Making America think and speak again

Two menstruating persons walk into a bar and sit in a booth. The cocktail waitperson inquires, “What are you having today?” One of them moans, “What I’m having at the moment are killer cramps! I don’t suppose you serve arsenic, but what else can you offer me?”

“Oh, dear,” replies the waitperson. “Being a transgender gal, I’m afraid I’m not the right person to ask. I mean, I always wanted cramps, so I could bond more completely with the other girls, but my surgeon . . . . Forgive me. Tell you what, though, my manager is a menopausal birthing person, who probably knows a thing two. I’ll ask her to come out and talk to you . . . .”

OK, by now you realize that the only joke here is on you, if you have an employer or a teacher or a civil servant who thinks and speaks like this.

Seventy-five years ago, George Orwell observed in “Politics and the English Language” that our language “becomes ugly and inaccurate because our thoughts are foolish, but the slovenliness of our language makes it easier to have foolish thoughts.”

Our culture now appears to have interpreted this as a desideratum. A “mandate,” as it were.

Apart from murdering the thousand-year-old words “women” and “mother” (no doubt because of their unsavory associations with such things as service, sacrifice, endurance and — worst of all — family), personhood is being reduced to bare-bones biological functionality.

Whereas 20th century feminists thundered that “Biology is not destiny,” today’s Warriors of Woke have thrown in the towel. They agree that biology is indeed destiny, to the point that they’re willing to mutilate genitals to construct the false biologies they believe are necessary for their chosen destinies. They alter male and female hormones to match. They even do this to children.

The notion that their problem is not between their legs but between their ears is heretical to their wokeness.

Language, of course, cannot be fully controlled. Being just as organic as we are, it’s always mutating, despite the best efforts of lexicographers, editors, grammarians and the current priestly caste of social media censors to corral it. Generally speaking, a civilization functions and even flourishes when the gatekeepers of its thoughts and words find the right balance between laissez-faire and orthodoxy. When they don’t, we have “foolish thoughts” and slovenly language — words allowed to evolve so far from their meanings that the entire culture they express becomes unmoored.

Every contributing cause of our diminished social cohesion can be linked to words run amok. Look at what has become of the word “justice” in the leftists’ crusade for the “social” kind. Justice for the last 4,000 years, at least, has been the impartial assessment of responsibility and remedy between individuals where one has wronged the other. Once “justice” takes on a plural aspect – when it becomes an assessment between groups of people, it invariably becomes unjust because not all members of one group committed the wrong at issue, and not all members of the other group are victims of that wrong. It becomes not justice, but an exercise in group guilt and group reparations.

That’s fine with the left, because they aren’t out for justice anyway. That’s just their branding. What they’re really out for is class struggle. They don’t want justice; they want to bring down The Man who denied them the success they think they deserved in life.

It is instructive to note that in The Gospels none of the socially disfavored individuals — Mary Magdalene, the Samaritan woman at the well, the Canaanite woman who likens herself to a dog come to eat the crumbs that fall from the master’s table, the chronically bleeding woman who reaches out to touch the hem of Jesus’s garment, even the Roman centurion who deems himself unworthy to have Jesus enter his home — none of these approach Jesus thinking that they are owed anything. That’s why he lifts them up. Indeed, the only characters who might be said to be pursuing “social justice” are Judas and Barabbas, and that says it all.

But even though Jesus never preached social justice, that hasn’t kept what remains of his church on earth from adopting social justice agendas — on behalf of immigrants (the less legal, the better) and that LBGTQ “rainbow coalition” that has infiltrated The Church from stem to stern. “Love thy neighbor” has now mutated into “Love those constituencies that need to feel good about themselves.” Or maybe it’s “Love those constituencies that make me feel good about myself for loving them.”

And now, in the very Chair of Peter sits a pope whom one wag has characterized as “George Soros in a white dress.”

