The real men in Nashville were wearing blue uniforms

Another week, another slaughter in the schools. This time, it was in Nashville.

A cowardly nut blasted into a Christian elementary school and started shooting people. She killed three helpless adults in their 60s, one of whom was the woman headmaster who ran straight toward the sound of gunshots to protect the children in her charge.

And three nine-year-olds.

Police – remember them, the folks the wokesters wanted to ban? – were on-scene within 10 minutes. With fear (who wouldn’t be?) but without hesitation, they too ran toward the gunshots. They did what they were trained to do, and saved lives while risking their own.  

It turns out that the dead murderer was a woman who fancied herself a man. She was said to be emotionally disturbed.

You don’t say.

There were some men around alright, but she wasn’t one of them. Real men don’t shoot their way into an elementary school to massacre unarmed men and women in their 60s and nine-year-old children.

Nope. The men that day were the guys and gals in blue uniforms who put their lives on the line to save strangers.

The shooter knew nothing about men. She was just an attention-seeking, self-absorbed, psychopathic pervert. She wrote a manifesto in preparation for her slaughter. It hasn’t been released yet, apparently because it might reflect badly on her proclivities.

Perhaps not coincidentally, she committed her slaughter in the week preceding something organized by the “T” part of the alphabet crowd called “Day of Vengeance.” It’s supposed to encourage, well, a day of vengeance.

They’ve indicated that they’re going forward with their Day of Vengeance. The blood of those nine-year-olds apparently left them thirsty for more.   

I don’t usually go where I’m about to. In fact, readers may recall that I’m opposed to the death penalty. But I’ll say it: I’m glad this fuckin’ queer (their noun, my adjective) is fuckin’ dead.

16 thoughts on “The real men in Nashville were wearing blue uniforms

  1. Transgenderism is a mental disorder.
    Nobody seems to remember that we went down this road 40 years ago, except back then the surgery was called a sex-change operation, and only adults qualified. The practice was abandoned, because responsible institutions like Johns Hopkins University Hospitals tracked the patients who had changed their gender and found there was no improvement in their psychological well being after the surgery: Most of them even regretted having done it. Transgenders weren’t born in the wrong body. They were mentally disturbed.
    The last clinic in the US to perform the procedure was in Trinidad Colorado.
    How was this medical insanity revived? Why is there no mention of it’s previous abandonment? And who ever came up with the idea that children prior to puberty are especially in need of surgical intervention to sabotage their natural physiological development?

  2. Glenn:
    That was the best comment at the end of this article that I’ve seen in YEARS! Well done and well said!

  3. “When the silicon chip inside her head gets switched to overload,
    And nobody’s gonna go to school today–she’s gonna make ’em stay at home.
    Can you see no reason because there is no reason
    What reason do you need to be shown?
    Tell me why
    I don’t like Mondays
    Tell me why
    I don’t like Mondays
    I wanna shoot the whole day down”

    –Bob Geldoff

  4. Big Pharma has lost a lifelong customer for their damnable drugs (which of course the government most likely pays for). Will we see the tox screen? Damn them all — the surgeons, the counselors, the parents who somehow permitted this to happen.

  5. Standard mandated SOP should include a complete tox screen AND a complete medical and psychological history. We need to know what drugs “it” had been taking and for how long and how often. With this kind of information whenever shootings (or anything even close) happens we can begin to see the role drugs and mental illness
    have on these shooters.

  6. Glen, you summarized your article in plain language most men well understand and most women have heard their male associates speak. I and, I believe, most will completely agree with your sentiments and with the way you expressed them.

    In the final analysis, it is not the nuts running loose causing problems, but the nuts we are electing and allowing to run the asylum.

  7. I share both the sentiment and the rage with which it was expressed. I, too have felt and said much the same thing on a nearly daily and increasingly frequent basis over the past five or six years, the years when our American social structure was being torn asunder by every stripe of lunatic fanatic, every malcontent and psychopath, every supporter of the effort to “deconstruct” (how I have grown to loathe that word and its advocates) our society in the name of “progress” and “social justice,” terms which have come to embody the opposite of the meaning of those words. I no longer recognize the world I see through the funhouse mirror of our media, which has been complicit, if not instrumental in leading the effort to destroy my country. When I look, albeit rarely at the faces on the screens that dominate our daily lives I have the urge to perpetrate mayhem on them; the Tappers, Lemons, Behars, Hostins, and the list goes ever on and on. But of course, I do nothing but post my complaints on such sanctuaries of sanity as this one, that I resort to in an effort to retain my own sanity in the company of other sane people in what is now a world gone mad. I identify with King Theoden, when confronted with the apparently implacable and irresistible horde of Orcs and Uruk-hai, who said, “What can one do in the face of such reckless hate?” Yet Theoden did something about it, didn’t he? And so it may be, I hope with us in our present distress.

    • Yes, all we do is send our thoughts into the blogosphere. But we are part of the hum and buzz of the human hive, which periodically selects a new queen and throws out the old one.

    • The problem with expressing our rage (and I feel it too-my personal fantasy is poring buckets of warm urine over their heads, on live TV of course) is then it’s their “A-HA” moment. “See folks! This confirms it! They are violent and they are phobic and they are everything we warned you about!”. Other than the ballot box I don’t know what to do to fight the Leftist Orcs.

  8. Unlike the cowards in Boward and Uvalde, these cops went in / saved lives .. God bless them and those like them.

    Woke trans-genders will do this again, soon.

  9. Golf clap for Glenn. Well said.
    Somewhere between the DSM IV and the DSM V insanity suddenly wasn’t insanity anymore.

  10. I’m impatiently waiting for someone to ask the Veep’s husband if the Nashville police were displaying the toxic masculinity that has his panties in a twist.

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