Don’t hate Joe for his senility; hate “doctor” Jill and his other handlers for their elder abuse

After another loss at the Supreme Court and on the verge of more losses at even the Democrat-controlled Senate, the guy who used to be Joe Biden read a speech last week that someone wrote:

“The next few days … will mark a turning point in this nation’s history. Will we choose democracy over autocracy, light over shadows, justice over injustice? I know where I stand … I will defend … our democracy against all enemies – foreign and, yes, domestic.”

“Where will the institution of the United States Senate stand? … “Will you stand against voter suppression? Yes or no? … Will you stand against election subversion? Yes or no? Will you stand for democracy? Yes or no?”

“I ask every elected official in America: How do you want to be remembered? … Do you want to be … on the side of Dr. King or George Wallace? Do you want to be on the side of John Lewis or Bull Connor? Do you want to be on the side of Abraham Lincoln or Jefferson Davis?”

This is unadulterated crap. The Georgia voting laws he’s demagoguing as fascist and racist are less strict than in Biden’s liberal home state of Delaware and less strict than in uber-liberal New York State.

And of the bad guys Biden mentioned, all were Democrats, while two of the three good guys he mentioned – King and Lincoln – were Republicans.

The question is not why Biden reads this hateful nonsense off the teleprompter that he gets propped in front of – or rather misreads in his stumbling, incoherent fashion. That question was answered long ago. It’s because he’s always been stupid, shallow and eager to pander to an audience, and now he’s demented to boot.

The question is, who writes this angry, self-important, sophomoric pablum? I have two theories, one general and one specific.

The general theory is that it’s written by his handlers. That theory is of course accurate to some degree. All presidents have speech writers who assist them somewhat, as Peggy Noonan did with Ronald Reagan or, more extensively, as Ted Sorensen did with John Kennedy.

Biden’s chief speechwriter is a guy named Vinay Reddy. Mr. Reddy was Biden’s speechwriter when Biden was Vice President. While Biden wandered in the wilderness for four years during the Trump administration, Vinay oversaw communications for the National Basketball Association, an organization whose communications with the public have not been exactly stellar.

Don’t assign all the blame to Vinay, however. Biden’s handlers go far beyond speechwriters. Speculation abounds that Biden is largely controlled by some combination of Russians and Chinese who have Kompromat from Hunter’s laptops and lap, Biden’s intellectual superiors – a large group starting with Barack Obama – and the hard left such as the teachers unions to whom he owes favors and who play on Biden’s vainglorious image of himself as Franklin Roosevelt.

Those are the people willing to further their own selfish or foreign or sometimes traitorous agenda by making a fool of this formerly stupid and currently senile old man. These are not good people.

On to my specific theory. There’s an individual who (1) is personally close to Biden, (2) is hard left, (3) is untouchable by others in the White House, (4) has her own political axes to grind and (5) is completely trusted by Biden.

Consider the evidence. First, no professional writer would write the tripe that appeared on Biden’s teleprompter last week. Even those who agree with Biden’s position had to admit that the speech was not persuasive. Al Sharpton remarked that it was just a “You’re goin’ to hell” speech.

No, that piece was not the work of a professional. It was written by a person imagining herself as an intellectual. Someone who was mocked for early displays of grandiose authority and pseudo-intellectualism in the administration.

It’s someone deeply invested in turning around or at least propping up a failing and flailing president.

It’s someone who promised that the teachers unions to which she belonged would always have a seat at the political table. Someone whom Biden trusts in a way that transcends politics.

Someone who assigned herself the title “doctor” for an insipid Ed.D. Someone whose silly “doctorate” thesis contained a typo in the first paragraph.

Someone like Jill.

Jill imagines she’ll go down in history with Eleanor Roosevelt for brightly and courageously defending a husband president against the ravages of old age at a difficult time in history.

JIll, I have news for you. You’re no Eleanor Roosevelt. You’ll go down in history as a lightweight opportunist who carelessly and cruelly subjected your declining husband to the vagaries of infirmity and the ridicule of a hard and partisan world, and in doing so compromised the interests of America, all to gratify your big ego and burnish your small credentials.

Like Biden’s professional handlers, and even more so since your job is not just to handle the president but also to love and care for your husband, you too will go down in history as not a good person. I pray you don’t take America down with you.

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25 thoughts on “Don’t hate Joe for his senility; hate “doctor” Jill and his other handlers for their elder abuse

  1. Good observation. I have no doubt you are correct it is primarily Jill involved in the pablum he spouts.
    Historians , well, if there are any still around who are free to speak freely,will reflect back and concur with your analysis.

