Lia Thomas is a bad man

I don’t hate Lia Thomas because she’s a transsexual; I hate her because she’s a cheat.

At the Ivy League Championship Swim Meet last weekend, Thomas easily won four events, setting pool and league records. She may be the most-improved swimmer in history. She was ranked 462nd in the country a few years ago, and is now ranked Number 1.

The difference is not that her swim times have gotten better. It’s that her competition has gotten worse. Her Number 462 ranking was against men, while her Number 1 ranking is against women.

Thomas is on the women’s swim team at Penn but went through her entire life including her development years of puberty as a man with male testosterone levels producing male height, weight and muscle mass.

It’s reported that she has now undergone some kind of gender-change surgery but still has male genitals. The “change” was apparently just to give her boobs. (They call it “gender-correction” surgery, as if nature erred in giving a male phenotype to a person with a male genotype.) She has also been taking drugs to suppress male hormones and has been taking female hormones as well but still has testosterone levels far higher than the average woman.

Whatever the nature of her limited surgical change, it’s undisputed that no scalpel touched the muscles she’d developed from a life as a male with male hormones. And the medication she’s taking is not retroactive. Thomas still has the height, weight and musculature of a man. When’s the last time you saw a biological woman with those shoulders?

Such knowledgeable notables as Martina Navratilova, Caitlin Jenner and Michael Phelps have expressed opposition to Thomas competing against women.

It’s not just that a man on a women’s team gives the team an unfair advantage against other teams. Like other team sports, swimming involves competition against other teams and also competition within the team. There are only so many spots on the team. Thomas takes every spot she wants, at the expense of some woman who has worked since infancy for that spot and holds a ranking in women’s swimming far better than Number 462.

Thomas’ teammates have objected to this outcome. In response, their mega-woke university has explained, “shut up,” and so they now make their objections anonymously.

The teammates are also forced to share a locker room with Thomas, and she’s apparently not the shy type.

I’m not a misogynist for mentioning the fact – yes, it’s a fact – that women on average are smaller, lighter and have less dense muscles than men. That doesn’t make women inferior to men; it makes them different. It’s also a fact that women on average are more communicative and better in languages than men, while men on average are better at linear analysis.

I hope this doesn’t come as a surprise but – TRIGGER WARNING! – men and women are different.

How long must we accommodate men-turned-women who want to compete against women in athletics? Women’s boxing is now an Olympic sport. Imagine Mike Tyson in the ring against a woman. Will this wokeism run amok continue until and after a man-turned-woman kills a woman in a competition?

It doesn’t bother me that Thomas “identifies” as a woman, though I think “identify” perhaps exaggerates her predicament. She surely doesn’t think she’s a woman. The most she can possibly think is that she enjoys pretending to be one.

Fine, I’ll honor that. After all, I enjoy pretending to be a writer, and most people honor that too.

Note too that I honor Thomas’ choice of pronoun. If she wants me to call her a “she” then I will. I take the same position with Caitlin Jenner (for whom I’ve expressed admiration). It’s like a 58-year-old gray-haired woman who dyes her hair blonde. I’ll play along, because it’s harmless.

It also doesn’t bother me that Thomas is unwilling to consider that her problem might be not what’s between her legs, or used to be, but what’s between her ears. I think she needs therapy more than she needs surgery. But that’s her business, not mine.

All that said, Thomas’ choice of a woman’s pronouns and parts doesn’t make her a woman even if I honor that choice out of respect for her feelings. She’s still a man objectively. And so I do care about her competing against women in athletic competitions. A person who went through puberty as a male, competing against a person who went through puberty as a female, is cheating.

In other words, I don’t think being a transsexual is wrong (though it’s not personally my cup of tea). It’s one of those bedroom issues that’s none of my business. What’s wrong is to be a cheater.

I have to wonder about Thomas’ mindset. She’s aware that her teammates think she’s playing unfair. Deep down, and probably right on the surface, she’s aware that they’re right. Their female bodies cannot and never will beat her male body.

