Boebert the Betrayer vs. Frisch the Fascist – shootout at Shooters Grill!

I received an email from a guy named Adam Frisch. He’s running for Lauren Boebert’s seat in the U.S. House of Representatives.

You remember Boebert. She’s bright, engaging and unburdened by the crap they teach in college these days. She’s also owner of a local Colorado institution called “Shooter’s Grill.” Naturally, the home of Boebert and Shooters Grill is Rifle, Colorado.

Boebert says and does things that trigger Democrats. Such as wearing a sidearm to work – both her former work in the Grill and her current work in the House. She doesn’t suffer fools lightly, but insofar as I know she doesn’t shoot them.

Frisch is a Minnesota native who made more than a good living as a Wall Street banker after marrying a rich heiress. His banking specialty was currency trading. Between his choice of wife as an heiress and his choice of career as a currency trader, you could say he’s currently currency’d. With some of that currency, he moved to Aspen and with other of that currency he sent his kids to East Coast boarding schools.

He doesn’t exactly fit into Shooters Grill or the rest of Boebert’s district which, apart from Aspen, he describes as a place of “ranching, rural farms and small towns.” (Does he think some farmers not “rural”? Maybe pot farmers?)

None of this political junk is newsworthy, except for the vitriol Frisch directs at Boebert. His email explains (we ranchers, farmers (especially the rural kind) and small towners need smart people like Frisch to explain things) that Boebert is ineffective, divides America, is extremist, blah blah blah.

Not only all that, Frisch says, but some “people came together in Pueblo” calling for Boebert’s resignation.

Whoa! Pueblo!

Honestly, Adam, have you even been to Pueblo?

Frisch himself, he assures us, is none of these very vague but very bad things. And apparently nobody in Pueblo has called for his resignation from whatever it is that he now does for a living besides counting his current currency. Unburdened by any policy specifics, he simply announces to us that he’s “mainstream,” “successful” and “an outsider to national politics.”

He may be an outsider to national politics, but he’s an insider to other-world politics. He doesn’t mention that he was a two-term Aspen City Council member. People with mainstream politics don’t become a member of the City Council of Aspen – perhaps the most left-wing place on the planet – and they certainly don’t get re-elected.

Frisch boasts that he’s “the only candidate that can beat Boebert.” In fact, he boasts of that three separate times in this one single-page email. The reason he’s the only one who can beat Boebert, he boasts yet again, is that he’s the only one with enough “resources.”

I think “resources” means currency. Did I mention that’s what he trades in?

Even so, this currency’d guy with sufficient Wall Street resources to beat the owner of Shooter’s Grill in a political shootout wants some of my meager Main Street resources, too. His email invites me to give him $10, $25, $50, $100, $250 or “another amount.”

Hmm, maybe the reference to “another amount” is because he’s angling to give me one of those $200,000 speeches that Hillary gives. If so, he’d better talk better than he writes.

Here’s the really rich part. After suggesting that Boebert is too unsophisticated for Washington (she probably prefers Coors over Chardonnay) he says she has “betrayed” the values of Coloradans. He doesn’t say what those values are, but apparently the owner of Shooters Grill in Rifle, Colorado lacks them while this rich, carpetbagging, heiress marrying, former Wall Street banker and currency trader possesses them. So, he name-calls her “Boebert the Betrayer.”

Ming the Merciless will not be amused.

Neither am I. If Frisch wants to portray himself as mainstream and effective, maybe he should drop the cartoonish name-calling. He’s beclowning himself into Frisch the Fascist.

Give us some policy specifics too, Adam. Maybe something about the position you and other Democrats hold on illegal immigration, Ukraine, COVID masks, vagrancy, teachers’ unions, the cancelation of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, discrimination against Asians, inflation, crime and defunding the police.

And own up to your background on Wall Street and Aspen City Council. We may be ranchers, farmers and small towners, but we’re not stupid.

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25 thoughts on “Boebert the Betrayer vs. Frisch the Fascist – shootout at Shooters Grill!

  1. Your column just keeps getting better and better, and it was rightfully awesome to begin with… and glad you dumped the hat.

  2. Over a decade ago, these same outsiders such as Tim Gill, Pat Stryker, and our very own Jared Polis organized “progressives” , ( radical Marxists), nationwide , (with thier tens of millions of dollars and Denver media cabal ), to turn Colorado into what it is today :
    A far left authoritarian government intent upon
    transforming the state into Calirado.
    See Michelle Malkins ” Rocky Mountain Heist”
    They’ve largely succeeded, and the Republican Party in this state has ostracized thier grass roots members by running away from candidates like Boebert.
    Apparently the Republican leadership in the state would prefer people like Frisch be elected rather than grow a spine and take a little heat now and then in support of candidates who actually stand for the Constitution.

  3. Another great column and thanks for exposing Frisch as I would not have known about him otherwise since I will never again vote for a Democrat for anything.

  4. Right on. I was on a first name basis with two of the other Republican house members from Western Colorado, but I never kicked any contributions until Lauren came along. We need a House full of Lauren Boeberts. It’s a race like this one that can help wake old school democrats up to the fact their party is no longer standing up for the little guy.

    • I’ve given up on the awakening of the ” Old School Democrats” I’m familiar with.
      Theyve been so propaganized by the MSM that, like some Republican ” leaders” , they no longer even recognize the principles of liberty the country was founded upon.
      They think the government is a big candy- bank store which should be in the business of taking wages from the worker and handing it out to buy the votes of whoever they believe will drop a ballot for a politician who promises them even more candy.
      Even if it means said politicians take thier liberty in exchange .
      Alexis de Tocqueville was a prophet.

