Why are trannies so violent?

There has been a spate of high-profile violence lately by women who think they are men and, especially, by men who think they are women.

In Nashville, a woman pretending to be a man slaughtered six in an elementary school, including three 9-year-olds. Beforehand, the shooter had written a “manifesto” that evidently justified her shooting spree on the grounds that the school – a Christian grade school – failed to endorse her perversion. (We don’t know for sure what the manifesto says because the cops won’t release it – which suggests that it does indeed say that.)

Some of the “news” media were instructed by their bosses not to reveal the sex part of the story. It came out anyway, but in the meantime I’m sure the bosses felt virtuous in censoring it. Think about that. The “news” media feels virtuous when they censor facts that are newsworthy, but only if those facts reflect badly on Democrat constituencies.

In Colorado Springs last November, a “non-binary” man – meaning he couldn’t decide whether he might actually be a woman – shot and killed five and wounded another 19. In a high school outside Denver, a woman pretending to be a man killed one and wounded eight others. Last week, again in Colorado Springs, a man pretending to be a woman plotted a killing spree but fortunately was apprehended before it happened.  

The person who was arrested for threatening to assassinate Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh was a man pretending to be a woman. That time, the “news” media was mostly successful in burying that fact.

They all seem unremorseful, along with the rest of the trans “community.” (“Community”? What is this, the Elks?) They promoted a “Day of Vengeance” three days after the Nashville slaughter. In those same days before the blood was dry, the press secretary to the Arizona governor posted a Twitter message (the photo above) showing a woman – or perhaps a man pretending to be a woman – pointing two handguns, with the caption “Us when we see transphobes.”

Really? The press secretary to a state governor says that when a tranny sees a “transphobe,” he/she/it is supposed to shoot nine-year-olds?

Those are anecdotes, but there seem to be a lot of them. Transgenders are, at most, a few percent of the American population (though the activists are working hard to increase that percentage), but they seem to account for a disproportionate number of these recent mass shootings.

Here in America, it’s not permissible to gather real data on the subject. You’d never, ever get another NIH grant and you’d certainly be fired from your university position, tenure be damned.

But such data has been gathered in Europe. A Swedish study found that male-to-female trannies commit crime at a rate seven times the rate of real women and commit violent crime at 18 times the rate of real women.

The U.K. Ministry of Justice found that male-to-female trannies committed sex crimes at nearly 20 times the rate of real women and triple the rate of real men.

So why are trannies so overrepresented in crime, especially in violent crimes?

I can think of a couple of reasons. First, they’re pretty screwed up. Now, I don’t pass judgment on people’s sexual proclivities. I don’t care if a man likes to wear women’s underwear, or even go out in public dressed up like a woman, or a woman likes to be tied up, or a couple likes having the goldfish watch them.

If a person likes to have sex with several people at once, or likes to have sex with someone of the same sex, it’s OK by me. God meant for sex to be fun. So do whatever turns your crank and doesn’t harm others, confuse children, spread disease, or scare the horses.

But when a person with a Y chromosome and a penis starts thinking he is actually a woman, as opposed to enjoying pretending to be one, that person has lost touch with reality. That person is borderline insane.

If a person thinks he’s a dolphin, do we play along? Do we mutilate his genitals and limbs, and pump him full of powerful drugs? Even if he’s just a boy?

No, we don’t. So why do we do those things to a boy who seems to think he’s a girl? According to Joe Biden, we do it to show our compassion. OK, but what about the boy? Isn’t he entitled to something more than being a prop in our compassion play?

These people need psychiatric treatment, not irreversible bodily mutilation.

Insanity correlates with criminality and violence. (You might recall that back in the day when it was permissible to make that observation, the insane asylums had locks on the doors. Now, in the interest of “inclusiveness,” we put the insane into tents on the sidewalks and supply heroin shoot-up parks.)

Another reason trannies are prone to crime and violence, in my unprofessional opinion, is that these people insatiably crave attention. It’s never enough for them to pretend to be the opposite sex. (Sorry, there are only two sexes – the one with a Y chromosome and the one without – and so “opposite” does indeed have a clear meaning here.) They have to get in your face about it. If necessary, they’ll offend you or accost you just to make sure you notice them.

It’s the behavior of a toddler, but it works. Crime and violence are attention-getters. In fact, people observing crime and violence, and especially victims of it, typically call the police. It’s not just an attention-getting show, it’s a total shit-show.

Consider the drag queen scene. Men there make a ridiculous show out of dressing up as women. But they don’t dress up as women like Jackie Kennedy or Melania Trump. Noooooo, they put on size 44-boobs and dress up like saloon girls.

