Fellow Coloradans, let’s boycott the boycotters

Don't take me out to the ballgame,
Don't take me out to the crowd.
Don't buy me some peanuts 'cuz I'm not broke, 
And I don't care if I never get woke.

Joe Biden lied. And then he lied about lying. And then his press secretary lied about him lying about lying.  

They pitched nothing but spitters. They figured the umpire wouldn’t call them on it – the media is mostly in the bag for the Democrats – and they gambled that nobody else would notice.

But we did notice. If this were baseball, they’d all be banned for life.

What Biden lied about this time was the Georgia voting law. He said it was a Jim Crow law. He said it closed the polls at 5 pm, right as people got off work, and he objected to the requirement for a photo ID. He said it discriminates against black voters, as if white voters don’t work till 5 pm and black voters don’t have ID’s.

It was all a lie. The law doesn’t close the polls at 5 pm at all. In fact, it codifies what was earlier just an informal and inconsistent tradition of keeping them open till 7 pm in most counties. As for photo ID’s, that requirement has consistently been upheld by the Supreme Court even back in the days that the Court leaned left. In any event, studies show that photo ID requirements do not in fact impact blacks disproportionately.

The only persons disproportionately impacted by photo ID laws are voters who aren’t who they say they are. Democrats know that such criminals overwhelmingly vote Democrat.

Even the lefty Washington Post fact checker awarded Biden four Pinocchio’s, the fact checker’s highest “honor.”

No matter. Biden promptly repeated his lie. His mendacious press secretary defended him without even her “circle back” charade where she asks someone with authority at the White House such as Kamala or “Doctor” Jill what to say.

Then corporate America joined the mob. They said the Georgia law is “unacceptable,” as if corporations have veto power over elected representatives and the people who elected them. What happened to the left’s mantra that “corporations aren’t people”?

Nowadays, corporations pretend to be woke to avoid going broke. These corporate cowards include long-time Atlanta corporations Delta and Coca Cola. I’m reminded of a remark attributed to Winston Churchill: “An appeaser is a person who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last.”

Until the crocodile comes for Delta, it’s worth noting that while Delta thinks – or at least says – that it’s racist to require a photo ID for voting, they always require one to board a plane.   

Major League Baseball itself led the corporate retreat. Within an hour after Biden gave the signal, they stole the MLB All-Star game out of Atlanta in order to punish Georgians.

MLB is as hypocritical as Delta. They require a photo ID to pick up tickets at the Will-Call booth, but they think it’s racist to require one for voting.

MLB then relocated the All-Star game to Denver. They took a $100 million dollar event out of Atlanta, a half-black city that voted for Biden, and put it into Denver where blacks comprise only 9% of the population. They chose to punish purportedly racist Georgians by punishing poor black Atlantans and rewarding rich liberal white Denverites.

Who needs poor blacks when you can count on white guilt?

You might assume that the MLB chose Denver because Colorado voting laws are looser than Georgian laws. You’d be wrong. Colorado voting laws are similar to Georgian voting laws. For that matter, so are the voting laws of Delaware, the state that Biden represented for decades in the U.S. Senate.

Unlike our always stupid and newly senile president and his puppet masters, the corporate chieftains didn’t specifically lie about the law’s provisions. They just vaguely parroted the Democrat’s smear of racism. It never even occurred to them to actually read it and compare it against the Colorado and Delaware laws. Because they don’t give a damn about what the law says. They care only about what the left says it says.

That’s always been the easiest path for corporations. They’ve learned that if they don’t play along and pretend sympathy to leftist causes, the corporations and their officers will be targeted for boycotts, protests and even violence. That’s all bad for business.

I grew up in Colorado and have lived here nearly all my life. I love this place, and I have nothing against the Colorado Rockies.

Moreover, baseball seems less woke that basketball or football. Maybe that’s because baseball players put in long, hard and risky years in the minor leagues where they’re paid practically nothing and have only dreams, work and talent. If they finally get to the Majors, they know they earned it on their merit, not their skin color. They have no use for identity politics. They prefer a quick bat, a hard slider and keen eyes.

I like baseball players.

But the right needs to send a message to corporate America. We need to tell them that pandering to the alligator left is not a risk-free strategy. They need to know that there’s a price to pay with the right.

So please, my fellow Coloradans, boycott the All-Star game. Let’s send a message to these cowardly corporations.

