Go away mad or go away sane, Mr. President, but do go away

A month and a half ago, the GOP had a lock on keeping the Senate. Polls suggested Dem wins in places like Maine and Iowa but, when the votes were ultimately counted, GOP Senators Susan Collins and Jodi Ernst won handily.

In Georgia, the two GOP incumbents did well, but didn’t quite exceed 50% in a multicandidate race. Under Georgia law, that meant a runoff was necessary between them and their Democrat challengers.

The GOP – and the oddsmakers and pollsters – thought the GOP incumbents would win easily. Georgia hasn’t elected a Dem senator in the last generation. Moreover, both Dem candidates were fairly weak. One was tied to China and the other was a Reverend Wright wannabe, Fidel Castro sympathizer and wife abuser. 

But the Dems won today. The Senate goes to the Dems along with the House of Representatives and the Presidency. So what happened in the two month interval between the time it seemed the GOP had a lock on the Georgia runoffs and the runoffs themselves?

Trump happened, that’s what.

Trump made a fuss that he’d been robbed of the presidential election. There was fraud, no doubt, and there should be investigations, legislation and prosecutions to prevent it from ever happening again. But despite repeated promises from Trump and his lawyers, especially the formerly-talented Rudy Giuliani, they never presented much evidence.

In each case that went to the Supreme Court, they lost 0-9. That means they lost the conservative justices 0-6 and even lost the Trump conservative appointees 0-3.

When not losing court cases, Trump was criticizing his own party for failing to deliver enough in new stimulus checks and threatening to veto the deal – after his own Secretary of Treasury negotiated and signed off on the deal. His veto threat later proved a bluff that failed. After promising to veto the bill, he then signed the bill.

Then he went after two Georgia state-wide elected Republicans, the Secretary of State and the Governor, for enabling fraud in November. Fraud-wise, he was just getting warmed up. He ranted before the Georgia runoff even started that it, too, was fraught with fraud and that the fix was in for the Dems.

How many Republicans will bother to stand in line to vote if the Republican President tells them it’s all for naught? As it turned out, not enough.

It was classic Trump:  Ready-Shoot-Aim. All-Hat-No-Cattle. Talking-The-Talk-But-Neglecting-To-Walk-The-Walk. A strategy that was nothing beyond Look-At-Me and Aren’t-I-Great. It was the worst of Trump – a guy I voted for twice, campaigned for, and predicted would win both his elections. It was Trump as the two-bit attention-seeking carny barker.

Imagine you’re Trump in bed in the White House at about 2 a.m. Next to you are two laptops. The laptop on one side is a computer that you can use to post idiotic Tweets. The laptop on the other side is a gorgeous former fashion model. Which do you choose?

Trump usually chose the computer. I tell you, he’s got a screw loose.

The Dems in Georgia knew all this. Their explicit strategy was not to talk about themselves, not to talk about their GOP opponents, and not to talk about the issues. It was to talk about Trump, and to bait him into more outlandish balderdash. Anyone who thinks that Trump didn’t hurt the Republican cause in Georgia cause has to contend with the fact that it was Trump that the Dems ran against — successfully.

So here we are, Mr. Trump. You’ve lost the presidency simply by lacking the discipline to stop saying stupid things late at night because you crave the attention of the Twitter-world over the attention of your beautiful and brilliant wife — or perhaps I should say, your future former wife.

Now you’ve lost the Senate as well. Your vanity has turned the Federal government over to the Democrats – the weirdos who conclude prayers with “Amen and a-women.”

You did a lot of good things. That’s why I supported you. But your last two months have nearly offset all the good. The only lasting good will be your three Supreme Court appointments – whom, it must be said, have all lined up against you. All three.

I know you’re mad, and I mean that in every sense of the word. Whether you go away mad or go away sane, I beg this of you: Do go away. Before you lose even more for the GOP and the conservative cause.