Thomas obviously competes with women not despite the fact that the women can never beat her, but because of that fact. After all, she could still be competing against men if she wanted to, but against men she’s only the 462nd best. She seems to revel in the attention of being Number 1 even if it means being a woman-beater.

Thomas should be ostracized. She’s a bad man.

70 thoughts on “Lia Thomas is a bad man

  1. I won’t honor his choice of pronouns. Allowing a man to declare himself a woman is the gender genocide these monsters want. They want to erase women. They are already trying to erase motherhood. I won’t support it and will fight it with my last breath.

    You might consider correcting your story, Glenn. Lia hasn’t had his genitals removed. The girls in the locker room are complaining about him walking around with his penis exposed. He’s not giving up his penis to compete as a female. And he’s wagging it in their faces to show their impotence to stop him.

  2. Playing along with the masquerade by honoring his preferred pronouns isn’t respect for his feelings. It is a repudiation of your own. When you agree to allow 2+2 to equal 5, you have essentially committed an act of self-immolation.

    This is just another expression of the totalitarian impulse to force the humiliation of denying reality on otherwise reasonable people. Acquiescing to it does not make you a better, more compassionate person … it makes you a tool.

    I have no problem if the guy wants to play dress-up. I draw the line when he and others insist that I play along.

    • We’re on the same side with regard to Thomas competing with women — we both abhor that.

      Regarding her wanting to be called by feminine pronouns, I have no real problem with that. It’s like someone who wants to say he’s Irish on St Patricks Day, or a dark-haired woman who dyes her hair blonde and wants to be called a blonde. I’ll play along because her little fraud has no effect on the people around her. I don’t think my playing along with that is an act of self-immolation.

      But it’s different when a man wants to compete as a woman — that has a direct and adverse effect on the women competitors and on women’s sports. I won’t play along with that.

      • I dunno. Claiming that one is Irish when one is not, seems like stolen valor to me. Yes, there have been Protestant, Anglo-Irishmen: Jonathan Swift comes to mind, but notice that the persona he adopted in”A Modest Proposal” is utterly ruthless, ruling-class callousness that does not shrink from enumerating flaws in the Irish character, even while he seeks to ameliorate their plight.

      • I see your point, but think you are mistaken that it’s harmless. It’s not really analogous to the examples you cite. It is a demand, upon penalty (whatever form that takes), that you deny reality and accept a lie as truth. A faux Irishman or bottle blond both know the reality and know that you know. Trans activism insists that you believe.

  3. Good lord, Beaton, why do you keep referring to this guy as a ‘she’ when he’s obviously a ‘he’? What’s the matter with you? Don’t you understand that you’re playing their ridiculous game when you do this? You really need to get your sh*t together and call it the way it is or lose your credibility.

    • These little concessions accrue to lend credence to the claim that he is a she. If you’re going to play along with preferred pronouns, which is an affirmation, why object to competition?

      • You ask, “If you’re going to play along with preferred pronouns, which is an affirmation, why object to competition?”

        I object to her competing as a man because it harms her woman teammates, her woman competitors and women’s sports. Her mere choice of pronouns does none of that.

  4. A cheater, yes. I don’t call him a “her” because that is tales, he is a dude regardless of what name he goes by. I don’t use the made up words that include “trans” because they are fantasy. There are men pretending to be women, and women pretending to be men, nothing more. Some or most are mentally ill, others are fakes.

  5. There is absolutely no difference between what Thomas is doing and what the East German women swimmers did in the 1970s. None at all. However, we all recognize that the East Germans were cheating, yet woke lunatics who run women’s sports won’t say the same thing about Thomas. Sickening.

  6. Please take a day to read and understand Orwell on how and why the effect the use of speaking lies actually undermines the ability to know truth. Calling this guy a “she” is as much a lie as saying he is an XX female. Stop it! It’s a damned lie.

    • I’m curious, what do you think of a grey-haired 58 year-old woman who dyes her hair blonde and wants people to go along with that? Since she’s living a “damned lie” (your choice of words), do you insist on pointing out everytime you see her that she’s not really a blonde?

      My position on Thomas’ choice of pronouns is like my position on women (or men) dyeing their hair. It’s harmless, and I’ll play along. But when a man wants to compete in athletics as a woman, that’s a whole different issue, because it adversely affects women and women’s sports.

