Biden must release his secret cognitive tests

Joe Biden told a half-empty town hall meeting sponsored by CNN this week that if you get the vaccine then you won’t get COVID, that he plans to ban both handguns and rifles, and that a small restaurant owner struggling to hire workers who would rather be paid COVID dollars not to work should simply increase the wages he pays.

These lies and absurdities are of course not the first, and are only one facet of a man who is weirdly and wildly declining – from an already low base. He’s been a serial plagiarist since college days. Back in 2006 he said, “You cannot go to a 7-Eleven or Dunkin’ Donuts unless you have a slight Indian accent.” In 2007 he congratulated Barak Obama for being “articulate and bright and clean.”

In his most recent presidential campaign, a young woman asked him about his weak showing in the Iowa caucus. His answer was to ask her if she’d ever been to a caucus. She said she had. He then called her “a lying dog-faced pony soldier.”

Biden called a man at a campaign stop last year “full of shit” for contending that he wanted to take away guns – which is exactly what he promised to do in this week’s CNN townhall meeting.

He scolded a black radio interviewer that “you ain’t black” for being undecided whether to vote for him or Donald Trump. He warned blacks that Mitt Romney planned to “put y’all back in chains.”

Mitt Romney!

He called a questioner at another town meeting “fat” and a “damned liar” and then challenged the man to a pushup contest or an IQ test.

Which brings us to Biden’s recent physical and mental stumbles. He has repeatedly referred to his vice president as “President.” He referred to his Secretary of Defense as “senator” and later that same week forgot his name entirely. He hemmed and hawed and finally was reduced to calling him, “the guy who runs the outfit over there.” He gestured as if in the direction of the Pentagon while actually gesturing in a different direction.

He said 120 million Americans have died of COVID. The actual number at that time was 120 thousand. He told the story of President Franklin Roosevelt going on TV to talk about the stock market crash. Except Roosevelt wasn’t president when the market crashed and TV hadn’t been invented.

Biden’s speech is slurred, rambling, omni-directional and often nonsensical. His handlers shield him from even the fawning and protective press. For his rare press conferences, they supply him cheat sheets and a list of friendly reporters to call on. Biden himself admits that he gets in unspecified “trouble” with unnamed persons if he answers impromptu questions.

For Biden’s struggles, he deserves our sympathy.

But not our presidency. The president is the most powerful person in the world, and the presidency is the most important job in the world. It’s not a gift for demented and senile elderly people because we feel sorry for them.

Is Biden indeed demented or senile? That’s a medical question. Any physician examining a person of Biden’s age and symptoms would seek the answer to that question in order to provide medical care and treatment. Specifically, the physicians would administer cognitive tests to their patient, just as they did with Trump when his mental fitness was questioned. (Recall that Trump aced those tests.)

It’s inconceivable that Biden’s physicians have not administered cognitive tests to Biden. It is inconceivable that in treating the president of the United States they would commit obvious medical malpractice.

Why won’t whomever or whatever is running the Biden administration release those tests? And why won’t the media — whose job is to uncover and report newsworthy facts — insist on it? Is dementia or senility OK in a president if he’s a Democrat? Are the Democrats and their media allies that scared of the person Biden calls “President Kamala Harris”?

22 thoughts on “Biden must release his secret cognitive tests

  1. Because then the Jig would be up, he is not the leader anyway, the Cabal or Junta is what I want to know more about. As the investigation continues many many things are turning up. I still contend the Fix was in and if we are to continue this must be settled, was there cheating or not (it is looking more and more like more than irregularities took place) and if so, now what? What a complete mess the DNC and their Overlords have produced.

  2. Listening to Biden’s April “press conference” (hardly an actual press conference given the pre-staged questions) left little doubt that Biden is suffering from dementia. btw, Biden would not survive 10 minutes of the hectoring to which the press habitually treated Donald Trump. Also, the same Leftists that to this day disingenuously insult and mock Donald Trump, simultaneously insist that Biden never be criticized nor critically analyzed. Biden is off limits.

