dems dislike the religion of the Israelis.

“The future is not an inheritance. It’s an opportunity and an obligation.” Bill Clinton

“Opportunity” and “obligation” are triggering for modern Democrats. Once again, they imply work.

“The best way to not feel hopeless is to get up and do something.” Barack Obama More of that work stuff. How unwoke.

“And, uh, in addition to that, in addition to that, we have to make sure that, we are … Well, let me go to the second thing.” Joe Biden, 2021,with the help of a teleprompter

And that’s where we are today with Joe and the party of stupid.

“Woke” is now a term of mockery, and the left has only itself to blame

“Woke” was coined by the left some years ago to describe a person who had become sensitive to the left’s pet issues, especially racial and “social justice” ones. It implied that a person disagreeing with the left about those issues was not just wrong, but unconscious. Becoming woke was unintentionally analogous to the Christian concept of being born again — which is appropriate since leftism is the left’s religion.

This catchy term was initially successful. But the left never succeeds at success. That’s because what’s important to them is not being successful in resolving grievances, but parading those grievances as evidence of their victimhood.

Victim status is more important to the left than winning – and easier too. If the left were a sports team, they’d be lazy and winless but they would always say, gleefully, that it’s because the referees robbed them.

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I was an engineer for Boeing – before they got woke

Back in your correspondent’s Version 2.3 or thereabouts, he was an engineer for Boeing. This was back in 1978-79.

My starting salary was $15,400. When I left Boeing to start my personal Version 3.0, my salary was still less than $17,000. My parents thought I was crazy to give that up and take on debt to go to law school.

Boeing was booming. Airlines were being de-regulated, airline travel was becoming less expensive while still being slightly sexy, and everyone wanted to go to Europe for the first time.

Several things about Boeing stick out in my mind. First, they didn’t compromise on quality. The airline customers could specify whatever bells and whistles they were willing to pay for — I worked on a few custom planes for Saudi princes that included frivolities like solid gold ashtrays — but the airworthiness of the plane was non-negotiable.

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“Trigger” is being canceled because it triggers

In the theater of the absurd that passes for wokery, they ban words and phrases that purportedly trigger unpleasant emotions in the audience. These include:

“Mumbo jumbo” because it’s a corruption of the name of the African god Maamajomboo. Who knew?

“The most qualified person should get the job” because it triggers feelings of inferiority in persons who are inferior to the most qualified.

“Peanut gallery” because it triggers memories of the old days when black people sat there and ate peanuts. Don’t use that phrase, especially around a black person because the painful memories may reduce him (er, I mean them – see below) to tears.

“Cannibal” because it triggers the Carib tribe (oops, “tribe” is triggering, I meant the Carib cannibal community – see below) of the West Indies who ate people. But only as many as they needed to feed themselves.

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Making Satan great again: The glamorization of evil

“. . . leftists are morally disordered people . . . . perhaps the best way to prepare yourself for contending with them is to pretend you’re dealing with Satan.”

— Selwyn Duke


Satan may not be much more to you than a medieval caricature, looming large only in the minds of 17th century Puritans. The European Enlightenment, after all, disinfected such bogeymen with the light of Reason.

But one is tempted to ask, to what end? As Goethe wryly observed in Faust, thanks to The Enlightenment “The Evil One is gone, the evil ones remain.”

Who is this dude Satan? Jesus spoke of him a lot. As told by Matthew, he’s the subject of Christ’s first two parables. The second is particularly chilling, reading like the original screenplay for The Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

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