Stealing is not the queerist thing about Biden’s little perv perp

The Biden administration made headlines last year when they boastfully appointed a certain person to a high level position at the Office of Nuclear Energy. This person is “non-binary” and refers to his/her/them/itself with ungendered pronouns.

OK, I get that. The person feels that he/her/it/they does (do?) not fit neatly into the anachronistic gender labels developed over about two million years of human history and prehistory as interpreted by science, medicine, genetics, sociology, biology, logic, anthropology and biochemistry promulgated by dead white European men – and dead men and women of color on the rest of the planet – consistent with the male/female dichotomy in the animal world.

Yes, I get it – this person is mentally ill. Note that this mental case is a card-carrying member of the political party that “believes in science.”

What I don’t get, however, is that the person wants to be referred to not just by non-gendered pronouns, but by pronouns that are plural such as “they” and “them.” Those plural pronouns refer to multiple people, not an individual person who thinks he/she/they/it is (are?) non-gendered. Does this person think he/she/they/it are (is?) not only non-gendered but also comprise more than a single individual? As if there are three of him/her/them? Eleven? When standing in front of a mirror, how many reflections does the person see?

The moronic media go along with all this. In fact, they encourage it. Not only do they go along with the pronouns that are non-gendered, but they also go along with the pronouns that are plural. And they even modify the verb to agree with the plural pronouns. So a media story referring to a single such mentally ill or perhaps merely attention-starved individual will start with “They are“ rather than “He is” or even “They is.”

Comically, the media defend erroneously modifying the verb to match the erroneous pronoun on the grounds that not to do so would be ungrammatical.

This nuke person – who is apparently still several persons and not just an object, at least until we’re informed otherwise – has quite a history of objectifying himself. (For readability and grammar, not to mention accuracy, I’ll now refer to him by proper masculine pronouns, though he’s hardly proper nor masculine.) He sports a shaved head, moustache, bright red lipstick, a cheap sleazy dress, and often a whip.

He presents what he describes as “kink” seminars where he publicly spanks what he calls male “cute butts.” He boasts that he’s spanked some 2,000 of these aforesaid male cute butts. Sometimes he puts his butt-spanked subjects on all fours in dog muzzles and whips them. In public.

It’s all pretty queer, except it’s not pretty at all. I’d say the emperor has no clothes, but – oh drat, I already did. Try to un-see the image. He has a proud husband at last report. Try to un-see that, too.

All that was fine – great, even – to the Biden administration. What better way to poke a stick in the eye of Republicans, Independents, Christians, Jews, Muslims, most Democrats and the rest of America, western culture and world culture than to promote to a high level government nuke office privy to classified materials a person who openly mocks universal societal mores? Such an appointment signals both boundless virtue and unhinged radicalism, the signature traits of Hidin’ Biden and his controllers.

Is this a great country or what? If your answer is yes, just wait for another two years of Slo Jo, his puppeteers, and their cast of in-your-face weirdos.

Ah, but the story took an amusing, if predictable, turn. The particular weirdo we’re talking about – the nuclear, non-binary, plural, spanking, exhibiting, fetishizing in public individual – did something wrong. Really wrong. Video cameras showed he stole women’s luggage from airport baggage claims.

Noooo wayyyyy!

Stealing is a crime, even in the year 2022 and even if the perp is a perv and even if done for the laudable purpose of making movies of oneself doing things in the victim’s dirty undergarments.

For that, he and all the rest of him has/have been arrested and charged with theft. I sincerely hope he shares a cell with Hunter Biden.

A mention should be made of something not nearly as amusing. Perhaps not just by happenstance, the perp/perv in the Colorado gay night club mass shooting a few weeks ago has declared to the court handling his case that he, too, is “non-binary” and uses plural non-gendered pronouns.

I see a pattern. Weirdos are typically weird in more than one way. Many of those weird ways have been condemned by all societies for all of history, for good reason.

38 thoughts on “Stealing is not the queerist thing about Biden’s little perv perp

    • Our military has been infected with these mental cases. You can search online for “pup kink military” and get a plethora of personal photos of “memorable experiences” with military soldiers, some in full uniform and dog mask, some proudly displaying their “ammo”. “Fact checkers” are quick to denounce the claims, but screenshots of facebook postings belie the refutals. It is looking more and more like a concerted effort to emasculate and thereby eviscerate our armed services, or at least, the ones who survived the Covid jabs.

