Mommas, don’t let your cowboys grow up to be babies

It’s a biological fact that, generally speaking, males in relation to females are naturally larger, more physical, more ambitious, stronger, faster, cruder, stinkier, hairier, more competitive and hornier. Those traits are wired into them as tightly as the DNA in their Y chromosome, and are all awash in the testosterone hormone produced in their testicles.

At times, those traits can be problematic. At other times, they can save the day, save the world, or save a child.

But men are out of fashion these days. Boys, too.

Mind you, the men who are out of fashion are the ones with both an X and a Y chromosome. The “men” with two X’s and no Y’s are definitely not out of fashion. Heck, from what you see in the media they’re everywhere, with the notable exception of men’s sports (gee, I wonder why).

Poets lament that the XY types are not easy to love and they’re harder to hold. They’re the people who started most wars, despoiled the land, raped women, and made Amber Heard into a liar.

The broad societal point is that men are bad and women are good (though that requires you to know what a woman is) and you’re a misogynist if you think otherwise. And so, we do to men what we do to other people who offend woke sensibilities: We cancel them.

When a couple etc have a baby these days that happens to be a male according to the stereotypical anatomical clues, they undertake to extinguish the maleness in him/her/them/it. The youngster is coerced to discover, embrace and adopt his/her/their/its feminine side.

No toy trucks for you, buster/busterette. No BB guns, no squirt gun, not even a gun made with your index finger and thumb or carved out of your Pop-Tart with which you might say BANG to earn a week off from school. And my, don’t you look pretty in pink!

Yep, it’s brain washing. We wash the man right out of the boy.

If that doesn’t work, we sedate them. Boyish impertinence and inattentiveness are deemed problems that require pharmaceutical intervention. Drugging and dragging boys out of their boyhood makes life easier for their parents and teachers but we tell ourselves that we’re doing this for them, not for us. Uh huh.

The end result of this blind blunting and easy sedation of boys striving toward manhood is a generation that is not tested, not tempered. It’s a generation of babies.  

Which doesn’t exactly bring me to cowboys, but there they are anyway – those legendary creatures of the high plains embodying American manliness. Cowboys probably should have been called cowmen, but that doesn’t have the same ring to it. Sure, they’re mostly mythical, at least in the year 2022, but every boy-boy naturally has some cowboy in him.

It’s true that men and the cowboys in them have caused endless problems for humanity, but they’ve also solved countless others. While they indeed started most wars, they ended most too. They despoiled the land, but their wildness tamed the wilderness. A very few raped women, but most protected and loved them.

And, excuse me, but Amber Heard was always a liar.

This week honors the cowboys who 78 years ago stormed the beaches of Normandy to liberate a continent. It was a clash of the best in mankind versus the worst. The best kind won, because the good in men is more powerful than the bad.

And next week is Father’s Day. My own father was a cowboy from Massachusetts. He was greatly flawed, as am I, but he was a good man. He didn’t hesitate to call me out, but he never tried to break me – and he certainly never infantilized me. I miss him.

Mommas, don’t let your cowboys grow up to be babies. No, let your cowboys grow up to be men.

And dads, set an example for them – they’re watching your every move. You can’t tell them how to be a man, you can only show them.

28 thoughts on “Mommas, don’t let your cowboys grow up to be babies

  1. I was gifted my first firearm when I was 14. An Ithica 22 caliber lever action Model 49 single shot. It was lost in a house fire along with a whole lotta other stuff. Nobody was physically hurt.
    Amber Heard cannot be trusted.