      • Well said, Glenn. People do things all the time to alter their identities in some way, such as getting tattoos, dyeing hair, or getting plastic surgery. Sure, they’re altering themselves in some way, but I have no reason to be bothered by it because it doesn’t affect anyone else. A person’s choice in pronouns doesn’t affect us any more than those other alterations unless they start violating other people, such as in this case of a biological male competing in women’s sports. Lia Thomas has stolen a spot on the team and at every meet from a deserving biological woman.

      • Does the hair dye alter the woman’s actual age, does it change her gender, does it make her swim more competitively, does she insist we all call her Blondie or risk being fined, expelled, fired, or jailed, is hair dying a form of mental illness? Answer, No to all because she is still a 58 year old woman who apparently just wants to have more fun.

        On the other hand, does calling a biological male a “her” change his gender, does it make him swim more competitively, does he insist we all call him “her” (or zer) at risk of being fined, expelled, fired, or jailed, are males who insist they are women mentally ill? Answers: No, yes, yes, yes, and yes.

      • I replied to your question with a thoughtful, lengthy comment, but I don’t see it here and can’t post it again as it is detected as a duplicate. I’m disappointed that you have declined to entertain it, but it’s your blog, so you can do what you want.

      • I don’t know any grey-haired 58 year-old women who insist that everyone call them blonde and pretend that it’s natural. In many instances in our culture today, there are consequences to not calling persons by their “preferred pronouns.” Your example is a false analogy.

      • Monroe:

        I think my analogy is accurate. Every woman I know with dyed hair (and at my age there are quite a few) would consider it rude and unnecessary for people to point it out, since it’s inconsequential to anyone else.

        But if it WERE consequential to others, that’s a different story. In Thomas’ case, her sex IS consequential to others when, but not before, she starts competing with women athletically.

      • You are caught up in your decision to call this dude a “she,” and you cannot let go of it. Your opinion is yours and you certainly can hold on to it with all your might. Some will agree with you, and some likely don’t care one way or another what you think or what this sick dude thinks, but others have an opposite opinion held as strongly as you hold to yours and you are wasting your time trying to change their minds or satisfy them with your defense.

        I will say only one other thing: It is patently ridiculous trying to argue that a 58 year-old woman dying her grey hair to blonde can in any way compare to a hulking dude trying his best to force people to accept him as a woman.

      • If you have a room with grey walls and paint them blue, the walls ARE blue.
        If a woman with grey hair dyes it blue, her hair IS blue.
        If a man decides he is really a woman … he is STILL a man.
        If a man decides he is a woman, takes female hormones and mutilates himself … he is STILL a man.

        I don’t see how your comparison is at all valid.

      • Jim:

        You’re making a strawman argument — you’re deliberately misconstruing my argument. I never contended that Thomas is not a man. To the contrary, I was clear that she is indeed a man. Read the piece.

        What I asserted was that if he wants to call himself “she” there is no harm in honoring that request, just as there’s no harm in honoring a person’s desire to be called a blonde even if her hair is fake or she’s wearing a wig. The harm is when she wants to compete against women as a woman.

        Under the guise of being ever-so-honest, you’re really just expressing your contempt for her as a tran. You’re in essence expressing a bigotry. I think that’s a mistake. She deserves contempt, but not for being a tran — which harms no one. It’s for being a cheat — which harms us all. By couching your contempt in her transsexualism, you’re making yourself the bad guy by being a bigot and letting her off the hook for the real wrong of being a cheat.

  7. Query: If it is acceptable for a human being born male, with all the genetic and biological accoutrements that entails, to proclaim himself female and thereby obtain certain advantages over those born biologically female, is it also acceptable for a white man such as I to proclaim to the world that I am a Negro/African-American/black man and thereby obtain all the benefits that our legal system has bestowed of members of said group under the euphemism of “affirmative action”? If not, why not? I await answers, please.

    • Very true.

      This reminds me of a Hemingway novel I had read for a college literature class some thirty years ago … The Sun Also Rises.

