The Democrats’ tragic romance with the rioters

President Trump’s re-election chances looked iffy as summer heated up. Ugly video of clashes between cops and black men made conservatives seem on the wrong side of the race debate. The left seized the opportunity to make theater of the issue. It was a box-office hit.

But the left’s fondness for theater invariably leads them to act up, and then overact. Predictably, they escalated their theater from drama to melodrama to Rambo movies. Peaceful protests grew into riots. Buildings were burned, stores were looted and people were killed.

Their smash-hit theatrical production became, well, just a smash-up.

The rioting culminated at the commencement of the Democratic National Convention which was held, virtually, in Joe Biden’s basement. Or wherever. People wondered, what will they say about the riots?

We soon learned what they would say. Not a damn thing.

They never mentioned the riots that worsened nightly through their convention. The apparent reason was that the rioters hate Trump (and America too) and so do the Democrats. Under the tribal shibboleth “the enemy of my enemy is my friend,” the Dems figured that the rioters were their friends because both were enemies of Trump.

Friends don’t call out friends just because they’re looting, burning and murdering. At least Democrat ones don’t.

Think about that. One of the two major American political parties saw rioters as their friends simply because the rioters were opposed to the other major political party.

They also figured that the media Dems – which is to say nearly all of the media – would cover for them. The media did try. Riots got called “mostly peaceful protests” even when the video footage plainly showed, almost comically, burning buildings in the background.

As this summer of not-so-much love wore on, it became apparent the media and the rest of the Democrats had underestimated both the American people and the rioters.

The rioters rioted on. They repaid the friendship of Democrat politicians by going to their houses and threatening to burn them down. As for Americans, they didn’t buy that term “mostly peaceful protests” except to mock the clumsily biased media.

All this trickled down to the polls. Trump’s approval rating went way up, his re-election numbers also went up, and Biden’s went down.

Americans are skeptical of a worn-out, cognition-impaired, woman-groping, child-fondling, hair-plugged, tooth-capped doofus who has no plan to deal with domestic terrorists who vow to destroy the country other than to get elected and announce he’s not Trump. (I’ll give even odds that he flubs the teleprompter by announcing that he’s not Biden.) Especially after he failed to even mention the issue at his convention when he had a national TV audience.

Biden did say the riots were Trump’s fault, of course, though he didn’t say how. He’s also argued that Trump is encouraging the violence because it’s good for his re-election.

On that, he’s half right. He’s not right about the part that Trump is encouraging the violence. To the contrary, Trump has repeatedly urged the Dem mayors of the burning cities to allow their police to stop the violence, and has offered to send in the National Guard if the mayors and governors will simply ask for them.  

But on the other part, Biden is right. This rioting is indeed good for Trump’s re-election. The Republican National Committee could not have come up with a more effective tool.

Middle America has little patience with peaceful protests that aren’t peaceful and looting that’s re-branded as “reparations” and menacing thugs demanding that restaurant diners get woke and snipers shooting people with whom they disagree politically.

The current scene is reminiscent of the “silent majority” that Nixon called upon to re-elect him. That term “silent majority” has become a term of derision for the left because they know it’s true and they fear it. Nixon won that election in a landslide.

That doesn’t mean that the RNC is actually in league with the rioters. What major American political party would ever even consider siding with rioters for the simple and cynical reason that they saw the rioters as political assets?

The Democrats, that’s who. And now it’s biting them in the butt.

25 thoughts on “The Democrats’ tragic romance with the rioters

  1. It’s as if Hollywood set out to produce an epic, spectacle-laden, trillion-dollar remake of the classic clash between “the silent majority” and the “effete corps of impudent snobs” in media and academia, substituting black-clad Marxist thugs for the Woodstock-era flower children in the original. But despite the beefed-up sound and fury, it’s the same old story, with the same predictable ending. And central casting blew it: although Trump is a greatly enhanced Nixon-figure, Biden is even more pathetic than George McGovern.

  2. I totally agree with this. I’ve been scratching my head for months, trying to understand why the Dems think the riots are somehow helping them politically. Best I can come up with, the Dems mostly live in a bubble, and they get their analysis from CNN and the like. Anyone watching mainstream media–and living in that same bubble–sees everything bad as being caused by Trump. An asteroid on track to destroy Earth would–in that bubble–be deemed as something that would hurt Trump, politically. Because the asteroid is obviously Trump’s fault. That’s certainly how Rachael Maddow would spin it. Result: the Dems don’t realize the catastrophe that’s going to hit them in November.