35 thoughts on “Fellow Coloradans, let’s boycott the boycotters

  1. I think you mistaken a bit here, the players ARE the woke as well these days, taking the knee. They live the lie as well as management, the Woke has penetrated deeply and it is all they know and money from the CCP is pouring in. No we have let it all go by ignoring what they have been teaching our young. We Boomers are as responsible as anyone for this, we allowed Bill Ayers and ilk to infest National Education. Where exactly do you think they raised Americans who destroy Monuments? There are AntiFa/BLM Activists in their mid 40’s, this has been embedded over time.

    • “This has been embedded over time.” A LONG time.

      Just as surely as we passively allowed McConnell Republicans and a quisling Supreme Court to swindle Trump out of office, our ancestors passively watched Eisenhower Republicans sell out Joseph McCarthy in 1954 and allow all those Stalinist sympathizers once embedded in FDR’s State Department to continue to infest the realms of entertainment, education, and eventually media. Who do we think Bill Ayers, Angela Davis, Frank Marshall Davis (Obama’s mentor in Honolulu), et al, cut their teeth on?

      We were invaded by the Body Snatchers at least as far back as the 1920s and 30s, and we’ve barely slowed them down.

  2. Thank you for continuing to preach to the choir and for spitting in the ocean.
    It’s comforting to know that people such as you are out there and vociferous.

    • That’s quite the left-handed compliment. With the ocean fast receding, I happen to be grateful for every drop of spittle we can get.

  3. Hear, hear. I have been on a lonely crusade for some time now. I am trying to divorce3 myself from companies and organizations that pander to the mob. It is hard, because they have become legion.

    I continue to hope, no doubt in vain, that a sufficient number of Americans will stand against them to make it hurt. We are not there now. I have virtually stopped watching sports events on TV since the “kneeling” has become endemic and systemic. I fear my wife reflects the general attitude as she admonishes me, “You are cutting off your nose to spite your face.”.

    Well at least it is my nose. I don’t demand that other people cut off their noses because they offend me.

  4. The left moving the game from Atlanta to Denver proves that there is “white privilege”. They took from the blacks and gave to the whites. Were they really that stupid? Or did their historic “true colors” show through of the party of racism and slavery. I’m going to miss my rocky mountain oysters and Coors while sitting on the third base line.

  5. It’s actually easy to not watch baseball, haven’t watched in years. Delta and Coke? Nah, Delta is a crap airline and Coke is off my menu, rather have a nice local Vodka and remember the 62 Giants.

  6. Dr. Beaton, I am back to wholeheartedly agreeing with you, but let’s expand this. Get the government, especially the Feds (commerce clause?) out of everything: colleges and college sports (then they have to show results), lotteries (hurts the poor), major league sports (no more anti-trust exemptions, teams all over the place), banking and investments (Glass-Steagall), skiing industry (slopes all over the place), give back all those federal lands to the states (use for reparation?), gold standard (can’t manipulate money), etc. … don’t meddle around the fringe, drive a stake in the heart … Note: thanks for letting me take my ultra-conservative side out for a walk. I’ll put it away now.

  7. Kaka Cola is just that. Bad for your teeth, no nutritional value, and gives you diabetes. I’ll talk about the rest later.

  8. I’m done with all professional sports. They used to provide a respite from politics (other than plain old patriotism, back we we all sort of agreed with that) and the “real” world. They no longer offer that, so I don’t go there, neither the ballpark, or the television. I did unfortunately buy a ticket from Delta for a flight from NY to Denver in June about a week before Delta went woke. And naturally I didn’t buy the cancellation option. Does anybody have any ideas other than me losing my money out of principle? I’ve thought about wearing a “Delta Sucks” t shirt or sticker when I board the flight, but that’s all I’ve come up with. I would like to make a statement of some kind so I’m open to suggestions.

    • Without insisting on anything, simply say what you think about this to a Delta employee, in person, kindly but downrightly, and leave it at that. You have spoken the truth. No more can be asked of you.

      Repeat in any circumstance which strikes you as either right or wrong. Straight up, calmly, kindly, to their face, as simply worded as possible, and insist on nothing.

      No one has power greater than that of truth directly spoken to another person. You have that power, you can do it, you were born with that power, use it simply, directly, kindly — and never insist on anything. The word *person* means *active principle of divinity.*

      • Exactly right. The choices are not (1) make a scene and (2) say nothing. There’s a third choice, the choice of civilized people standing up for themselves: You simply and evenly say, “I disagree with your company’s political position, and so I intend not to support your company in the future, just as your company decided not to support ordinary Atlanta residents.”