    • Yup. But we say Biden could not survive five minutes of the hectoring to which the media jackasses habitually treated Trump.
      But, Biden is not off limits–just ask Glenn Beaton.

      • Did you watch as Biden told a reporter at the G7 to give him a break and then leave the room? Needless to say the journo wasn’t one of those friendly reporters who were imported and primed to ask the scripted questions. I ask, because if you’d blinked you would have missed it. I ask because I haven’t heard about it again. There aren’t enough people calling out Biden and his unethical party.
        Has anyone noticed that Jill Biden is at the Tokyo olympics and no one wonders where Biden is. Perhaps the G7 was too much for him.

  3. Glenn,

    Good piece and I hope you are well.

    Although we like minded people agree with you that Biden is seriously mentally ill, my guess is that he’s still much better than Kamal who would be in charge, so to speak, if Biden were removed over the next four years. I still feel strongly that Trump should run for the House, from Florida, in 2022 and become Speaker of the House presuming the Republicans control the House. He then ends up as #3 in charge…#2 if Biden is removed. In this #3 position, he’d have no term limits, all Bills start in the House and he can immediately begin impeachment proceedings against Biden or Kamal or both since they both are “guilty” of countless abuses of power or whatever one want’s to make up. Wouldn’t it be a riot to watch Biden’s State of the Union remarks with Trump sitting beside Kamal in the backdrop. One can only dream😊

    • If Trump wants to run for the House, his business. The Republicans if they have a majority can make him Speaker if they want. Just stop there. And keep in mind, if the Republican control the House, no legislation can pass that the Republican do not want to approve.

  4. I suppose that every minute I spend focused on our government’s bobble head figurehead is one less minute spent on pondering the chicanery and fraud that placed him in office, or the degree to which The Deep State controls the DOJ, the FBI, and our system of justice at every level, or what exactly Democrats are attempting to do to our currency and overall economy, and so forth.

    In other words, President Chucklehead is a first-class distraction from things that I can’t comprehend anyway and am weary of even trying to fathom. Each day I search eagerly for videos or transcripts of his latest word salad, or creepy whispering episode, or 12-second pause mid-sentence. The guy’s a soap opera star who rarely fails to deliver my daily fix of sneer-filled laughter and illusion of superiority. My hat is off to central casting — the Biden Show is a magnificent example of the politics of distraction. I hardly even have time for Meghan and Harry anymore.

    • Maybe Glenn should go back 150 years to when Biden claimed he was Chairman of the Judiciary Committee. Or to 1812, the last time there was anything comparable to the “existential threat” of January 6.

    • I’m not sure what you’re driving at, Miles. In the case of Trump, he DID release his medical cognitive tests. (He aced them.)

      The question I’m posing is, why hasn’t Biden released HIS? And why doesn’t the media demand that Biden do so?

  5. I don’t think Joe Biden fail to understand what is going on. He’s had communication problems all of his career and probably all of his life. The political issue is why Biden as a lifelong conservative Democrat is supporting a radical agenda. He was elected in part because socially conservative and blue collar and ethnic Democrats were willing to vote for him. Trump lost support in these two groups or he would have been reelected.

    Meanwhile I have a ghastly theory about Kamala Harris. She was acceptable where the other Democratic women were not because she was morally corrupt, a political (karma) chameleon, and a product of a traditional political machine. It made her the world of the know as compared to the others, who represented the unknown. Kamala “Karma Chameleon” Harris. And “Karma Chameleon” Biden too.

  6. This is just one more, ho-hum, of your always excellent columns, with excellent analysis and in excellent English. Thank you. Every day we ask the Holy Ghost to provide you with excellent health, and allow you special endurance, courage, commitment.
    On the subject of Biden’s cognitive test, which you have indicated would be obligatory, our cynicism does not allow for any of the bureaucrats at Walter Reed to provide the results, whether voluntarily or under judicial order, and certainly not by Biden’s “staff.”

