Vaccinating anti-vaxxers’ children is associated with autism in their parents

Regular Beatniks know that since last summer I’ve been enrolled in the clinical trials for the Pfizer COVID vaccine. Because it’s a “blinded” study, I never really knew whether I’d received the vaccine or a placebo.

The clinic called me last week to tell me that Pfizer was unblinding the study for people in my demographic (translation: old farts) if we wished. Moreover, Pfizer was offering to administer the vaccine to those whom the unblinding revealed had received the placebo.

I accepted Pfizer’s offer. They then told me I’d received the placebo. I suspected as much based on the complete absence of any side effects, as well as the antibody test that I took a week after getting the injection which told me I had no COVID antibodies. (Getting the antibody test was not prohibited by the paperwork I signed.)

Pfizer then offered me the vaccine. I accepted their offer, and received the vaccine this morning. 

I’m not dead, and there’s no evidence that I’ve even stopped being a regular Normie. In fact, I’m not feeling a thing other than RAGING INTERMINABLE PRIAPISM.

But. But, but, but. But.  Let’s connect some dots:

First dot: While under the care of the placebo, I didn’t catch COVID.

Second dot: While under the care of the placebo, I didn’t have any side effects.

Third dot: Some of the vaccine takers did have some side effects.

Connecting these dots tells me and anyone else who has no need for multiple data points (Facebookers, I’m talkin’ about you) that the placebo is as effective as the vaccine in preventing COVID. Moreover, it prevents COVID without the side effects sometimes produced by the vaccine.

Ergo, we should stop distributing the vaccine, and should instead just inject everyone with the placebo.

I recognize that this is not as easy as it sounds. Because it requires clinical testing of the placebo in a blinded study against, um, a placebo. That’ll take years. Or perhaps decades under a Biden administration. Can you say “Operation Slow-Mo-Joe”?

And it requires a distribution plan concocted and implemented by the government. That’ll take more years.

There will of course be heated debate when the wokesters contend that racial minorities should get the placebo first. Because social justice. But that’ll be stymied by racial minorities themselves who won’t want the placebo. Because Tuskegee.

Here’s the biggest problem. The anti-vaxxers are certain to become anti-placebo-ers. I can see the theory. The saline solution contains microchips that Bill Gates will use to monitor our brain waves and, when it’s convenient for him and not-at-all convenient for the rest of us, he will dial the microchips up to lethal voltage.

Which will lethal-ize us. All for the purpose of reducing world population to exactly one.

Ah, heck, I’m just joking. But here’s something serious. Recent studies have shown that the anti-vaxxers’ worry about vaccines causing autism is totally legit.

In those studies, vaccines were administered to the children of antivaxxers. Chickenpox vaccine, mumps vaccine, measles vaccine, you name it. The children did not develop chickenpox, mumps, measles or you name it. Nor did they develop autism.

But in later cognitive tests of the children’s parents, the parents scored very poorly. That’s right, there’s a strong correlation between vaccinations of the children of antivaxxers and cognitive dysfunction in their parents.

There’s just so much we don’t know when we’re messin’ with gene stuff. And we won’t know it for a long time. Really, do you want to put your parents at risk of cognitive dysfunction by being one of the first vaccinations in the second group of 30 million?

It gets worse. Autism in the parents of anti-vaxxers’ children might be the least of the vaccination side effects.

You see, in my own case, both my own parents have been deceased for years. Soooooo …. in my case there’s a direct correlation between being injected with the vaccine and having dead parents.

Take heed. If you get the vaccine today, it could give your parents autism tomorrow or even kill them years ago. The only prudent thing is to refuse the vaccine, and let them administer it instead to some foolish guinea pigs. Like my friends and family.

34 thoughts on “Vaccinating anti-vaxxers’ children is associated with autism in their parents

    • Anyone who can get the vaccine is fortunate. I am in SoCal. I am 85 years old. I am told that it is offered. Then I am told there are no appointments available. Then I read that Ca has only administered about 1/3 of the vaccines it has received.
      My daughter who is front line health care in LA County is worn to a frazzle trying to make up for criminal lack of planning.
      All of my older relatives in Florida have been vaccinated. Don’t ask why I am not in Florida; it is a long story.
      Then I am told it is Trump’s fault.
      I am not confused. I am pissed off.
      I am glad I stumbled on “The Aspen Beat”

      • BTW. for any anti-vaxxers. Both of my daughters are health care professionals. One on the front line as a Labor &Delivery nurse; the other at the hospital Executive Level (and working on the floor due to shortfalls.). They both took the vaccine as soon as it was available. The Exec, had COVID last summer; and is happy to have any additional protection. Give me the vaccine Gruesome Newsom. I have no reservations.
        (I grew up in the polio era. It was damn scary. Before that every kid got small pox vacs. Nobody complained. Nobody wanted small pox. I believe in vaccinations.)

