Masturbation has replaced procreation – and love

In a recent mixed gathering of friends and casual acquaintances, a man made a joke about “mental masturbation.” A woman’s rejoinder mentioned her habits of the physical kind. Everyone laughed. I did too. It was funny.

That’s an exchange that would not have happened a few years ago. Back then, and forever prior to then, onanism was a fine thing that 90% of people practiced, often to perfection, but 110% denied. Heck, they didn’t even need to deny it, because the entire topic was taboo.

Not so anymore. Connect these dots:

*Online porn is booming,

*Sex toy sales are skyrocketing,

*Nobody goes to work anymore,

*But … pregnancies are down, not up.

My conclusion is that people are getting laid, a lot, but they’re all alone. Why go to the time, trouble, expense and risk of meeting and getting to know and love someone who might reject you when you can score online in minutes?

Regardless of my prudery (which is arguably its own form of eroticism) this doesn’t seem like a good sign for the health and propagation of our culture.

In fact, the whole shebang is not sustainable. Truth is now relative, mathematics is racist, beauty is scorned as privilege, justice means racial “equity,” work is disdained while indolence is glorified, art is designed to shock, merit has been canceled, societal wealth is achieved by borrowing money from our grandchildren – of whom there may be none at the rate we’re going – and the cheating Russians can compete in the woke Olympics by simply changing their name.

Problems are not to be solved but to be felt, vagrants are victims, racial discrimination is OK so long as it’s against overachieving races like Asians, ice cream companies imagine that they’re philosopher kings, the government monitors your cell phone texts for illicit comments about the vaccine, the president is an avatar for, um, who knows, the slogan for the age is “burn it down,” the wilderness is protected but the cities are trashed, “friends” are social media images you’ve never met, children are forced to wear masks because the forcers enjoy forcing them to, people can change their genders as fast as they change their minds, and back again, and what passes for intimacy is online at 60 frames per second with 4k resolution.

This is a civilization in its death throes. We deserve it. We were given everything and pissed it all away in billions of one-person orgies of emotional, physical and political self-abusing and society-destroying feelgoodery.

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15 thoughts on “Masturbation has replaced procreation – and love

  1. All things change Glenn. Once Bernadette Peters sang Making Love Alone on SNL, all bets were off! Humanity is a strange thing.

  2. Definitely a one sided rant rant but yes, a civilization in its death throes. Has there ever been one that didn’t die? One dies, another replaces it. We can slow the process down and speed it up (We both in various way and depending on point of view)) but it is the nature of existence; people, viruses, businesses, civilizations, forests, planets, stars, galaxies, perhaps universes. . . . all come and go. We didn’t blow it. We ARE it.

    • All true enough, but this civilization was built by Christian Apostles who sought to help us be a little MORE than what we ARE in a fallen world. If their vision and their example could help a Milo Yiannopoulos recently celebrate a full year of being “sodomy free,” and even dream of “family,” then who knows what any of us might accomplish? Why yield to fatalism?

  3. Epic Rant. Yup. Pretty much on point. The NYT is no longer in thrall to the CP-USSR. It now does the bidding of CCP.

  4. Glen, the future belongs to those who breed. Period. There is no other possible outcome. Call it the War of the Wombs where the winner inherits the earth. One only has but tp look at those countries with positive natural growth rates to see what is coming, see what is inevitable. Those who believe they are saving the planet by not having children are doing no such thing. Their preening egos have surrendered to forces they neither see nor understand.

  5. “Sex is like bridge: If you don’t have a good partner, you’d better have a good hand. — Woody Allen
    “Masturbation is having sex with the person you love the most.”

  6. Well, this certainly cuts to the quick and the marrow.

    John Milton’s Satan famously declared, “The mind is its own place; it can make a Heaven of Hell, and a Hell of Paradise.” Most of us appear to be attempting the former and achieving the latter.

    Congratulations. I’m proud to be one in a half-million. (Or does my having read you hundreds of times make me hundreds of readers? 😁)

  7. Since you end this on an quasi-eschatological note, and you’re a Dylan fan, I’m reminded of the line, “There’s a slow, slow train coming’ up around the bend.”

  8. For what it’s worth, Dennis Prager claims that of all the things that Prager University promotes and condemns, what leftists criticize most often and most strongly is its endorsement of marriage. So there we have it — love and procreation are what Marxists hate most.

    • Wait. First, Leftists are mostly not Marxists. Second, I’m a leftist in that I believe in more social regulation of individual behavior than we have in our country (Vaccine mandates) and I believe that wealth accumulation should be drastically limited . (Nobody needs or deserves more that $2 billion. BTW, that’s WAY more than Marxism allows). Nonetheless, I’ve been married for nearly 58 years (to the same person.) I don’t think monogamous marriage is the only way to live a good life, but it’s certainly time-tested and I do recommend it to anyone considering it. You don’t have to agree with me, but please don’t argue with name calling or simplistic labels. (you know – like calling every leftist thinker a Marxist) Remember, Dennis Praeger would never stoop to that level

      • First, let me congratulate you and your wife on your marriage. Bravo and brava!

        Regarding your distinction between two political labels, it seems to me that all of the energy in the Democrat Party currently comes from people who are anti-God (unless God is understood as a vague, pantheistic life force — “Mother Nature,” etc.), anti-marriage and family (BLM’s website was originally quite upfront about this), anti-sex (understood as a biological marker and determinant of social roles), opposed to all manifestations of social stratification, hierarchy, class structure, and different levels of status and wealth, all of which are enforced by “The Man” — police pawns who must therefore be defunded and “reimagined.” All of this — the class envy, the obsession with “equity,” and the hatred of Northern European, Christian, capitalist society — is Marxist, through and through.

        I will concede this to Marxists and to your “leftist” desire for more ”regulation of individual behavior” — in Communist-bloc countries crime was almost unknown, for obvious reasons. Not exactly what you Democrat leftists are effecting today — which is little more than anarchy, lawlessness at every level of social organization and government (I use the word sarcastically).

        As for your proposed cap on individual wealth, just what limits are you prepared to impose on Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, George Soros, et al., who are either advancing your agenda by strangling the First Amendment, or, as in the case of Gates, buying up all our farmland and promoting New World Order totalitarianism?

        Enough. I’ll close by saying that I admire your interaction with Glenn and readers such as I. You’re kind of alright. 😉

  9. Anybody notice that the Democrats and Leftists more generally don’t support anything that might result in a child being born? Abortion up to the day of birth? Check, Transgenderism including allowing children to be mutilated and sterilized so their body comes closer to conforming to the gender they desire? Check. Gay marriage? Check. Family law that totally favors women over men, and makes if financial suicide for men to get married and have kids if the women decides to change her mind about death do us part (70% of divorces are initiated by women)? Check. The Democrat party would have died long ago if Ted Kennedy hadn’t opened up the immigration gates and every Democrat since Johnson hadn’t practiced open borders to an ever increasing degree to keep and expand a new supply of socialists.

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