Whoopi Goldberg believes the Holocaust was not racist

A woman named Caryn Elaine Johnson who goes by the stage name “Whoopi Goldberg” informed her television viewers the other day on a program I’ve never seen called The View that “The Holocaust isn’t about race. No, it’s not about race.”

Whatever happened to the leftist trope that there’s no such thing as race? The left has rediscovered race and now it’s everywhere they look, except in the Holocaust. America is racist – systemically! – but the Nazi’s were not.

The Germans and Jews certainly thought the Holocaust was about race. When Nazi’s said “we will exterminate the Jewish race” and thereupon murdered over six million of them, the Jews took it personally. Go figure.

Whoopi’s co-hosts, though not the most informed crowd, tried to correct Whoopi. But they couldn’t change her “mind.” Whoopi instead dug her hole deeper. She Whoopi-splained that the Holocaust was merely “about two white groups of people.”

Criticism ensued from Jews including Holocaust survivors, the U.S. Holocaust Museum, and the Anti-Defamation League, and many non-Jews as well (but not “The Squad” of Democrat progs). They noted that the Nazi’s explicitly considered the Jews a different and inferior race, and many Jews themselves consider their culture different from typical white culture.

Whoopi later issued the requisite “apology.” She emphasized that she wasn’t just pretending to apologize. She really, truly was “sorry for the hurt I have caused.”

Mollified, her bosses at Disney where they’re canceling the seven dwarfs (will it become “Snow White And The Seven Clever And Diverse Alphabet People Of Various Heights”?) suspended her for two weeks.

Two weeks? Imagine if a Republican said such a thing. If Whoopi’s words were simply a misspeak – they didn’t reflect her thoughts, sort of like when a person says “left” but means “right” – then two weeks punishment is too much. If she actually believed her words, however, then even two decades is too little.

I suspect it’s the latter. I’ll stipulate that she is really, truly sorry. Not for what she believes, but for saying it. The question, then, is how could she believe such a thing?

The reason she believes such a thing is because she wants to, and the reason she wants to is because it serves her purposes. She wants to believe that she and other blacks, and only blacks, are racism victims.

Forget about Native Americans who were slaughtered, starved, killed by disease and sent to reservations. Forget about Chinese who were imported to build America’s railways at near-starvation wages. Forget about Vietnamese boat people who came to America without even clothes on their backs. For sure forget about Irish and Italians who were persecuted for both their ethnicity and their religion.

Forget about the Tibetans in occupied Tibet, the Tutsi in Rwanda, the Koreans in WWII Japan, the Highlanders cleared from 19th century Scotland and, for God’s sake, today’s Christians in Iran.  

And forget about the Holocaust. Forget about six million Jewish men, women and children who on an industrial scale were rounded up, starved, worked to death, gassed and incinerated.

Forget about them all. An ignorant, racist infotainer who calls herself Whoopi – with a net worth of $60 million, depending on her stock portfolio at any given moment – owns the race card. She plays, you pay. For you to stop would be racist.

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31 thoughts on “Whoopi Goldberg believes the Holocaust was not racist

  1. People, in Australia anyhow, used to call English people Poms, and it wasn’t said with love. The Poms, now known as Brits, had had enough. That was only a handful of years ago. So, that only leaves mothers in law (one day the neo-feminists will wise up) and Jews. It’s my theory that if we stop saying anti-Semitic and separating Jews from the rest of the world and say racist instead there wouldn’t be loopholes for idiots like Caryn to get around.
    Ironically (and appropriately) idiots are referred to as Karen. Not sure if it’s a global thing or only in Oz.

  2. Glenn:

    Consider that Woopi’s comment was based, fully, within ignorance, not malice.

    That she considered Jews a religious denomination, not a race and that the Holocaust was a religious extermination and had no idea the Nazis/Hitler were trying to exterminate a race of people.

    Could she be that ignorant? Of course. She has even agreed to that.

    I am not a fan of cancel culture, so I am most likely, to look at other possible perspectives, particularly, when not my own.

  3. If linguistics can set safe the world at large between the dark and light! if we can establish that all communities are entitled to a healthy baseline and granted for all across world communities, production, systems generated! Set that aiming is malevolence and terminates the applicator! is that not the world set to rights without isolating external differences and categories helpful to none!

  4. What Whoopie Goldberg said on The View clearly suggested that racism wasn’t a primary component in the Holocaust, and therefore, there exists no such thing as racism in the world.
    What we are witnessing and what has been historically documented is simply mean people being mean to other people.
    Being mean is bad, mkay.
    Don’t be mean, mkay.

    • Nazis were hardly socialists. The were extreme fascists using the name “National Socialists.” The regime couldn’t have been further from socialist principles. Infact, real socialists were persecuted along with all political opposition.

      • Your comment suggests that fascism and socialism are on the opposite ends of a spectrum. Indeed, 20th century history (written largely by socialist sympathizers) presents it that way.

