Are the Dems rooting for the virus?

The Democrat leaders and candidates blasted President Trump’s response to the Coronavirus outbreak, just as they blast everything else that he does.

Note that the Dems’ criticism of Trump’s response to the virus is unaccompanied by any specific suggestions. They do suggest spending more money on the problem, though they don’t say how. Maybe they think they can curry favor with the virus by buying it free stuff.

More likely, they’re just politically posturing. If Trump requests $2 billion to fight the virus, they say it should be $8 billion. If Trump had suggested $8 billion, I’m sure they would have said it should be $20 billion.

Their demand for more money is not because they’ve talked to medical and other experts and done the math. They don’t even bother to say that they have.

No, it’s because they want to be able to say down the road that the contagion grew into a deadly pandemic because Trump messed up.

For that posturing to work, of course, the virus has to grow into a deadly pandemic.

The Democrats are frustrated by a string of good luck for Trump, if you can call the natural consequences of one’s actions “luck.” Illegal immigration is way down after Trump’s construction of a virtual wall even as the Dems thwart his construction of an actual one. Trump signed beneficial trade agreements with reprobate trading partners, which even the unions say improves over the Obama models.

The economy has boomed to the point that unemployment is at 50-year lows and minority unemployment is at all-time lows. Wages have increased, especially for lower paid workers.

Meanwhile, the Dems have thrown at Trump everything but the Emoluments Clause, and that too, with no effect. Russian collusion, rogue Electoral College voters, recounts, impeachment, the threat of a second impeachment – they’ve all done nothing but strengthen this president.

Trump is the Nietzsche president. What doesn’t kill him, and nothing does, makes him stronger.

The end result is the highest approval ratings of his presidency. His approval ratings among traditional Dem constituencies like minorities is also way up. Polls of likely voters show him handily defeating the likely Dem nominee.

And then there’s that Dem nominee, assuming they succeed in nominating a nominee. There’s a self-described socialist and communist sympathizer who honeymooned in the Soviet Union, an old man sadly suffering cognitive dysfunction, a blue-eyed blond former Native American, a kid who’s the mayor of a small town in Indiana where they seem not to like him, a billionaire who threatens to stop and frisk his opponents or maybe slam them up against a wall, and others that I can’t remember and neither can anyone else.

So, the country is strong, the president is strong and the Dem candidates are weak. What do you do if you’re a Dem?

You hope for disaster.

What’s that you say? You say the Dems would never harbor a ghastly wish for millions of deaths for the mere purpose of defeating Trump? Then you don’t know Democrats.

It started two generations ago. Dems rooted against America in the Vietnam War to the point that they mischaracterized military victories as defeats – because Nixon was a Republican. More recently, they rooted against both America soldiers and the people of Iraq when George Bush implemented the “surge” to win the Iraq War – because Bush was a Republican. They now hope that illegal immigrants will be abused so that they can use the abuse to embarrass the president – because he’s a Republican.

Dems are Dems first. They’re Americans second, at most. Many are candidly anti-American. They see “America First” as racist, misogynistic, homophobic, capitalistic, greedy and all the other epithets in their loud bad name bag. Their motto is instead “America Last.”

They’re willing not only to root against America, but to root against all the humanity of all the world. One of their tenets is that the world is overpopulated, and so we need to cull out a few billion men, women and children (but not those who identify as none of the above).

Honestly, does anyone sincerely believe that the Dems would view a worldwide population reduction of 10% as a bad thing? OK, maybe they’d see it as bad, but only because it’s not 15 or 20%.

I won’t contend that the Coronavirus was invented by the Dems. But I will contend this: In the struggle between humanity and the virus, they’re on the side of the virus.

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24 thoughts on “Are the Dems rooting for the virus?

  1. Many people fail to realize that the Democrat Party was taken over by socialists wishing to transform America from a constitutional republic into a socialist state from the late 60s on.
    Now they openly prononu ce they are are socialists and many STILL don’t want to believe it. One day, like those in other socialist countries , it will dawn on them.
    Poverty and oppression do that to the human brain.

