The left is always destroyed by its lies

Karl Marx was a shallow-thinking loser who understood economics poorly and human nature worse.

But give the left credit. Some of Marx’s pragmatic successors such as Lenin, Stalin and Mao were amazingly successful for a while. They and their henchmen succeeded in killing 100 million people and fought a Cold War for the future of humanity that they almost won. Almost.

By the way, imagine the conundrum at the New York Times and such places. They’re tempted to blame Ronald Reagan for defeating communism, but they’re afraid that their few un-woke readers (they probably still have a few that are un-woke) would construe that as a compliment to Reagan.

In point of fact, Reagan deserves lots of credit but the person deserving nearly as much is Pope John Paul II. The former cardinal in Soviet-occupied Poland stood for the Judeo-Christian proposition that truth exists. That truth, he preached, would set you free.

People believed the Pope because what he preached was consistent with human nature. People on the savanna lacking genes that value truth – lacking the ability to perceive reality accurately and to act accordingly – were more likely to be eaten than to pass their genes on.

Lenin, Stalin and Mao recognized and exploited the bad parts of human nature like envy, greed and tribalism but they could never manage human goodness – such as the value we place on truth. Communism and truth cannot co-exist. That’s why the Soviets tried to kill John Paul II.

The American left as successors to communism plots once again to own society through damnable lies and the persecution of truth-tellers.

It’s a lie that a black man cried, “Don’t shoot, hands up” just before white cops shot him. The truth is that he didn’t say that and didn’t have his hands up.

It’s a lie that wealthy people don’t pay their fair share of taxes. The truth is that the top 5% of earners pay 60% of federal income taxes.

It’s a lie that America was founded on slavery and is still a pervasively racist culture. The truth is that America was founded on the shining premise – which was admittedly more a promise at the time – that all men are created equal under the law. Half a million men – almost all whites – later died in the Civil War to make good on that promise.

And the truth is that America elected a black man to be president in 2008, re-elected him in 2012, and now grants black people preferences in college admissions, hiring and promotion.

It’s a lie that President Trump colluded with the Russians in the 2016 election, a conspiracy theory that the left is still peddling. The truth is that a two-year investigation by partisan Democrat prosecutors found he did not.

It’s a lie that mobs calling themselves “anti-fascists” are in fact anti-fascists. The truth is that they’re actually no more anti-fascist than the various “people’s republics” ruled by communist tyrants were actually for the people.

The truth is that these so-called anti-fascists are violent anti-anti-fascists who burn cities, rape women, beat those who disagree with them and seek to impose a Reign of Terror intolerant of any dissent from their diktats.

It’s hard to even know at any given moment the diktat from which dissent is not tolerated. A single small example: Is the diktat that men and women should have equal athletic opportunities, as women have rightly demanded and received for decades, or is it that men, and male transsexuals lying that they’re women, should have equal athletic opportunities while women are sent back to the bleachers?

Once immutable truth is out the window, it’s hard to know from minute to minute the dogma from which dissent is not tolerated. Woe to those who are late in embracing the latest lie. One minute they think they’re safely on the side of Robespierre, and the next minute they’re sharing the guillotine with him.

In their zeal to demonstrate their ideological purity in out-radicalizing one another, the mob shifts fast from “Didn’t you get the memo?” to “Off with your head!”

But while these bloody sociopaths may win for a while, in the end they’ll lose. Lies ultimately destroy the liar.

Russians learned that the communists were liars, and stopped believing them. Russians under the yoke of communism quipped that the state pretended to pay them and they pretended to work. In their society of lies, unsurprisingly, not much work got done.

Today’s American left parlays its lies into short-term power with the aid of a naïve media willing to collaborate for the purpose of defeating an administration and a nation they all abhor.

They might win and they might not. But they certainly won’t win over the long run. The price they pay for their deceitful short-term coup attempt is their long-term credibility. Like their brethren elsewhere, they’ll wind up on the ash heap of history.