Even Orwell could not have imagined this. What Orwell could and did imagine is the inverse relationship between the Dems’ pursuit of social justice and the disappearance of actual justice. In the name of group social justice, criminals escape individual real justice.

So here we are, in the inverted land of Jabberwocky, minus the playful wit. In keeping with the pronouncement by Jesus that it’s not what goes into a man’s mouth that defiles him, but what comes out of it, perhaps our deliverance begins with monitoring what passes from between our own lips.

Banish from your vocabulary the word “inclusive,” now that it has come to mean the exclusion of your heritage from your child’s school curricula. Remember that “equitable outcomes” means the death of equal opportunities. So Eve discovered after reaching for the forbidden fruit. It’s one of our oldest stories, and “equity” is among the most poisonous words in the woke lexicon. As for “gender,” that’s a property of languages, not of people. You have a sex. So does Lia Thomas, and it’s male. He’s not a real man, in my opinion, but he’s certainly a male.  

Ah, you say, nothing is but thinking makes it so. That’s solipsism, and it begins when words start to mean whatever you want them to mean.

Writing by Chad (“Bitter”) Klinger, edits by Glenn Beaton

22 thoughts on “Making America think and speak again

  1. Our Founding Fathers believed in and willfully acted upon self-evident truths. These are immutable truths that are objective by definition and cannot nor will not change due to the current social zeitgeist. Think of Newton’s Law of Gravity or Gailileo’s insistence on our Copernican Solar System.

    If the Founders were alive and witness to the social justice ignorance that dominates the Left/Progressives/Democrat Party and their minions at ABCBSNBCNYTWaPo, then they might just very likely declare … we hold these truths to be self-evident, all men are male and are genetic XY; all women are female and are genetic XX. A genetic XY man posing as a woman is still just a genetic XY male posing as a woman, in costume, much in the way actors would portray women in the era of playwright and producer William Shakespeare. A genetic XX woman posing as a man is still just a genetic XX female posing as a man, in costume. These are hard and immutable facts.

    Perhaps we must go back to the words of an apt kindergartner who keenly observed … “Boys have a penis and girls have a vagina” in the 1990 movie Kindergarten Cop. This kindergartner statement is now becoming the contemporary equivalent of another young boy’s public declaration that “the Emperor has no clothes!”

    The Leftist Progs and Democrats seem to think of Orwell’s “1984” as an instruction manual … a DIY guidebook to create their heaven on earth, their social utopia. The rest of us know better … “1984” is and always has been a cautionary tale, especially when it comes to the statist bastardization of our language …

    “War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength.”

    ― George Orwell, 1984

    This political gaslighting of America must stop, and I am hopeful it will begin to burn itself out come the elections this November. If San Francisco can recall three radical leftist school board members, then perhaps there is some hope after all …

  2. On the front page, you said:
    “Equality” now means “equity” which means discrimination. “Justice” means the social kind, and that means wealth redistribution. “Male” means “female” and “female” means “male” and, by God, we’ll mutilate genitals and hormones — even those of children — to make it so.

    There’s a way back from this madness. It starts with meaning what you say and saying what you mean. If that offends the wokesters, all the better.

    Could not have been said any better. Cogent, concise, to the point… and, correct. All of America needs to read your words. Too many people for whatever reason have gone off the rails and in the process leaving behind all semblance of rationality.

  3. and on whose authority? Whose authority?

    At my age it comes naturally to look at jabberwocky and reject it. I hope younger people do too because on whose authority are these word changes supposed to stick?

    This Thomas man is a sick individual and those around him who enable his sick mentality are wicked in doing so. There are many other biblical passages regarding enabling but that’s another day.

    On whose authority? He’s a man, sick, and so are the increasing numbers of people involved in this sick theater. Their words are their words – don’t change the reality that Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior and only Authority laid down for all of us.

    • An important aspect of fredom and liberty today has to do with
      “Am I free to not participate in another person’s self-image?”

