I don’t miss professional sports, do you?

As for baseball, let’s be honest. It’s boring to watch and it’s even boring to play. Ordinary people who aren’t being paid to play baseball cannot endure it except by playing it co-ed with beer, which makes practically anything endurable including watching paint dry.

About 90% of baseball consists of the players standing around while touching their privates whenever the TV camera is pointed at them or sitting around the dugout pretending to watch the other team while touching their privates. They often spit.

Why do people pay to see millionaires lolling about in a park and hiding in a little concrete bomb shelter while spitting and touching their privates? I can get that from the vagrants who live in the park and under the viaduct. For free.

If you’re a baseball fan, your life is very small. There’s a reason this game hasn’t caught on in the rest of the world (except in Japan, a country that practically defines boredom).

By the way, this has nothing to do with the fact that I was cut from the 9th Grade baseball team in an unfair, cruel and incompetent decision from which I’ve fully recovered and about which I have no hard feelings.

How about football? I’ll admit that football is fun to watch. It’s something like the Roman circus but without the lions. You get to watch overweight men collide helmet-to-helmet at breakneck speed and sometimes break their necks. What’s not to like?

Well, there’s the business where they taunt spectators who’ve paid a full day’s pay for a ticket by kneeling when the National Anthem is played. And they complain that they get paid only a million dollars a year unless they perform well, in which case they get only ten times that. And they pretend not to hear a player’s ugly antisemitic, Hitlerian remarks.

And they plan to play something called the “Black National Anthem.” If there’s a “Black National Anthem” then doesn’t that mean there’s a black nation? And conversely a white nation?

Are they actually promoting racially segregated nations?  Has anyone thought this through?

And they shout down anyone who disagrees with their politics, including their own teammates, since they’re all political and Constitutional Law experts except the ones that disagree with them who are all racists.

Then there’s basketball, a winter sport. They plan to resume their curtailed season sometime this summer with slogans of Black Lives Matter – an organization described by its cofounder as “trained Marxists.”

Such slogans include “Black Lives Matter,” “I Can’t Breathe” and “Group Economics.” The economics of this particular group includes average pay of $7 million a year but “$7 Million” is not one of the approved slogans for these $7 million dollar men.

Another unapproved slogan is “Black Wives Matter” because they apparently still don’t, at least not to NBA players.

And don’t you dare say that the lives of other races matter, because that’s racist now and if you say it, you’ll be cancelled or killed.

(Feel free to add to this rant in a comment. There’s more ground to cover on this topic than in center field of Minute Maid Park.)

People spend around 20,000 hours watching sports over the course of their lifetimes. That’s often more time than they spend with their children, and way more time than they spend on charitable activities, home improvement or actually participating in sports as opposed to watching others play.

Let’s be better than that. Let’s just say no to professional sports. Let’s get lives of our own.

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74 thoughts on “I don’t miss professional sports, do you?

  1. Dr Beaton, Disagree, You have touched sacred ground. Baseball is “America’s Pastime.” Sports has been co–opted by the “woke” crowd. They will pay the price if they p*** too many people off. I am wondering if they will start up with the old “factory teams”, “city teams”, etc. where people can enjoy the games and not put up with all the politically correct crap. Anyway, I miss them” going to a game, drinking a beer and watching men strive to excel. Doug

  2. While I loved playing football in high school, I have never been interested in watching it or any other sport. There was a time when “sports” were played by”sportsmen” many of whom were unpaid and did it for love of the game. I think professional”sports” is misnamed. There is little sportsmanship on exhibit and a lot of egoism and misanthropy. Can we change the term to professional “athletics” because the word athletics doesn’t imply any level of social worth?

  3. Agree. I am a life long sports junkie. But, since I cannot keep track of all of the sport’s governing bodies, and athletes, that have genuflected to BLM, and others; I just dropped them all. It helps that I did not miss them during the COVID hiatus.

    The jury is out on college sports; but, the outlook is bleak.

