Aspen conservative voted “Mr. Aspen” and “Best Columnist” after the liberal Aspen Times fired him

For seven years, I was the conservative columnist for the Aspen Times. Democrats outnumber Republicans three to one in Aspen and about twenty to one at the newspaper, where I was the one.

Despite the liberal leanings of the Aspen Times and its readers, my conservative column became the most-read thing in the newspaper. It often garnered more clicks than front page news and, I suspect, even the real estate ads for $4,000/sq ft condos.

But I evidently wasn’t hired to be a conservative success. Rather, I was hired to be a conservative token. On Christmas Eve in 2019 after savoring the clicks I had generated for seven years, they fired me in an email taking potshots at my writing. Their email culminated in the observation that my “values” did not comport with theirs.

About that last point, they may have been right.

That was a few weeks after my column again took aim at the Aspen establishment for soaking the public by giving themselves taxpayer-subsidized housing for dimes on the dollar. Those houses are sometimes adjacent the ski mountain and worth millions.

The liberal establishment that treats itself to this exorbitant housing at taxpayer expense includes, coincidentally, some of the editors, reporters and other columnists at the Aspen Times, the company that fired me after I reported on it. Small world, huh?

But Karma has a long memory.

The Karma that came my way was the good kind. I continued writing my blog after the Aspen Times fired me, and it took off. This was partly because I became more candid about my conservative sentiments when I no longer had to worry about being muzzled, partly because my firing became a national story which drew attention to me, and partly because I began writing about three times as much.

The website host of my blog, WordPress, tells me I recently passed the half-million mark in readers. To put that in perspective, the Aspen Times circulation is a few percent of that.  

The Karma that came to the Aspen Times was different but equally fitting. They conduct a “Best of Aspen” contest every year where readers vote on “best” this and that. One category is “Best Columnist.”

For year 2020 when I was only writing a blog rather than a formal column after being fired by the Aspen Times back on Christmas Eve in 2019, the winner of “Best Columnist” was . . . yours truly.

It gets better. I’ve continued to write my blog and it continues to draw new readers. This year the Aspen Times once again held its annual “Best of Aspen” contest. For the second year in a row, I won “Best Columnist” even though I’m only writing a blog. The link is HERE at page 24.

And it gets even better than that. The marquee category in the Aspen Times’ contest is “Mr. Aspen.” (Don’t worry, they’ll surely have a “Mx. Aspen” soon.) In addition to voting me “Best Columnist” again, the readers of the Aspen Times in this year’s contest voted me “Mr. Aspen.” The link is HERE at page 22.

I demand a crown and the keys to the city. Or at least the keys to some of those taxpayer-subsidized slope-side digs.

One last thing. The Aspen Times is being purchased in a few weeks by a family-owned newspaper company out of West Virginia. The head is a registered Republican.

Merry Christmas!

For all this, I thank my readers. You’re the best. I may or may not have those bad values for which the Aspen Times fired me. That judgment is beyond my pay grade, at least in this world. But in any event, I’m in good company with readers like you. Thank you.

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48 thoughts on “Aspen conservative voted “Mr. Aspen” and “Best Columnist” after the liberal Aspen Times fired him

  1. Congratulations Mr Aspen!

    Your popularity undoubtedly helped persuade the newspaper sale to a new owner. May you continue to frustrate the Left to leave, something all conservatives need to do wherever they live. There’s hope after all in this upside down world.

    Art Hyland

  2. Heh … I just love the sense of poetic justice.

    The Aspen Times’ dogma just got run over by karma.

    Congrats and enjoy your titles!

    BTW … was there a swimsuit competition that is part of this contest?

    Also … do you get to give a speech in which you can vow to fight global hunger and advocate for world peace?

    Regardless … have fun with your crowning titles. Have a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous 2022.

  3. met you once, long time ago, when visiting my daughter at her office; who would think be still reading your column; keep writing/moving. j fetter

  4. I’ve been waiting for the results, having voted I kept getting “invitations” to some event where these awards would be revealed. Oh how revenge is a dish best eaten cold. Many more successes in the future…do you think you’ll return to the paper?