  2. You are astute in your observation, Glenn. When history filters out Trump’s presidency one hundred year in the future it will report that he was one of America’s top leaders along with Washington, Lincoln, and Reagan. He is an expert at showing the Republican Party how to fight again and is really good at exposing “Weasel’s!” Plus, he has made America Great Again!
    Semper FIdelis,

  3. Brilliant! I was delighted to see it was on the top of the list on Lucianne Goldberg’s site, one of my favorites. I think the Dems are looking back with fondness to those glorious halcyon days when Reagan was being crucified for his response to the HIV outbreak. Gay men doing Gay things unprotected and of course that was Reagan’s fault but it got great traction and I think they are praying that this Hail Mary makes it to that end zone!

  4. Your comments are perfectly on target. I believe the biggest fear to the Dems is not the virus. No, their biggest fear is their loss of control over who will be their Presidential candidate.

    We have seen a dramatic drop in the Stock Market attributable to the outbreak of the “corona” virus. I do believe the virus is partly the reason and could have an impact on future earnings. What that impact will be remains yet to be determined.

    However, the virus is a catalyst for more. The Stock Market is finally waking to the possibility of a socialist candidate with absurd progressive ideas, a love of communism and a fondness for communistic leaders ( putin, castro, che and the rest of the crew) receiving the Democratic/Socialist nomination for the Presidency. This is creating fear in the most capitalistic bastion of our country.

    I am amazed anyone with responsibility to employees and stockholders can even consider this as a possible voting option. I believe any Public Company CEO, private company CEO or President have the fiduciary responsibility to reject the Democratic/Socialistic platforms they are being presented with. They are in direct conflict to capitalistic ideals.

    Robert J Graff

    • Yes. The reason that CEO’s pander to the left is not the the CEO’s are leftish themselves. They hardly ever are. But they’ve learned that if they don’t pander to the left, the left will be protesting outside the office, and maybe inside too. They know that cons don’t express themselves that way, because they’re civilized.

      It’s true that their pandering injures society and injures the free market that they rely on. But the pandering by any one CEO has not much effect in that respect. Whereas if they fail to pander, it could have a very dramatic effect on their business. So they’re engaged in the idea-equivalent of spoilation of the commons.

      • On point. However, it also emphasizes that the person at the reins really has little relevance if in times of strife they just turnover and do what will be perceived in the press as acceptable. I sometimes wonder if it wouldn’t be better for corporations to initiate buy backs to go private yet again. They could easily use Private Equity firms.


  5. All too true, all of it. I’m waiting for Nancy Pelosi to announce that she’s praying for our well-being, and for Gavin Newsom to authorize physicians to write prescriptions for immunity to all the scourges of his sanctuary city.

  6. So what is it Democrats. You said only a few weeks ago that Global Warming was the most dangerous “foe” we faced. Do you admit you had no clue with that prediction, or do you try to blame the outbreak of the Coronavirus on Global Warming, which I’m sure some of your esteemed colleagues will do

  7. Dr Beaton, I am still waiting for them to be embarrassed. It is also bizarre that they tack harder and harder left, and really don’t talk about any real issues, but obsess on every little thing. Sadly, and I do mean that, they are destroying themselves. Regards,

    • I agree with you but embarrassment must begin with an acknowledgement that you spoke with little knowledge, or had knowledge that you wish ed to suppress.


    • My investment philosophy is to buy low and sell when I am in ICU facing death. A look at the past five years graph of the DOW average is illustrative. I don’t know if we are at the low yet, but we are approaching it. Luckily I’ve been saving cash waiting for this opportunity.

      • It appears with the panic selling and the continued positive economic numbers ( they may be effected next month) that we are at some sort of capitulation point. If you own a position that you are comfortable with it is wise to watch and wait.

  8. You forgot to mention how Dems established a political slush fund (Planned Parenthood), funded by taxpayers, that murders minority children. That’s their political model. And it’s all Trump’s fault.
    I am honestly surprised AOC (princess foot-in-mouth) hasn’t blurbed that COVID is the perfect solution to global warming (while riding around in her government limo)?

  9. Coronavirus = Orange Man Bad
    Another crises for the Democrat Party to pound on President Trump. Their excitement is obvious, especially with the stock market panic.

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  12. Spot on observations.
    Imagine my shock (cough) when I saw the gleeful MSNBC commentator declaring the Trump rallies are finally done for with this virus. Oh Happy day!
    Seriously Dems?

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