Olympics ads portray blacks as America’s good and dominant race

My TV has been broken for over a year (OK, maybe I don’t know how to work the remote) but I watched a little of the Olympics at a friend’s house this week. “A little” seems to be all that anyone is watching this time. Ratings are down 49%.

The events were dull but I learned something from the advertisements. I learned that most people in this country are black, and all of the good ones are.

Blacks, who comprise about 13% of the U.S. population, comprise most of the actors in the advertisements. Aliens in faraway worlds receiving television signals from earth are apt to conclude that the most powerful culture on Earth is run by good black people.

What aliens think about the skin color of humans on Earth doesn’t keep me awake at night. I do think they’ll be confused, however, when they land in Roswell, duly state, “Take me to your leader,” and then find themselves in front of a doddering, slobbering old pasty white guy who slurs out a challenge to a pushup contest, tells them they can’t get COVID if they get vaccinated, and calls them “lying dog-faced pony soldiers.”

Maybe the trip will make them reconsider colonizing Earth.

Even so, these Olympics ads would make me feel condescended if I were a black person. No, infantilized.

Infantilization of blacks is the official policy of liberals and Marxists who want to sacrifice or destroy the country for feel-goodery or socialism. To that end, liberals and Marxists insist on abolishing math, language, merit and laws because they think but don’t dare say that black people are inherently unable to do math, learn real language, become meritorious or obey the law.

They sloganeer “Black Lives Matter” as if the rest of us think they don’t. Meanwhile, they studiously ignore the black-on-black slaughter in American cities and label as “racist” anyone not ignoring that slaughter including black police chiefs.

The condescending infantilization of blacks in the Olympics ads portrays them falsely as a highly successful race that dominates America with their intellectual horsepower, their loving families, their gentle goodness and their ageless skin.  

The real story is quite different. Blacks on average do much worse in school, have an illegitimacy rate of 77%, commit murder at seven times the white rate and … well, OK, they do have ageless skin.

I suppose these false portrayals – these pats on the head, these attaboys – are mostly harmless. The ancestors of American blacks got a bad deal for most of American history. Now, today’s blacks get a better-than-average deal through favoritism in school admissions, hiring and promotions – and TV commercial spots – but maybe in view of the discrimination suffered by their ancestors they deserve some great PR too.  

My objection is not that today’s great portrayal of blacks is false, though the data tells us it is, but that it comes at the expense of other races. Today’s culture culminating in Critical Race Theory propaganda holds that not only are blacks inherently good but that whites and Asians are inherently bad. (Expect Hispanics to be lumped in with whites and Asians if they continue to migrate to the Republican party.)

It reminds me of old daytime TV that pandered to housewives by presenting dads as affable goofballs.

But it’s worse now. Races that are non-black are presented as something far worse than affable goofballs. They’re presented as racists whose typical aspiration is to join racist police departments headed, inexplicably, by those black police chiefs where they get a license to go around shooting innocent black gentle giants who plea, “Hands up, don’t shoot [please].”

Forgive my racism but I’m also left wondering, if America is systemically racist against blacks, then aren’t these advertisers conducting marketing malpractice in using mostly black actors? Wouldn’t racist non-black America refuse to buy products touted by blacks?

In reality, of course, neither blacks nor whites nor any other race is inherently good or bad. The goodness and badness of a race is the sum of the goodness or badness of the members of that race, each making individual decisions every day about what to do and how to behave. It’s a lot more complicated that “good” genes or “bad” genes or white skin or black skin.

The current obsession with portraying races as good or bad – by people who a few years ago were lecturing us that there’s no such thing as race – is divisive, false and destructive.

I’m done watching the Olympics.

18 thoughts on “Olympics ads portray blacks as America’s good and dominant race

  1. Classic subliminal MIND CONDITIONING. The weakest minds DON’T notice their conditioning and docilely succumb to it as if it has always been so. Liberals you know….

  2. Excellent column. As Mr. Beaton successfully describes, the pandering to Black Americans and the demonizing of non-Blacks is both fanciful and destructive. For those of us who do or have lived in any major American city, we know all about the actuality of who commits the majority of crime in America, and not by reading the crime statistics, but from personal experience. (I’ve read that if you remove America’s inner cities from crime statistics, we are one of the world’s safest countries.)

    On a side note about the Olympics, the tidal wave of commercials, the cheapening of both the enormous sustained effort made by all of these athletes and their resultant superb achievements, is also off putting. Also, at least for me, the huge number of sports, (many of which imho, don’t seem to really qualify as sports) detracts form the importance of today’s Olympics.

  3. That Black Athlete in Oakland who cold-cocked Former Senator Barbara Boxer and jack-rabbited away with her smart phone definitely deserves the gold medal in that particular Olympic sport!

  4. Its all about creating systemic institutional racism against whites to advance that ” equity” thing.
    Add in the policies proposed creating huge inheritance taxes when a family owned business attempts to will the company through trusts or gifts to the children.
    The proposed bill point blank states it is to transfer funds ” to those Americans in need”.
    We know what that means.
    Similar to the new farm program which only doles out monetary aid to ” oppressed classes”, minorities, most likely to exclude Asian farmers from what is happening.
    You can bet the next step is to forcibly take land from white farmers, ( excepting that owned by people like Gates, who owns millions of acres, or that owned by foriegn countries, which now equals the state of Ohio in size).
    And don’t forget the Antifa/ BLM crews last summer who went into nieghboorhoods demanding home owners vacate and turn over thier homes to the poor.

