It looks like Joe Biden committed tax fraud

It’s undisputed that the Biden family was taking money from foreign governments. The clearest example is Hunter, who received about $11 million from entities associated with the Chinese and Ukrainian governments, according to NBC News. He failed to pay income tax on at least some of this money.

It’s also undisputed that the emails in Hunter’s notorious laptop referenced “the big guy” at least 41 times in connection with foreign money, and that “the big guy” is his father Joe. It’s undisputed that at least one such email refers to “10% for the big guy.”

Contrary to Joe’s claim that he “never” discussed Hunter’s foreign business dealings with him, it’s undisputed that there are actual photographs that pose Joe (while Vice President), Hunter, and Hunter’s foreign business “associates” together at least 14 different times. It’s difficult to imagine that Joe didn’t say, “Sooo, son, who the f*** are these foreigners and what’s in it for us?”

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