      • I didn’t understand why young female athletes don’tboycott teams but I thinknI get it now.
        I am thinking it’s because of the fear of a very real , dangerous mob retaliation.
        It’s more than being labeled transphobe. It appears to have reached serious fears reminiscent
        of those employees once feared of organizing labor unions in factories.
        People were hurt and lives were lost, jobs and livilhoods destroyed.
        These young women probably fear being canceled from valuable future jobs and doxxed
        The woke mob is extremely emotional and reactionary to any criticism and is demanding full recognition and rights of the sex they identify as.
        The fear to disagree with their belief a trans female is exactly the same as a biologically born female American public can be felt and these athletes are very young adults.They’re scared and i timidated.
        As in the Civil Rights Movements of 1960s & 1970s, the Women’s Movement NEEDS NEW Leaders. The Gloria Steiner, Jane Fonda, Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton need to be fired immediately.
        Young Women athletes are legitimately right
        & need their help and they KNOW IT. But these young Women athletes are not worth any one of these feministsvto spend a single political penny of power on.
        HELP WANTED:
        position open till filled.
        JoJo Shifflett

  4. The madness will end very soon, now that the God of Sinai, Yeshua and 1776 presenting as pure reasoned intellect has chosen to empirically evidence existence. The following is an excerpt from Not Peace but the Sword; the Convergence Matrix:

    The matrices were opened by a key in history defying Pascal’s probabilities mathematics; the deaths of Jefferson and Adams on July 4th 1826 on the 50th anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence; calculated at 1.67 billion to one any two men present would die on the 50th anniversary, not factoring Jefferson and Adams were the 2nd and 3rd presidents and most responsible for advancing the founding documents.

    The key opened the first axis, and then there was a second and a third. I have no doubt the matrices are ever expanding but for purposes of revealing both Marxianity as the stepchild of evil incarnate and Obama as the Marxist messiah in waiting, I submit the most revealing key to date; the number 72.

    Three verses of Exodus, 14:19-21, are unique in the entire library of human literature; three verses describing how G†d literally protected the rear of the chosen people from the army of the Pharaoh until the sea was parted allowing for salvation; three verses defying probabilities mathematics act as a key to the ebb and flow of evil in the last 250 years before singularity; three consecutive verses containing 72 letters each when arranged as 72 triplets and reversed the 72 triplets are said to not only represent the names of G†d but His divine attributes forming the essential pattern of creation.

    If one questions the significance of the number 72 as a key consider the brilliance of Maimonides who said God best understood in the context of His actions and His dominion…in this instance fused.

    When you look at the moon or the sun does the fact there is a precise 400 to one ratio even occur to you or is that something you never knew? The diameter of the sun is exactly 400 times the diameter of the moon and the distance to the sun is exactly 400 times the distance to the moon which allows for the spectacular coronal effect during a full eclipse.

    The probabilities do not allow for mere chance but as Jeremiah said “Who will listen?” when listening now is the most important decision in history even for intellectuals who dismiss the incredible odds as mere coincidence.

    Look closer and you will see what none have noticed until this moment; the diameter of the moon, 2160 miles, is exactly 72×30; the diameter of the earth, 7920 miles, is exactly 72×110…with both the earth and the moon orbiting about their barycentre; the common center of mass which varies but on average follows the moons orbit over 2000 miles below the earth surface at a point that is on average 72% of the earth’s diameter.

    Even the significance of the numbers 30 and 110 lend to the fusion of the symbolic and the physical i.e. the relation between God and man; 30 signifies the apex of a man’s development and the assumption of authority; 110 is 10×11 and 5×22…and every number indicated is significant to Judaism.

    Pure mathematics intellectuals separated from the idea of a supreme being now presenting as pure intellect will have great difficulty dismissing; pure mathematics unknowingly supplemented by the brilliant Michael S. Schneider as part of his ‘Constructing the Universe’ series which includes germane calculations within a seemingly innocuous exploration titled ‘What do U.S. paper sizes have in common with the earth and moon?’