        But nobody is ever able to identify that spectrum.

        To me, the most meaningful spectrum in political science is the spectrum of individual freedom versus governmental power. On that spectrum, fascism and extreme socialism such as communism occupy the same position. They both believe individual rights are largely subordinate to governmental power.

        Indeed, the origin of the word “fascism” was Mussolini who originally presented himself as a socialist labor leader.

      • On that spectrum, I agree. I view socialism more along a spectrum from individual ownership and freedom to use one’s property to collective ownership and distribution according to need. Purest form of socialism is communism, which plain doesn’t work. But other, more moderate forms of socialism can work, have worked. Whether one wants that kind of world is another matter, but it’s workable. Yes, it usually means less individual freedoms in favor of more individual security. That’s a value difference that can’t be settled with reason. But Nazi Germany? That’s not what most “socialistic:” countries are like and evoking it is argument by association, even if technically correct when socialism is defined along your spectrum. As dictators go, Mussolini wasn’t half bad till he threw is lot in with Germany. If I remember correctly, Italian Jews had a hard time after he did, but fared better than Jews in most European Countries.

      • Just read the Nazi party program (the “25 point plan”). It’s on Wikipedia and can be found elsewhere. Point 24 offers a summary: “[The Party] combats the Jewish-materialistic spirit within and around us and is convinced that a lasting recovery of our nation can only succeed from within on the framework: ‘The good of the community before the good of the individual (“GEMEINNUTZ GEHT VOR EIGENNUTZ” [all caps in original])’.” It is essentially collectivist in conception and character. Some points are more explicitly socialist while others are simply the expressions of the nationalism, xenophobia, imperialism and anti-Semitism we expect from the Nazis. Of course anti-Semetism is often associated with anti-capitalism; vide Jerry Muller as well as Hayek et al. But the socialist aspects of the Nazi program are all too frequently glossed over. Both socialism, in all its forms, and fascism, in all its forms, were more than eager to have the state seize control of the economy. Although, I think it is fair to say that the fascist countries retained much more private ownership

  5. Whoopi see the world in black and white only. This obsession with skin color and hair texture obscures any other human characteristics or behaviors. This is a sick and sad way to live.
    I’m sure the souls of the dead Tutsis in Rwanda are glad to know that their deaths had nothing to do with racism, since their murderers were also “black.”
    Whoopi’s colleagues on this offensive talk show are said to be outraged by her suspension, which tells you they also have warped minds, in case there was any doubt.

  6. Well, Jews have been discriminated against for 5282 years; Catholics have been discriminated against for 2021 years. I think Jews and Catholics hold the record on discrimination. How about the help wanted signs in New York back in the day that said, “Help Wanted. Irish need not apply.”

  7. Whoopi WAS ignorant on this subject but I don’t agree with cancelling her. Maybe this incident will teach her to know what she is talking about before she speaks. Sadly though it probably won’t.

  8. Whoopi’s incredibly stupid assertion was probably the result of the ignorance and pomposity that often accompanies wealth, fame and power, especially when you started poor and made it “on your own” (which no one really does). But it’s a pretty big jump from that to saying she thinks Blacks are the only legitimate victim group. Maybe she does, but this one stupid blurt hardly proves all that. More likely, she’s just an average nouveau riche, recently famous jerk.

  9. If a non-Hispanic wearing a serape on Cinco de Mayo is considered worthy of “cancellation,” why is adopting a Jewish surname by a Negro not “cultural appropriation” equally worthy of cancellation? The answer, my friend is not blowing in the wind, but is found in the wide-spread adoption of CRT which clearly holds that only white people can be “racist.” Since the topic of discussion is Whoppicushion’s alleged disparagement of Jews, I urge all the readers of this blog to peruse the ADL website. Their previous definition of racism said: “Racism is the belief that a particular race is superior or inferior to another, that a person’s social and moral traits are predetermined by his or her inborn biological characteristics. Racial separatism is the belief, most of the time based on racism, that different races should remain segregated and apart from one another. ” Behold the definition of “racism” now proudly displayed, which replaced the earlier one some time in 2021. According to the Defenders of All Things Jewish, “racism” is now: “The marginalization and/or oppression of people of color based on a socially constructed racial hierarchy that privileges white people.” Yup, it singles out white people. I marvel at the abject stupidity of the folks over in ADL Land. Do they think that their beloved and sacralized “People of Color” view them as non-white? Do they think that this means they won’t be attacked by POC’s? They really should check the stats on ethnic identities involved in attacks on Jew and Asians. It ain’t Whitey! I can only believe that they hope to be eaten last, but that never works out in the long run, does it?.

    • Yes, well, America’s Jews haven’t been that good at understanding political conservatism. Like liberal Catholics, liberal Jews are out to,lunch. Biden could have just as easily (and stupidly) generalized that “If you vote for Trump, then you ain’t Jewish!”