  2. Glenn, DogByte6RER, and Jackrail, at our age, we’re all brothers in a lot of ways.
    My dad, at age 9, lost his dad by a bolt of lightning on his dad’s birthday. He quit school and went to work to help support his mom and two younger sisters. A family friend mentored him and managed to turn him into an Eagle Scout at age 14. He joined the U.S. Navy when his 17th birthday came along, got out after 4 years, and then got his GED; went to work as an airline mechanic with Eastern Air Lines, enrolled in The Ohio State Univ. taking classes after work, graduated with a degree in English, and then we all moved to Miami for Law School. He quickly became one of Eastern’s vice presidents in the Labor Relations section; next stop was VP of R. G. LeTourneau-Westinghouse (air brake division) in north GA; then on to a private general law practice in another north GA town.
    He loved Jesus, his mamma, his wife, his 3 sons, life in general, and rum, probably in that order. He was a big R Republican, attending several conventions as a delegate. Dad introduced me to Jack Kemp. He taught me to hunt, fish, dig post holes, clear creek banks, throw and catch, and suggested strongly that all us boys got our Eagle too. He made us pay our way to Philmont, and he even led the crew once. I got him to quit smoking…after I did.
    Mom died suddenly in 1991 the day after Father’s Day from a sulfur-based antibiotic given to her mistakenly while being treated for pneumonia. Dad then re-married…poorly, in our opinion.
    Dad was buried on Veteran’s Day in 2001, at age 69. I gave his eulogy, it was difficult, big turnout. His second wife picked his gravesite – not next to mom’s grave. After she moved, my younger brother and I dug up his urn and re-buried him next to mom in the church cemetery. Dad and Mom are dearly missed by a lot of folks. I offer this:
    “When you were born, you cried, and the world rejoiced.
    Live your life so that when you die, the world cries and you rejoice.”
    Cherokee Proverb
    Thanks for reading this. I needed to write it down.

  3. I think it’s called synecdoche when you let a part of something represent the whole. On the subject of fatherhood, it strikes me as efficient to let a class of men that I have long been accustomed to address as “Father” — namely priests in the Catholic and Anglican traditions — represent fathers of every kind in our society.

    Whereas I grew up watching kick-ass priests on the big screen portrayed by the likes of James Cagney and Sterling Hayden, while also occasionally listening to Bishop Fulton Sheen sentence Communists to Hell on my 9-inch black and white TV set, I find myself looking at a Church today that is overwhelmingly “manned” by girly-men. Reliable estimates are that roughly 80% of U.S. Catholic bishops and 50% of Catholic priests are homosexuals. This is not to say that there are no good men among even these, although the number of active predators and groomers among them in our seminaries is shockingly large and growing larger.

    That our churches have been steadily infiltrated by such “men” since at least the 1930s should surprise no one, since we have witnessed the same infiltration over the same period of time in our schools, universities, government bureaucracies, media, and big corporations — as if part of some grand scheme by those like Italian communist Antonio Gramsci to “capture the culture” and “transform the consciousness of society.” It’s enough to make “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” look like the profoundest social commentary ever.

    Like early Christians in Cappadocia, real fathers are now going underground, hopefully to produce sons and daughters who will know how to be real men and women.

    • Bitter Klinger:
      The homosexual “takeover” of denominations is not limited to Roman Catholicism! ELCA, UCC, Presby, Episcopal, et al. all have stepped over the line, and caused their denominations to split in half!

      • Indeed. But I don’t mean to suggest that homosexuality per se is the major problem; rather, as Bella Dodd testified before Congress in the 1950s, it has been a major “instrument” in Communist plotting to undermine Western culture.

      • Bingo! They came, they saw, they told us what they were going to do, they did it, and we let most of it happen. Your two links are must-reads.

      • Not to put too fine a point on it, but …

        Contrary to some beliefs, these “Communist Goals” as read into the Congressional Record were never enunciated by the Communists. Rather, they were surmised by a strident anti-Communist in a book he wrote.

        That said, your point remains valid that the Communists probably did have many of these goals, and they certainly have achieved many of them through the American left. In Russia and Eastern Europe, notably, they’ve fared less well. And I”m hopeful that beginning in November 2022 the American left will be dealt a big defeat which may have been presaged by recent local and state elections.

        But then the left will be back. The struggle between the hard left and the American Experiment is forever. There will always be people whose worldviews are fundamentally on one side or the other. It’s just human nature.

      • Well, Glenn, regardless of whoever first articulated those goals read into the Record 60 years ago, they are remarkably prescient, predictive, prophetic. They could easily have been written in 2020, and people would say, “Duh . . . .”