40 thoughts on “Go away mad or go away sane, Mr. President, but do go away

  1. Our duly elected President isn’t going anywhere and the RINOs in GA aren’t either. Whatever scumbag wrote this ill-informed screed should crawl back into the sewer he inhabits. He is too much of a coward to sign his work and it has no value to anyone.

    • For the record, not only is my signature here, but also a brief bio. It’s all “hidden” at the top of the page and also under the tab, “About Glenn K. Beaton.”

      Quite ironically, it’s your comment that’s anonymous, Mr. “Pearl87.”

    • Dude, you’re WAY out of line. I vehemently disagree with Glenn on all this (see my heated remarks below), but he’s a long-valued contributor on the side of the Good Guys. Even when I think he’s wrong, I want to hear what he has to say.

      You’re commenting on HIS blog and he could easily take it down. Why doesn’t he? Because he doesn’t pretend everybody agrees with him on contentious, momentous issues. Who else does that in this day and age?

      It’s called character. Even when wrong, Glenn Beaton has character in spades.

      • I agree, Glenn has ki t in Spades.
        I also agree the President Trump has no selfdisipline when it comes to truth and impulse control.
        It’s time to go.

  2. There is massive evidence of election fraud, Glenn. The media has refused to cover it & the courts have refused to hear it, both intentionally. It’s obvious you yourself have not looked into it in any detail & aren’t familiar with the evidence. A presidential election was stolen, flat out. Problem with your stand is that no reforms will be instituted under Democrat rule – who are you kidding? They love & will enshrine completely standardless voting so they can fix any election they want. The fact that you don’t appreciate this is a huge blind spot you have. You’re rolling over. Just like the standard issue GOP. What a disappointment. Good bye.

      • I agree. It’s no good to have “friends” who don’t fight, & just give up in the face of abusive, rampant fraud & cheating, when the evidence has been intentionally ignored & deep-sixed by the media. The republic is being destroyed in front of our eyes & Glenn is down on the only guy who actually fights back. Amazing. Explains why the GOP generally loses.

  3. I share some of your sentiments, except not given up yet – believe in the end his fight will yield important results. There is no doubt now who the RINOs are. We – Trump supporters – have a real lock on state legislatures and congressional reapportionment. More and more Americans recognize the CCP threat. 2022 we will win the House and Senate.

  4. Pretty much my thoughts exactly Glenn. Trump just refuses to get out of his own way. There was obvious fraud and cheating in the presidential election, but Trump himself makes it hard to take it seriously. Makes me wonder about the protest in DC today. Is it worth it at this point? This must be how criminal defense attorneys feel when they have to defend a really awful and unpredictable client. Yes, an injustice was done, but Trump is so flawed he hurts his own case. But the other factor in all this is the undeniable change in the electorate in Georgia, and Colorado, and Arizona, and even Texas. Whether you or I like it, America is drifting Left. Decades of indoctrination by education and culture and all the rest is paying off for the Left. I wish it wasn’t so, but reality is what it is…

    • So you think it’s better to let criminal Joe Biden take power, which he will then use to rape America; than that Don Trump fight for what is rightfully his under the Constitution – since he won the election?

      Recall the Trump economy before Fauci ruined it. You can be sure that once Trump asserts his rightful victory, he’ll do something about that. Joe Biden would just keep on with the masks and shutdowns.

  5. The “no evidence” whine is just that. It did teach me that the only time a dhimmicrat will not use it is in the event that the evidence actually finds its way into a court of law. Since that system is entirely co-opted there is no evidence. Never mind that there is a veritable plethora of sworn statements of exactly the kind that gets murderers the needle: Eye witness statements sworn under penalty of perjury.

    • Remember Ed 209 in the original Robocop? He looked at the guy’s gun on the floor, didn’t see it and blew the guy away. That’s just what our judicial system has done. It looks at evidence proving criminality, doesn’t “recognize” it, and sends the crim back out into society to blow more people away.

