Advance Praise for “High Attitude — How Woke Liberals Ruined Aspen”

My book was published April 18, 2023 and is available on AMAZON. I would be grateful if you would read AND offer a review on Amazon, which is very important for the book to get traction.

Here are a few items of “Advance Praise” by people I really respect who took the time to read advance copies:

“Aspen, Colorado, is one of the most celebrated places in the United States, but like any other community it has its preening airheads, community-minded heroes, political bigots and ripoff artists. What most communities don’t have, however, is an alert critic who has seen it all and can write it up. Glenn Beaton is to Aspen as Thorton Wilder was to Our Town. He lived there for many years, got to know it all, and, finally, in disillusion, abandoned it. This book tells you why.”

–Peter Wallison, author and White House counsel to President Ronald Reagan

“I, like 327 million of my 328 million fellow Americans, could not care less about Aspen, Colorado, but Glenn K. Beaton did the impossible. His witty and charming history of Aspen magically makes you care. He takes readers from its silver mining roots to its ski resort days laughing all the way. In between are visits from Johnny Depp, Hunter S. Thompson, and the 10th Mountain Division. I want Glenn to come back in one hundred years and write the sequel in which liberals are driven away by some Pied Piper”

–Don Surber, retired newspaper man and Substack writer

“Glenn Beaton tells the history of Aspen with grace and bite. Although the history is one of dramatic cultural decline, Beaton displays his wicked sense of humor throughout. Reading the book is a pleasure I greatly enjoyed. Beaton both entertains and instructs, for Aspen’s story as he tells it illuminates alarming nati0nal trends that threaten our survival. Indeed, I am afraid it may give the avant garde thinkers of my hometown ideas that will hasten its further destruction.”

–Scott W. Johnson, Minneapolis attorney and PowerLine co-founder/contributor

6 thoughts on “Advance Praise for “High Attitude — How Woke Liberals Ruined Aspen”

  1. Congratulations, Glenn. Your book is the best dissection and representation of a community since Sherwood Anderson’s novel “Winesburg, Ohio,” which can be characterized by the title of its first chapter, “The Book of the Grotesque.” By no means have all of Aspen’s denizens been “grotesques” — indeed, you celebrate some of the very solid men and women in its history — but the place has drawn enough of them to produce a strangely warped society, and you have portrayed both them and it with uncommon sense.

  2. I haven’t read Glenn’s book yet, but as a native, I thought I’d add bit of triviia that Glenn, due to his youth, may be unaware of.
    To the best of my knowledge, Aspen first came to public attention thanks to Walt Disney. Around 1960, Disney made a children’s movie about a little girl who lived in Aspen, Colorado. This being Colorado, everybody was portrayed as getting around on skis (of course), including the heroine, whe was shown skiing door-to-door of mountain cabins, delivering newspapers: She was saving up money to buy… a new pair of skis! I don’t remember the actual storyline, but I’m sure there must have been an avalanche and acts of heroism on skis.

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