      The main character, Jake, is an American ex-pat in Spain writing as a journalist post WWI. Jake was grievously wounded in the war, as it is alluded to that he lost some or all of his manhood in an explosion. Yet Jake is also desperately in love with a woman whom he considers his soulmate, Brett, who herself is married to a sniveling wuss of a man for a husband. She too loves Jake, but knowing of his injury, she ends up having flings with Spanish matadors and other strangers as poor substitutes for her wanting of Jake.

      The point here being that Jake, despite losing his male genitalia in battle, was still nonetheless a man. Hemingway portrayed him as having more masculinity that most of the other male characters in his novel. A man losing his genitalia through tragedy, or even by design, does not make the man a woman.

      The mendacious fake-women’s swimmer Thomas is still a male, regardless of whatever mutilations may be done to his body. The XY chromosomes are still there … if a clone could be made of the “transgender” Thomas then that clone would be a male copy just like Thomas when he was born.

      There is no way around this simple and plain truth … everything put out byThomas as his acolytes are lies.

      • I have a completely different understanding of that novel. Jake was a castrated bull. I’m pretty sure there was a scene where this was made clear, where Jake accepted being bullied by his friend the Jewish boxer (can’t remember the name). Brett couldn’t get what she wanted from Jake, in spite of their love, so she had to screw around with the virile bulls (including his friend). That was why the last line was so poignant as they head off into the sunset together – “Isn’t it pretty to think so.” In other words, it wasn’t going to work, and they already knew it.

  8. I can use the new name, Lia, since legal name changes are binding. The same for Caitlyn Jenner, formerly Bruce. Neither, however, is a woman, and using “she” to refer to either avoids facing that fact.

    • You point to the fact that you’re willing to call her “Lia” because she legally changed her name to Lia (I assume that’s true but don’t know it for a fact). Well, suppose she simply asked to be called “Lia” but didn’t legally change her name. Would you refuse to call her “Lia”?

      As for “avoiding that fact” that she’s actually not a woman, under ordinary circumstances I don’t find avoiding that fact particularly difficult, any more than I find it difficult to avoid the fact that a dyed-hair blonde is actually not a blonde.

      But all that changes when she wants to compete in athletics against women. At that point, her little fantasy harms other women and women’s sports, and ought not be allowed.

      • Glenn,

        An interesting comment you made regarding ‘her’ name change and its legality. Do the banks and legal institutions accept ‘her’ current name and honor ‘her’ checks? Maybe her driver’s license? Do it indicate ‘male ‘ or ‘female”. Of course with the type of government that we have today nothing is for certain.

      • I could refer to Thomas as “Lia” if that is the name being used, whether or not a court order has been issued. In ordinary circumstances, say, meeting someone who I suspect may be a transsexual, I would not go out of my way to find out the “truth” or to harass the individual in any way. Why do that?

        But this is a different situation. Lia Thomas is competing as a woman, and is not one. Calling Lia “she” in the context of this competition, which is very damaging to all the actual women competing, only makes the situation worse. Males should not compete with females in any competition in which their stronger frames and muscle structures give them an unfair advantage.

  9. How is transgenderism different than many eating disorders such as anorexia? If we indulge transgenders by calling them by their preferred pronouns and letting them choose the sports teams, bathrooms, and locker rooms they feel most comfortable in, why don’t we also support the 78 lb. young women who insist they are fat and allow them to get the stomach bypass surgery and liposuction they insist they need to be the person they want to be? And if we are going to support transgenders, why don’t we also allow 13 years olds who “feel” they are adults drink, vote, drive, and buy guns, or allow 35 year olds who feel like they are 66 years old to retire and claim their Social Security and Medicare? Indulging mentally ill people does not help their mental illness, but does seem to increase the number of people claiming to be mentally ill.

  10. “My position on Thomas’ choice of pronouns is like my position on women (or men) dyeing their hair. It’s harmless, and I’ll play along.” You are aware that the Canadian Civil Rights enforcers are trying to bring people to trial for not using the “victims'” preferred pronouns?

