Will black men vote for a black woman?

A black writer recently asserted in a headline that 99% of black men are misogynistic.

I think the true figure is less than 99%. But the writer has a point, even if he exaggerated to make it. Black male rap lyrics, for example, are notoriously demeaning to women. Curiously, blacks don’t demand a stop to them.

Black men’s disrespect towards women seems directed mostly toward black women and less toward white women. It’s generally known and the data show that black men are the demographic most likely to date and marry outside their race. About 25% of black men marry outside their race, compared to only 7% of white men and 16% of Asian men. That 25% figure of black men marrying outside their race is more than double the 12% of black women who do so.

(This raises a tangential question that must be depressing for black women: How are they supposed to find husbands of any color if black men marry whites far more than black women marry whites and far more than white and Asian men marry black women? Is this scarcity of husbands for black women part of the reason that 77% of black babies are born to unwed mothers?)

I raise these points not to provoke a sensitive race discussion, but a political one. Can Kamala Harris, a black woman, get black men to vote for her?

If not, then Joe Biden blew it. He named Harris for the VP slot specifically because she was female and black. No one seriously contends that Harris is more qualified than, say, Senators Elizabeth Warren or Amy Klochubar or even Mayor Pete Buttigieg.

But those better-qualified alternatives didn’t check enough boxes. Each checked only one box – Warren and Klochumar checked only the female box (unless you’re willing to pretend that Warren is Native American) and Buttigieg checked only the gay box. Harris, however, checked two – the female box which Biden had already promised to check and the critical black box. If she were also a hockey-playing lesbian, she’d be a hat trick.

In the post-merit identity politics of the new Democrat Party, box-checking is all-important. Especially when their last two candidates for president checked one box each themselves (the woman box for Hillary and the black box for Obama) while the only box checked by the head of the ticket this time is the “old” box. Which doesn’t count for much because most of them are old.

There are reasons blacks may be uncomfortable with Harris apart from the fact that she’s a woman. Her career was as a criminal prosecutor. As such, she tended to side with the cops. In one notorious case, she fought to prevent a DNA test that might clear a convicted murderer. As a prosecutor, perhaps that was her job, but it raises questions with blacks who are concerned about racial discrimination in law enforcement.

Other facts are equally inconvenient for Harris. Her family is not exactly typical of black Americans. Her father is a Stanford economics professor who came from Jamaica. Her mother is an Indian Ph.D. biologist. (Neither was a naturally born American citizen but Harris herself is, as she was born in Oakland.)

Whatever the reasons, early reports suggest that Biden failed to solidify his black support with the naming of Harris. He got more mileage out of her with whites than with blacks.

Contrary to Biden’s assumption, blacks are a diverse group. Many today may want a candidate who will improve their lives – which is why Trump is making inroads into their monolithic support for Democrats – while liberal whites have the luxury of wanting a candidate who will make them feel good about voting for a dark skin color.

The most telling fact right now about Biden’s choice of Harris is that Trump’s approval rating went up four points this week and is close to Obama’s when he won re-election in 2012. In Trump, identity politics may have met its match.

Postscript: For those of you following my story HERE about being in the clinical trials for the Pfizer vaccine, I can report that I still feel no side effects.

28 thoughts on “Will black men vote for a black woman?

  1. Glenn – the vaccine may indeed have had an effect… it’s put quite an edge on your wit! Hockey hat trick? What a hoot!

    • is that the best you can do? Just kidding.
      But I do need to say that this angle, Biden picking Kamala, being a great tactical mistake, only Glenn could think of it. Thanks, Glenn, for your work!
      And Aspen Times, you can go to hell.

  2. Trump is a f***ing pig, nazzi beyond dishonest. All politicians are a**holes, but Trump is a disgrace to the human race. He’s got to go. Doesn’t matter who takes his place, he rolls back environment laws, tries to influence the election and hires thugs to be in his employ. Just look at Bannon, we knew he was scum, now here is the proof. I enjoyed your articles, but sorry, as a conservative I just can’t vote for the prick.

    • Perhaps your hatred has blinded you to the difference between an indictment and proof. I hope jury’s see better, for the sake of us all.