        Also, I think sometimes we on the right are too quick to dismiss a book by someone like Skousen because he’s perceived to be a “fringe,” “whacky” Mormon, even though that sect has produced some of the best fathers among us. I know; I’ve taught a lot of their kids.

        Finally, with the American experiment being less than three centuries old, the only “forever” struggle involving “just human nature” is the one outlined in the Bible. That said, the current manifestation of that struggle is certainly “forever” enough for my lifetime!

  4. You know, I was struck by the juxtaposition of this article with the immediately preceding one, the transcript of President Reagan’s speech given on the anniversary of D-Day in 1984, the one titled “The Boys of Point-du-Hoc.” There was no mistaking those “Boys” for anything but men, and no chance that any of those “Boys” would be comfortable with what has happened to other “boys” in the latter part of that century and the beginning of this one. What is remarkable is the fact that most of those “Boys” who assaulted those beaches, as well as all the other “boys” who assaulted other beaches, pillboxes, machine gun nests and minefields, as well as those who piloted the war machines in the air and on the land and the seas where combat occurred were themselves only just emerging from their teens or in their early twenties, the same ones who are now judged too immature to own or use a semi-automatic rifle. I wonder how those “Boys” would have felt about that as they jammed a new clip of 30-.06 rounds into their M1 Garands, or pulled the trigger on their M2’s as another FW190 or bf109 came at them, cannons blazing.. Today, most of our “boys” are barely competent to navigate the hate-filled trenches of the Internet, where they must endure the unspeakable horrors of being called names by NPC’s who lurk in the mine fields of Tik-Tok, Facebook and Twitter. I suppose it is a combination of intentional efforts to eliminate masculinity as well as a reaction to the real and unimaginable horrors that were routine during WWII that has brought us to this pass. Yet, I know from personal experience that there are “Men” among the current crop of “boys,” who inherently and innately know what it means to be a “Man,” and who will not bend the knee to the tyrannical dictates of our current would-be masters. They are the ones on whom we have no choice but to count, and the ones who we must train up to become the next iteration of “The Boys of Pont-du-Hoc” if need be. May God bless and keep them, and guide us in our efforts to train them up in the way they should go, the Way of true and virtuous masculinity.

    • Well put, and spot on. A book was suggested for me when I was navigating being a husband and father in a house full of females.
      It is titled “Wild at Heart”, by John Eldredge (Discovering the Secret of a Man’s Soul).
      I found this book to be one that I wished I’d read when I was 16, but it didn’t come out until 2001.

  5. I was driving my truck last night. I had a country music station on the radio.
    A song came on that I never heard before. I think it was sung by a girl.
    It was called something like, “If I were a cowboy I’d be Queen”.
    What the heck does that mean?
    I swear I’m not making this up.

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  7. AHHHH!!! [sigh of satisfaction]

    Glenn, I take the liberty to declare this column to be absolutely your very, very, best, although I have said that already many times, not anticipating anything such as this.

    First, the title is captivating and clever, so, not having much time–you would be surprised to realize how much time preparing and protesting at the local school board meetings about the so-called “transgender” and “critical race theory” nonsense requires–so I clicked on it and read it out loud, when the first few lines revealed its brilliance, for the benefit of my wife who was cooking dinner.

    EVERY LINE IS A ZINGER! EVERY ONE! Every idea is simply correct, accurate, and also, hilarious in the way you express them. We praise the Holy Ghost for His inspiration. We laughed as a result of your ideas all the way, that is, until the end, when we stopped laughing and started realizing the seriousness of the hilarity: “This week honors the cowboys who 78 years ago stormed the beaches of Normandy to liberate a continent. IT WAS A CLASH OF THE BEST IN MANKIND VERSUS THE WORST. THE BEST KIND WON, BECAUSE THE GOOD IN MEN IS MORE POWERFUL THAT THE BAD [our emphasis].

    God will bless you, if He is not already blessing you.

    We beg you to keep your wit sharpened and continue fighting the people who would silence you, and so WIN..

  8. Maybe it’s just me but when I see a “guy” with what is called a man bun my first thought is Rush Limbaugh’s expression “The Chickification of America.”

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