From those ashes will rise a new and better nation, founded again on truth.

19 thoughts on “The left is always destroyed by its lies

  1. Sure hope you’re right. The Catholic in me gets steadily more depressed when thinking of the contrast between John Paul II and the present apostate-heretic-Marxist-globalist Pope Francis that The Church suffers under presently, and when reflecting on the fact that at least two-thirds of U.S. bishops are thoroughly in the leftist, globalist camp. Notice how silent they are as statues of Junipero Serra and other Saints are being toppled all around them.

    • Yes, their silence is defining. I would fear though Mr. Beaton that they have not peeked in the USA yet and it will still get worse before better, to many of the last 2 generations had love of Truth taught out of them.

      • You are too harsh: “The bishops,” whoever this reference refers to, did speak in relation to the attempts to topple the statue of Junípero Serra in Ventura CA, by issuing a “carefully worded” statement. You can imagine what “carefully worded” means, such as mush, pap, double talk, weasel words, vacuous baloney, etc, etc, etc. Yes, “the bishops” do love the money from the fat lib/lefty ladies in the pews.

      • and of course you mean “peaked” and not “peeked”
        and although “defining” works very well in characterizing what the silence of the bishops does, did you mean “deafening”?

  2. The ontological ground for this essay Augustine noted with this famous dictum: esse qua esse bonum est. Combined with the Imago Dei doctrine, that ontological ground and this essay can be built out (economos) to something along the lines of: trust yourself, your nature is divine, immutable, permanent, strong, and blissful; enjoy it.

    The great early church historian Cyril C. Richardson posed to his students the question: why, with its welter of religious yearning and experimentation, did Greco-Roman Civilization adopt Christianity as their escutcheon?

    He would listen to answers from his students, staring fixedly at the ceiling, as he always did, and where students occasionally fixed, shall we say, objects of interest, and then declare a reason usually omitted: Christianity became the religion of Greco-Roman Civilization because it was superior morally to the alternatives. In other words, it was true-to-life.

    Cyril C.’s reference was to the ontological ground expressed by Augustine just quoted and by this essay, not to any set of moral or any other kind of codes or laws, which, as everyone knows, cannot enforce their terms and thus are soteriologically useless.

    Christianity’s grounding in the divinity of creation, in telling the truth, in common human sensibility and uncommon divine-human love, clinched the deal with Greco-Roman man and woman high and low.

    • And Christus vincit, I have no doubt. But after how much tribulation? For now the barbarians are inside the gates and running roughshod over history itself. Christians must do more than pray, it seems to me.

      • Mr Klinger, you have posted some very appropriate ideas, and even so, I add that if humanity has survived for so long to the degree that it has, it is certainly because Christians actually have done, and are doing, more than praying. This Christian, specifically, is doing more than praying.
        Incidentally, you may want to read and think about the article, “Make Children Think Again,” by Cameron Hilditch and the efforts that teach 40,000 American students by schools in The Association of Classical Christian Schools–the subject of which is not directly related to Mr Beaton’s ideas on immutable truth/liberal lies, but close enough.

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  5. Ho-hum, just one more great article, Glenn! Keep up the great work!
    And how appropriate, Jack Hennesey’s comment about the excellent responses!

  6. Ho-hum, just another great article, Glenn! Keep up the great work!
    And Jack Hennesey’s comment about the quality of the responses is very apt.

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  8. And it’s a lie that liberalism and the Democratic Party are about anti-racism, protection of LGBT+ minorities, bathroom choice, income inequality or any of the other “causes” they espouse. Liberalism and the Democratic Party are about POWER and nothing else. They are seeking to maintain the power they have and to accrue to themselves the power that they do not yet have. They have no belief system other than power.

  9. It’s a shame you don’t have a donate button! I’d most certainly donate to this excellent blog! I guess for now i’ll settle for bookmarking and adding your RSS feed to my Google account. I look forward to new updates and will talk about this website with my Facebook group. Talk soon!

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