    “…the diameters of both Earth and Moon, 7920+2160=10,080, is the same as the number of minutes in one week” and “…10,080 is a Highly Composite number with exactly 72 divisors; the same as the average number of heartbeats in a minute”.

    The number 72 as a key not only links the size of the Sun and Moon directly to heartbeat of humanity but the number of minutes in a week evidence the significance of the number 30; the calendar of today indicates human scientific knowledge has reached maturity…and when He Who Is and his key is accepted those who accept can speak with authority and conviction to say
    God created both a perfect moon and a perfect sun to create a perfect home for mankind; His actions and dominion and 72 is the key.

    Evil incarnate, by definition both adjective and verb, is spiritual evil assuming flesh and blood form and to this point a matter of opinion with Adolf Hitler leading the list of historical candidates; the Führer offering hope and change to the German people after the first college professor in the White House, one Woodrow Wilson, allowed the United States to be drawn into the death throes of European empire thus setting the stage for WW2 with the Treaty of Versailles…manifest evil in retrospect.

    The references to ‘college professor’ and the promise of ‘hope and change’ are nothing more than ugly racist memes directed at Barack Obama in the estimation of academics and intellectuals who largely identify as Marxians but the truth is by no means mere opinion; just as the first axis of the matrices identify Athanasius, Muhammad, Marx and Engels as evil incarnate so too an exceedingly specific axis within the last 250 increment between 1776 and 2026; an axis bearing the personal imprimatur of the God of Sinai in that only He could author a message written across the tablet of time itself.

    There are two axes of the matrices in parallel consisting of a series of 72 year increments spanning the last 250 years of human history between 1776 and 2026. One unarguably tied to the primary axis of seven 250 year increments beginning in 70AD and ending with the births of Marx/Engels in 1820 serving as a segue to a virtual countdown providing reasoned context to the end of history and a second identifying the ebb and flow of evil incarnate with such specificity it cannot be ignored…anchored to the year 1789 which marked the inauguration of the Constitution and the start of French Revolution.

    “For the average person, all problems date to World War II; for the more informed, to World War I; for the genuine historian, to the French Revolution”. Erik von Kuehnelt-Leddihn, Leftism Revisited

    “Genuine historians” would be close but it is only from the higher vantage where the true implications of history can be seen; the French Revolution ushered in a degree of secular thought not easily transmitted to the United States which was intended from the beginning to be a continental fortress of Anglo-Saxon Protestantism that originated with the island fortress of 1570 England.

    Mankind has paid a heavy price for the bloody egalitarian and anti-religious French Revolution including the inevitable rise of two secular false religions with Marxist socialism and National Socialist Nazism; cousins responsible for the deaths of over 100 million people in just 100 years. The axis of evil began with the French Revolution in 1789 followed by the Civil War in 1861, Hitler in 1933 and ends in 2005 when Obama entered the Senate and exited through the doors of the White House. All separated by 72 years exactly.

    Obama came to power promising hope and change as did Hitler and is still revered. As such the labeling of the matrices as mere numerology will be legion to which I will beg to differ; numerology is confirmation bias writ large while convergence simply points out Hitler was born exactly 100 years after the inauguration of the Constitution in 1789, was age 44 when he became chancellor in 1933…Obama was born in 1961 exactly 100 years after the start of the Civil War in 1861, was age 44 when he entered the Senate in 2005, 72 years after Hitler took power, and exited the White House as the 44th president making his exit after 12 years in federal government as did Hitler.

    HaShem’s three dimensional chess in response to numerology checkers; reasoned and logical in context and impossible to dismiss given the mathematics. To confirm the influence of actual evil according to a plan one need only ask what 1789, 1861, 1933 and 2005 have in common as it concerns the final confrontation in the approach to 2026?

