Failing in their three-year coup, the left riots

We all know the story. In the first chapter, they transformed the laugh line “I demand a recount” into actual demands for recounts. But the recounts didn’t materially change the vote totals.

Then they asked the Electoral College to defy the will of the people they represented. That, too, didn’t work.

The next chapter was the smear that Trump had colluded with the Russians. But the only collusion they could find in their two-year investigation was the Dems’ own payment of millions of dollars for a fake Russian “dossier” fantasizing that the president – a noted germophobe – engaged in pee-pee sex.

Meanwhile, the outgoing Dem administration used this dossier they knew was fake to get warrants to spy on the incoming Republican administration.

Trump’s approval ratings held steady.

Then there was Ukraine. The corrupt, sleazy, child-support-evading, druggy son of Joe Biden had a sweetheart deal where Ukraine paid him millions. Not for what he did – he did nothing – but because his father was the Vice President of the United States with a lot of influence on America’s policy toward Ukraine.

Trump asked for an investigation into whether Ukraine got its money’s worth. Ah, said the Dems, this time they really had the goods on Trump. They launched an impeachment.

But the Senate acquitted, and Trump’s approval ratings went up.

Then there was the virus. The left didn’t create the virus, but they would if they could.

At first, the Dems and their flying monkeys at the media said Trump was overreacting to the virus by restricting travel. They said he was xenophobic and racist. They said he was just like … oh … let’s see …


Trump was once again “literally Hitler” except not dead, yet. To signal that they themselves were not literally Hitler, the Dems encouraged everyone to get together for big parties to show their love, tolerance and xenophilia despite the impending pandemic.

On the Dems’ show of love and tolerance for the virus, it thrived.

The Dems and the media then pivoted, not very deftly, to the narrative that it was Trump, not they, who had shown such love and tolerance for the virus. They warned that the virus they had embraced with group hugs for the TV cameras just weeks earlier would kill two million Americans. Because Trump.

They did what they could to fulfill their dire predictions. They injected the virus into hundreds of New York nursing homes, and killed ten thousand elderly residents.

Then the Dems ordered the whole country to kill itself by ceasing and desisting from any business activity. The Dems never really liked business anyway, except they liked the money that businesses paid in taxes and paid to the Dems to buy indulgences for business’s filthy lucre-making.

The Dems were encouraged by Americans’ uncharacteristic compliance with their dictats, were ecstatic about closing the churches, and were relieved that the shut-down was throwing the terrific Trump economy right into the toilet. They naturally wanted more of the same.

As for the people, they enjoyed their phalanx of free time in front of the TV for a while, and definitely enjoyed the free stuff, but with the emergence of spring they grew tired of house arrest.

Trump sided with the people who wanted to get back to work, play and life, and against the left and their media sidekicks who wanted not to work, not to play and not to live, but just to rule.

The Dems and the media warned that Trump’s reopening of the country would produce a “second wave” of the virus. Never mind that the first wave was roughly 95% less than the Dems predicted.

The second wave, as it’s turning out, looks to be approximately 100% less than the left hoped for. Maybe they need another dose of that nursing home strategy.

But even the left is no longer optimistic that the virus will come roaring back. As political allies go, plagues are fickle.

No matter, the left has yet another strategy to beat Trump. Namely, rioting.

For the left, riots are a real riot. They don’t like cops, they don’t like business and they don’t like a booming stock market, especially in an election year.

They’ll attack the cops, loot the businesses for more free stuff and then burn what’s left with the aim of breaking the back of the recovering American economy. They’d rather rule over Venezuela than serve in America.

Besides, rioting is fun for them. It’s free and it reminds them of their youth when they dodged the draft and spat upon soldiers who didn’t.

They recognize that turning a protest into a riot tends to delegitimize the protest. To which they say, “So what?”

Of course, they also say that these riots they instigate, conduct and defend are not their fault. It was Trump who forced them to become criminals, they say, by threatening to arrest them if they did.

Prediction: Trump’s approval ratings will go up again, and he will win reelection handily. At which time the left will riot again. It’s all they have left.

19 thoughts on “Failing in their three-year coup, the left riots

  1. All true for sure. But, being in the media and arts for years, all my lunatic friends and ex-family and ex-clients and ex-entertainment world types, can not see, admit, or even conceive of what is in front of their eyes. It is almost a mental illness of denial or wishful ignorance or some kind of hypnosis by some cult leader or siren sound, that only they can hear.