    • I was a lifelong New York Giants fan. Every Sunday, I would sit in front of my TV glued to the latest exploits of my beloved giants. Monday nights, Thursday nights any other time if there was a Giants game, I was watching. Three years ago I gave it up in protest to the kneeling. It was hard. I missed it terribly. But you
      know what, I found other things to do.Now I don’t miss it and I will never watch again. Thank you, Colin Kaepernick, for giving me back my Sundays.

    • So what about hockey? No balls involved!

      And I think it’s actually worth watching — and doing so without playing it oneself; indeed, most of us **can’t** play it.

      • Hockey is nothing more than semi-controlled mayhem. NA$CAR has become “follow the rules which change weekly”. Football is populated by overly-rich spineless traitors. Baseball is, again, overly-rich people who disgustingly spit and play with themselves. Soccer…what the hell is soccer?! I’ve given up pro sports.

  4. Baseball, not Major League Baseball, is America’s Pass time. Once the Great Depression redux hits we will all have a lot more time to re-connect to this great game. But as for professional sports of all kinds, they are as elitist and disconnected from the American main street that supports them as is our Government. Their commonality rests in the reality that we the People created them all.

  5. Athletics (physical, mental, and spiritual exercise) became sports (betting, sales, commerce) and sports became hoarding money (physical, mental, and spiritual paralysis). Who wants paralysis of any kind? So yes, detach from, ignore “sports.” Sports today is an infectious diseases ward for paralytics, only, no cure is being undertaken or undergone therein.

    Perhaps there is an alternative:

    Break up your fallow ground; for it is time to seek the Lord, that he may come and rain righteousness upon you. Hosea 10:12

  6. As somebody who enjoys playing sports a lot more than watching others play them (not to mention, paying big bucks to watch others) I pretty much gave up on pro sports long ago.

    Where black people are concerned, I’ll repeat what I have said before…that I discriminate between civilized black people and black thugs, just as I do with all people. But I particularly sympathize with civilized black people who are stigmatized by the behavior of the disproportionately large thug element.

    As a particular example of that, I was in a large, fairly crowded restaurant in a northern city with a very small black population. There was a table occupied by a group of young “hip” blacks and white hipsters, who were by far the loudest, most obnoxious people in the place. If they had all been white, I suspect that the management would have asked them to quiet down or leave. But anyway, I went to the restroom and as I was leaving, there was a young black man leaving ahead of me, who was apparently an African immigrant judging by his exceptionally dark skin and overall non “hip” appearance. What particularly impressed me was that he held the door open for me, and I thought how terrible it would be for some people to associate him with the other bunch. And, no, I didn’t admire him because he was deferring to me as a white man, because as a matter of mutual civility, I would have held the door for him if I had been the one in front.

    Ironically, the “opportunity” (however minuscule) of making big bucks by becoming a pro athlete (rather than, say, a chef, an electrician, a policeman, an engineer, or a teacher) has the counterproductive effect of making heroes of young black men with the most aggressive tendencies, at the expense of those interested in learning the skills and habits that are most likely to lead to success in American society, regardless of race. Of course, to point that out just isn’t “woke” (especially if done by a white person). Whatever became of Martin Luther King’s dream of a “color blind” society?

  7. The time I might (emphasize might) spend watching sports I go outside and ride my bike. What kind of loser watches sports? I’d rather squeeze my apocrine glands

  8. I, too am suffering from the effects of early exposure to sports. I was cut (by my parents) from our high school football team, due to the fact that they paid a lot of money to an orthodontist to straighten my teeth and the doctor advised that if I took a heavy hit in the mouth the money would be wasted, his work would be wasted and he would have to start the treatment all over again. Instead of spending my afternoons on the practice field, I spent them studying physics, calculus, chemistry and other useful things. I graduated college with double degrees and succeeded in life. One of the local football hotshots called me a, “College Boy,” and asked me how my degrees had helped me to succeed; he died of alcoholism shortly thereafter…

  9. What MLB plans to do ain’t baseball anyway. The NFL has been dead to me since the Cowboys were denied permission to memorialize the 5 cops assassinated in Dallas in 2016. The NBA’s living in the pocket of the Red Chinese has ended any interest I had left in that league. But, fortunately, there is still hockey.