  6. No, Glenn, the Left’s “explicit strategy” was to cheat. When you get the most votes by cheating, as Biden did, you did NOT win the election, you defrauded it. You want Trump to just give up when he won the biggest landslide in America history. What utter gibberish.

    If you haven’t seen evidence it’s because you haven’t looked. It’s been on tv all week under Here’s the Evidence. SCOTUS has been intimidated like so many others, apparently including you.

    I’m real disappointed. You have either lost the judgment you once had in spades or else you, too, have been intimidated. Sad.

  7. My problem with the court challenges is that it appears they have failed due to process reasons, not because of the value of the evidence. The courts certainly seem to have avoided hearing any of the cases by any reason possible. On top of that there is virtually zero objective reporting, just propaganda from major media outlets. The dems have been out to get Trump from day one, and despite their own ineptitude they seem to have succeeded by fraud. The system is totally corrupt. I think I understand where Glenn is coming from, but I don’t think this gets better by trashing the only guy who made a serious attempt to address the corruption. But who knows? I can’t read Trump’s mind, and he isn’t going to explain himself to me.

  8. When you’ve been cheated out of what you were awarded, it is a problem. A major problem. Sure, it’s easy to tell President Trump to just shut up, pack up and head home. But what do you tell people who elected him? Are we supposed to suck it, watch the country be remade into a third world hellhole while waiting in line to get vaccinated and turn in our guns and free speech? You better reply fast because you’ll be an outlaw if you wait too long. You are not only so wrong, you are part of the problem . Victim blaming is never the right approach.

  9. Don’t know what happened with Lucianne, but you seem to have far less in common with her than with her son, Jonah Goldberg, whom Paul Gottfried has labeled “the enduring face of the fake right.” In addition to opining on the state and future of Trump’s marriage, in the manner of a snarky advice columnist, perhaps you’d also like to analyze the Goldbergs’ mother-and-son relationship? I imagine it is about as complex and conflicted as my feelings about you.

    The above comments — particularly those by “Mrdoug1” and Richard Rail — have pretty much covered whatever else I might say.

    • Alas, I find I do have more to say.

      Given what you’ve written here, I can only assume that you will go on to blame what happened in the Nation’s Capitol today (January 6) on Trump, when in fact it is the natural consequence of the utter failure of institutional government to address manifest and extensive corruption and fraud. When legislatures and courts will not address the rottenness in the state, the mob is what you get. After January 20th, we’ll be lucky even to get that.

      • Don’t go all tribal on me, Chad. Just because we disagree on the subject of this column I’ve published, doesn’t mean that now we disagree about everything. I think you know that we usually agree.

        Specifically, contrary to your suggestion, I don’t blame Trump for the criminality of rioters. Everyone is responsible for his own actions.

        But you, in contrast, do seem to blame the criminality of the rioters on “institutional government” and “legislatures and courts.” I disagree. As I stated, everyone is responsible for his own actions, especially the criminal ones.

        Let me add one thing. Although I don’t blame Trump for the crimes of the rioters, I can’t help but notice that Trump has apparently not yet condemned their crimes. This could become a matter of life and death. Trump should have instantly condemned those committing violent crimes in his name.

      • Glenn, I didn’t say or imply that I disagree with you “about everything.” Far from it. But I do quarrel with your characterization of those who came to Washington today as “rioters” intent on “criminality.” “Violent crimes”? — some broken windows? Some trespassing on government property (which their taxes pay for)? Disruption of Congressional proceedings that are obviously 11th hour “show trials” that will leave “justice denied” for an even longer, much longer period of time.

        What did they set on fire? What did they vandalize or loot? Whom did they hit in the head with a brick?

        For an event staged by a hundred thousand aggrieved citizens, this truly was “a mostly peaceful protest” — that ludicrous phrase used to describe the year’s events in Minneapolis, Portland, Seattle, et al. Trump’s public response, I thought, was quite proportional to the nature of their “crime.”