  5. My congressman is Darrell Issa out here where I am nestled in between San Diego and Los Angeles just east of Camp Pendleton.

    Issa is one of the wealthiest members of Congress, but he built his fortune through his successful car alarm and security company. He doesn’t suffer fools easily and he can’t be bought off because he is already mega-rich.

    Frisch sounds very much like a currency manipulator … perhaps he learned at the knee of George Soros?!? As far as Frisch marrying an heiress … perhaps he also learned this at another knee … this one belonging to John Kerry, the haughty former Secretary of State and now Climate Czar who by the way served in Vietnam.

    Frisch seems more at home in Davos among all of the other new world order globalists and currency manipulators who fly-into town in their personal Learjets while scheming of ways to get folks like in Rifle Colorado to go vegan and to give up their guns and 4×4 trucks. He may be an outsider to national politics, but he smells definitely like a real insider to globalist politics.

    His claim to being “mainstream” is cause for even more doubt and suspicion. Mainstream has become a pejorative, particularly as it is frequently used in describing the so called mainstream media that comprise the ABCBSNBCNNYTWaPo leftist conglomerates. I would also make an educated guess that Frisch gets fawning media coverage from the local Aspen newspaper that fired Glenn … so there is that to factor in as well.

    My final guess is that Frisch wouldn’t be too happy with the menu at Shooter’s Grille … no Chardonnay and no Perrier served at the bar would leave him quite thirsty and disappointed.

    The pretentious Frisch may indeed be too overqualified for this congressional seat … he should look to joining the cabal of globalists in The Hague, or in Brussels, or Beijing, or … take your pick.

    Good luck and Godspeed to Lauren Boebert for an overwhelming and sweeping re-election victory in November.

    • Right on. So many supposedly bright people just don’t want to accept the ” conspiracy” of a grouping of politically like minded people, in this case ones who are closer to communists than they are to libertarians, ( although they mask their intentions with pseudo liberty language to fool the ignorant).
      They buy and follow the MSM blurbs they catch between thier Big Mac and fries rather than spend a few minutes even reading the thoughts of those who put thier lives on the line creating the nation.

    • Heh! I just read this on the HotAir blog … Biden’s Climate Czar, who by the way served in Vietnam, sure hopes Putin remains a partner for climate change.

      These f—kin’ clowns seem to be living in another dimension! Eastern Europe is at war and the Bidenites are hopeful that the warmonger instigator invading Ukraine will remain a partner for reducing smog! I wonder … how much carbon and greenhouse gases are being released by Russian missiles, bombs, armaments, tanks and aircraft?!?

      The Biden Administration is really like Emperor Nero … they fiddle around with their global warming fetish while Europe burns. Joe Biden makes Neville Chamberlain look like Genghis Khan.

      Gasoline here in Southern California is already at $5.00 per gallon for regular unleaded.

      America and Western Civilization has no credible leadership.


  6. Just in case anyone has missed it, as of 45 minutes ago,multiple attacks are happening across Ukraine, including the capital, and Putin has ordered the Ukrainian military to lay down thier arms.

  7. Thanks for posting this piece. Ill be sure to kick in a contribution to Lauren once I’m back from my travels abroad. I’m really not remotely fond of carpet-baggers.

  8. Ah, “a Minnesota native.” The rest of the story follows —

    Jay Gatz of North Dakota heads East, makes money, finds Daisy Fay, and becomes another Aspen Great Gatsby, tweeting “Trying to do it all in Aspen, dad, husband, dog walker//hiker/biker/skier, all while struggling to stay somewhat fit.”

    I say, Old Sport! What a model citizen! I bet you pick up all your dog’s poops on Smuggler Trail too! Boebert wouldn’t do that. She’s a betrayal to our way of life — the Aspen Way, where the nouveau riche wear jeans and preen about being green and fit and oh-so-global. Boebert the Barbarian is at the gates, and must be stopped, the same way we stopped Trump.

    • I’ll take a barbarian like Boebert any day over a carpet-bagging wanna be closet case Metro who really should infest the Yupper West Side of Manhattoon instead of Aspen.

      • Yep. Notice that Aspen’s public schools aren’t good enough for his children. That’s always the way it is with liberal reconstructionists.

        And since we’re using the carpetbagger metaphor, I guess that makes Lauren Boebert (like Trump) what Southerners called a “Redeemer,” in this case someone out to reclaim America.

  9. Some folks apparently need lessons on recognizing genuine attempts at sarcasm.
    An excellent endorsement of a people’s representative, Glenn.
    With the exception of your prediction of what the former/closet KGB agent will do, your aspenbeat columns have been solid.

  10. I love your common sense articles. Boebert has lived the hard life and has become a really good person because of her meager life. I’m tired of the rich fat cats getting in there and telling us how we should be. We are just has human as they are. Thanks Glenn

  11. You can count on his having an open pathway to big foreign money as well as US funds. Russia and China just loves to help finance already wealthy leftists! American leftists could call it the “I’m for sale” power available here!

  12. Frisch – Wall Street banker, married a rich heiress, sends kids to east coast boarding schools. So how the heck is he representing the people of Colorado, especially, of Western Colorado?
    He’s a rich mountain elite, who has no ethics, does not love the country.
    Rep Lauren Boebert stands for Everything I do – God, Country, Family. Law and Order, Protecting our children. God bless you Rep Boebert for all you’ve done already for American’s everywhere.

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