  1. Thank you for your erudite offering to this unbelievable ongoing insanity. I was raised to not judge a book by its cover. I don’t think this is what my parents had in mind. I know we aren’t supposed to sit in judgement of others but if we don’t, who will. If it was a guy working at Walmart, it would be a different story. This guy had a security clearance. Even the LGBTQ publications have questioned his honesty. Yikes. I think he will look cute in bright orange.

    • “If it was a guy working at Walmart, it would be a different story.”

      Have you been to Walmart lately? Judging from the people I see working at the Walmarts in my area, he would fit right in. I have never seen so many tats, nose rings, lip rings, eyebrow rings, gauges, etc. in my life. The clothes are sloppy. They appear to be unwashed, too. Thankfully I haven’t picked up any bizarre odors, but that may just mean that I have COVID. The stores have turned into a freak show.

  2. Anyone notice he. wasn’t searing a red cocktail dress and makeup as he stole luggage? Kinda dressed normally. Ooops, hate speech again.

    • If you consider wearing a white T-shirt with a rainbow-colored atomic energy symbol design being “kinda dressed normally” . . . . Talk about wearing your heart (and your screwed-up mind) on your sleeve.

  3. Additional attempt to the excellent author of this blog, Mr. Beaton, PLEASE, oh please switch to a DARKER or at least BOLDER FONT so I can READ this dang thing!
    It is so well written I don’t want to miss it, but sometimes I must waive off as it’s just too difficult to see. 😟

  4. Our military has been infected with these mental cases. You can search online for “pup kink military” and get a plethora of personal photos of “memorable experiences” with military soldiers, some in full uniform and dog mask, some proudly displaying their “ammo”. “Fact checkers” are quick to denounce the claims, but screenshots of facebook postings belie the refutals. It is looking more and more like a concerted effort to emasculate and thereby eviscerate our armed services, or at least, the ones who survived the Covid jabs.

  5. Unfortunately for this person (which is too dignified a term for such a chaotic bundle of impulses), the clothes in each suitcase can probably be valued in excess of $950, which means that some old-fashioned, unenlightened DA might actually bother to prosecute him/it.

    As for Biden’s “controllers,” “unhinged radicalism” is too kind and euphemistic a description. These people are nihilistic destroyers, architects of mass cultural suicide, dedicated to undermining the foundations, not just of America, but of the the entire civilization that gave birth to America. They believe in nothing beyond power and pleasure, derived from the destruction of the existing order and all its values and assumptions. For them the situation at our southern border, for example, is not a “crisis,” but a highly successful operation, directed by a DHS secretary who is anything but “incompetent.”

  6. Glenn, It is embarrassing that we are having this conversation but it is not a new development among mankind. The Apostle Paul wrote 1900+ years ago to the believers in Rome concerning this same disgusting element. The New Testament book of Romans clearly describes in the first chapter, the perversion of men and women and the uncomplicated descent of this group that have exchanged the truth for a lie in our culture.

    • They . . . “became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened. Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools.”

      If anyone doubts that Paul was the greatest writer our civilization has produced, let him read Romans 1.

  7. It used to be that persons found to be homosexual were not hired in security-related positions because they were susceptible to blackmail. That’s not the case here; the guy has been flamboyantly and publicly bizarre for a long time.

    I don’t want to dig too deeply into his various appearances and seminars because, well, ick. However, I don’t know offhand that any of his activities were targeted at minors.

    However, besides the fact that this is obviously not a stable person, questions have been raised even in gay circles about his stories of abuse in “conversion therapy” when he was young. His stories have changed, and aren’t very credible. This should have raised serious questions, even for a pro-LGBT administration.

    In any case, both the Las Vegas and Minnesota cases involve thefts worth thousands of dollars, and the arrest warrants are for felonies. He won’t easily escape this, and with the evidence on video, should do some jail time.

    • Sadly, the Left today is un-blackmail-able. Unless of course it is discovered they secretly ever did anything conservative. THEN they find themselves in big trouble.

  8. I is sickly amusing to see the newspaper reporting using his (sic) pronouns as well. I really wonder how our third and fourth grade teachers are teaching conjugation and sentence construction these days.

    • They aren’t.

      For generations, the Council of Teachers of English and other similar groups have forbidden the teaching of grammar, on the grounds that it takes away from time better devoted to reading and writing.

  9. In view of the weirdness of this behavior, I understand the analysis that says: It’s simple — he’s possessed by the devil.

    But that seems a bit too simple to me, and unhelpful. I’d like to understand what really makes him this way. And how he might be treated. I suspect it’s more complicated than: He’s possessed by the devil.

