It’s Sunday, are the Dems enabling Big Dog today?

Where are Dems today on sexual assault? From their reaction to allegations three or four weeks ago by several women that a Republican candidate for Alabama senator sexually assaulted them three or four decades ago when he was a Democrat public official, the Dems seem to oppose it.

But as with the Dems’ position on Russia, it might depend on what day it is. More specifically, it might depend on when, where and especially by whom.

Remember the Clintons? Hillary was insatiable and predatory but only in matters of money and power. But Bill was in matters of sex. His nickname was “Big Dog.”

Back in the first and only Clinton administration, it all came to a head in the Oval Office when President Big Dog and his cigar and a young White House intern had a threesome. The cigar was not just a cigar.

And it was a foursome if you include the Congressman who was on the telephone.

Big Dog probably could have pulled it off, except that at the time he was a defendant in a sexual assault case brought by another woman. He gave a deposition under oath in that case where he was asked whether he’d had sexual relations with the intern, as rumored.


Big Dog being the Big Dog, he did what comes second most naturally to him. He lied. He answered emphatically and under oath, “no.”

It leaked to the press. Big Dog was reduced to a little puppy whimpering on national television that he’d never had sexual relations with the young intern whom he called with a sneer “that woman.”

The matter might have blown over. But the Clintons also were under investigation at the time by a special counsel whose scope of investigation was basically boundless (much like the current one). They found a smoking gun and it had left a stain on the intern’s unwashed (eww!) blue dress. The DNA in the stain matched Big Dog.

He finally admitted that he’d had sexual relations with the intern and had lied to the American people in denying it. That meant he’d also committed perjury in that pending sexual assault case.

He lost his license to practice law, and settled the sexual assault case for about $900,000.

Other women came forward. They accused Big Dog of exposing himself, physically assaulting them and even raping them. Some said that as governor of Arkansas he used the Arkansas State Troopers to round up victims.

The Dems and their media lackeys formed several lines of defense against these allegations, which added up to this: These assaults didn’t happen, and if they did happen then they don’t matter.

Most reprehensibly, they went on to attack his victims. One long time Clinton surrogate snarked, “Drag a hundred-dollar bill through a trailer court and you never know what you’ll find.”

Hillary went full enabler. She name-called the intern a “narcissistic loony tune” and plotted character assassination against the others.

Feminist Gloria Steinem weighed in with an op-ed in the New York Times that shamed the worthy cause of American feminism. She argued that “it’s not harassment and we’re not hypocrites” because “this president and his policies are crucial to the lives and welfare of the majority of women in this country.”

In other words, it’s not rape if a Dem does it.

At least that’s the lesson that Big Dog learned from the experience. After leaving office, he took some 26 flights on the private jet of a convicted sex offender and alleged pedophile. Sometimes he went without his Secret Service agents.

That also seems to be the lesson learned by many other powerful men. We’re learning now that they followed Big Dog’s lead.

As for Hillary, she learned nothing. She’s still condemning Republicans while enabling and defending Big Dog and other Dems.

To their partial credit, some other Dems are finally throwing Big Dog under the bus. But only now, when he’s politically old and impotent and his victims have endured a lifetime of scorn.

So where does that leave us today concerning those recent allegations about old events in Alabama? I say that if they are true — and I warn both the accusers and the accused that someday we’ll probably find out — then the former Democrat running against the current Democrat should quit the race. If they’re not, he shouldn’t.

Same goes for others accused elsewhere, both Republicans and Dems. Credible allegations of sexual harassment and assault by politicians cannot be excused depending on the political usefulness of the perpetrators.

I hope we can agree on that, and I especially hope that Big Dog and his enablers are listening. They diminished our country and culture and horribly injured their victims. We’re all owed an apology.

(Published Nov. 26, 2017 in the Aspen Times at

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