  2. Been reading your column for 3-4 months and like your style. You have said exactly what I have been thinking. Many of his actions and speeches have been extremely “amateurish” and not written by a professional as you say. I suspect that Dr Jill has the power to control what information he is to present……and has probably written most of it. I bet nothing goes to Joe without her OK. I suspect she thinks she is the smartest wife of the POTUS that America has ever had. If so she is terribly wrong. SHE knows Joes situation more than anyone else. To let your very sick husband make a fool of himself in public, while you feel like you are the greatest and smartest first lady ever, is destroying your loved on, destroying the country and destroying the democrat party. For Dr Jill, for placing her loved on in this position, to stroke her vast ego, God will have a place for you in the end. I bet you may not like it.

  3. Fabulous and just absolutely on point. You speak of things most only wondered about but when you mention EdDoc Jill was a member of the Teacher’s Union, it all clicked together. The dripping irony of the “bad guys” mentioned all being Democrats while the “good guys” were Republicans was apparently not on EdDoc Jill’s radar.

    I have never understood the supposed appeal…even his political opposition would describe Joe Biden as affable, cheery and a hail fellow well met type. I never saw that. Instead I saw the vulpine grimace masquerading as a smile as he tried to dismantle VP nominee Rep Paul Ryan through ad hominem and strawman arguments. I remember that debate, and at a meeting afterward some chortling about how Biden had eviscerated Ryan but my reaction was a complete negative. I thought him totally without class, inarticulate and making up in bombast what he lacked in intellectual capacity. My opinion never changed and that he was elected President just vindicates the PT Barnum phrase “there’s a sucker born every minute.” Your comment: ” he’s always been stupid, shallow and eager to pander to an audience, and now he’s demented to boot” was perfect.

    He is terrible. She EdDoc Jill is worse. At least we can give him some latitude for his never stellar but now greatly diminished capacity.

    I am just dying to hear what he says at the SOTU. Will Nancy clap like a trained seal? Will the females turn up in their Handmaid’s Tale garb? Grab the popcorn….but don’t tell Joe or he’ll think it’s CornPop waiting for him out in the alley.

  4. Actually, Martin King was a race man through and through, so he’d probably fit in fine with today’s racial left. King was interested in color-blindness only as long as the argument was helpful to blacks. No way was he a Republican.

    As Marcus Epstein wrote in 2003 (“Myths of Martin Luther King”):

    “In this article, I will try to dispel the major myths that the conservative movement has about King. I found a good deal of the information for this piece in _I May Not Get There With You: The True Martin Luther King_ by black leftist Michael Eric Dyson. Dyson shows that King supported black power, reparations, affirmative action, and socialism. He believes this made King even more admirable. He also deals frankly with King’s philandering and plagiarism, though he excuses them.”

    • It’s genuinely unclear whether MLK was a Dem or a Rep. It’s entirely possible he was a Rep, given that it was the southern Dems who fought hard against the Civil Rights Act back in the 60s and, after all, he himself was a southern black.

      I’m guessing — and it’s only a guess — that he was indeed a Republican, but not in the sense that we now use the term.

      • I’ve read before that MLK was a registered Republican during the 1950s. Eisenhower was seen as quite sympathetic to the rights of black Americans when he sent in US Army paratroopers to desegregate schools in the South.

        Keep in mind too that during the Kennedy era the Kennedys were double-dealing with MLK, publicly supporting his civil rights movement while also authorizing FBI COINTELPRO operations against him and his movement.

        I believe MLK probably switched to Democrat later on in the 1960s after LBJ “bought off” much of the black vote with his Great Society welfare programs, along with the Civil Rights Act (supported by more GOP than Dems) and the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

  5. I knew your specific theory without reading it. Who else could it be? She didn’t care what she had to do to become the “first lady”. I’m sure her handlers are thrilled with her. They are like a bad Punch and Judy.

  6. Do you know why they grant Ed.D.s? Because it’s too damn hard to get a Ph.D. The education establishment has always granted itself positions and titles that require little in the way of real work.

  7. Glenn, could you please submit this to the Santa Fe New Mexican newspaper as a letter to the editor? I really want to see these progs run around here with their hair on fire. 🔥 Please, Glenn, pleeeeease?

  8. Interesting theory. I have difficulty seeing Jezebel or Lady Macbeth or Claire Underwood (“House of Cards”) beneath the veneer of Dr. Jill’s “ordinariness,” but evil doesn’t always conform to our stereotypes.

