Biden reneges on his deal, caves to the progs again, and the media goes along again

Yesterday, Joe Biden held one of his so-called press conferences. With the aid of 3 x 5 cards, he speaks, sort of, in response to pre-approved questions from pre-approved reporters.

In reply to their softball questions, he leaned into the microphone and whispered Freddy Krueger-like, all pasty white, wrinkled and weird, that “consequential” money would be flowing to people who vote for Democrats.

The bizarre scene dubbed “Creepy Joe” immediately trended on Twitter. “Doctor” Jill must have 911 on one speed dial number and the guys with butterfly nets on another.

The reason for Biden’s creepy breathlessness was that he and bipartisan senate negotiators had reached a one trillion-dollar “infrastructure” deal. (Notice that my link is to the BBC. American media doesn’t do news reporting anymore, but just regurgitates administration talking points.)

Less than half the money actually goes to infrastructure, a word that now means whatever the Dems say it means from minute to minute. But, no matter, a deal is a deal.

Except when it’s not. After Biden’s announcement, the hard left that controls the Democrat party objected. AOC objected that the negotiators were too white. Other Democrats objected that the negotiated compromise failed to send enough money to people dead and alive who vote for them. Other Democrats objected that … well, you get the point. People not in the actual negotiations always think their side got the short end of the stick.

Within two hours Biden caved to the crazies. He immediately assured his Che Guevara/Lenin/Marx/Hitler/Pol Pot/Mussolini wing of intolerant cancelling woke Democrats that he wouldn’t sign the one trillion-dollar bill that he’d announced just hours earlier unless it is accompanied by another six trillion-dollar Democrat wish-list bill – this at a time when inflation is already at a 13 year high.

Nancy Pelosi of “We don’t want him to talk” fame intoned that “There ain’t going to be a [trillion dollar] bipartisan bill without a [six trillion dollar] reconciliation bill.”

So much for the compromise agreement.

We know that Biden is a creepy, stupid, dishonest, spineless, welshing, nepotistic, senile, sick, plagiarizing, little girl-fondling, head-smelling, hair-plugged, back-stabbing weirdo. With a son who’s a whore-mongering, drug-addicted, racist, criminal, laptop-losing, traitorous, influence-peddling, child-support-evading, sister-in-law-dating, court-order-violating creep. 

Fine, they’re politicians after all. Crooked ones to boot. But how long will the so-called profession of journalism accept and enable all this? Do the Democrats have immunity from press scrutiny forever simply because they’re not Trump?

Also in yesterday’s news was an international poll of public trust in the media. Of 46 countries, America ranks dead last. Huh, go figure.

Postscript: The day after this was published, the White House issued a statement (they didn’t dare put Biden in front of the camera again) saying Biden would stand behind the deal after all. In short, he reneged on his renege. He double-double crossed. Biden is either scary smart or just plain scary.

13 thoughts on “Biden reneges on his deal, caves to the progs again, and the media goes along again

  1. And aside from all that Glenn so ably describes, the spending indeed is generational larceny. Our children, their children, their children’s children etc. will be paying for all this. Pelosi et al. couldn’t care less about America or Americans.

    • True dat, yo (says I with eloquent, culturally appropriated language). These people couldn’t be more open about wanting to destroy America.

  2. Great commentary, GREAT photo. Constrained from whispering from behind into women’s hair and ears, he is now whispering (hissing, really) into the face of the public. Does his teleprompter tell him to do this, or is it original genius?

  3. I thought I heard Joe croak, “My Preciousssssss, my Precioussssss!” He is as in control of his thoughts and acts as Gollum was; everything is done at the beck and call of The Unblinking EYE! Sauron is in control of The White House.

  4. Like those so-called Republicans didn’t know that was the plan all along. They just Jumped The Shark with this, ‘Lucy yanking the football out from under Charlie Brown’, bit. They never had any intention of blocking the democrats wanton destruction of our republic, and I bet a forensic audit of the ballots that got them elected would reveal the heart of their treachery. Warner too, it’s all been one pathetically crafted facade from the start.

    • Obviously, Charlie Brown — a pro-Christian “domestic extremist” — is exhibiting “white rage” in repeatedly attempting to kick a dark-pigmented “pigskin.” Lucy — an artful representation of Liz Cheney — is a responsible Republican attempting to protect the Republic from patriots, er, terrorists.

  5. And then we have Janet Yelln of the Fed demanding the debt cap be raised.
    She should be yelling at Congress and Biden to stop incurring more national debt.
    But then , the Federal Reserve benefits from lending the government money, at interest the citizen is on the hook for.

    • “I was for reneging on the deal before I was against reneging on the deal …”

      – Dementia Joe Biden … aping John Kerry

  6. “But how long will the so-called profession of journalism accept and enable all this?”
    In the early 80s I’d read that Activism Journalism is what Journalism School was teaching, now they’ve gone from that to actual Ministry of Truth candidates, pass the Victory Gin and give Eastasia hell!

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