  10. I’ve really appreciated Glenn over the past few months but he is wrong on this one. I’ve read several data forensic reports on the election and they are damning. The heist in plane sight. Especially the guy with the “Q” code.

  11. I keep thinking of the signers of the Declaration of Independence, each of whom paid for his bravery with either his life or his fortune or both. Then we have the SCOTUS who were overheard shouting that they didn’t want to be blamed for the riots that would ensue were they to hear the case brought by Texas (and numerous other states) and so the court declined. And, the other lessor courts diving for cover, refusing to hear evidence, rejecting every case on the basis of process.

    Now, how do you think the Democrats (and the media) would have responded had Mr. Trump been declared the winner amidst tens of thousands of reports of voting irregularities, anomalies, statistically impossible outcomes, vote calibrations following algorithms but aligning with no historical voting patterns, thousands of un-creased “absentee” ballots (i.e. they had never been sent to nor returned by a voter), etc. etc. etc. The Democrats would have been absolutely screaming for the last two months, there would have been violent protests and riots, and the media would be leading the charge with 24/7 reporting on fraud and the theft of the election.

    Glenn, you are a terrific writer and thinker. I have no idea what happened between you and Lucianne.com. I don’t agree with this or your previous column, but I certainly will continue to read your thoughts for as long as you care to publish them.

    • The “protesters” were armed, Chad. At least one person has been shot and killed. That sounds more serious than a “crime” in quotation marks. That sounds like someone was shot and killed.

      Don’t give me crap about “mostly peaceful protests” in DC today. I’ll buy that about as fast as I’ll buy the “mostly peaceful protests” in Portland and Seattle. This is tragic, a person is dead, the functioning of Congress has been halted, and conservativism has gotten two black eyes.

      Do you honestly think this helps the cause with suburban soccer moms? No, it doesn’t. This “mostly peaceful protest” sets back the cause of persuasion by years if not decades. All because some costumed marauders want to play at imitating Antifa violence.

      • Glenn your seem to be overlooking one very important reality. There will be no more “winning over soccer moms” because there will be no more legitimate elections. This was baldly & boldly stolen via massive, unprecedented fraud. You apparently have not studied the evidence because there’s plenty. You think with the Dems in charge of the entire federal government, election reform is coming? You can’t possibly be that naïve. The republic is lost & you are happy to just roll over. “We’ll get ‘em next time,” right?

      • The only people I saw bearing and brandishing arms were (understandably) the Capitol police, and at this moment no one is saying who shot the woman who was killed.

        As for “setting back the cause of persuasion,” today’s event followed decades of huge, totally peaceful demonstrations by Pro-Life and Tea Party groups that were ignored and dismissed by media and government alike. Conservatives haven’t been persuasive with our culture since . . . when? Only “Cowboy” Reagan and “Nazi” Trump created short-lived flickers of life among them. Otherwise, “Impotence, thy name is conservative.”

        BTW, for what it’s worth, “soccer moms” are now Covid moms, desperate women who couldn’t see past Trump for the cause of their misery.

      • I think the shooter was an Antifa goon pretending to be a Trump fan. The record of Trump supporters over the years has never, not once, included violence. Antifa, OTOH, is violent every time out.

      • Still can’t get past “already submitted” WordPress loop.Here it is: Hi Glenn,

        Your take is perfectly illustrative of the dichotomy between the Democrat party and the Republican party. The Democrats never waiver, never and fight, never question their leadership. Republicans and conservatives constantly question their leadership. When things aren’t going their way, they seek to find a side door to scoot out. But the most disappointing aspect is that conservatives and Republicans put personalities ahead of principles each and every time. The Donald Trump persona embraced in the media culture before he went into politics, has been used as a cudgel against him once the media realized he was the real deal: a pro-life, anti-globalist, real conservative. Every time a conservative or Republican found fault with Donald Trump, it is never a disagreement with principle. That is what is so frustrating. That someone lcould be swayed once again like the lemmings that fail to see how important the principles that Donald Trump has been able to forge in his accomplishments, and descend into yet another obsession with his personality. It’s just all so shallow and I have to say a bit of a disappointment and a surprise. Glenn I hope that you can see the difference and importance of always placing Principles above personalities.