  10. This might sound stupid but if Blacks want to be equal with Whites, why are they setting up the framework for separate as well which will take them back to the separate but equal days of segregation? Do they consider a return to those days of yore as progress?

  11. If I recall the Whoopi-splanation accurately, she said that the Holocaust wasn’t racism, but was “just [good old generic] man’s inhumanity to man.” Thank goodness! I’d hate to think it was something serious like racism! I don’t know what the name of the informal fallacy is, but her assumption seems to be that generalized human depravity (what Christian theology calls “original sin”) is less significant than a specific form of that depravity.

    But then I forget that woke liberals think that human nature is basically good, except for the white devil who is the exception to the rule and whose “privilege” must be exorcised from an inclusive and equitable society. So why is Whoopi even quoting the Robert Burns phrase in the first place?

  12. Whoopi doesn’t want blacks to be upstaged by the Holocaust. Blacks are supposed to be the center of attention at all times, and nobody’s oppression except theirs is valid. Those are the rules!

  13. Whoopi Goldberg went from Jumpin’ Jack Flash to Jumpin’ Jack Crash … and burn … and burn some more.

    Whoopi was born Caryn Johnson but decided to “culturally appropriate” (something routinely condemned by the Left) the Judaic surname Goldberg to what … give her more panache in Hollywood?!?

    Perhaps whoopi is what Caryn had to do on the casting couch in her early days of Hollywood, with a sleazeball movie mogul like a Harvey Weinstein of that era?

    So … maybe her name change is starting to make some sense, at least from her point of view.

    I would suggest that she now undergo one last stage name metamorphosis, sort of like that Poof Daddy whatever character who changed his name to whatever it is now.

    Whoopi Goldberg becomes Poopi Goldturd … because she is indeed a $60 million POS.

    In the meantime, Caryn Johnson has no monopoly on the victimhood market, particularly when it comes to slavery. Many of the Holocaust survivors who survived the concentration camps and death camps were harshly worked as and treated as slaves by their racist National Socialist tormentors. This is also true of many of our very own WWII POW Veterans who were brutally worked as slave labor by racist Imperial Japan for corporations with names like Mitsubishi, Kawasaki, Hitachi, et al.

    These Holocaust and POW survivors are dying off in their now twilight years as they age out and pass. Yet I could never ever recall any of these WWII survivors of slave labor, torture, starvation and others crimes against humanity and war crimes bitch and complain about their victimhood and how they are owed something by the world.

    These people seemingly returned home or emigrated to then Palestine, to quietly and determinedly re-build their lives and contribute to their countries to create great nations that still serve today as beacons of hope and inspiration to much of the rest of the world. They exhibited true dignity and strength of character, unlike what is depicted among the gaggle of Caryns on low IQ shows like The View …

    The low information voters who comprise the panels of idiotic shows like The View should invite some of these dwindling yet still living Holocaust survivors and WWII POWs to their show so that they can learn from real people who experienced slavery, racism and brutally firsthand. Such invited guests would raise the average IQ level in that television studio by triple digits and perhaps the gaggle of Caryns might learn something other than their self-absorbed navel gazing.

    I’m not holding my breath …

  14. I guess she will have lots of time on her relaxing 2-week paid vacation (oops, I meant “suspension” of course) to think of new, stupider, and even more evil things to say when she gets back!!!

    Unlike Roseann Barr, who said something about 99 times less offensive, and she lost her show, her career, and will probably never get to act again.

    Nope Whoopi is in a bunch of those “protected classes”, so there will be no consequences at all!!! Period!!! Welcome to the LIE-beral McCarthyism of the 21st century!!!!!

  15. 30 years ago I loved Whoopi Goldberg in Sister Act. I no longer have the stomach to watch anything with Caryn Johnson in it.

  16. Well, Ms. Johnson did think that Jill Biden was a medical doctor…and not just any doctor, but “a helluva doctor”. Amazing that there was no ridicule for that considering what they did to Dan Quayle for supposedly misspelling ‘potato’.

  17. This is the point we’ve come to. White people have been convinced by avowed Marxists that it’s only black lives that matter. Black people have suddenly convinced themselves that they are victims. Whoopi Goldberg is convinced that the colour of her skin makes her immune to accusations of racism. She felt safe making light of one of the most barbarous events in history. And she was right. Two weeks’ suspension and all will be forgotten.
    Ironically, in a 2016 documentary – Eight Days a week, Whoopi Goldberg was heard to say that she ‘never really thought of them as white guys. They were The Beatles, they were colourless. …The Beatles gave me this idea that everybody was welcome.’…’ It carried me into these older days where i was my own person.’ BLM sure did a job on her.

  18. At the most fundamental level makes a human a man? Answer:The presence of a Y chromosome. Lia Thomas possesses a Y chromosome, ergo Lia Thomas is a man irrespective of how Lia Tomas perceives Lia Thomas. The same logic attends to all transgender individuals. QED.

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