    What I do know is that whoever wrote that speech is a sociopath. There is not a shred of moral intelligence to be found in it, despite all its thundered moral imperatives and Manichaen false dichotomies between moral “absolutes” — as if Jefferson Davis were more of a Machiavellian tyrant than Lincoln was when he had to be. Utterly Orwellian.

    As for “Joey, Baby,” he knows well enough what he’s saying most of the time, and is more turpitude than decrepitude. I find little reason not to hate him, given what his regime is doing to us.

  9. Actually, I find it quite easy to hate both senile old not-my-president Lyin’ Joe biden, and Dr. Jill and biden’s other handlers. They are all pure evil!!!

    It really doesn’t have to be an either/or situation.

  10. CIA spun up both Jill and Joe because they could and through them and Kamala wanted to punish Americans for electing, and being on course to reelect POTUS Trump, with two (Joe and Kamala) hateful persons installed in the White House. Jill’s ambition induced her to agree with the heist. Elder abuse indeed. What a horrible woman and family! But the key culprits are the spooks. They got it done.

    • Now we’re getting somewhere. But why stop with the spooks, when there’s a colossal “Deep State” apparatus, a global Great Reset octopus, for which America has already ceased to exist as a meaningful and useful political entity except as a font of wealth that can be repurposed.

  11. I have had family members with dementia, and I observe exactly the same behaviors in Mr. Biden. If Jill Biden really loved her husband, she would get him the best of care (they can afford it). Reading Jill Biden’s dissertation, you will recognize the writing style in the speeches we’re all “treated” to these days. It is not, shall we say, robust.

    On a personal note, both my parents had doctorates (Dad a Ph.D, Mom an Ed.D., as a Ph.D in her field was unavailable locally – this was when you actually had to go to class physically). They would both have sneered at “Dr. Jill” bandying about her title. While “Dr. Jill” has the right to call herself that, and it may be a media thing, she’s not exactly stopping them.

  12. The comparison between Joe Biden and FDR ends at … they are both crippled.

    FDR was crippled by polio … Biden is crippled by leftist brainwashing and dementia.

    “Doctor” Jill is reminiscent of former First Lady Edith Wilson, who many contend was acting unconstitutionally as de-facto POTUS after her racist demagogue husband had a debilitating stroke on September 25, 1919.


  13. You reminded me of this comment from the from the Biden November 2, 2020 Pittsburgh rally video where he didn’t recognize his wife.
    “Budda Billy Not Really • 17 minutes ago
    If someone has spent any time with dementia patients, they would know that this response is quite normal. If he was of sound body and mind, he would have smiled after realizing it was her and given her a hug. However, he was still processing the information and had not made the connection of who it was, who she is to him and how he should respond. Healthy brains make those determinations in fractions of a second. Joe makes it in 10+ seconds.

    I am not making fun of him. I think that running Corrupt-o Joe in this election is elder abuse”

  14. Congratulations to the Aspen Times.
    I quit reading your editorials because they were so biased Liberal, they weren’t worth reading. In this article you have expressed the truth. Which is, to me, a scary thing when this happens from a well-established liberal news source.
    I hope you will now continue to report the truth, however, I fear this could be an admission of the true facts to cover for all your misreporting which has built up to where you can no longer deny and now you are merely admitting what the American public has known since this Presidency began a year ago.
    Admitting the truth, I fear (of course, I hope I am in error) amounts to a temporary reprieve as you regroup to come up with a more drastic fear campaign. (Now that the Covid scare has failed and is presently being uprooted)
    Admissions of facts is a well-established temporary propaganda technique for re-gaining control of a population when the truth is so obvious you now must “come clean: with facts that are well known to justify past reporting plus of course re-establishing your liberal creditability.
    I will quote the Federalist article, “whenever you see the steam coming out of the top of a pressure cooker you can be assured something is cooking underneath”-
    -I guess we will see.
    I will reorder the Aspen Times and I will be watching with interest.
    Dr. Bill Manclark

  15. I cannot forgive what Joe did to Clarence Thomas in his hearings.
    Agree with all above. However, if Kamala is named as SCOTUS appointee, will she be qualified to cast the deciding vote in the senate?

  16. I am just now catching up on missed Beaton pieces, and simply cannot avoid commenting that the piece is brilliant from start to finish, principally because of the brilliant ideas, but also because of the readability, the flow of ideas, the set-up pointing to DOCTOR Jill.
    Aspen Times, eat your heart out.
    Glenn, keep up the GREAT WORK!!!

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