    Which brings to mind a column I’m thinking about. Something along the lines of: “The biggest underreported story of the 21st century is the sedation and emasculation or young men.”

    On the other hand, maybe it’s that he’s simply possessed by the devil.

    • There are, of course, many ways of thinking about “the devil,” but the classic understanding is centered on the attitude of “non serviam” — the refusal to submit, in this case, not merely to social norms and standards, but to an “assigned” biological destiny dictated by a sexual identity. The wisdom or sanity of such a refusal appears dubious to many of us, since happiness can be found in acceptance and submission, but many others admire it. Satan had no trouble gathering a coterie of Fallen Angels, goes the story.

      All I know is that it’s starting to feel like hell on earth in most of our cities, schools and universities.

  10. I take back the statement about Brinton’s not having been involved in sexual perversion of children. He was, before his federal job, involved in something called the Trevor Project which worked with some “mental health” professionals to develop a policy for schools to hide same-sex and trans-sex changes from parents:

  11. “Stealing is a crime …”

    But … wait Glenn. It might not be anymore in this Brave New World we all find ourselves inhabiting.

    Kleptomania is obviously just another fluid identity … another intersectional box to check off for the mentally disturbed and emotionally stunted carbon based robots of the Left.

    In the 1980s I was hired by the federal government into a law enforcement position that I eventually retired from. I can still remember all of the background questions that were asked of me about stealing, lying, cheating, as well as any history of deviant sexual behaviors.

    Back then, answering yes to any of these questions was sure grounds for rejection.

    Nowadays in this Brave New World, answering yes to these kind of questions isn’t just a prerequisite for the job, but a sure fast track into the upper levels of senior executive federal management!

    Up is down … right is wrong … black is white … hate is love …heads is tails … lies are truth.

    The Rolling Stones were definitely on to something when they composed Sympathy For The Devil …

    Just as every cop is a criminal
    And all the sinners saints
    As heads is tails, just call me Lucifer
    ‘Cause I’m in need of some restraint

    When it comes to Joe Biden’s ex-nuclear waste manager, well, that Devil wears Prada.

    As the late Andrew Breitbart frequently extolled … politics is downstream of culture. How very true and relevant, especially now.

  12. One of the saddest things is how this type of stuff affects children. Children are attention seekers by nature. Why does a baby cry? Why do kids throw tantrums? They have not developed the cognitive ability to deal with a lot of things and come to logical, reasoned answers.
    I have a student in my class who before she came to me this year as a 9th grader somehow decided she wanted to be a boy. She gave a name she has made up. I don’t call her by that name really, I don’t use a name at all. I don’t use any pronouns and just sort of point when she raises her hand. All of her peers call her by her boy name.
    Yesterday she pretty much broke down. She came to my class for her semester exam and almost collapsed. She tried to run with the boys in her PE test in the period previous and reality hit home. I think there was a lot of mental and physical exhaustion there. It was sad.
    She mentioned she had not had anything to eat yet that day so I grabbed some fruit snacks out of my ‘snack drawer’ and made her eat some as she took her test. She perked up a bit. Then her class left and she and I talked a bit during lunch. I made sure she ate some more. I said nothing about gender. By the end, she took a bow out of her backpack and put it in her hair and also a Pikachu stuffed animal she hugged to herself the rest of the day.
    She is Asian – which can be challenging enough in mostly black Memphis – and at a poor, inner city school. Her parents are from Vietnam and came over sometime after the war. Her mom is not Vietnamese, but Chinese and traded or sold to some family in her youth because her parents wanted a boy. Mom can’t read or write English and does nails. Not sure what dad does.
    She has an older sister I had two years ago. Both young ladies are kind, considerate and meek. Older sister is a harder worker, younger is bright, but not as bright, yet still with Asian parent academic expectations. There are the regular problems everyone experiences being a teen and trying to fit in. And she told me her medicine affects her – 14 and on Zoloft!
    And now they throw in this new can of worms?
    It is so sad what people are doing to our youth. Ruining their lives and development with this foolishness. Making billions from impressionable teens through social media. Putting drugs and porn everywhere and encouraging teens to do wilder and wilder things that can harm them irreparably.
    At some point, likely not in this life, they will have to answer for their deeds. I will be happy to be called as a witness for the prosecution.

  13. I like what Kurt Schlichter said about these kinds of people “You are a weirdo, and being a weirdo disqualifies you from any kind of serious job” except in a Democrat “administration” where this nonsense is a resume enhancement..

  14. Glenn…You are one of the most gifted writers on the public scene. It’s too bad that your views preclude you from wider distribution (I guess). Keep it going!

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