  2. Prediction: Trump’s approval ratings will go up again, and he will win reelection handily. At which time the left will riot again. It’s all they have left.>>

    Not so. Next is secession. California, Oregon, Washington, Hawaii, Colorado, New York.

    • You left out Minnesota, but yeah, and good riddance. I can’t wait to see how they work out the details of the two-way population exchange of libs and conservatives, but the precedent has been set with the exchange of Greeks and Turks across the Aegean a century ago. Personally, I’d be happy to leave Colorado and go back to Idaho.

  3. Good one Glenn.
    Of course considering what happened today, Jun.5 in the economy, the rioters will have to back off some because they may have to go back to work since many companies are doing great with unemployment down to 13.3%. Plus 2.5 million new jobs created in May.
    Go Trump.

  4. One of your best Glenn.
    It’s nice to read something upbeat and funny amidst all this chaos. And hopeful.
    My zen moment for today.

    • THANK YOU, MR POPE! We had a feeling that there was a little more to Floyd and the altercation, and Candace Owens does a great, honest, job of telling us what that “little more” was.

    • If more people of all races had this young lady’s respect for civic responsibility, then “racial profiling” by police would be rare and much easier to identify as such and correct by firing and/or punishing those specific individuals responsible for it.

      I admire her for her willingness to stand up for the many black people who are civilized and suffer from being associated with the excessively large thug element of their community, as well as the “woke” liberals who refuse to “discriminate” between civilized black people and black thugs.

  5. There are strategic reasons for those stages of escalation of active force. They vary by component in the amalgam of troublemakers jointly deploying the active force. I call them The Amalgamated Troublemakers Union.

    For domestic troublemakers: CPUSA, Democracy Alliance (Globalists)
    1- Distract from Hillary/DNC’s unfolding legal liabilities.
    2- Snip off black American accomplishments towards affluence and independence.
    3- Re-stuff black Americans into the Democratic Party stockade (same intent as Great Society), i.e., nullify the verdict of the US Civil War Between the States.
    4- Distract from DOJ and Senate drilling into into previous administration personnel and permanent bureaucracy deep staters.
    5- Condition Americans to accept chaos as prelude to Communization/Globalization of USA in toto.

    For foreign troublemakers: CCP, IRGC/QF
    6- Subvert USA will and ability to defend herself against CCP attacks south into India and east into US sovereign territories (Palau, Guam, Midway, Hawaii, Aleutians).
    7- Condition Americans to accept chaos as prelude to China-fication of USA in toto.

    For foreign-domestic troublemakers: IRGC/QF, CAIR (Moslem Brotherhood and Salafi/Shiite Jihad generally)
    8- Remove political and institutional impediments to ever-expanding Moslem sovereign territory under Imams’ Sharia exclusively.
    9- Condition Americans to accept chaos as prelude to Islam-ification of USA in toto.

    These troublemakers have a problem in their future: each wants to eat the whole enchilada called USA. Should they ever reach that denouement — they will not — CCP would be the only one of them left holding the prize.

  6. I agree with your assessment of the Socialist/Marxist wing of the Democratic Party headed by Bernie Sanders, but it is a gross oversimplification about the party overall. There are some in it who still understand the vital role that businesses both small and large play in “the economy,” which is to say, in making possible the relatively high standard of living that most people in the U.S. (including minorities) enjoy. If, in sanctimoniously calling for “national unity” they would be more forceful in rejecting the extreme leftists who pander to murderous rioters while criticizing business owners as being “greedy capitalists,” I might actually vote for some of them.

  7. Glenn, you have a very powerful writing style, punchy, and you analyze and make points that other columnists don’t. This is one of your very best columns about the filthy Democrat people, thanks. And The Aspen Times can cry in their beer.

  8. This was a nice little package wrapped up in a big, red bow. Great article. One thing I’d like to note on churches being shut down and liquor stores being left open – which one’s tax exempt and doesn’t pay to the state?

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  11. “Besides, rioting is fun for them. It’s free and it reminds them of their youth when they dodged the draft and spat upon soldiers who didn’t.”
    So the antifa scum we see on TV were alive during Vietnam?! Those antifa kids and their black pets look about 25 to me, do they look 65 to you?

    A formidably stupid sentence in an otherwise EXCELLENT piece. Shame

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