    • The Democrats don’t believe the riots help them politically. They are practicing the extension of politics by other means. The riots of 1968 — at the Democrat National Convention in Chicago — were staged to romanticize radicalism and create nostalgia for violent protest (viz., “Return of the Secaucus 7”) in order to normalize political violence for the Millennial generation.

      BLM and Antifa aren’t political supporters of the Democrats; they’re anarchists whom the Democrats are using to destroy the social order and frighted people into acquiescence, aided and abetted by the COVID-19 lock downs. The end goal of the Democrat Party is violent overthrow of democratic governance just like their septuagenarian leaders proclaimed in the 1960’s.

      • Extremely spot on! Keep in mind the 60’s ding bats were groomed by the 30’s/&40’s radicles, this has been a 120 year path, if not longer.

      • To hrwolfe— Yes, many of the Stalinists you refer to were immigrants from Eastern Europe, many of whom were Jewish (Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, et al), which helps explain the particular umbrage the Jewish community had for Joe McCarthy,

      • To hrwolfe— Yes, many of the Stalinists you refer to were immigrants from Eastern Europe, many of whom were Jewish (Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, et al), which helps explain the particular umbrage the Jewish community had for Joe McCarthy.

      • Hrwolfe — Believe me, I revere McCarthy. Alas, even the Venona Papers have not kept him from being blacklisted by leftist history books. As for the Rosenbergs, I mentioned them as the best-known representatives of a leftist subculture — they were American born, but in what social and political circles did they move?

  3. Trump is a pig, he has to go and will . There’s enough swing voters for him to lose. Now the latest, disparaging remarks on the military, which are probably true just look how he treated McCain. No one of any importance listens to your tiny blog.

  4. About the Dems, I keep hearing Bill Murray in “Stripes” paraphrasing: “There’s something wrong with them. Something very very wrong with them”. And all I can come up with is Trump. He broke their brains and souls and hearts. TDS is a real psychological condition. If Trump wins again we may see things we can’t even imagine. Again, I hear Bill Murray, this time from “Ghostbusters”. “human sacrifice, cats and dogs living together, mass hysteria”. I keep thinking (hoping?) that a friggin landslide would be the equivalent of a two by four across the forehead, but I’m not sure anything will bring the Dems back to something approaching reality.

  5. Loved your article! There are a few people to whom we should thank for their contributions to the Democrat’s riot conundrum.

    First and foremost is Mr. Karma.
    Secondly, are all the mayors who so graciously and with humility accepted the do-nothing position.
    Third, we can’t forget the fireworks inventive genius of Liu Yang
    Fourth we owe a debt of gratitude to all those statues who sacrificed themselves without resistance and thereby contributed to the bronze scrap metal shortage.
    Fifth, Biden’s basement, that offered him refuge, especially during his personal struggle when his facemask was preventing him from speaking forthright.
    Without the above, who knows where we would be today?

  6. Excellent column. For months, I was mystified by the disconnect between what the msm was reporting (“mostly peaceful protests” and police brutality towards the “mostly peaceful protesters”) and what was actually going on in our cities (Violent thugs who were attacking the police, rioters who were burning down minority owned businesses and looting stores). I suspect that the media thought they could get away with keeping the reality from most Americans, but as the rioting spread so did the truth. And, instead of cheering for the rioters, citizens were shocked. Understandably, the Democrats were shocked also, that the Leftist bubble they inhabit is not an accurate picture of the heartbeat of America.

  7. Should Biden win, what will happen when the Hollywood wealthy are told Kamala Harris wants their money, and she is now in charge? Next the Dems will turn on Google, Facebook and Twitter?

  8. Remember when the U.S. had one particular political party that liked to talk about fighting for things like:

    * Free Speech
    * The Middle Class
    * The American Worker
    * Ending Overseas “Proxy Wars”
    * Fighting Corruption in Corporate America and D.C.
    * Control Over Healthcare Costs
    For years, this party was known as the Democrat Party. Now you’re more likely to hear these things brought up in a Trump rally. When they left the door wide open for a Conservative, populist President 4 years ago, the DNC insisted that without the “Russian Boogie Man” Trump was as good as beat. Here we are 60 days out, and the DNC is making up stories about Trump dissing our War dead and injured. That folks, is called a losing strategy. That’s a football team that knows they’re beat, so they sneak over to your huddle to tie your shoelaces together. Good luck with that.

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