  10. The only form of baseball worth playing is ‘work up’ where everyone plays every position and you can play with anywhere from 6 or 7 to a gazillion players. It is non-stop action, well.. . at least as much action as you can get out of baseball.

    The NBA is a joke. Hockey just doesn’t do it for me. Same for tennis, gymnastics, figure skating and golf. I’d watch soccer, but I always have paint to watch dry instead. Do they play roller derby anymore?

    Swimming is okay, but only because I swam in high school. It’s a downer, though, watching junior high age girls beating my times swimming meters instead of yards.

    I enjoyed watching my son play high school football even though his team always lost. (Not his fault. 😉 ) But I don’t even like to watch high school sports, especially since it dawned on me that playing with your kid is really better than paying to watch your kid play.

  11. Some people believe that sports is a substitute for war. That may have been true back in the olden days, when there actually were “playing fields of Eton,” but I have come to the conclusion that “spectator sports” are merely non-sexual (at least mostly) pornography. Think about it; you sit and watch other people engaging in an activity in which you would like participate, but due to your inadequacies and lack of opportunity, are unable to do so. The observed activity is intended to culminate (“climax”) in a spasm of ecstasy when you vicariously participate in some other guy’s victory. How lame do you have to be to watch sports? I get it if you have a son or daughter actually playing, but if you lack this familial connection, what’s in it for you? Get out and play yourself (instead of with yourself), fer cripes’ sake! Ski (snow or water), hunt, fish, ride a bike, take a jog or a hike, pump some iron, even swing a golf club or go bowling, but please, for the love of God, stop supporting professional (and that includes collegiate) sports. Take it from me, life is too short to waste it sitting on your arse and watching sportsball games.

    • Hey Steve,

      You and I seem to have a very similar “take” on the issues on which Glenn comments.

      I particularly agree with your use of the term “vicariously” in describing the desire of (mostly) aging male super-athlete wannabees to “bond” with whatever team remotely represents their own background and/or ecstasy from being a “winner” (at whatever cost).

      The real tragedy of this obsession with winning at “big name” sports — especially those like football and basketball that place a premium on body size and aggressive body contact — is this. That it induces boys in poor communities to focus on those sports as the way out of poverty, when the vast majority would achieve that goal by focusing on academic skills such as reading, writing, arithmetic, and using computers for purposes beyond gaming and social networking over air headed subjects. And that promise to disadvantaged boys is perpetrated (either ignorantly or hypocritically) by mostly wealthy, mostly white male “fans” claiming to be promoting these boys’ “opportunities” for success in American society.

      What a self-serving scam, hypocritically endowed with politically-correct concern for the welfare of disadvantaged people, and blacks in particular.

  12. I haven’t watched pro sports in many years (and have never missed it). A bunch of overpaid prima-donnas who, because they can play a game better than most, think that their opinions (on any subject) are, somehow, superior to mine. I wonder if playing games in empty arenas/stadiums will kill the golden goose.

  13. I’m going to agree with Glenn about pro sports. To my mind anyone earning the outlandish amounts most of the pros receive is just not worth watching. And that includes Texas Tech’s own Patrick Mahomes who now owns the KC Chiefs.

    Pro bowlers, on the other hand, don’t make outlandish amounts and I find their skill to be worth watching. I do enjoy watching college baseball, and most of the time, college basketball; but, college football has become a semi-pro game and not a student activity.

    As for golf, there are too many really good players and that makes it difficult to “root” for one. Hockey, soccer, swimming and gymnastics put me to sleep. Professional tennis sometimes is worth watching.

  14. You do know that grown men and women would play professional sports for free, right? The same is true of actors and race car drivers.

  15. I thought I’d miss pro sports and then when I wasn’t able to watch I realized my life was better off without it. I don’t need poorly educated, overpaid entertainers who have a “platform” tell me how to think while they disrespect the country that has given them the opportunity to make millions! They say I have “white privilege” based on my skin color. I had the “privilege” of going to work at 18 and while working a full-time job, go to school at nights (no “on-line” degrees back then) and first get an associates degree, then my BS before getting my masters degree. That took 10 years. The company I worked for paid 80% of all tuition, books and fees. That was a benefit available to every employee and I took advantage of it. For that hard work, I received promotion after promotion and I earned every damn one of them. I get up every morning and go to work and put in long hours because that’s the work ethic instilled in me from my parents. That’s plural, by the way. PARENTS! LeBron, tell me again how rough you have it!