  7. “For Biden’s struggles, he deserves our sympathy.”

    I’m afraid I have none. He is clearly not without free will, and he has chosen to play this role — to help drive a stake through the heart of what’s left of America, just as Francis is attempting to drive a stake through the heart of Catholicism. “You don’t have to do this, Joe,” counseled Obama. Oh, but Joe wants to do it, to lie and to grasp for all the power and wealth he can get even at his late stage of life. He may be addled and is almost certainly manipulated; he is still evil.

    • He knows what he’s doing to the extent that he is trying to hold the fickle left wing of his party. It’s politics as he has always practiced it. I’m not sure he sees the consequences but does know, if the left wing of the Democrats gets fickle, it’s toast for the party in national elections and in certain states as well.

      The Democrats have various schemes to counteract this possibility. Ranked choice is one of them, a scheme that if applied to all elections would turn all Green and leftist party votes over to the Democrats. Though Libertarian votes to the Republicans also, if those petulant Libertarians put R anywhere in their ranked choices. Some wouldn’t.

      The leftist understand power and political realism. The contemporary right doesn’t.

      The other part of their scheme is forced gerrymandering of legislative districts, which they call protecting voting rights. The idea here is to create districts with “just enough” minority votes to elect a minority representative and divide the rest among other districts in the hopes of flipping them, or at least making them competitive.

      • I’m not sure I understand what you mean by “hold the fickle left wing of his party” — hold it BACK or IN? ie., restrain it, or keep it in the fold? Are you suggesting that he’s some kind of “moderating” influence, or wise elder statesman who can keep Democrats unified?

        They are already unified by their irrational hatred of everything Trump and his Deplorables ever did, which he has dutifully tried to undo. And they’re all statists and Marxists. So what else is there? What other “wing” does the Party have? The left isn’t “fickle,” it’s fanatical and brooks no dissent.

        Since I made the analogy with the pope, I’ll elaborate. Francis backers claim that he is trying to unify and modernize The Church so as to bring it in to the new world order, where it can join the fight on behalf of “inclusiveness” and social justice, and against climate change and overpopulation. Never mind that it won’t resemble anything that Catholics have believed, taught, and lived for two millennia.

        Ditto with Biden. What’s his endgame? What is he “preserving” the Democrat Party FOR?

      • I suppose I am making the argument that the leftist and woke wing of the Democratic Party is not as large as people think it is. A lot of elements that are socially conservative by their nature have come over time to support the left for fear of losing them to third parties or non-participation.

        It has become such a habit to many of these elements – industrial (non-public employee) unions and the urban machines – that they are running on autopilot. If the direction of the wind should shift, politicians will shift with it. That’s what they do.

        The leftist and woke wing within the rank and file is maybe 256 percent. Many of the rest just mouth the line either because they don’t know what they are doing or because they want their local favorites to stay in office. That’s how politics works.

      • Yes, “tribal” history and habit of mind probably accounts for some of Biden’s support, but no matter how big or small the Woke wing of the party is, it provides almost all of the energy and messaging of the party, and Biden is parroting what is now the party line, whether he believes it or not — whether he even understands it or not. Whatever. He clearly lacks “integrity” — a wholeness or togetherness of mind and spirit.

  8. Not to worry. The MSM and Pelosi etc al will continue to prop this scarecrow up, until he is no longer useful, then will find another socialist.
    And people laugh about conspiracies.

  9. Do you sometimes feel you’re preaching to converted? Even you tube clips of Biden gaffs aren’t convincing in some circles. They don’t come from credible sources; they are deep fake; they are doctored. Biden’s friendly journalists and commentators, now that they have achieved their goal which was to rid themselves of Trump, are now forced to play the game and pretend the President is running the show.

  10. If he is not suffering from ‘dementia’ then the very definition of dementia needs to be changed. I would feel sorry for him except he is a nasty old ****.

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