  5. Maybe they’re just getting back at us, the white, racist, angry, privileged, misogynistic, homophobe, males for the decades of advertising that omitted the blacks.

  6. Dear Mr. Beaton, I could not have said it as well. You hit every point so well. I long ago told my husband that we could never buy a Lexus (fill in other brand as appropriate), certain cereals and personal products (ditto), etc., because we are the wrong color. We have been recording anything we want to watch and then viewing on a delayed basis, remote with Fast Forward in hand. Re the Olympics, in addition to the incessant, highly discriminatory (racist) commercials, Mike Tirico, with his sun porch chats and snippets of events would have killed Olympics viewing singlehandedly. Thanks for your excellent essays…

  7. If they are too stupid to have learned what happened here, then they are too stupid to live in a civilized society.
    Warning them…only brings ridicule.
    So..they will deserve what they are about to get.

    • If you are going to be murdered, most likely, it will be by a sibling, parent, child or other relative, an employee, a co-worker or a close friend of the same color or race as you are. If you are murdered by someone of a different race or color, often it will be by someone you are associated with. A spouse or cohabitant. If you happen to be a criminal, by another criminal.

      Don’t have relatives. Don’t have friends. Don’t be a criminal. You’ll probably live.

      • Mr NW 3000, I don’t think the facts support your thesis. It may have been true at one time, but now if you are murdered it most likely happened in a senseless, often drive by, killing. The other fact is that your are likely Black, and were likely killed by a Black man. There is recently a subset, of police officers who are killed, by guess who.

  8. There was a poor fisherman who lived with his wife in a hovel by the sea. One day the fisherman catches a fish, which claims to be an enchanted prince and begs to be set free. The fisherman kindly releases it. When his wife hears the story, she says he ought to have had the fish grant him a wish. She insists that he go back and ask the flounder to grant her wish for a nice house. The fisherman returns to the shore but is uneasy when he finds that the sea seems to become turbid, as it was so clear before. He makes up a rhyme to summon the flounder, and it grants the wife’s wish. The fisherman is pleased with his new wealth, but the wife is not and demands more, and demands that her husband go back and wish that he be made a king. Reluctantly, he does and gets his wish. But again and again, his wife sends him back to ask for more and more. The fisherman knows this is wrong but there is no reasoning with his wife. He says they should not annoy the flounder, and be content with what they have been given, but his wife is not content. Each time, the flounder grants the wishes with the words: “just go home again, she has it already” or similar, but each time the sea grows rougher and rougher. Eventually, the wife wishes to command the sun, moon, and heavens, and she sends her husband to the flounder with the wish “I want to become equal to God”. Instead of granting this, the flounder just tells the fisherman to go home, stating that “she is sitting in her old hovel again”. And with that, the sea becomes calm once more, and the fisherman and his wife are once more living in nothing but their old, dirty hovel. Allegorically speaking, fisherman=white, God-fearing, hardworking taxpayers. Fisherman’s wife=black tax eaters. Can we expect our contemporary tale to end similarly? I suggest we white folks need to grab our fishing gear and get a divorce. That’s what I would call a “happily ever after” ending. But we all know that fairy tales don’t come true.

    • I like allegories, Steve, so allow me to try to tease the meaning out of this one.

      First, why the lowly flounder? Is it because it’s white on one side and dark on the other? Or because it has two eyes on one side of its head and none on the other? (Now I’m trying to relate it to Blind Justice, on the one hand, and, on the other, the Masonic symbol of the All-Seeing Eye on the back of the dollar bill.) Or could it be that as a bottom-feeder, it is like the humble Servant foretold by Isaiah, whose countenance we would not think to look upon?

      Second, might I humbly suggest that the wife represents Marxists of all stripes, for whom black lives matter only as exemplars of the entitled proletariat, and who infest our schools and universities. Divorce THEM, not black people.

  9. Our next COVID escalation is a Vaccine Passport (Didn’t the EU give up passport control?). Now, if a Voter ID requirement is inherently racist, how is a passport requirement not even more racist? Ouch.

  10. Infantilization. Indeed. There’s a lot of that these days.

    Just watched some snippets of the House Hearing on January 6, with Adam Kinzinger and several Capitol policemen (or actors, or whatever they are) weeping and wailing about the anguish they suffered as the Trumpian wave of “white rage” swept across their hallowed halls. Oh, the pathos!

    This is a bizarre breed of Machiavellians, who seek to rule by creating safe spaces and soiling their diapers.

  11. Perhaps the International Olympic Committee (IOC) should create a new category of competitive sports to include rape, robbery, assault, extortion and murder.

    Black Americans could easily clean up with all of the gold, silver and bronze medals. According to DOJ stats, they’re real champs, especially in the category of Black-on-Asian crime which is 280x more common than Asian-on-Black crime.

    The Harris/Biden Administration could then invite these “champions” to the White House for honors and recognition.





    Click to access cv18.pdf

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