      • There is good reason to suspect Antifa infiltrators did all the usual things Antifa people do. Breaking things and carrying on like wild animals has never been the MO of Trump followers; by stark contrast, it has been Antifa’s signature.

      • Your comment (which appears in the thread above — I have no idea why it didn’t appear earlier, as I just do the writing while WordPress does the mechanics) is perceptive in noting that people typically confuse personality with politics. I’m not so sure that Republicans do that more than Dems, but it doesn’t really matter for today’s discussion.

        I’ve been frustrated in that regard myself. I’ve never liked Trump’s personality, but I’ve always supported him anyway because I like his politics. I’ve urged others to see it that way.

        And so what’s happened over the last two months is not that I’ve suddenly decided I don’t like the man personally. I’ve never liked him personally. Instead, what’s happened over the last month is that his words and actions have cost us the Senate. What then happened this week in DC after this piece was published is that his words and actions have given not just him but Republicans and conservatives a real black eye. (Imagine if the Georgia senate elections were today, not Tuesday. The Dems would win not in close elections but in landslides.)

        That’s what I object to, and that’s why I want him to go away. Despite much good he did over four years, he’s now badly hurting the cause.

      • Glenn, Trump’s words and actions haven’t given the political right “a black eye”; rather, they’ve given the opportunity to the left to frame it, or spin it, that way. And all the Adam Kinzingers, Mitt Romneys, and Liz Cheneys just love it because, like you, they’re put off by Trump’s personality — the force of which so thoroughly incinerated their RINO antecedents (“Low-energy Jeb,” etc.), who could hardly be said to have been “conservative.”

        With equal directness — indeed, bluntness — Jesus told off the scribes and Pharisees, and for that he was crucified. Are you now in the crowd approving of Barabbas as the more appropriate alternative? Do you not recognize that Biden is Barabbas here and now? Choose him, and the madding crowd (like all those Jesus lovers) will soon know their place. And please don’t say that “the people” chose him in any kind of “free and fair” election, and that Trump is “unseemly” — indeed, a danger to America — in opposing this election.

  12. I’m seeing this a lot lately. Essentially “there was massive voter fraud but Trump and the rest of us should just let it go”. They stole an election and then 2 months later did it again with the same people, same methods, same equipment and we sit here powerless to stop it. Why would they ever let another honest election to ever occur again in these United States?

    • You’re right, there will not ever be another fair election in America again. They have seen that they can get away with cheating, and that the Republicans will do nothing absolutely nothing about it, so they can cheat at will, and they are happy to do it. What saddens me, is there is half of America that is just happy to go along with the cheating and violence if it means they get their way. We are witnessing the complete death of character, integrity, honesty, ethical behavior, and morality. Those things are completely dead on one side of the isle, and are dying on the other. I am disgusted with the dems but I always have been, but I am more disgusted with the republicans that just sat by and did nothing while they saw the corruption taking place and did nothing. The Republican judges who refused to hear the cases, the SCOTUS, for not hearing the evidence because they were too scared, the congress republicans and senators who changed their votes even though they didn’t know who stormed the capital. The democrats came out and told us, step by step what they were going to do to steal the election and the republicans just sat back and let them do it. I guess we deserve this. The republicans we have elected are too spineless and cowards to do anything about it, plus they are really only there to line their own pocketbook. When we realize that, and quit expecting anything from them we will all be much happier with them.

    • It’s clear that America is getting the type of debased government it deserves. But I think — hope — that you have something more providential in mind.

  13. I agree, Glenn has character in Spades.
    I also agree the President Trump has no selfdisipline when it comes to truth and impulse control.
    It’s time to go.

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