  11. Didn’t a female judo competitor get seriously injured in her finals match with a transgender woman (i.e. a person born male but who now identifies as a woman)? She (the injured player) said she had never been hit so hard as when her opponent hit (or possibly kicked) her. So much for women’s rights.

  12. As to gender identity all should recognize the inherent danger succinctly expressed by Voltaire: “Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities”.

    Unbeknownst to Americans, Thomas Jefferson was an actual prophet of governance and as a prophet wrote as if for today in so many ways including providing a measure in the first line of the Declaration of Independence; capitalized as is the way of Judaic scholars to show deference, the “Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God” clearly define the final confrontation at hand i.e. those who adhere and those who do not.

  13. Mr. Beaton your latest excellent column reaffirms something I’ve long taught: Truth most-often, is quite disturbing – especially during these shamelessly Orwellian times.
    As a former amateur boxing champion, my every victory was earned through blood, sweat and no fears.

    Thus, I maintain a vocal, unapologetic disdain for cheaters in all aspects of Life:
    Play a dirty game, pay the dirty cost.

  14. The answer to the transgender/sports issue has been apparent to me from the getgo. The NCAA and other sports governing bodies should create two additional competition categories: Transgender Men and Transgender Women. Problem solved. Has no one put this solution forward yet?

    • There would be very few participants and fans of your proposed new mental illness class of athletics, which means the mentally ill would not get the acclaim and publicity they are seeking, and the NCAA would not make any money from TV contracts and ticket sales.

  15. Common sense is all too often obliterated by insanity lately. Competitive sports that require men and women to compete against their own gender exists for a reason. The same applies at the Special Olympics, or handicapped sports. What makes transgender so special that all common sense is tossed in the trash bin of wokeism? If normal people acquiesce to these cheating lowlifes who have no compassion for the damaged lives left in the wake of their “races”, then we should mirror the same lack of compassion toward them.

  16. Easy solution. The Trans community says we shouldn’t talk about “women,” since that is so fluid; we should talk instead about “menstruating people.” So be it – no more women’s sports. From hereon out, it’s menstruating person’s sports. And when Lia menstruates, Lia can compete. Until then, no.

  17. This swim jerk sociopath Thomas is butchering women’s competitive swimming, butchering his body, and also butchering the English language too.

    If he is not a sociopathic jerk just becoming an attention whore to unjustly claim undeserved trophies, records, and medals, then he is truly indeed mentally ill.

    Here’s a thought experiment … if an otherwise healthy 6’ 4” black man weighing 240 lbs. wakes up one morning thinking he is Napoleon Bonaparte, society and the medical profession are under no obligation to feed into such a man’s delusions by providing him with bone shortening surgery, skin bleaching, and lessons in French language and military strategy to further feed into his mental disorder. This would be cruel, unethical, and contrary to the Hippocratic oath to do no harm.

    If Thomas thinks he is indeed a woman then he is mentally ill similar to the wannabe hypothetical Napoleon.

    The rest of us who are rational, objective, ethical, compassionate and drive by self-evident truths are under no obligation to give sanction to or to play into such delusions and lies.

    Perhaps we can flush out the real intent of Thomas by creating a new transgender swimming league that Thomas can compete in and against other mutilated genetic males on hormones just like he is. This would be the fair and just solution if Thomas insists on this ongoing charade …

  18. As far as pronouns go, just use “it”.

    If I were the girls on the team and on all the other schools’ teams, I would take the starting block and then, when the gun goes off I would stand up, but not race. If all the girls did this each and every time they have to race against it, the boycott would make the point. Secondly, in the locker room I would create a personal space with towels or something like that so I could change in private.

    It is time to either drop ALL divisions based on gender OR create an open division.

    Resorting to the argument about going through puberty and then making the change bothers me. It’s correct, but it will just encourage some equally mentally disturbed parents to start their confused kid down the path of hormone therapy, etc. BEFORE they start puberty, thus making it difficult, if not impossible, when the kid grows out of its delusion naturally, after the artificially induced damage has been done.