      Note: I edited your comment to replace the obscene words with some asterisks. Please do that yourself in future posts. We try to run an obscenity-free site. Thanks, Glenn

      • What is your problem? The proof of his dishonesty us there to see everyday. Today it’s Bannon, yesterday it was stealing mail boxes. Tomorrow it will be something else. His rhetoric and tweets never fail to incite and stretch the truth. Internationally his considered a buffoon. Time to m over on. Hold your nose vote Biden, Republican everything else

    • Your argument is “What is your problem?”

      Gee, I wish when I was practicing at the Supreme Court and got asked a tough question by Justice Scalia, I’d answered with that incontrovertable “What is your problem?” argument. I’m sure he’d have found that persuasive.

      To answer your question, my problem is that you’ve assumed that a person accused of a crime — Bannon in this case — is guilty of that crime. We dont’ do it that way in America.

    • is that the best you can do? Just kidding.
      But I do need to say that this angle, Biden picking Kamala, being a great tactical mistake, only Glenn could think of it. Thanks, Glenn, for your work!
      And Aspen Times, you can go to hell.

    • Joe, little man, give up. You are outclassed, and way, way, WAY, outclassed. Your lack of control is, of course, typical of libs/lefties/”progressives”/moral relativists/subjectivists/humanists/secularists/ignoramoses/Democrat goons. We recommend you go over in the corner and have sex with yourself.

  3. too much a pain in the ass commenting here. get ready to cry the blues come election day. You vote for a pig, makes you a pig.

    • WordPress tells me your email address is “eatsh*t@gmail.com (except the real address uses an “i” where I’ve used a asterisk). And now you’re lecturing people on being pigs for voting for the candidate they like.

      Classy, Joe,

  4. The Kamel is interesting in that she actually cares for only two things: personal power over others, and unbridled ambition. Poor old joe won’t know what hit him. The economy will begin to collapse until Joe’s buddies the Chinese buy us. After that, you’ll get your little apartment, no rights, and be told what to do. The Kamel will enjoy that part, staring down at the subjects while joe wanders around trying all the door knobs.

    • “The more humans you have, the less they think differently,” observes Raoult. Sounds like an apt description of the progressives’ quest for “diversity.”

      Anyway, this is quite the tale. Many thanks.

    • Not to mention the common sentiment at least as portrayed on YouTube videos about the choice of her…
      “You ain’t been jailed by Kamala, you ain’t black.”

  5. I recall an interview Jackie Kennedy gave where she described those in politics. Basically she described how one has the opportunity and power to do really big things for the ultimate good. I see in Kamela one who basically is in it for her own self aggrandizement, not to do good. I see the Democrat party likewise as in it for their own vision of utopia where government is the supreme being. I find it abhorrent how the Demo party is like the Bolshevik party, which we thought to be on the ash heap of history, but yet is alive and well in America no less. They are monolithic where no member dare deviate from party orthodoxy, where preaching hate and venom are rewarded as laudable.

  6. Kamala Harris is not a product of living the “American Black Experience”, and neither are her parents. My youthful observations in growing up in a NE Ohio mill town in the 40s was of a welling-up of African-Americans out of the agricultural and segregationist South moving to a truly new place, striving to get “one of those good mill jobs”, strong church-going families often led by an incredible mother; all the while working/fighting to fit in and be part of a mostly Eastern European culturally-based town having a sprinkling of Sicilians. Kamala Harris is as privileged as they come. I don’t demean her, and she’s fortunate for that. But she has no understanding of what it is to be Black in America. African-Americans won’t automatically vote Democrat just because Kamala Harris is mixed Jamaican-Indian.

    • Yes indeed. The race industry, the race-baiters are nowhere to be seen.
      And, George, my growing up in central California in the 40s and 50s is somewhat mirrors your NE Ohio “youthful observations.” Maybe such as hoeing weeds in crow crops?

  7. }}} Is this scarcity of husbands for black women part of the reason that 77% of black babies are born to unwed mothers?)

    No. THAT has more to do with the fact that black men are more likely to refuse to use a condom, and black women refuse to say, “No Skin, No In”. And black culture does not place a very negative social imprimatur on male abandonment or female single motherhood.

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