  9. I support your call to fellow Coloradans to boycott the All-Star Game, and am sorely disappointed that I can’t participate in such a boycott, since I had no plans to attend or watch the broadcast version at any time. I can’t even symbolically boycott at this time because I already stopped watching professional and college sportsball (not really much difference these days except that pros acknowledge getting paid to play), haven’t been to a stadium or arena in years, stopped drinking all soda pop years ago for health reasons, seldom fly (and never on Delta), don’t use Twitter or Facebook and avoid shopping at Walmart and Target (and when I am forced to do so by circumstances, buy only non-Chinese sourced products). I do not have cable or satellite TV. What do I do to show my support for the boycott? Suggestions are welcome.

    • Here’s some suggestions: Contact your Colorado “public servants,” and let them know they are next on the list to be boycotted. At the fed level, Colorado has two inept pocket-lining wimps who pretend they are honorable senators who actually work for Colorado citizens (that moron, Hickenlooper is actually proud to be co-sponsoring a 2nd amendment theft bill), the CO Gov is a self-absorbed petty politician whose actions during the last year demonstrate his hypocrisy and stupidity; and, if you’re in Denver, contact that grotesque excuse for a mayor who has allowed a most beautiful city to become nothing but a breeding ground for anti-Americanism and destruction by allowing the sanctuary to thrive. Take back your government. If you have children in school, manage them well, review their homework, contact the teacher, go to a school board mtg. Be like stinky on you-know-what when it comes to what the babes are taught and by whom. Well, that’s my suggestion(s). If it seems daunting, do one thing every day to disallow these thieves of liberty to further their cause, because what love is to the heart, Liberty is to the soul. Take care.

      • I stand corrected, Hickenlooper is co-sponsoring HR-1 the theft of legal votes, not the 2nd amendment theft. Sorry about that.

      • What an enigma is Colorado. How so many people with such enviable lifestyles can find so much to hate about America surpasses all understanding.

  10. Don’t know about Delaware but Colorado is U.S. the Gold Standard for well run elections – both integrity and Ease of voting. I’m permanently registered to vote by mail (or drop in ballot box.) Is this possible under new Georgia Law? (I really don’t know, so am asking.)

    • Colorado also uses Dominion voting software. (In fact, i think Dominion’s only office in the nation is in Denver.) So I suppose it’s “gold standard” for purposes of turning and keeping Colorado blue.

  11. If justice and decency are not carried in the heart of the captain, they be not aboard.

    In a heart of darkness, unimproved by the light of love, the mind finds nothing to cry excepting “Havoc!”

    Who drinks toilet water expecting it to be orange juice?

    • Well said. Regarding our “Captain,” would that he were simply stupid, senile, and mendacious — but I have to ask, what “devout Catholic” enters into a Faustian bargain of such magnitude an an age when most men would be trying to wheedle out of one?

      Goethe could imagine redemption for Faust — who only messed up a few lives, not millions of them — but for this man?

  12. Your comment about baseball players is spot on. I don’t watch the NBA anymore because an ill and barely educated taller than average bigot named LeBron doesn’t like me because of my skin color despite the fact that I am almost half hispanic. Same with the NFL. I don’t watch them either although there is further motivation there having been a San Diego Charger season ticket holder for 41 years (may the Spanos family rot in hell).

  13. I’m making a list of all advertisers during the game and I will publish it and not buy a thing from any of the companies.

  14. I trust you’re being sarcastic in saying, “Back when the Supreme Court leaned left.” SCOTUS still leans left. Amy, Brett and Neil proved that.

  15. Funny isn’t it that sports and business have gone so woke to appease Leftists who by and large hate sports and capitalism because both are based on competition and meritocracy, which means some teams/companies win more often than others, which leads to inequities. Thus the Left is all about participation trophies and taking from the successful/talented/hard-working and giving to the losers/lazy with a nice cut taken out for the house, and they will never be big fans of any sport teams or brand – I wonder who MLB plans to sell all those made in China League T-shirts to?

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  17. Glenn, we can only admire your holy, inspired effort for this effort to cut off these corporate w h o r e h o u s e s from milking millions of bucks from uninformed suckers who have no idea of the degree of perversion of natural law, reality, common sense that those corporations are coyly, ignorantly, attempting to convert to and then get $$$ out of these suckers. This family does not allow itself to be seduced by the sports mania, and have never watched any of their contrived, staged, obvious nonsense–we remember the Michael Jackson-grabbing-his-crotch-Super Bowl-show-although-we-did-n0t/would-not-watch-anything-related-to-that-garbage.

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