  1. Whether or not you believe there’s potential side effects from vaccines or not, you’re obviously down with medical mandates ie., tyranny through medical mandates. Enforcement of vaccines by the military and vaccine passports, trackers at your doorstep just around the corner is completely unconstitutional and all about control. I’m shocked you’d be down for medical tyranny even if you’re all in for the vaccine. Hope you enjoy a masked future with the rest of the compliant masses.

    • Assume Pfizer will give you the second shot…I understand most in Colorado will not get the second shot per the timing stated (of course, suddenly only one shot at 50% efficacy, is now implied to be almost as effective as two shots). After 10 months of placebo, hiking many times with groups, having many different workers work in and around my house, eating out at the various times it was allowed, going to box stores to shop (even when masks were not required at the infectious start of the Wuhandemic), etc. Now, I am facing banning as I am not vaxxed and will not get a passport (will they give the passport to so many who only get one of the two shots)? Anyway, I am waiting for a better vaccine (J&J or AZ). During my placebo period, with no underlying conditions, I was (guessing) 95% protected with my levels of zinc, Vit D3, exercise and excellent immune system. Plus my DNA said I had the genes that showed resistance to SARs. But, politically, I will need a gov’t passport so I will wait for a better vaccine. Glad you will get your passvaxport as I know how you want to travel.

  2. There is a H U G E difference between an anti-vaxxer and people that are prudent about taking a vaccine with no long term track record, using a delivery method that has never been tried before.

    From most standpoints, the Pfizer vaccine is inferior in numerous ways.

    The Johnson and Johnson vaccine uses a delivery mechanism that has been used before in their ebola vaccine, and administered to hundreds of thousands of people over several years. It also does not require extreme cold storage, and has a much longer shelf life than the Pfizer. Therefore it is a much more safe and reliable vaccine if you were going to choose one. It also takes only one shot to be protected instead of two shots and 4 or 5 months of ‘semi-protected’ time offered by Pfizer.

    I would consider taking the Johnson and Johnson vaccine. I would not consider taking the Pfizer. If I am autistic, so be it, I see it as informed and prudent.

    • Actually, we don’t know if the J&J vaccine will be effective because the Phase 3 trial is still in process. If you have secret results because you’re a member of the data monitoring committee, let us know. Incidentally, the antibody tests that are widely available now do not test for the same antibodies that the vaccine produces. I understand from the clinic where I work that this antibody test will soon be available. Also, there is no reason to think that the Pfizer vaccine produces semi-protected time of 4-5 months. We know that it is 95% effective against infection and virtually 100% effective against severe disease. We don’t know at this point how long the protection will last. Whether to take the vaccine now depends on your personal risk/benefit analysis. A 69 year old acquaintance of mine, a marathon runner, died after two months on and off a respirator. A 74 year old friend of mine had two days of the sniffles. If you’re young and healthy, your risk from Covid is pretty darn small. The older you are, the higher your risk.

      • Interesting that anyone is calling this a “vaccine”. By strict standards, there is NO Covid-19 vaccine. The injection you receive is not triggering an immune response, as defined as a vaccine. It is an mRNA that codes your DNA to produce a mock-virus that your immune system responds to. This has been in the works for around 30 years and has NEVER been used on humans. If the “vaccine” does not produce the antibodies that we are being tested for, then either 1) the tests are bogus, or 2) the antibodies are bogus. Not sure what you mean by “We know that it is 95% effective against infection and virtually 100% effective against severe disease”. Are you saying he “vaccine” provides 95% protection against Covid infection? No one is claiming a number that high. 100% effective against WHAT severe disease?

  3. Although I’m not an “anti-vaxxer”, I know some people who are & I also know some people who are somewhat reticent or cautious for various reasons. I also know some who are eager to get it. I’m somewhere in that mix – not eager but not unalterably opposed, either. I’m not sure why you seem to relish creating a straw man here, & then vigorously mocking anyone who’s less eager than you. Your mocking resembles those “journalists” you regularly revile. Not sure why you do it, but it ‘s not a good look.

  4. “…clinical testing of the placebo in a blinded study against, um, a placebo…: Ha! Thanks for the good laugh at this line and your entire piece today.

    • It began with the “swollen erection” on the night of November 3rd, which lasted far longer than the four hours during which one is supposed to seek medical attention.
      Now, alas, treatment is no longer possible.