    • The only fair(perhaps) thing to do is enhance competition rules.
      1. Only allow a transgender fe”male”
      to compete if transition is COMPLETE!
      If you still have a dick, you CANNOT COMPETE WITH CHICKS!
      This will stop all this trans crap in sports! A guy can fake it for a few years with just hormones and implants
      Then return to “his” God-given gender
      after competing days are over. Do I believe a man would do this? Absolutely! Have you seen anything normal in our culture recently? I DO believe in the right to become and to believe you are a different gender. Respect for ALL! But when using this to BEAT(it’s not compete) all others, is really stealing,Minimizing, and definitely NOT RESPECTING the other competitors! May God show us the way!

  19. Two items — one regarding hair dyeing as in fact providing an advantage over others, and one regarding extending the (il)logic of transgender assertions to animals.

    1. Hair dyeing
    I’ve read most of all of the comments and haven’t noticed the following response / point regarding dyeing of hair:

    There can be a cost to some others when one dyes one’s hair:. In situations where looking younger is advantageous (which can often though not always include work, dating, and probably additional situations), those who aren’t coloring their gray hair are at a disadvantage.

    2. Trans-species
    I don’t recall having heard observations of that the argument that one can change one’s sex would lead to arguing that one can change one’s species.
    I just now tried a search on:

    transgender trans species

    and found that others are way ahead of me on this. For example,

    (which has a traditional Judeo-Christian perspective)


    (which takes a would be value neutral approach).

    While reading the tfp article and drafting this comment, I wondered if those claiming to be a non-human species claim that it’s fine to engage in bestiality with seemingly consenting animals, at least of one’s claimed species. (Not to mention, limiting to adult members of the species.). The second article addresses the topic (it quotes and or summarizes someone claiming that bestiality is considered unacceptable), but doesn’t fundamentally address that one taking the claim of being a different species to its full conclusion would defend bestiality with consenting members of that species, even if limiting y to adults.

    Perhaps needless to say, I agree that transgender males should not be allowed to compete against (non-consenting) biological females. I am not as conclusive regarding consenting to call a transgender by the transgender’s preferred pronouns. I possibly would come down on what, if I recall correctly, is Ben Shapiro’s and Jordan Peterson’s practice, of refusing to call, for example, a biological male a woman in public policy debate settings, but doing so in private / social settings. If I am recalling their position correctly, I’m curious what their position (s) are re whether to refer to a trans species by the person’s preferred species!

    I very much appreciate the level of discussion here, including the quote from a famous philosopher, perhaps it is Voltaire, as to the corrosive effects of acceding to pressure to claim to believe, or believe, an obvious falsehood. (I’m not sure at the moment what the quote was; my point here merely is to note my gratitude for the article and thread.)

    PS. I was brought here by this article’s having been linked by whoever currently is curating

  20. Can’t we just go back to calling them Trannie’s and leave it at that? I remember when a male dressed up as a female, they were called a Transvestite. Now, that’s out of fashion. There are only two genders in my book – male and female. And let’s not even go into the whole “gender fluidity” thing. That sounds just plain nasty. If you were born with both parts, well that’s another sad story that I suppose is classified as a “They” or is that a Siamese twin? I’m so confused.

  21. If I am not mistaken, this post has generated the most comments ever. I assume that is because it touches the rawest nerve. Nonetheless, nobody has seen fit to answer my query regarding the similarities between transgender privilege and affirmative action based on skin color. Any takers out there? I’ll wait.

  22. Couldn’t make it a man’s world? Couldn/tstand strong females standing up to him? Wasn;t able to make it with the ladies? Couldn’t make it in male athletics? Then why not go transgender and ruin it for females and stand out like a big man, oops, TG. If you don’t go the full route and buy the full package you are still a crossdresser, a transvestite, not a TG. You are just a lame guy who wants to dress and shower with the gals because that’s as close as you will or would have ever come to them. In short, you are a loser in life because you couldn’t cope.

  23. What at the most fundamental level makes a human a man? Answer: The presence of a Y chromosome. Lia Thomas has a Y chromosome, ergo, Lia Thomas is a man irrespective of how Lia Thomas perceives Lia Thomas. The same holds true for all transgender individuals, full stop>

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