They’re like white guys mocking Blacks back in the day of blackface comedy routines. The drag show queens mimic female stereotypes to make a mockery of women. This is partly because they see women as worthy of mockery – they hate them after all – but mostly because it garners some cheap attention for them.

So there you have it. Trannies are borderline insane perverts who crave attention. It’s no wonder they’ll resort to violence to get it.

Does that make me a transphobe? Yes, it does. I’d be crazy not to be.

20 thoughts on “Why are trannies so violent?

    • Everything he said is the truth, but he missed one thing. When these groups protest the police stand by while they actually hurt innocent people. Is someone from the top giving orders to let them do whatever they want?

  1. Please allow me to submit one very small but, in my opinion, significant correction. You are not a “transphobe.” You do not, from what I can tell, have “an exaggerated, usually inexplicable and illogical fear of a particular object, class of objects, or situation.” That is the primary definition taken from The Merriam-Webster Dictionary (on line ed.). You have a very normal, human disgust for transsexuals and therefore wish to distance yourself from them. Unfortunately, it has come to the point where it is nearly impossible to do so, inasmuch as the transsexuals have inserted themselves into almost every sphere of human interaction, from commerce to religion to sports and entertainment. They have become the latest battering ram in the armamentarium of the radical left being used to destroy Western Civilization. Of course, just like the “useful idiots” employed by Lenin and Stalin to advance their totalitarian agenda, once their usefulness has ended, they will be discarded by their leftist masters. In fact, being discarded is probably the most benign outcome; it is more likely that they will be eliminated, or to use an antiquated but still illustrative term, “liquidated.” Well, to every cloud a silver lining, I suppose.

    • I’m giving Glenn credit for a little irony, saying in effect, “I’d have to be irrational (“crazy”) NOT to be irrationally fearful (“phobic”).

  2. Has anyone interviewed the parents who bring their children to these shows? I’m very curious why they think this is fine to teach them to tip the drag queens and witness the degradation of women and often times getting flashed.

  3. Well, my hypothesis is even less PC than yours. I believe there is a genuine demonic influence – literally – behind the series of mass shootings committed by already highly disturbed individuals.

    Problem is, there’s just no way to prove it.

    Those stats on crime were bit misleading. The criminalization rate among trans “women” was much higher than real women, but right on par with the rate among men – which is the more applicable measure.

    • The general LBGTQ antipathy to Christianity supports your thesis. The suggestion that these people have a spiritual essence enrages them, because it condemns them.

  4. I think that old film Master Alfred Hitchcock was onto something when Norman Bates was revealed to be posing as his mother, in drag … psycho indeed!

    That Hitchcock thriller set a marker some 60 years ago that men who pose as women may very well have some severe mental condition and be prone to violence.

    A few undeniable truths …

    A genetic XY male who mutilates himself will still never ever become a genetic XX female. All the surgery, make-up, women’s wardrobe, and effeminate mannerisms will never make that genetic XY man have a monthly period or give him a uterus. He will NEVER become pregnant to give birth to a child. Hard truth.

    On the other side of the coin, a genetic XX female who similarly mutilates herself will also never become a genetic XY male. All the surgery, hormones, and men’s wardrobe will never make that genetic XX female have male testicles, a penis, or give her a prostate gland. More hard truth.

    Perhaps if our Founding Fathers (all genetic XY males, by the way) could see all of this nonsense now, they would naturally categorize that what I just described before as self-evident truths.

    Life imitating art, or art imitating life? Like the chicken vs. egg conundrum, it’s getting hard to tell the difference. But, hold steady and always go for objective truth.

  5. As I recall from Psych 101, phobia is an unreasonable fear of something. Not wanting to step in a pile of doggie doo is not necessarily because one is phobic, it’s because it’s disgusting.

  6. Doesn’t anyone remember “roid rage?” In Abigail Schier’s irreplaceable book, “Irreversible Damage” she covers the issue in depth with great judgment and compassion. One of the elements discussed is the surge of confidence and aggression young women experience when administered testosterone shots. Can there not be a connection? They had a cute little Mini and someone gave them the keys to the monster truck and told them to floor it.

    • But most of the ones raging are the men identifying as women and they take estrogen shots. Maybe it’s the estrogen?

      • I don’t know that that is true. Many of the violent trans women seem to be criminals gaming the system.

  7. Great article, as always. I personally have no fear whatsoever of these weirdos but simple disgust at their violence and their trying to MAKE us accept them as they masquerade. The multilation part, especially for children, is demonic.

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