Infrastructure crash: Routing I-70 through Glenwood Canyon destroyed the canyon, cost billions and kills people

Glenwood Canyon in Western Colorado was the last obstacle in I-70 across America. They just needed one last 14 mile stretch along the Colorado River to connect with Glenwood Springs. From there the highway was already in place down-river and onto the deserts of Utah.

They blew it.

They chose to follow the old wagon road alongside the Colorado River through the magnificent canyon lined with steep 2,000-foot cliffs of sandstone, shale, limestone and granite. The river snakes between the cliffs, varying unpredictably between a trickle and a torrent depending on recent thunderstorms and last winter’s snowpack a hundred miles away.

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Biden reneges on his deal, caves to the progs again, and the media goes along again

Yesterday, Joe Biden held one of his so-called press conferences. With the aid of 3 x 5 cards, he speaks, sort of, in response to pre-approved questions from pre-approved reporters.

In reply to their softball questions, he leaned into the microphone and whispered Freddy Krueger-like, all pasty white, wrinkled and weird, that “consequential” money would be flowing to people who vote for Democrats.

The bizarre scene dubbed “Creepy Joe” immediately trended on Twitter. “Doctor” Jill must have 911 on one speed dial number and the guys with butterfly nets on another.

The reason for Biden’s creepy breathlessness was that he and bipartisan senate negotiators had reached a one trillion-dollar “infrastructure” deal. (Notice that my link is to the BBC. American media doesn’t do news reporting anymore, but just regurgitates administration talking points.)

Less than half the money actually goes to infrastructure, a word that now means whatever the Dems say it means from minute to minute. But, no matter, a deal is a deal.

Except when it’s not. After Biden’s announcement, the hard left that controls the Democrat party objected. AOC objected that the negotiators were too white. Other Democrats objected that the negotiated compromise failed to send enough money to people dead and alive who vote for them. Other Democrats objected that … well, you get the point. People not in the actual negotiations always think their side got the short end of the stick.

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