My Congresswoman is packin’ heat and a lot more

Lauren Boebert is a petite 33-year old wife and mother of four boys. She gave birth to the third in the front seat of their pickup. She holds a GED in place of a high school diploma. Until last week, she’d never been to Washington, DC. She carries a Glock sidearm. (It’s a very fine piece, though I personally prefer my Beretta 9 mm, in stainless of course).  

She’s also the newly elected congresswoman representing us here in Aspen and the rest of western Colorado. To get elected, she first had to beat a five-term GOP congressman in the primary. There was nothing wrong with that congressman.

But there’s a lot right about Ms. Boebert. In fact, the New York Times calls her “hard right” which is good enough for me. (To the Times, of course, anyone who votes Republican is “hard right” in contrast to their “moderate right” columnists who vote for Democrats. By the way, when’s the last time they called anyone “hard left”?)

Boebert’s occupation has been to help run the family business in a town called, naturally, Rifle. That family business is a small restaurant called “Shooters Grill” where guns are worn by not just Boebert but also the waitresses.

She’s never held elected office but now that Colorado has elected her to the United States House of Representatives, Boebert and her Glock are going to Washington. She’ll take her piece inside the Capitol Building, which is discouraged but allowed for representatives.

Perhaps she’ll need it, though I hope she doesn’t. Recall that a few years ago a Bernie Sanders supporter opened fire on GOP representatives playing softball.

The left was unapologetic, and just getting warmed up. Now their stormtroopers, Antifa and Black Lives Matter, take literal potshots at police officers by shooting them as they sit in their patrol cars, and figurative potshots at them by seeking to defund them.

An art critic at The New Yorker tweeted after the election that Republicanism is a “social problem” that “must be treated in the same way coronavirus is treated; it must be isolated and snuffed out.” He still has his job, apparently because unlike his fellow leftist at another New York rag he hasn’t given his co-workers an online masturbation show, yet.   

The New York Times and the rest of the garbage media (ah, but I repeat myself) see Boebert as a target, as they see anyone who thinks the Second Amendment means what it says. As she walked past the Supreme Court Building last week, a partisan reporter (sorry, I did it again) hoping to catch a deer-in-the-headlights moment asked her if she could name a single Supreme Court case.

She instantly fired back, “U.S. v. Heller,” which is the 2008 case establishing that the Second Amendment applies to individuals, not just organized militia. She also mentioned Brown v. Board of Education, the 1954 case outlawing segregated schools, and stood ready to offer thoughts on the individual Supreme Court justices and the potential impact of Justice Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation.

The reporter slinked back to his garbage can to await the ambush of more vulnerable prey. But don’t expect him to ask the same question of Alexandria Ocasio Cortez who wouldn’t know the Supreme Court from the Supremes, and don’t expect him to characterize AOC as “hard left.”

Boebert’s town of Rifle is about 70 miles away from my town of Aspen geographically and light years away culturally. Aspen Public Radio – more of the garbage media, but one that you and I pay for – put out a piece prior to the election boasting that Boebert’s Democrat opponent had raised far more money than Boebert had. This, they hoped, with our taxpayer money, was “another sign Democrats are looking for an upset.”

For people who purport to disdain money, Democrats sure give it a lot of weight at election time.

When Boebert won, Aspen Public Radio reported it was “narrowly.” That was fake news. It wasn’t narrow at all; Boebert won by five points.

Maybe the garbage media’s real objection to conservatives like Boebert is that they refuse to be intimidated. Boebert is knowledgeable, confident and principled even though and perhaps because she didn’t waste four years being indoctrinated at some propagandizing group-think university.

Establishment Republicans like Mitt Romney, George Bush and, when he was alive and probably even now when he’s not, John McCain, who vainly and obsessively seek the affection and approval of people who hate both them and their politics, and always will, could learn a lot from Boebert.

She packs heat, along with brains, sense, courage and independent thinking. We’ll hear a lot from her. We’ll also hear a lot about her from the garbage media. Take the latter with a grain of salt.

18 thoughts on “My Congresswoman is packin’ heat and a lot more

  1. I guess, because she is part of a family business in Rifle, she can’t move to New Mexico and represent me. On the other hand I could move to Rifle. I’ll think on it.

  2. Glenn: I was pleasantly surprised and shocked to see Ms.Boebert elected to the congress. It should be noted my wife’s first cousin is Doug Lamborn. I know he loves his country and both he and his wife are true patriots.

  3. Five years ago, at a Republican dinner in Snowmass Village, CO, I found myself listening to Boebert’s incumbent predecessor, Scott Tipton, say not one word in forty minutes about either illegal immigration or abortion — the two issues that were sending Donald Trump and Carly Fiorina skyward in the polls like Roman candles — and I remember thinking about Tipton, “With Republicans like this, who needs Democrats?” And even though he proved to be fairly supportive of Trump, I was happy to see Republican primary voters eventually drum him out in favor of Boebert, whom most of my progressive neighbors view as a Deplorable on steroids — a “breeder” packing heat and defying Covid-1984 restrictions at her restaurant.

    The voters that elected her also re-elected Donald Trump, I am convinced, although history is unlikely to confirm that. My comfort lies in knowing that those voters own a lot more guns than the other side. Even you have one, I now learn.

  4. All real Republican Congresscritters need to strap on pistols and wear them around DC and on the job. No RINOs, of course, but then RINOs wouldn’t dare because it might hurt the feelings of their Democrat friends.

    • Hey, Glenn, this is just another fantastically great, perceptive, accurate, precise, incisive column, Ho, hum.
      But the nugget is this: “

      • The reporter slinked back to his garbage can to await the ambush of more vulnerable prey. But don’t expect him to ask the same question of Alexandria Ocasio Cortez who wouldn’t know the Supreme Court from the Supremes.”
        God will bless you, sir, if He is not blessing you already, and your boldness in your writing tells me that He is already blessing you. Amen!

  5. Like you I tend to favor a Beretta 92D. I wore one daily for 14 years as a federal uniformed officer. We qualified twice yearly at the local city PD range. We fired 500 rounds total each session. As part of the qualification we had to set up and clear issues like double feeds and stove piping. In firing 14000 rounds I never had an actual malfunction or misfire/misfeed in all that time shooting. Hopefully she will have a similar experience with her gun’s reliability.

  6. As for John McCain being able to learn a lot from Boebert, he couldn’t even learn anything from Sarah Palin. But Trump certainly did.

    • Isn’t it odd and interesting that conservatives are conned into feelings of intellectual inferiority by the left, and spend a lot of time trying to convince their intellectual inferiors that they’re smart?

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  8. Glenn – One minor correction to your outstanding article on Lauren Boebert: “…opened fire on GOP representatives playing softball…”. It was a baseball game, not a softball game. Cheers!

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