  5. Congratulations, Glenn. You need a hat or badge. Something that identifies you as Mr. Aspen. Of course, none of this is news to your readers. We know how good you are. Aspen is finally catching up! The new owners sound great. Merry Christmas.

  6. I’ve read your column for years…even in your Aspen Times era. Know the territory and can only imagine how many of those Libs cringed when they read what you wrote. The Truth. Glad you have not only kept on keepin’ on, but flourished and become a local celebrity. Delicious! Happy for you; happy for us that you’re still going strong.

  7. True karma will be if those who were responsible for firing you are themselves fired by the new owners, and that your blog columns are a regular feature again.

  8. You ‘da best Glenn! I love that the bigger world is beginning to notice and love the irony of the Aspen Times “awards.”

  9. Great news, Glenn. This fortifies my belief that there is indeed a God. Maybe, just maybe there is hope for this country.

  10. This is the first I’ve seen what you’ve been hiding under your hat. Wow! I never knew. My entire impression of you has changed. But for me, you remain the best writer in Aspen. Congratulations on becoming Mr. Aspen, whatever that means. Keep up the good work. Merry Christmas to you and yours.

    • Personally, as a Yule Brenner toady, I think the hat is very smart. I have many myself but my favorite is the big ass Aussie one. I have voted your new success in true spite over the Aspen Times as “Ha, Ha, of the Year” for 2021 on FB.

  11. Nicely done, Glenn!

    No doubt you’re experiencing schadenfreude at the fate of your former publisher. I share it.

    Perhaps the new owner will support diversity of opinion in the Aspen Times again.

  12. Having spent 25 years in Idaho, where I got to set my clock back 20 years, I too arrived in these parts 12 years ago, finding myself in a land giddy over its vote to legalize weed, obsessed with the redemptive power of art — no matter how meaningless or bad, committed to abortion “rights,” intoxicated by the feel-good faux-intellectualism of The Aspen Institute, neurotic over “climate change,” and so on.

    In this milieu you were good medicine, Glenn — a voice in the wilderness. Many thanks.

  13. Mazel tov! As a “snowbird” who spends half the year in the deep blue Commonwealth of Massachusetts (I’m the token conservative on Cape Cod!) and half in the wonderful red state of Florida, I love seeing your emails and great observations. Keep up the great work! Loren Charif Great Island, Cape Cod, and Osprey, FL


  14. I am proud to have voted early and often for Glenn for best columnist as well as Mr. Aspen. I won’t personally claim credit for his victories in both categories, but my heart’s cockles are warmed to know that I was part of the electoral tsunami..My only regret is that I began to receive emails from the paper itself, and it took numerous “unsubscribe me” retorts to rid myself of the unwanted intrusions into my mailbox.

  15. Caught your headline on a conservative blog, looked at your homepage and found some great writing, “favorited” your homepage, sent along the link and spread some joy to family and friends… Thank you.

  16. My opinions and values are generally, though not always well left of center. But, I’m a strong supporter of freedom of ideas, speech, the press and well-written language. I think your columns are sometimes unduly hateful but like I said, freedom of speech. You deserve the is recognition. Congratulations. BTW, if the Times new owner is a sincere Republican, he will support the paper’s local editorial freedom.

  17. What more can I say but BIG congratulations ?? , bravo and well done! I am proud to be one of your new subscribers ? ? ?? Kathleen “Kate ” Flaharty GOP HD6 Chairwoman, Co-Captain & Windsor Gardens Republican Club organizer last 5 years

    Sent from my T-Mobile 4G LTE Device Get Outlook for Android


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  20. Congratulations again. I felt honored some years ago for my letter commenting on their socialist opinions on healthcare, which I practiced for 6 decades. I explicitly said that they must print the letter in its entirety or not at all. I was flattered when they included their objections below my letter. Good for them.

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