Best Columnist of Aspen!

Yeah, the votes are in, the recounts are completed, and the Electoral College hasn’t gone rogue. Over 7,000 locals and visitors, many of which are not illegal and not dead, together with essential help from colluding Russians of course, have named me “Best Columnist of Aspen.”

It’s on page 8 of the Aspen Magazine.

I admit to a certain satisfaction. This lefty outfit that conducted the contest is the same one to which I donated columns twice a month for seven years (I always declined compensation), only to be informed by a Christmas Eve email that they were terminating our relationship because my “values” didn’t comport with theirs.

6 thoughts on “Best Columnist of Aspen!

  1. anyone who can alliterate “predictable progressive pusillanimous pattering” to get his point across, deserves to win in a landslide

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