  5. Love your stuff. But you reached for this one. Almost had it. Many of your statements are absolutely true. I think. There are those crazies at the end of the curve. We all get that. But you paint with an exceedingly broad brush on this one. If people would not react with sweeping generalizations maybe we’d get somewhere. The number of Immunizations have gone from 24 to 72, just in 40 years. And instead of explaining all of them, the “authorities” quickly label and shame those questioning. We all know the rate of autism is growing. Maybe it’s better reporting, better testing, wider benchmarks, there’s nothing definitive yet, but parents are scared and just shaming them doesn’t help. Having the populace doing Google searches for 2 minutes and pretending to understand is a double whammy. I know you must understand the history of Quantum dots, There’s also the Gate Foundation support of ID2020, the goal of which is to secure the ID of everyone on the planet (it even says to secure voting, haa), couple that with the MIT (Gates supported) announcement of using sub-dermal identification for Covid immunizations (again for third world, and the remotely controlled birth control implant for those in third world countries ( Dare Bioscience with Gates Foundation support), well, someone not well versed in each topic might see a potential issue. Might be a lesser person could just see lots of potential for misuse. Not that that’s ever happened. Then again 40 % of the LA’s medical community have not shown up for their injections. Same in Mich. Same all over. Nice to know that evidently nearly half of all medical staff are either insane, illiterate or superstitious. And that you’re smarter than they are.

  6. Science: Based on a clinical study, the FDA has approved multiple cold remedies that have zinc as the active ingredient. Those of you who had biology know that can’t be the whole answer, since zinc ions are charged particles, which cannot easily cross cell membrane boundaries. Zinc ionophores are known to open a channel for zinc ions to flow into cells, so it makes sense to combine a zinc ionophore with zinc to get the zinc ions into cells where they can inhibit RNA viruses that depend on RdRp (such as flu, colds and SARS-CoV-2!) from using it to cleave. It’s just common sense. I use Quercetin as a zinc ionophore and take a zinc supplement with it.
    Why would I need a vaccine?

    • This information is false. The FDA has neither evaluated nor approved any of the cold remedies that contain zinc. Zicam has never been evaluated and has been classified as a nutritional supplement, not a medication. Quercetin is sold as a dietary supplement and is not FDA approved. If you are over 60, get vaccinated. If you are under 60, it possibly doesn’t hurt to wait unless you expose your 85 year old unvaccinated grandmother.

      • Since September, I’ve had 2 “throat tickles” which are usually, for me, the harbinger of a cold starting. Each time, I took one (1) Quercetin capsule with one (1) zinc capsule (total cost: 17 cents) and, within 30 minutes, the tickle was completely gone, and no other symptoms developed. Without the Quercetin, but with the zinc, I would usually have symptoms for at least 5 days (over 120 hours). IOW, the Quercetin made the zinc at least 240 times more potent in inhibiting the virus.
        It works against a very wide swath of RNA viruses, including all known varieties of cold and influenza viruses, SARS-CoV-2, etc. as long as they use RdRp to replicate. See for yourself.

  7. The problem with your imbeliclic post is this, Pfiser and Moderna did not create a vaccine. They are not biologics, the are protein antagonizers that do not innoculate. The stir up a protein response that has not turn off mechanism. By definition these are not vaccines. It is an mRNA injection with no long term studies to know their long term effects (good or bad). So to say this is a vaccine shows your ignorance and mendacity towards those of us who do research. You present to be an intellectual but at best you are a pseudo intellectual and at worst you are peddling harm to people who may actually think your not a vacuous dolt

      • He even misspelled Pfizer. And if he does research, it’s probably research in astrology. Or aromatherapy. It takes a real talent to compose a paragraph with so many grammatical, spelling and scientific errors.

  8. If there’s one thing that’s clear to me from all these comments, it’s that, just as this disease has confounded human intelligence for a year now, so its proposed “cure(s)” appears to be an unfathomable enigma about which no two of your readers fully agree.

    We are all traveling through the dark, and just about the only people who seem to know where they’re going are the Marxists and globalists who have exploited the situation for enormous political gain.

    • Interesting, I hadn’t seen that.

      They don’t say how MUCH less effective the first dose is in comparison to the Pfizer data. They just say “many” people caught the disease after receiving just the first dose.

      I don’t think Pfizer disputes that the first dose alone is not very effective — in fact, their own published literature says the first dose standing alone is only 52% effective. It’s designed to be taken in two doses, not one. The Israeli’s don’t dispute that the first plus the second dose still achieve over 90% effectiveness.

  9. “hey don’t say how MUCH less effective the first dose is ….”
    Correct; but, if it weren’t a fairly large difference, it may not have been newsworthy

    • It’s also possible that Pfizer’s data was based on a cross-section of demographics, while the Israeli data is based on the people they’re vaccinating first, which I presume are people who are more susceptible.

      I have no reason to dispute the news report, of course, but more information would have been helpful.

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