    • Good for you.

      Since at least 1970, various government programs and “affirmative action” policies by colleges and corporations have made essentially those same opportunities available to everyone. The main thing that has caused some groups (and not only blacks) to remain in poverty is a lack of respect in their “disadvantaged” communities for the principles that have proven to be effective at advancing in society in both economic and social terms. In particular, having a desire to learn practical skills that have market value, and girls/young women deferring child-bearing until they are married to men who care about them and their children, and have the maturity and job skills required to support them at the level that they deserve. Because ALL LIVES MATTER, and most importantly, those of our children.

  16. Well said. I like baseball but for years I have been getting tired of the social justice marxism and the metro sexual baseball announcers who are afraid to have an opinion and choose their words carefully. They always give pervasive accolades to a player for being a POC or foreign born.Seventh inning stretch in MLB has devolved into a “community” or SJW cause of the day. In addition, American fans fail to see how MLB recruiting has long hindered American players. Foreign players can be contacted much earleir than Americans. This is a systemic disadvantage.

    • Wow what a pretentious article. Since professional sports is -profit driven- their employees are paid according to their worth to their employer. I know, Capitalism is -hard-. People pay to watch because they (gasp!) Enjoyvit immensely. Your ball grabbing diatribe shows that not only to you not understand it, you have nothing but contempt for it. I suspect after all this is over that people will lovingly rush back to their favorite pastime, much to the dismay of elitists like the author.

  17. I love pro sports. And college as well.
    Can’t help it – I grew up in Fenway Park and Boston Garden, had two parents who made sure I shared their passion – and knew all the rules. My kids grew up in the games as well and coach their kids now.
    I hate what the anti-Trumpers are doing to all of our pleasures… (not just sports – the fun is gone, beaten to death)…so I’m not giving up on what’s left.
    Slim pickings indeed, but I’m in.

  18. I do miss professional sports, perhaps less everyday, and less every time a coach takes a knee to the Left.

  19. I’m the only person in my family who didn’t get the sports gene. I was bored out of my mind in school when forced to attend basketball or football games. I’ve never understood why anyone enjoys watching it or cares whether one group of mercenary millionaires who aren’t really from your town beats another group of same that aren’t really from the town they represent. I’m frankly grateful that the players are putting their ingratitude and anti-Americanism on display. Maybe it will turn off so many people that they’ll become like me, find better things to do with that wasted time, and the money squandered on stadiums and other sports-related junk can be spent more wisely. Biggest bogus of all: Nike, the virtue-signalling, Kaepernick-enriching conglomerate that makes its profits off Chinese slave labor, can go out of business.

  20. For over 40 years I have started my personal new year with the first game of the NFL season and ended it with the Super Bowl. I have been as devoted a fan as one can be. I love the game. However, I am done. No more. I won’t watch players who disrespect my country and who promote racial division and resentment. Do it on your own time. I will not pay to be given the middle finger. Goodbye NFL.

  21. I gave up watching MLB after the 90’s era players strike, and I did play quite a bit of baseball at a tender age.
    Today, I much prefer to be out and about on a bicycle or on foot exploring an area, or picking fresh fruit and / or veggies, or discussing wild and crazy ideas, like desalinating huge amounts of ocean water and converting the Sahara to an inland sea by piping the fresh water in. That seems like a much more unifying purpose of multinational efforts.

  22. I noticed that “Trump 2020” wasn’t on the NBA approved list of Jersey slogans. Must have been an oversight.

  23. I do enjoy watching sports. I’m of an age where participating in the major sports is no longer an option, though I stay active. I will miss the NFL. However, I will not support sports that disrespect my country and sow division. Principle over pleasure.

  24. Hear hear!

    An excellent suggestion. Let’s just say no to pro sports. There are countless better ways to waste, or not waste, our lives.