    • The French Revolution in 1789 created an intellectualized society and political ideology less secular than anti-religious, intent upon enforcing egalitarianism rather than liberty; the template for secular false religion Marxianity.
    • The Civil War in 1861 allowed neo-Marxists to burden the United States with the original sin of slavery despite those who gave the last full measure; carving the mark of Cain across the very soul of America even though hundreds of thousands gave the last full measure to end slavery.
    • Hitler and the Nazis in 1933 forever tainted nationalism as racist in their attempt to exterminate the Jews and in defeat served as a foil to absurdly assert Soviet Marxism as a force for good; two messianic false religions…both of which targeted the Jews and as it concerns the Soviet Union created the open wound that is “Palestine”.
    • Obama entered the Senate in 2005 and exited the White House after introducing ‘some animals are more equal than other animals’ Critical Race Theory and weaponizing the agencies of governance to the point of attempting a coup to remove a duly elected president; a president elected in a miracle election to purchase time for Americans to rise to preserve and defend a Constitution bearing the God of Sinai’s personal imprimatur.

    The implications are straightforward as is the 1st axis but recognizing evil has always been a challenge for those who take God and evil incarnate lightly.

    Today anti-religious Marxian Jacobins, 1789, are insuring the deep wounds of the Civil War, 1861, and Nazism, 1933, will never be allowed to heal for political purposes; Marxianity is using racism and the imaginary specter of white supremacist nationalism to emasculate white Anglo-Saxon Protestant Americans clinging to their guns and bibles…to insure they are as sheep to the slaughter so as to bring about the second coming of Obama.

    “You must accept the truth, no matter the source” Maimonides

  5. I’ve been hearing a lot in recent times about the ‘long run through the institutions’. It’s been attributed to Communist student activist Rudi Dutschke (1967) and Italian communist Antonio Gramsci (1891-1937). It seems that a good idea has not gone to waste. I would say that it’s been a long slow march, infiltrating our institutions so we complain for a bit then drop it till the next thing comes along. There needs to be as powerful a lobby on the conservative side, as patient as the other side have been and as willing to unravel the damage done. Trouble is that we are a bunch of individuals (oxymoron?) who complain loudly but hope someone else will deal with things for us.

  6. Regarding calling a trans person by their preferred pronouns, when it’s in your family it gets personal. My wife’s son transitioned about 5 years ago. Everyone in the family refers to her as her out of politeness. We could refuse and make things really awkward, or we can play along the way families do in other situations. I think of it like this; SHE is living as best she can as a female, but SHE is in reality a male. It’s in her unchanging DNA. What’s interesting is her politics. She is super conservative, and even voted for Trump. I asked her about Lia Thomas and she said Lia is a fraud and a cheater who should be ashamed, because her wins are all hollow.

  7. I almost missed this column–I don’t know how because Glenn’s columns (and in this case Glenn’s and Chad’s column) are so delicious that I make a point of reading them right away, and, boy, am I glad I didn’t because from the very first work to the very last the piece is brilliant.
    As was said above, “So many great quotes in this piece.” Amen!
    Here are the nuggets: “…none of these approach Jesus thinking that they are owed anything. That’s why he lifts them up.” and “‘Love thy neighbor’ has now mutated into ‘Love those constituencies that need to feel good about themselves.”

  8. I got so excited about the piece that I read the ideas in my previous post to my wife while she was at her hobby, painting, and ended up reading the whole piece to her, in which she interjected her positive comments and analysis, and found another nugget: “What Orwell…did imagine is the inverse relationship between the Dems’ pursuit of social justice and the disappearance of actual justice. In the name of group social justice, criminals escape individual real justice.” Wow!
    Thank you.

  9. Glenn, this is one Commentary that is so well written, it almost and literally blows my mind. Your clever choice of words, arrangement- to intrigue the mind, and nothing but the Truth, your honor, is worth a second publishing (sharing) to the clueless good citizens who are caught up in the strength of a evil so called democratic party, of which there is no democracy in it’s entirety. As always, you continue to be the best in Journalism. I kindly offer this comment to you and your Office. Thank you again for speaking the Truth. Steve.

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