  25. It hasn’t reached the point when we can “stick a fork” in professional sports, but I love the trend. Now if only the virus and the shut-down engineers could as effectively cripple educational bureaucracies and their union-controlled factory schools — a.k.a. leftist indoctrination centers — then I’d regard 2020 as one of the most Providential years in modern history.

  26. Thanks, Glenn. I like baseball, but I enjoy playing in my local “old man” league more than watching MLB. Used to be a big Broncos fan, but after 32 Broncos took a knee during Week 3 of 2017 because the President was a meanie, I suddenly lost interest. I should be thanking them, as my Sundays have become much more productive and enjoyable since.

  27. When I was growing up, sports were a big part of my life, especially baseball. In those days, the players stayed in the same town for a lifetime it seemed and even by name, the players became a part of the family of the local community. Our personal feeling for the players was very strong and their image created an example for us to follow while growing up. I was blessed to become an outstanding baseball player and to this day, am lucky enough to pass my skills on to my grandchildren…without the spitting or scratching although they will pick that up themselves as they progress in the sport.
    I also followed pro football as well as baseball but that was then and now is now. Pro football has developed into nothing more than a political soapbox, supported by the NFL and the major TV networks that go along with that nonsense and pay the sky high money demanded by the characters on the field. I stopped watching pro football three years ago and have not been in a stadium for many years and do not plan to return. I still like to watch pro baseball which still seems to have players that have some common sense and management that respects the sport and it’s history. But lately, some decisions by management has caused me to believe it’s only a matter of time before the last remaining island in the pro sports world sinks under the tidal wave of political pressure by groups or individuals that have no interest in sports.
    I still watch and enjoy college sports because extremist politics hasn’t yet entered the picture but how long that lasts is any body’s guess.

  28. I miss sports, I don’t miss what they have become. I’d rather have sports back and let politics be played out on the news channels only.

  29. This is a silly position. Some people do miss sports. That’s ok. Making a declaration that you don’t miss it in this way, is a way of signaling superiority of your opinion. I don’t miss them either because I’ve never cared for them. Some people—even people on the right—enjoy sports and are bummed without them. I sympathize with them.

    It’s just like people on the right who talk about how they “haven’t watched a holly WEIRD movie in eleventy years!!1!” Okay great, I’m glad you don’t miss movies or whatever. I do. I miss going to the movies, I miss the movies, even the not great stuff they’ve been putting out. It’s my past time.

    This is the kind of d*ck move stuff the left does. Making other people feel about about what they like. How about we all just stop being d*cks?

    • Now that Glenn has apparently expanded his band of followers beyond the Aspen area of Colorado, some may not “get” this comment.

      The closest professional (minor league) baseball team to Aspen is in Grand Junction, about 140 miles to the west. As part of a social event there two years ago, I attended one of their games in their local stadium.

      Aside from mountain biking, Grand Junction takes pride in being highly supportive of baseball. In particular, it regularly hosts a “World Series” of community college teams. So, in attending the game, I expected to see a lot of local players on the home team.

      WRONG! Even here in western Colorado in the heart of the “Real America,” with the “All American Sport,” the majority of the players were from the Dominican Republic and other Caribbean countries. Not that they are “bad” people, but they are hardly representative of the local community.

      In terms of the quality of the play, I could barely distinguish it from that in the major leagues. That strikes an accord with my economics background as a prime example of the “winner take all” principle (more accurately termed the “winner take most” principle). That says that, in a very large market such as the entire U.S., a person who has (or is perceived to have) only a very slightly higher level of skill than another, can command pay that is many orders of magnitude (tens, hundreds, thousands of times) larger.

      Being more moderate than most of Glenn’s followers (or are they “disciples?) that strikes me as being fundamentally unfair. So, although I don’t support laws to make it illegal, I do my part by refusing to pay to view professional (or big name collegiate) sports events.

      That decision has been especially reinforced by the way that professional and big-name collegiate sports have abandoned any rational claim to being representative of a city or state, but have now gone to the added extreme of providing a podium for dumbass jocks to disrespect the traditional American values of the majority of people who are paying to support their sport.

      • I remember when I attended College of Southern Idaho in Twin Falls. It was the second year of its existence and still offered only night classes in the high school as it didn’t have its own campus yet. That year they hired Eddie Sutton to coach basketball. He recruited most of his players from the east coast. Boy, they were out of place in lily white almost rural southern Idaho! But the team won, big time. This was over fifty years ago and I left after one semester. I have no idea how things are now, but back then there wasn’t much connection between the players and the community. . . but they won anyway. So. . . yay!

      • To Boligat: I taught at North Idaho College in Coeur d’Alene, where we had so many black basketball players recruited from the Southeast that we jokingly called ourselves “North Carolina College.” The use of local taxpayer dollars to support a community college that did not use those dollars to provide opportunities for kids from the local commmunity still rankles me. The argument, of course, was that this created “diversity.” Thoroughly corrupt — all of it.

  30. I have never really been interested in sports, but even as an outsider, I am disappointed to see what they have become.

    There is one class of sports, however, that I wish would replace baseball as our National pastime: shooting sports in all their forms, whether pistol, rifle, shotgun, 3-gun, competitive cannon and artillery, and so forth. It’s something that will help us appreciate our 2nd Amendment rights, among other things!

    However, it is not clear to me how these competitions can become spectator sports (with the possible exceptions of shotgun and 3-gun). I don’t know if this is a bug or a feature, though — on the one hand, watching a sport can generate interest in participating in it; on the other hand, because it’s not a spectator sport, it will be a rather personal one!

    • For those who get a big thrill out of shooting — particularly with the possibility of shooting people who threaten the United States — they can do as I did in the late 1960s and volunteer to serve in a combat unit in the armed forces.

      As a civilian in the time since then, I have made no effort to maintain my proficiency at the fine art of killing people, and in fact have been critical of NRA types whose concern for Second Amendment “rights” far exceeded my view (limited mainly to an American citizen’s right to own weapons adequate for home defense and hunting).

      But with the recent outbreak of Marxist terrorism directed against both public facilities and private property owners, I am re-thinking my view as to the lethality of “arms” that law-abiding citizens should have the right to own — particularly to defend their lives and property when “progressive” politicians abdicate their responsibility to protect them.

  31. I can understand not finding a particular sport appealing; we all have different tastes, but your remarks reveal a level of hate for sports I find incomprehensible.

    One wonders whence the motivation; nothing to put into the cup?

  32. I only miss hockey. I don’t think there’ll be any slogans under the ice, but the Cup will be in Edmonton and Toronto. Toronto could be a problem…

    • Seconded. What I would like to say to those to whom it holds no interest is this — forget about what you see on TV. When things return to normal, go watch a game in person. It is night and day.

      I will finish with this. There is nothing NOTHING in sports that remotely resembles a Stanley Cup playoff game that goes into overtime. Even better, a clinching game that goes into overtime. Even better, a clinching game in the final round that goes into overtime. This has been true since I began watching hockey in the early 60’s with the Schaeffer Circle of Sports with Win Elliot in NYC broadcasting Rangers games. (Of course, I’ve grown up since and am a devoted Islanders fan).b

  33. This was always the agenda of the woke crowd: To get normal Americans to hate professional sports. It was one of the things that was fun about being American, so of course it had to go. I don’t mind cutting off pro sports if the organizations and players insist on being dickheads. But I hate to see the America-hating fascist left succeed.

  34. I fully agree, American developed sports; baseball, basketball and American Football are all the epitome of boredom. To alleviate any “sport boredom” you may be feeling, you should turn to Australian Football. It’s the most exiting game to watch in the world. It involves players wearing zero protective gear attacking an oval ball to posses it and move it froward by any means possible except a throw. Time-wise, it comprises 4 “quarters”, each quarter runs for 20 minutes plus time on – which makes up for time occupied in stoppages, such as when the ball goes out of bounds, injuries, goals (or behinds) being kicked, or when the umpire is setting the angle of a free kick on goal. A typical AFL quarter might run from 27 to 33 minutes, but may be even longer if, for instance, injuries cause delays. AFL breaks after the first and third quarters are 6 minutes, with a 20-minute break at halftime. Thus, a match with quarters averaging 30 minutes would last about two and a half hours. The game runs at full pace each quarter, it’s a lung-busting, body crunching, gladiatorial spectacle, there’s a Women’s League too. You Yanks could excel at it if you’d just let go of your cr@p home-grown so-called “sports”.

  35. …., oh, except Ice Hockey and Lacrosse, both awesome games which could only be improved if they lost the helmets and the shoulder-pads. Yeah, you Septics (WW2 Australian rhyming slang: “Septic Tanks”= Yanks) need to man up and lose all of that protective gear

  36. Why not combine sports and politics. Politicians are the team players. Some important differences though… no protective equipment, no referees, no emergency medical assistance.

  37. Agreed, an International competition in the Politician Biathlon involving the skills of Tarring and Feathering and Public Bare-Arsed Flogging, with the most craven getting two days in the Stocks, or even a triathlon, which could include Shooting!

  38. Non-white participation in Baseball, Basketball and Football is Cultural Appropriation. Which is wrong. Cancel Cancel Cancel!

  39. I played sports, mostly baseball, from pee wee through HS. And back then sportsmanship was stressed. Throughout my life I admit to watching professional sports too much. Although when I would watch MLB I would read a book at the same time. Anyway, pro sports started to turn me off even before the kneeling, with the behavior of the players, and the lack of sportsmanship. To see a guy stand at home plate and admire the home run he just hit, except it hit the fence and he’s now got a 330 foot single, or the endless celebrating NFL players, and now the posing in the end zone, has just gradually worn me down. On top of all the ME ME ME there is now the social justice crap. Don’t need it. There are much better things to do.

  40. I enjoyed reading the comments, as much as I did the commentary. I have loved sports since I was old enough to understand what was going on. While I hate what the virtue signaling, America hating professional athletes have done to the games, I’m surprised no one brought up one of my chief complaints with televised sports. The “know-it ALL” announcers who are too busy listening to themselves, are really a pain in my ass. Add to that the pre-game and post-game drivel, and the WAY over done sports shows on FOX, ESPN, and NFL Network that have sold their souls to be ultra “woke” by having over compensated in the number of female “experts”? The NFL is quickly getting to the point when every other play is being re-played by the referee, to be sure that one of his crew didn’t get his call correct.

  41. Marxists, Democrats, Communists and Leftists in general are working like termites to steal the joy of life wherever and whenever they can. Now they’ve politicized the innocence of baseball and football and stolen the joy of those games. Leftism in all of its nefarious and mendacious iterations is a bane and a curse of human existence. IMO, the evil of Leftism got big legs in the world famous horror-art of Pablo Picasso. Leftist evil has only grown worse. Here’s a review of young Pablo’s work written by a Russian Orthodox theologian in 1918. http://www.thesupernaturalist.com/TEXTFILES/corpseofbeauty2.html

  42. I am the king of my own little cancel culture world…since supposed entertainers continuously reveal their scolding and scowling selves as Progressive/Marxists, I have, one-by-one, stopped watching their series, movies, and plays…and the same for musicians and authors (Stephen King is officially banned from my library of books).
    And now sports has become polluted with sheer political “wokeness”. As a long-time S.F. 49ers season ticket holder I painfully say I am “done” with the players, the coaching staff, and the ownership. I will be selling my 4 seat rights. If a national boycott of “woke” (I detest that term) corporations and any brand that panders to the anti-white hating crowd is started, then I will be first in line to boycott…in particular NIKE.
    This is such a sad and unnecessarily terrible time in America’s history. But, fear not! If Trump loses, I predict there will be a miracle vaccine and cure discovered, say no later than early November this year which will be hailed by the Democratic press (i.e. CNN, MSNBC, etc.) as Biden’s first triumph as President (until he is taken out by the Dem’s removal from office of him via the 25th Amendment). And mysteriously, the BLM and ANTIFA crowds and their lovely non-violent protests will diminish and fade back into the vile shadows.
    So, in summation, I reluctantly am giving up watching my beloved S. F. Giants and the 49ers. and the Warriors…to Hell with them all! Advice: Do NOT watch any hating league games on cable or network TV…let the drop in ratings stir the rats out of their comfort zones. Pray for the demise of pro sports. I will stop now as my ranting is complete.

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